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Island Punch$2.50
Raspberry Lemon$2.50


10 pc.$14.00
15 pc.$22.00
7 pc.$10.50


6 pc.$14.50
3 pc$8.00
10 pc. tender$18.50


Double Two 3oz. patties, American cheese, grilled onions and house sauce$10.00
Single 1/4 lb. patty, American cheese, grilled onions and house sauce$8.00


Birria Combo Pepperjack, shredded beef, consomé, onions and cilantro Served w/ seasoned rice and beans$16.00


Chicken Combo Pepperjack, fire roasted salsa Served w/ seasoned rice and beans$16.00

A La Carte



Add poppers Fried chicken chunks tossed in any wing flavor$4.50

Chips And Dip

Spicy beef queso$8.00
Fire roasted salsa$5.00

Fries And Tots


Chicken Poppers


Soup Of The Day

Cup of soup Soup of the day$6.00

Philly Cheesesteak

Philly Cheesesteak Sliced ribeye, grilled onions, American cheese or cheese whiz, mayo$0.00

Spicy Chicken

Spicy Chicken Fried chicken breast, spicy mayo, pickles$8.00

Grilled Cheese

Grilled Cheese Cheddar and Colby jack$6.00


Pepsi (Cans)$1.50
Diet Pepsi$1.50
Diet Pepsi (Cans)$1.50
Orange soda$1.50
Mountain Dew (Cans)$1.50
Ginger ale$1.50
Orange soda (Cans)$1.50
Mountain Dew$1.50
Iced tea (Cans)$1.50
Iced tea$1.50
Root beer$1.50


Pepsi (Bottles)$2.00
Diet Pepsi (Bottles)$2.00
Mountain Dew (Bottles)$2.00
Water (Bottles)$2.00

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Sip on Astin J’s Specials: From Island Punch to Raspberry Lemon.

Tropical Paradise in a Glass: Island Punch Delight

Transport yourself to a tropical paradise with Astin J’s Island Punch, a refreshing and colorful concoction that captures the essence of the islands. This special drink is a harmonious blend of various fruit juices, creating a symphony of flavors that dance on your palate. With every sip, you’ll taste the sweetness of pineapple, the tanginess of orange, and the exotic notes of passion fruit. Island Punch is not just a drink; it’s a vacation in a glass, offering a moment of pure bliss with every taste.

A Tangy Twist: Raspberry Lemon Refresher

For those who appreciate the delightful tanginess of citrus fruits, Astin J’s Raspberry Lemon special is a must-try. This invigorating drink combines the zesty flavors of ripe lemons with the sweetness of fresh raspberries, resulting in a balanced and revitalizing experience. The Raspberry Lemon refresher is the perfect way to awaken your taste buds and cleanse your palate between bites of savory dishes.

Refreshing without Compromise: Natural Ingredients and Flavors

What sets Astin J’s specials apart is the commitment to using natural and high-quality ingredients. The drinks are crafted with precision, ensuring that each ingredient shines through and contributes to the overall flavor profile. With every sip, you can taste the authenticity of the fruits and flavors, creating a genuine and enjoyable beverage experience.

A Drink for Every Craving: Customizable and Versatile

One of the most exciting aspects of Astin J’s drink specials is their versatility and customization options. Whether you’re in the mood for something fruity and vibrant or prefer a more classic taste, the drink menu offers a range of choices to suit your preferences. You can also customize the sweetness level, ensuring that your drink is tailored to your liking.

Pairing Perfection: Finding the Ideal Match

Pairing drinks with your meal is an art, and at Astin J’s, the drink specials are carefully designed to complement the flavors of the dishes. The Island Punch, with its tropical notes, harmonizes beautifully with Astin J’s bold and savory offerings. Similarly, the Raspberry Lemon refresher adds a burst of acidity that enhances the richness of the food.

More than Just a Beverage: Enhancing the Dining Experience

At Astin J’s, the drinks are more than just refreshments; they’re an integral part of the dining experience. The drink specials elevate your meal, adding layers of flavor and enjoyment that go beyond what’s on your plate. Whether you’re dining solo or enjoying a meal with friends and family, these drinks contribute to creating lasting memories.

Wings Galore: Choosing Between 7, 10, or 15 pieces.

Wings Galore: Choosing Between 7, 10, or 15 Pieces

When it comes to satisfying your cravings for mouthwatering, flavorful chicken wings, Astin J’s has got you covered. The menu boasts an array of delectable options, and at the heart of it all are the irresistible chicken wings. Whether you’re looking for a snack, a meal, or a feast to share with friends, the wings at Astin J’s offer a variety of portion sizes to suit your appetite.

The Perfect Appetizer: 7-Piece Wing Delight

For those seeking a tasty appetizer to kick off their meal, the 7-piece wing option is an excellent choice. This portion size is ideal for individuals looking to enjoy a smaller portion while still savoring the delectable flavors that Astin J’s wings are known for. It’s the perfect way to whet your appetite and indulge in a flavorful treat before diving into the main course.

A Satisfying Meal: 10-Piece Wing Feast

If you’re in the mood for a hearty and satisfying meal, the 10-piece wing feast is sure to hit the spot. With a generous serving of ten delicious wings, this option provides a substantial amount of protein and flavor. Whether you’re dining alone or sharing with a friend, the 10-piece wing portion guarantees a filling and enjoyable experience.

Feeding a Crowd: 15-Piece Wing Extravaganza

Planning a gathering or simply craving a feast of epic proportions? Look no further than the 15-piece wing extravaganza. This option is perfect for sharing with friends, family, or coworkers, making it an ideal choice for parties, game nights, and social gatherings. With 15 wings on the platter, everyone can dive into the delectable assortment and experience the mouthwatering flavors that Astin J’s wings are known for.

Customizing Your Experience: Flavorful Varieties

Beyond the portion sizes, Astin J’s wings offer a wide range of flavorful varieties to suit every palate. From classic buffalo-style wings to tangy barbecue, sweet and spicy Asian-inspired sauces, and zesty lemon pepper, there’s a flavor for everyone to enjoy. You can also mix and match flavors within your chosen portion size, allowing you to create a personalized wing experience that tantalizes your taste buds.

Quality and Flavor Above All

What sets Astin J’s wings apart is the commitment to using high-quality ingredients and cooking methods that result in perfectly crispy and flavorful wings. Each wing is carefully prepared to ensure that you get the best taste in every bite. Whether you’re a fan of spicy, tangy, or savory flavors, the wings at Astin J’s deliver on taste and quality every time.

Share the Joy: Sharing Platters and Friendly Feasts

The 7, 10, and 15-piece wing options also cater to those who love to share their culinary experiences. Sharing platters of wings can create a festive and communal atmosphere, where everyone can bond over their love for delicious food. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply enjoying a casual get-together, Astin J’s wings are the perfect centerpiece for a memorable meal.

Perfectly Grilled Picks: Dive into Single or Double Delights.

A Grilled Adventure: Single Delights

For those looking to indulge in a satisfying meal, the “Single Delights” section of the menu offers a range of options that showcase the flavors of the grill. Whether you’re a meat lover or prefer the richness of grilled vegetables, there’s something for everyone. The “Single Delights” menu is designed to provide a wholesome and flavorful dining experience that caters to individual preferences.

Double the Pleasure: Double Delights

If you’re looking to satisfy a hearty appetite or simply want to sample a variety of grilled delights, the “Double Delights” section is the perfect choice. This section offers larger portions that are perfect for sharing or for those who crave a more substantial meal. From succulent meats to grilled seafood, each dish is prepared to perfection, ensuring that every bite is a burst of flavor.

Flavors That Delight: Variety in Every Bite

What makes the “Perfectly Grilled Picks” at Astin J’s truly special is the variety of flavors that are expertly infused into each dish. From the smoky essence of a well-grilled steak to the zesty marinades that adorn chicken and seafood, the menu offers a diverse range of options to suit different palates. Whether you’re a fan of tangy, spicy, or savory flavors, the grilled menu has something for you.

Quality Meats and Seafood: A Culinary Triumph

At Astin J’s, the focus on quality shines through in every dish. The meats and seafood are carefully selected to ensure that only the finest ingredients make their way onto your plate. From juicy steaks to tender chicken and succulent seafood, each component of the “Perfectly Grilled Picks” is a testament to the commitment to serving the best to their guests.

Customization and Personalization: Tailoring Your Experience

Astin J’s understands that every guest is unique, and preferences can vary widely. That’s why the menu encourages customization and personalization. Guests can choose their preferred protein, select their desired level of doneness, and even pair their grilled delights with a selection of sauces and sides. This level of customization ensures that your meal is exactly the way you want it.

Savoring the Grilled Experience

The “Perfectly Grilled Picks” menu at Astin J’s is an invitation to savor the experience of grilling at its finest. It’s an opportunity to enjoy the rich flavors, enticing aromas, and tender textures that come with expertly prepared grilled dishes. Whether you’re a fan of the classic taste of steak or eager to explore the delights of grilled seafood, there’s a dish that will leave your taste buds craving more.

Combos to Crave: Explore Birria and Chicken Combo Meals.

Birria Bliss: A Mexican Tradition

Birria, a traditional Mexican dish known for its rich and savory flavors, takes center stage in the “Combos to Crave” section. This dish typically features tender, slow-cooked meat that is marinated with a blend of spices, creating a depth of flavor that’s both comforting and exciting. Birria is often enjoyed in a variety of ways, including tacos, quesadillas, and more. Astin J’s pays homage to this Mexican tradition by offering Birria as part of their enticing combo meals.

Chicken Delight: A Classic Favorite

For those who prefer a classic and familiar taste, the Chicken Combo Meals at Astin J’s are a must-try. Juicy and succulent chicken is prepared to perfection, whether grilled, fried, or roasted. The chicken is seasoned with a blend of herbs and spices that enhance its natural flavors. This versatile protein can be enjoyed in various forms, from sandwiches to wraps, ensuring that there’s a chicken combo for every palate.

The Perfect Pair: Birria and Chicken Combo Meals

What sets the “Combos to Crave” section apart is the harmonious pairing of Birria and chicken. This combination allows you to savor the best of both worlds – the robust flavors of Birria and the familiar comfort of well-prepared chicken. The combo meals offer a symphony of tastes and textures that come together to create a memorable dining experience.

Customization at Its Finest: Your Choice, Your Combo

Astin J’s understands that individual preferences vary, which is why the Birria and Chicken Combo Meals can be customized to suit your taste. Whether you’re a fan of Birria tacos, chicken wraps, or a blend of both, the menu allows you to create a combo that resonates with your cravings. This level of customization ensures that your meal is tailored to your liking.

Sides and Accompaniments: The Perfect Pairing

No combo meal is complete without the perfect sides and accompaniments. Astin J’s offers a range of options to complement your Birria and Chicken Combo. From fresh salads to crispy fries, you have the freedom to choose sides that enhance the flavors of your main dishes. The art of pairing extends beyond just the main proteins, creating a holistic dining experience.

Indulge in Birria and Chicken Combo Meals

So, the next time you find yourself at Astin J’s, make sure to explore the “Combos to Crave” section and indulge in the fusion of Birria and chicken. This culinary journey promises a symphony of flavors, a blend of cultures, and a dining experience that’s truly exceptional. Whether you’re a fan of traditional Mexican cuisine or classic comfort food, these combo meals have something special in store for you.

Tantalizing Tacos: Traditional Birria or Classic Chicken?

Embrace Tradition with Traditional Birria Tacos

For those who appreciate the rich and authentic flavors of Mexican cuisine, Traditional Birria Tacos are a true delight. Birria, a traditional Mexican dish, is characterized by its slow-cooked, tender meat that’s been marinated with a blend of spices and seasonings. Astin J’s pays homage to this culinary tradition by crafting Birria Tacos that are brimming with robust flavors. Each bite is a journey to Mexico, where the art of slow-cooking and seasoning results in a symphony of tastes that dance on your palate.

A Classic Choice: Classic Chicken Tacos

If you’re a fan of familiar flavors and love the versatility of chicken, Classic Chicken Tacos might be your go-to option. Astin J’s takes succulent and perfectly cooked chicken and transforms it into the star of these tacos. The chicken is seasoned with a careful blend of herbs and spices, enhancing its natural taste and ensuring that every bite is as satisfying as it is delicious. Whether grilled, fried, or roasted, the chicken in these tacos is sure to win your heart.

The Battle of Tastes: Which to Choose?

Deciding between Traditional Birria and Classic Chicken Tacos might seem like a delicious dilemma, but the good news is that you can’t go wrong with either choice. If you’re in the mood for a hearty, slow-cooked experience that embraces Mexican tradition, Birria Tacos are the way to go. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a classic favorite that’s versatile and familiar, Classic Chicken Tacos will surely hit the spot.

Customization for the Win: Your Taco, Your Way

One of the beauties of Astin J’s “Tantalizing Tacos” section is the ability to customize your tacos to match your preferences. Whether you want to enjoy Birria with a specific type of salsa or you’re looking to add extra toppings to your Classic Chicken Tacos, the menu invites you to create a taco that’s uniquely yours. This level of customization ensures that each taco you enjoy is a reflection of your taste.

Sides that Complement: Enhancing Your Taco Experience

Pairing your tacos with the perfect sides can elevate your dining experience to a whole new level. Astin J’s offers a variety of sides that are designed to complement the flavors of your tacos. From crisp salads to savory rice, the sides add an extra layer of taste and texture to your meal, ensuring that every bite is a harmonious blend of flavors.

Savory Sides and Dips: MacandCheese meets Spicy Beef Queso.

Comfort Meets Heat: MacandCheese with a Kick

MacandCheese is a classic comfort food that evokes feelings of warmth and nostalgia. Astin J’s takes this beloved dish and adds a twist of boldness by infusing it with Spicy Beef Queso. The result is a harmonious blend of creamy, cheesy macaroni and the rich flavors of spicy beef queso. Each forkful offers a satisfying contrast between the comforting creaminess of the macandcheese and the fiery kick of the queso.

A Symphony of Tastes: The Combination of Textures

One of the joys of indulging in the MacandCheese with Spicy Beef Queso is the exciting contrast of textures. The tender pasta of the macandcheese is met with the chunky and flavorful beef queso, creating a delightful interplay of smooth and chunky elements. This combination of textures enhances the overall dining experience, ensuring that every bite is a journey through layers of taste and sensation.

A Perfect Pairing: Enhancing Your Meal

The MacandCheese with Spicy Beef Queso isn’t just a side dish – it’s a culinary experience that enhances your main course. Whether you’re enjoying a burger, sandwich, or another one of Astin J’s specialties, the macandcheese and spicy beef queso provide the perfect balance of flavors to elevate your meal to new heights. This pairing is proof that a well-chosen side can turn an ordinary meal into an extraordinary one.

Sharing the Joy: A Crowd-Pleasing Delight

The MacandCheese with Spicy Beef Queso isn’t just for solo indulgence; it’s also a hit among groups and families. When you’re dining with others, sharing this delightful side can become a communal experience, as everyone digs in to savor the flavors and exchange appreciative glances. It’s a dish that brings people together over a shared love for good food and great company.

Customizing to Your Taste: Making it Your Own

As with many items at Astin J’s, the MacandCheese with Spicy Beef Queso can be customized to suit your taste preferences. Whether you want to adjust the level of spiciness, add extra cheese, or explore other variations, the menu encourages you to make the dish uniquely yours. This level of customization ensures that each visit to Astin J’s is a fresh and exciting culinary adventure.

Comfort in a Cup: Warm up with Astin J’s Soup Selection.

A Symphony of Flavors: Diverse Soup Offerings

One of the standout features of Astin J’s soup selection is its diversity. From hearty classics to innovative blends, the menu boasts a range of soups designed to cater to different tastes and preferences. Whether you’re a fan of rich and creamy chowders or prefer the robustness of broth-based soups, there’s something on the menu to satisfy your cravings and bring a smile to your face.

Savor the Familiar: Classic Chicken Noodle Soup

For many, classic chicken noodle soup is the epitome of comfort. Astin J’s rendition of this timeless favorite captures the essence of homecooked goodness. Tender chicken, hearty noodles, and flavorful broth come together in a harmonious union that’s reminiscent of childhood memories and the warmth of family gatherings. With every spoonful, you’ll be transported to a place of familiarity and well-being.

A World of Spice: Exploring Global Flavors

Astin J’s soup selection goes beyond the traditional, offering a range of globally inspired flavors that take your taste buds on an exciting journey. From spicy Thai coconut soup to aromatic Moroccan lentil soup, these international offerings allow you to experience the richness of different cultures right from your bowl. Each spoonful is a passport to a new culinary adventure.

Nourishment and Comfort: More Than Just a Meal

Soup has a unique way of offering both nourishment and comfort in a single bowl. Whether you’re seeking solace on a cold day or looking for a pick-me-up when you’re feeling under the weather, a cup of hearty soup from Astin J’s can provide the sustenance your body craves and the soothing balm your soul desires. It’s a reminder that food has the power to nurture both the body and the spirit.

An Inviting Ritual: Sharing Soup with Loved Ones

Enjoying a cup of soup at Astin J’s is more than just a meal – it’s an invitation to connect with loved ones. Soup has a way of evoking feelings of togetherness and community, making it the perfect choice for sharing with friends or family. Whether you’re catching up with an old friend or enjoying a cozy date night, sharing a bowl of soup creates a shared experience that’s bound to create lasting memories.

Customizing to Perfection: Making Soup Your Own

One of the joys of dining at Astin J’s is the ability to customize your meal to suit your taste. The same principle applies to the soup selection. Whether you prefer a little extra spice, want to add more vegetables, or have dietary restrictions, the menu allows you to tailor your soup to your liking. This customization ensures that every bowl is uniquely yours.

Warm Up with Astin J’s Soup Selection

As the seasons change and the desire for comfort grows stronger, Astin J’s soup selection becomes a beacon of warmth and delight. With each spoonful, you’ll experience a symphony of flavors, a touch of nostalgia, and the undeniable comfort that only a well-made bowl of soup can provide. Whether you’re seeking a familiar favorite or looking to explore new tastes, the soup selection at Astin J’s promises a fulfilling and heartwarming experience.

Indulge in the Comfort

The next time you visit Astin J’s, be sure to explore the “Comfort in a Cup” section and dive into the soul-soothing goodness of their soup selection. Whether you’re seeking a hearty meal or simply looking for a cozy way to warm up, Astin J’s has the perfect cup of comfort waiting for you. From classic choices to bold global flavors, the soup selection is a testament to Astin J’s commitment to providing exceptional dining experiences that nourish both the body and the spirit.

Classic Sandwich Choices: Philly Cheesesteak or Grilled Cheese?

Philly Cheesesteak: A Meaty Marvel

Originating from the vibrant city of Philadelphia, the Philly Cheesesteak is a sandwich that has captured the hearts and palates of food enthusiasts across the nation. Astin J’s rendition of this classic is a meaty marvel that celebrates the perfect marriage of thinly sliced, tender beefsteak and melted cheese. Each bite is a symphony of flavors and textures as the savory beef mingles with the gooey goodness of cheese, all nestled within a soft, freshly baked roll.

A Taste of Tradition: The Philly Experience

Choosing the Philly Cheesesteak from Astin J’s menu isn’t just about indulging in a sandwich – it’s about embracing a culinary tradition that has stood the test of time. With every bite, you’ll be transported to the bustling streets of Philadelphia, where the aroma of sizzling beef and melted cheese fills the air. It’s a taste of authenticity that brings the heart of Philly to your plate.

Grilled Cheese: A Comforting Classic

On the other side of the spectrum lies the Grilled Cheese sandwich – a beloved comfort food that has been a staple in kitchens for generations. Astin J’s Grilled Cheese takes this simple delight to new heights by combining perfectly toasted bread with a blend of gooey, melted cheeses that ooze with each bite. The result is a symphony of flavors and textures that evoke feelings of warmth and contentment.

Nostalgia on a Plate: Grilled Cheese’s Familiarity

The Grilled Cheese sandwich carries with it a sense of nostalgia that’s hard to replicate. It’s a reminder of childhood lunches, rainy afternoons, and the simple joy of biting into something warm and satisfying. Astin J’s Grilled Cheese captures this essence, providing a nostalgic experience that bridges the gap between comfort food and cherished memories.

Choosing Your Culinary Adventure

Deciding between the Philly Cheesesteak and the Grilled Cheese at Astin J’s is like embarking on a culinary adventure with two distinct paths. On one hand, you have the bold and robust flavors of the Philly Cheesesteak, offering a satisfying and hearty option for those seeking a meaty feast. On the other hand, the Grilled Cheese beckons with its comforting and timeless appeal, making it a top choice for those who appreciate the simplicity of perfectly melted cheese.

Why Choose When You Can Indulge?

If you find yourself torn between these two classic sandwich options, why not indulge in the best of both worlds? Invite a friend to join you and share a Philly Cheesesteak and a Grilled Cheese, allowing each of you to experience the unique flavors that define these sandwiches. This way, you can savor the iconic tastes while creating new memories and moments to treasure.

Astin J’s: Where Classics Come to Life

Whether you’re in the mood for the hearty flavors of a Philly Cheesesteak or the comforting embrace of a Grilled Cheese, Astin J’s “Classic Sandwich Choices” section promises a culinary journey that pays homage to time-tested favorites. The menu offers more than just sandwiches; it invites you to relish the history, tradition, and joy that these classics bring to the table.

Make Your Choice

The next time you visit Astin J’s, don’t be afraid to embrace your cravings and choose between the Philly Cheesesteak and the Grilled Cheese. Each bite is an opportunity to indulge in the flavors that have shaped culinary history, while also creating your own memorable experience. Whether you’re a meat lover or a cheese aficionado, Astin J’s has a classic sandwich that’s tailor-made to satisfy your taste buds and make your meal a truly special occasion.

Pop with a Pop: Discover a Range of Sodas from Pepsi to Root Beer.

Pepsi: The Classic Favorite

Astin J’s proudly serves the ever-popular Pepsi, a carbonated soft drink that has stood the test of time. With its signature blend of cola flavor and effervescence, Pepsi is a timeless choice that complements a wide range of dishes. Whether you’re enjoying a hearty burger, a delicious sandwich, or a crispy appetizer, a chilled glass of Pepsi adds a touch of sweetness and refreshment to your dining experience.

Coca-Cola: The Iconic Choice

For those who lean towards tradition and favor a classic cola taste, Astin J’s also offers the iconic Coca-Cola. With its distinct flavor profile and the same satisfying fizz that has captivated cola lovers for generations, Coca-Cola is a versatile option that pairs harmoniously with a variety of menu items. Whether you’re indulging in a savory main course or a mouthwatering appetizer, a glass of Coca-Cola is the perfect accompaniment.

Root Beer: A Nostalgic Delight

For a taste that harkens back to the good old days, Astin J’s presents Root Beer, a sweet and slightly spicy soda that’s brimming with nostalgia. Root Beer’s unique blend of flavors, including sassafras and vanilla, sets it apart from the traditional cola choices. Its smooth and distinct taste makes it an excellent companion to Astin J’s comfort foods, adding a layer of complexity and refreshment to your meal.

Dr. Pepper: A Fusion of Flavors

If you’re seeking a soda that’s a bit more adventurous, Dr. Pepper might be the perfect choice. With its intriguing blend of 23 flavors, Dr. Pepper offers a one-of-a-kind taste experience that’s both sweet and slightly tangy. It’s a soda that defies categorization and surprises your taste buds with every sip. Pairing well with a variety of dishes, Dr. Pepper adds a touch of excitement and curiosity to your dining adventure.

Fruit Flavors: A Splash of Variety

In addition to the classic soda choices, Astin J’s “Pop with a Pop” section also features a selection of fruit-flavored sodas. From the vibrant and citrusy Orange Soda to the refreshing and bubbly Lemon-Lime Soda, these fruit-infused options provide a delightful twist on the traditional soda experience. They’re perfect for those looking to explore new flavor profiles and add a touch of fruitiness to their meal.

Soda as a Culinary Companion

Sodas aren’t just about quenching your thirst; they also play a role in enhancing your dining experience. The effervescence of soda can help cleanse your palate between bites, ensuring that each flavor is savored to the fullest. Additionally, the subtle sweetness and bubbles can complement the flavors of your chosen dish, creating a harmonious balance that tantalizes your taste buds.

Create Your Soda Story

When you visit Astin J’s, the “Pop with a Pop” section allows you to create your own soda story. Whether you’re a fan of the classic cola taste, the nostalgic charm of Root Beer, the intriguing fusion of Dr. Pepper, or the vibrant flavors of fruit-infused sodas, there’s a beverage that’s just waiting to be paired with your meal. Each sip adds a new layer of enjoyment to your dining adventure, making your experience at Astin J’s truly memorable.

Soda, Sip, and Savor

As you peruse the menu and make your dining choices, don’t forget to explore the “Pop with a Pop” section to discover the range of sodas from Pepsi to Root Beer. Take a moment to consider the flavors that will complement your meal and satisfy your taste preferences. With each sip, you’ll be immersing yourself in a world of fizz, flavor, and delight, turning your meal at Astin J’s into a memorable and refreshing experience.

Crispy Treats: Choosing Between Fries, Tots, or Poppers.

French Fries: A Classic Favorite

There’s a reason why French fries are a beloved classic that never goes out of style. Crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, French fries offer a satisfying combination of textures that’s hard to resist. Whether you enjoy them as a side dish or a standalone snack, the salty goodness of French fries adds a comforting element to your meal. Pair them with a burger, sandwich, or your favorite sauce for a timeless and delicious experience.

Tater Tots: Bite-Sized Perfection

For those who appreciate the convenience of bite-sized treats, tater tots are a fantastic option. These golden nuggets are made from grated or finely chopped potatoes, seasoned to perfection, and fried to a crispy finish. Tater tots offer a delightful mix of textures, with a crispy exterior giving way to a soft and fluffy interior. Their small size makes them perfect for dipping into sauces or enjoying on their own.

Poppers: Bursting with Flavor

If you’re looking for a burst of flavor in every bite, poppers are the way to go. Poppers are often made by stuffing jalapeño peppers with cream cheese or other fillings and then coating them in a crispy breading before frying. The result is a delightful combination of spicy, creamy, and crunchy. Poppers are a popular choice for those who enjoy a touch of heat and want to add an element of excitement to their meal.

How to Choose: Factors to Consider

When faced with the delightful dilemma of choosing between fries, tots, or poppers, there are a few factors to consider that can help you make the perfect choice for your palate:

  1. Texture Preference: Think about the texture you’re in the mood for. If you’re craving something crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, French fries are a classic choice. If you prefer a mix of textures in every bite, tater tots might be your go-to. And if you’re seeking an explosion of flavors and a bit of heat, poppers are an excellent option.
  2. Flavor Pairing: Consider what you’ll be enjoying your crispy treats with. If you’re indulging in a burger, fries make a great companion. If you’re looking for something to dip into sauces, tots and poppers are ideal choices. The choice of dip can also influence your decision, as different crispy treats pair well with different sauces.
  3. Heat Level: If you enjoy a little kick of spiciness, poppers are a fantastic choice. However, if you prefer a milder experience, fries and tots are wonderful alternatives that still offer plenty of flavor.
Personalization and Enjoyment

One of the wonderful things about the “Crispy Treats” section at Astin J’s is that it allows you to personalize your meal experience. Whether you’re in the mood for a tried-and-true classic, a playful bite-sized option, or a burst of flavor with poppers, the choice is yours. Your selection of crispy treats adds an extra layer of enjoyment to your meal, making it a memorable and satisfying dining adventure.

Exploring the Crispy Treats Menu

As you peruse the menu and consider your options, take a moment to think about the flavors and textures that will make your meal truly delightful. Whether you’re team fries, tots, or poppers, each choice brings its own unique qualities to the table. Whichever crispy treat you decide to indulge in, you’re in for a delicious experience that’s sure to leave you craving more.

Crispy Delights Await

The “Crispy Treats” section at Astin J’s is a playground of deliciousness, where you can choose between fries, tots, or poppers to perfectly complement your meal. With each bite, you’ll savor the satisfying crunch, the flavorful seasonings, and the culinary creativity that goes into crafting these beloved menu items. So, go ahead and dive into the world of crispy treats, where every choice is a crispy, golden delight.

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