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Here is the latest and updated A & A Sushi House Menu Prices


Appetizer from Sushi Bar

Sushi Appetizer (5) Raw.$10.00
Sashimi Appetizer (9) Raw.$12.00
Spicy Tuna/Salmon Tartar Raw.$12.00
Tako su Thinly sliced octopus, cucumber in soy vinaigrette.$10.00
Kani su (Naruto) Crab meat, avocado rolled in cucumber, dressed with soy vinaigrette.$9.00
Tuna Tataki Raw. Nine pieces seared tuna sashimi in a citrus ponzu sauce.$12.00
Yellowtail Jalapeño Raw. Seven pieces of yellowtail with jalapeño served with yuzu sauce.$13.00
Spicy Tuna Pizza Raw.$13.00
Pizza Sandwich Raw. Spicy tuna, avocado, tamago, masago, crab, lobster salad, wasabi sauce.$15.00
Eggplant Sandwich Raw. Deep fried eggplant with lobster salad, spicy tuna, salmon, served with wasabi creamy and eel sauce.$12.00
Spicy Tuna Gyoza (6)$8.00
Spicy Tuna Conch Avocado Bowl$12.00
Bluefin Toro Tartar$10.00
Bluefin Toro (Appetizer)$12.00
Pepper Tuna Tataki 9 pieces tuna with onion dressing.$13.00
Hauppauge Appetizer$7.00
Jalapeño Bamboo$10.00

Appetizer from Kitchen - Meat

Gyoza with Pork$5.00
Chicken Yakitori$5.00
Beef Yakitori$8.00
Beef Negimaki Appetizer Fresh scallions rolled in thinly sliced beef, char-boiled with teriyaki sauce.$9.00
Duck Roll$10.00
Grilled Spare Ribs Appetizer$11.00
Crispy Duck Appetizer$10.00

Appetizer from Kitchen - Seafood

Ika Maruyaki BBQ Japanese squid.$10.00
Sautéed Spicy Squid Spicy.$10.00
Hamachi Kama Grilled yellowtail collar.$12.00
Blue Crab Fajita$10.00
Rock Shrimp Tempura$11.00
Crispy Calamari$11.00
Japanese Shrimp Spring Roll (2)$5.00
Golden Lobster$12.00
Soft Shell Crab$12.00
Seafood Yakitori$8.00
Soup Dumplings (6 Pieces) Shrimp and pork.$9.00
Butter Garlic Oyster$12.00

Appetizer from Kitchen - Tempura

Chicken Vegetable Tempura Appetizer$8.00
Shrimp Vegetable Tempura Appetizer$9.00
Vegetable Tempura Appetizer$7.00

Appetizer from Kitchen - Vegetable

Spicy Edamame$6.00
Gyoza with Vegetable$5.00
Age Tofu Light, crisp tofu in sweet soy dressing.$6.00
Baby Bok Choy Appetizer$8.00
Miso Eggplant Appetizer$8.00
Sautéed Mixed Vegetable Appetizer$8.00

Soup & Salad

Miso Soup$2.50
Lobster Bisque$9.00
Clear Soup Chicken broth with mushroom, fried onion and scallion.$2.50
Green Salad Mixed green salad with ginger dressing.$4.00
Seafood Soup$7.00
Lemongrass Hot Sour Soup Spicy.$8.00
Mango Tuna Salad Raw. Tuna with mango, cucumber radish, mixed green, jalapeño with onion dressing.$13.00
Avocado Salad Sliced avocado and mixed green salad with ginger dressing.$6.00
Seaweed Salad$5.00
Kani Salad Kani (crabmeat) and cucumber mixed with crunch, mayo and tobiko.$7.00
Salmon Skin Salad$8.00
Friendship Bowl Salad Raw. Tuna, salmon, yellowtail, white tuna over mixed green, spicy dressing, crunch, and red caviar on top.$15.00
Crispy Duck Salad Barbecued shredded duck over green salad, served with hoisin reduction on top and ginger dressing on the side.$10.00
Tuna Avocado Salad Raw.$13.00

Vegetable Roll

Avocado Cucumber$5.00
Sweet Potato Tempura$5.00
A.C.C. Avocado, cucumber and carrots.$4.00
House Vegetable Fresh lettuce, asparagus, avocado, cucumber and carrots.$7.00
Vegetable Dragon Asparagus, cucumber inside, avocado outside.$8.00
Avocado Peanut$5.00

Chef Special Roll

Spider Roll 8 pieces.$13.00
Eel Dragon Roll$11.00
Tempura Lobster Roll 8 pieces.$13.00
Steam Lobster Roll$12.00
Toro Special Roll Tuna, avocado, mango top chopped toro, masago, scallion, eel sauce, spicy mayo with fried garlic.$17.00
Spring Jamie Roll Spicy. Shrimp, crab, avocado inside-out roll, fried in tempura batter served with special sauce.$12.00
Orange Dragon Roll Spicy, raw. Salmon tempura and avocado inside, fresh salmon outside served with special sauce.$14.00
Naruto Roll Raw. Tuna, salmon, avocado, wrapped in paper-thin cucumber.$12.00
Eel Naruto Roll Grilled eel, crab meat, avocado wrapped in paper-thin cucumber with eel sauce.$14.00
Blue Pacific Roll Spicy, raw. Spicy scallop, cucumber, tempura crunch inside, outside with color caviar.$13.00
Volcano Roll Spicy, raw. Shrimp tempura, cucumber inside topped with spicy tuna with eel sauce.$13.00
Precious Roll Spicy, raw. Spicy tuna, tempura crunch inside, grilled eel and avocado outside with eel sauce.$14.00
Michelle Special Roll Spicy, raw. Crab meat, avocado, cucumber inside topped with spicy tuna crunch.$12.00
Crazy Tuna Roll Spicy, raw. Spicy tuna, tempura crunch inside, black pepper tuna outside.$14.00
Mango Tuna Special Spicy, raw. Spicy tuna, asparagus, tempura crunch inside topped with mango and fresh tuna.$15.00
Eel Special Roll Shrimp tempura, cucumber inside, grilled eel, avocado outside with eel sauce.$15.00
Snow Maki Raw. Tuna, salmon, yellowtail, avocado, cucumber, caviar wrapped in white seaweed.$14.00
Dancing Dragon Roll Crab tempura, cucumber inside, shrimp, avocado, grilled eel outside.$14.00
Spicy Girl Roll Spicy, raw. Asparagus, mango, crab meat inside-out, roll fried in tempura batter topped with spicy tuna and spicy salmon with eel sauce.$14.00
Samurai Roll Raw. Shrimp tempura and tuna inside, kani salad, avocado outside.$14.00
Red Dragon Roll Spicy, raw. Spicy tuna and tempura crunch inside, topped with fresh tuna.$15.00
Long Island Roll Spicy. Two pcs shrimp tempura, cucumber inside topped with spicy tuna, tempura, crunch steamed lobster, filet mignon, eel sauce spicy mayo caviar scallion.$18.00
Lobster Naruto Roll Steamed lobster, asparagus, avocado, mango, cucumber wrap.$14.00
Crazy Salmon Roll Spicy, raw.$14.00
Triple Spice Roll Spicy, raw. Tuna, salmon yellowtail, asparagus, topped with tuna, salmon yellowtail, eel sauce, spicy mayo caviar scallion.$17.00
Jericho Roll Spicy, raw. Spicy tuna, shrimp, lobster salad, king crab, avocado no rice deep fry with chef sauce.$13.00
Sweetheart Roll Shrimp lobster salad, tempura crunch avocado topped with tuna and spicy mayo.$15.00
Angel Roll 2 pieces shrimp tempura, fried banana, shrimp lobster salad with soy bean, seaweed.$15.00
Fantastic Roll Spicy, raw. Two pieces shrimp tempura, cucumber topped with spicy tuna crunch, and avocado with eel sauce, spicy mayonnaise, and wasabi soy bean.$14.00
Soho Roll 2 pieces shrimp tempura, stuffed with cucumber, topped with shrimp, lobster salad, mango, spicy mayo, eel sauce and honey wasabi, mayonnaise.$14.00
Crispy Rice Roll Spicy. Tempura fried rice topped with spicy tuna, eel sauce and spicy mayonnaise.$17.50
BBQ Squid Roll Spicy. BBQ whole piece squid, spicy crab meat inside cucumber crunch, wrapped in seaweed with chef spicy sweet sauce, topped with caviar and scallion.$18.00
Coconut Roll Spicy, two pieces shrimp tempura, and cucumber, topped with spicy tuna, shrimp, lobster salad conch, avocado, mango, eel sauce honey wasabi mayo and coconut.$15.00
Caribbean Roll Spicy. Eel, avocado, spicy crunchy tuna, topped with shredded kani, tobiko, and scallion eel sauce spicy mayo.$14.00
Rock Roll Rock shrimp lobster salad, cucumber avocado cut into eight pieces.$14.00

Classic Roll/Hand Roll

Yellowtail Jalapeño (Classic Roll/Hand Roll)$6.00
Tuna Raw.$5.00
Salmon Raw.$5.00
Yellowtail Raw.$5.00
White Tuna Raw.$5.00
Tuna Avocado Raw.$6.00
Salmon Avocado Raw.$6.00
Spicy Crunch Tuna Raw.$6.00
Spicy Crunch Salmon Raw.$6.00
Spicy Yellowtail Raw.$6.00
Spicy Crunch White Tuna Raw.$6.00
Alaska Raw. Salmon, avocado, cucumber.$6.00
Christmas Raw. Tuna, avocado, crab meat, and tobiko.$7.00
Tokyo Raw. Tuna, salmon, yellowtail, tobiko.$10.50
Spicy Shrimp & Kani Raw. Spicy chopped shrimp, kani, caviar and crunch.$7.00
Rainbow Raw. California roll topped with tuna, salmon, white tuna.$13.00
Tuna Rainbow Raw. California roll topped with tuna.$14.00

Cooked Roll/Hand Roll

Eel Avocado$6.00
Eel Cucumber$6.00
Philadelphia Cucumber$6.00
Salmon Skin$6.00
Futo Maki Egg, cucumber, oshinko, crab and avocado inside.$6.00
Crab Tempura$6.00
Chicken Tempura$7.00
Salmon Tempura$7.00
California Tempura$7.00
Shrimp Tempura$7.00
Spicy Tuna Tempura$8.00

Kitchen Entrées Served with miso soup or green salad, with ginger dressing, white rice, or brown rice.

King of the Sea Shrimp, scallop and lobster with honey lemon butter sauce.$26.00
Saltire Salmon Entrée Grilled scottish salmon with chopped bacon, served with spicy mayo and Japanese dressing, bedded with sautéed mushroom.$20.00
Filet Mignon Entrée 2 Stir fried diced filet mignon with onion, bell pepper and basil.$26.00
Chilean Sea Bass Entrée 1 Xo style, pan-grilled, served with xo sauce, on a bed of string bean.$27.00
Chilean Sea Bass Entrée 2 Miso style, broiled with miso sauce, served with mixed vegetable and mashed sweet potato.$27.00
Surf & Turf Entrée Grilled filet mignon, lobster tail and shrimp served with mushroom and truffle sauce.$27.00
Sesame Tuna Steak Entrée Pan-seared sesame crusted tuna steak, served with seaweed risotto in soy lime grass sauce.$26.00
Black Cod Entrée Miso marinated, slow grilled, served with orange miso sauce.$24.00

Entrée from Sushi Bar Served with miso soup or green salad.

Sushi Regular 7 pcs. Sushi and one California roll.$19.00
Sushi Deluxe 9 pcs. Sushi and one tuna roll.$22.00
Sushi Platter 12 pcs. Sushi and one special roll.$28.00
A & a Sushi (for 2) 20 pcs. Sushi and two chef’s special roll.$52.00
Sashimi Regular 18 pieces.$21.00
Sashimi Deluxe 21 pieces.$24.00
Sashimi Platter 24 pieces.$28.00
A & a Sashimi (for 2) 40 pcs chef special sashimi.$50.00
Sushi & Sashimi Combo 5 pcs sushi, 12 pcs sashimi and one California roll.$29.00
Sushi & Sashimi Love Boat 10 pcs sushi, 24 pcs sashimi and two special rolls.$64.00
Chirashi Entrée Assorted sashimi over sushi rice.$24.00
Tekka Don Entrée 16 pcs tuna sashimi over sushi rice.$22.00
Salmon Don Entrée 16 pieces.$22.00
Unagi Don Entrée 8 pcs fresh water eel.$22.00
California Roll Dinner 3 California rolls.$15.00
Maki Combo Entrée Tuna, yellowtail and California roll.$15.00
Spicy Maki Combo Entrée Spicy tuna, spicy salmon and spicy yellowtail.$17.00
Happy Combo Entrée 1 roll of each – spicy tuna, eel avocado, California.$16.00

Japanese Classic Entrées Served with miso soup or green salad.

Teriyaki Style Entrée Broiled, served with teriyaki sauce and steamed vegetable.$16.00
Tempura Style Entrée Battered deep fried with mixed vegetables, served with soy ginger dipping sauce.$12.00
Bento Box A Entrée Chicken teriyaki, shrimp veggie tempura and spring roll.$19.50
Bento Box B Entrée Salmon teriyaki, chicken kushiyaki and spring roll.$19.50
Bento Box C Entrée Beef negimaki, California roll and rock shrimp tempura.$19.50
Bento Box D Entrée Shrimp teriyaki, beef kushiyaki and spring roll.$19.50

Fried Rice

Assorted Vegetable Fried Rice$9.00
Chicken & Vegetable Fried Rice$10.00
Beef & Vegetable Fried Rice$11.00
Shrimp & Vegetable Fried Rice$11.00
Seafood Pineapple & Vegetable Fried Rice$12.00
Udon Noodle Soup with Vegetable$9.00
Shrimp & Vegetable Tempura Udon Soup$11.00
Nabeyaki Udon Soup With shrimp tempura, chicken, egg, fish cake and vegetable.$13.00
Stir Fried Udon with Vegetable$9.00
Pad Thai$9.00

Side Order & Any Sauce

Ponzu Sauce$0.50
Wasabi Mayo Sauce$0.50
Tempura Sauce$0.50
Ginger Dressing$0.50
Teriyaki Sauce(8 oz.)$2.00
Sushi Rice Side Order$3.00
White Rice Side Order$2.00
Brown Rice Side Order$3.00
Fried Rice Side Order$3.50
Spicy Mayo Sauce$0.50
Eel Sauce$0.50

Sushi & Sashimi a la Carte

Yellowtail Belly$4.00
O Toro$8.00
Salmon Belly$4.00
King Crab$7.00
Tuna (Sushi & Sashimi a la Carte) Raw.$3.00
Salmon (Sushi & Sashimi a la Carte) Raw.$3.00
White Tuna (Sushi & Sashimi a la Carte) Raw.$3.00
Yellowtail (Sushi & Sashimi a la Carte) Raw.$3.50
Fluke Raw.$3.00
Mackerel Raw.$3.00
Sweet Shrimp Raw.$6.00
Squid Raw.$3.00
Smelt Roe Raw.$3.00
Flying Fish Roe Raw.$3.50
Salmon Roe$3.50
California Urchin Raw.$8.00
Smoked Salmon$4.00
Shrimp (Sushi & Sashimi a la Carte)$3.00
Fresh Water Eel$3.00
Crab Meat$3.00
Bean Curd$3.00


Green Tea Tiramisu$8.00
Coppa Strawberry & Caramel$9.00
Fried Oreo$5.00
Fried Banana$5.00
New York Cheese Cake$7.00
Fried Cheese Cake$7.00
Chocolate Souffle$8.00
Mochi Ice Cream$6.00
Ice Cream$3.00
Fried Ice Cream$7.00


Can Soda$2.00
Spring Water$1.50
Aqua Panna$7.00
Japanese Soda$3.45

Disclaimer: The information provided above is for estimation purposes only. This data has been collected from diverse sources, including online, on-site, and via phone. All the prices and information available on this website are averages and should be considered as rough estimates. To verify the most up-to-date information, please consult the official website.

A & A Sushi House: A Dive into the Ocean of Flavors

When you think about sushi, what comes to mind? Fresh, delectable fish wrapped in perfectly seasoned rice, perhaps with a splash of soy sauce or a dab of wasabi? Now, imagine a place where the sushi experience is elevated to a whole new level. That place is A & A Sushi House. This sushi haven has won over many sushi lovers with its fresh ingredients, artful presentation, and unforgettable flavors.

The Journey Begins: History of A & A Sushi House

Every culinary destination has a beginning, a root that explains its charm and appeal.

Dreams Served on a Plate: Behind the inviting facade of A & A Sushi House lies a story of passion. A passion for bringing authentic sushi flavors to the forefront, creating a space where every bite tells a tale of culinary craftsmanship.

Staying True to the Art: Authenticity is a treasure, especially in the culinary world. A & A Sushi House stands as a testament to this. By retaining the traditional methods of sushi-making while infusing modern twists, they’ve crafted a unique identity in the sushi realm.

A Symphony of Flavors: Delving into the Menu

Sushi is an art, and at A & A Sushi House, the menu reads like a melody of flavors.

Rolling Perfection: The sushi rolls are the stars. Whether you’re a fan of the classic California roll or seeking something with a twist, there’s something to satiate every sushi craving. Fresh fish, crisp vegetables, and perfectly seasoned rice come together in harmony.

Beyond Sushi: The culinary experience extends beyond sushi. From delightful appetizers like edamame and tempura to heartwarming soups and flavorful teriyaki dishes, there’s a plate for every palate.

Vegetarian and Vegan Delights: A & A Sushi House ensures that everyone is included. Their diverse menu caters to both vegetarians and vegans, offering a range of delicious options that don’t compromise on taste.

An Experience that Resonates: The A & A Sushi House Ambiance

Eating is more than just satiating hunger; it’s an experience.

Transported to Japan: The interiors of A & A Sushi House are reminiscent of a traditional Japanese eatery. Subtle lighting, wooden accents, and art pieces echoing Japanese culture make for an immersive dining experience.

Service with a Smile: Great food deserves great service. The staff at A & A Sushi House are well-trained, attentive, and always ready to enhance your dining experience.

Customer Chronicles: Testimonials & Feedback

A restaurant’s reputation often lies in the words of its patrons.

Rave Reviews: Diners frequently laud the consistent quality of dishes. Whether it’s a first-time visitor or a regular patron, the feedback often revolves around the exceptional taste and presentation.

A Community Favorite: Many consider A & A Sushi House their go-to sushi spot. Be it a family get-together, a date night, or a casual outing with friends, the restaurant caters to all occasions.

In Summary: A & A Sushi House – A Culinary Masterpiece

In the vast ocean of eateries, A & A Sushi House emerges as a beacon for sushi lovers. Their commitment to authenticity, the vast array of flavors on offer, and an ambiance that transports you straight to Japan makes it a must-visit. Whether you’re a sushi connoisseur or someone eager to try it for the first time, A & A Sushi House promises an experience that lingers, both on the palate and in memory. If you haven’t explored this sushi paradise yet, it’s time to dive in!

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