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Here is the latest and updated A & A Kabob Grill Menu Prices


Top Menu Items

Chicken Kabob Platter$11.78


Lamb Platter$11.99
Chicken Kabob Platter (Platters)$11.78
Lamb & Koobideh Platter$12.49
Steak Platter$9.99
Chicken & Koobideh Platter Koobideh is a meat kabab often mixed with parsley and chopped onions.$11.49
A&A Chicken Thigh Platter$7.99
Falafel Platter$9.99


Lentil Soup$2.99
Chickpea Soup$3.49
Green Salad$3.99


Kurdish Flatbread Made in house.$1.00


Chicken Kabob Sandwich$7.99
Koobideh Sandwich$7.99
Chicken Shawarma$7.99
Lamb Kabob Sandwich$7.99
Falafel Sandwich$6.99

House Special

Kurdish Kuba Four 4 savory homemade kuba in a crunchy layer of fried rice filled with hearty seasoned beef. Served with flatbread and salad.$9.99


Kids' Chicken Tenders$3.99
Kids' French Fries$1.99
Kid's Chicken Nuggets$3.99


Bottled Soft Drinks$1.75
Bottled Water$1.00
Hot Tea$1.00
Canned Soft Drinks$1.00

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A & A Kabob Grill: A Culinary Adventure into Authenticity

A & A Kabob Grill isn’t just a restaurant; it’s an experience. In a world filled with fast-food chains and generic eateries, it stands as a beacon for those seeking genuine Middle Eastern flavors. Let’s dive deep into the world of A & A Kabob Grill and understand what makes it a foodie’s haven.

Historical Roots: More than Just a Restaurant

Behind every great restaurant is a story, a legacy that propels it forward. A & A Kabob Grill is no exception.

  • The Dream and Dedication: The founders of A & A Kabob Grill embarked on a mission to serve not just food, but an authentic cultural experience. Every spice and every technique used is a nod to rich Middle Eastern culinary traditions.
  • Steadfast in Authenticity: In an age where fusion food is all the rage, A & A Kabob Grill has held fast to its roots, ensuring that diners get a true taste of the Middle East.

Sensational Menu: A Delight for the Palate

What’s special about the menu here? Let’s explore some of its signature dishes.

  • Kabobs, The Stars of the Show: Whether you’re a fan of chicken, lamb, or beef, the kabobs at A & A are a must-try. Marinated to perfection and grilled over charcoal, they carry a smoky flavor that’s hard to resist.
  • Vegetarian Delights: Think kabobs are only for meat-lovers? Think again! The Grill offers an array of vegetarian options, ensuring that everyone leaves with a satisfied palate.
  • Accompaniments & More: A meal at A & A Kabob Grill isn’t complete without their range of side dishes. From fluffy rice pilafs to crisp salads and freshly baked bread, the sides complement the kabobs perfectly.

Customer Experience: Beyond Just Dining

A great meal is not just about the food. The ambiance, service, and overall experience play a crucial role too.

  • Cozy Ambiance: The Grill boasts a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Its interiors, adorned with Middle Eastern motifs, transport diners to a different world.
  • Friendly Staff: One of the hallmarks of A & A Kabob Grill is its dedicated team. Always ready with a smile, they ensure that every diner’s experience is memorable.
  • Value for Money: A quick glance at the menu and its prices reveals that the Grill offers competitive rates, making it a great spot for both casual dinners and special occasions.

Reviews & Feedback: Hearing from the Diners

What do patrons have to say about A & A Kabob Grill?

  • Consistent Quality: Regulars often comment on the consistent quality of the food. Whether it’s their first visit or their fiftieth, the kabobs and accompaniments taste just as divine.
  • A Go-to Spot: For many, A & A Kabob Grill has become their go-to spot for family dinners, friendly meet-ups, and even solo dining adventures.

Conclusion: A Must-Visit Culinary Gem

A & A Kabob Grill is more than just another restaurant on the block. It stands as a testament to authentic Middle Eastern flavors, top-notch service, and a commitment to offering diners a true culinary adventure. If you haven’t visited yet, it’s about time you did! The Grill awaits to take you on a flavorful journey like no other.

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