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Bellagio Buffet Prices

Bellagio Buffet Prices, Menu, Operating Hours Information



Monday-Friday, 7am-11am

Adults (Per Person) (Breakfast)$24.99
Children (6-12 Years Old) (Per Child) (Breakfast)$12.50
Children (5 Years and Under) (Per Child) (Breakfast)$0.00


Monday-Friday, 11am-3pm

Adults (Per Person) (Lunch)$27.99
Children (6-12 Years Old) (Per Child) (Lunch)$14.00
Children (5 Years and Under) (Per Child) (Lunch)$0.00


Monday-Thursday, 3pm-10pm

Adults (Per Person) (Dinner)$38.99
Children (6-12 Years Old) (Per Child) (Dinner)$19.50
Children (5 Years and Under) (Per Child) (Dinner)$0.00

Gourmet Dinner

Friday-Sunday, 3pm-10pm

Adults (Per Person) (Gourmet Dinner)$43.99
Children (6-12 Years Old) (Per Child) (Gourmet Dinner)$22.00
Children (5 Years and Under) (Per Child) (Gourmet Dinner)$0.00

Weekend Brunch

Saturday-Sunday, 7am-3pm

Adults (Per Person) (Weekend Brunch)$33.99
Unlimited Champagne Brunch for Adults (Per Person) (Weekend Brunch)$48.99
Children (6-12 Years Old) (Per Child) (Weekend Brunch)$17.00
Children (5 Years and Under) (Per Child) (Weekend Brunch)$0.00

Other Services

Chef's Table Daily, 4pm-10pm (Reservation Required) (Per Person)$68.99
Unlimited Beverages (Per Person)$14.99

Introduction Bellagio Buffet

If you want a luxurious buffet experience, then Bellagio is your desired restaurant. Wealthy people look for the best experience from the services they pay for dining out. 

The buffet is one of the kinds of restaurants where different types of recipes are served in the buffet, and customers have the freedom to choose or eat as much as they want at the fixed price they pay.

Having food in the buffet is a unique experience. It differs entirely from the traditional restaurant, where you are charged for every meal you order. 

Bellagio buffet restaurant takes the experience further by adding sophistication and luxury. The ambiance of the buffet restaurant gives you access to a leisurely dining experience. 

The place is well-decorated with high-quality tiles. On top of that, the restaurant’s light effect gives you a pleasing experience while having the food. 

Having food in a peaceful environment will give you an extraordinary adventure. Buffet price is kept affordable, so you always get the food you like the most without affecting your budget. 

The Bellagio buffet is a famous luxury restaurant on the Las Vegas Strip. It is one of the most popularly visited places in Las Vegas. People visit the place and enjoy the dining out experience in the Bellagio buffet. 

People liked the ambiance of the restaurant and the serving style. Also, everyone talk about the delicious meal served in the restaurants. 

In some estimation, more than 100 dishes are prepared and served daily to the customers. It is a highly rated and renowned buffet restaurant in the world. 

The facility of Lunch and Dinner in the Bellagio Buffet restaurant

Bellagio buffet restaurant is open throughout the day, offering customers a wide range of dishes. Bellagio restaurant dinner is most popular because it consists of exotic items on the menu. 

When dining out experience during the visit to Las Vegas, you should visit the Bellagio buffet at least once for a unique dining experience. 

If we talk about the menu served in the restaurant; thus there are several stimulating recipes served in a restaurant. Mouthwatering dishes with a fantastic ambiance will make you enjoy your food.

Extended lunch and dinner menus in the buffet are more enjoyable at the restaurant. The number of items offered on the menu will surprise you. Also, these items are made by professional chefs; thus, they taste amazing. 

Seafood, meat, and even vegan food are prepared by an expert Chef who ensures the food tastes great. Every individual dish is prepared by keeping its originality in mind. 

Let’s say you are trying Thai food in a restaurant; the taste of the Thai food will match the regionally served food. So if you are a tourist visit to Las Vegas and missing your native food, then the Bellagio dinner buffet will make you enjoy your native food without compromising the taste of it.

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The Special Brunch Menu At The Bellagio Buffet

Brunch is the most important meal of the day. Starting a day with a mouthwatering meal will make your entire day happy. Bellagio buffet gives you plenty of options in the morning meal so you can satisfy your hunger with delicious food. 

Fresh brunch every morning consists of various kinds of salads, cereals, hot and cold beverages, fresh fruits, cheese recipes, pasta, and many more.

You can also choose to have fast food such as Pizza and burgers for the morning meal with the choice of beverages. Try bacon and eggs with the cheese pizza.

Find these most-selling salad items in the restaurant.

  • Grilled vegetables 
  • Tofu Salad
  • Asian Vegetable Salad
  • Smoked Mozzarella Salad

Best Seafood served in the restaurant.

Try these unique seafood dishes in the restaurant. 

  • Fresh Shrimp
  • Ceviche Seafood
  • Cold Peel and instant-eat shrimp
  • Special Tabouli Salad recipe
  • Smoked Trout

Besides, enjoy the frozen treat, which includes carrot cake, tiramisu, strawberries, Chocolates, and several sugar-free sweet dishes. If you are calorie-conscious, then Sugar-free apple pie is for you. The restaurant will offer you blueberry tart, Mascarpone Cake, and much more.

Bellagio Buffet Contact Details

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What is the Buffet Price and Hours?

High-end buffet experience is now available at reasonable price options. Bellagio Buffet offers you a premium experience; thus, the prices are slightly higher than the ordinary restaurant. 
While compared to the food it serves, the price is understandable. You cannot have such a delicious menu in any other restaurant at the fee it charges to the customer.
The brunch cost between $49 to $59, and the operation is Daily from 8 am to 3 pm; the Dinner cost between $59 to $65, available Wed-Sun 5 pm to 9 pm, and the Beverage costs $24.99 for 2 hours. Children between five years of age can have the meal for free.

What are Breakfast Dishes in the Bellagio Buffet restaurant?

Bellagio offers a terrific breakfast to the customers to satisfy their early morning appetite. 
The breakfast menu will include Eggs Benedict, Corn Beef Hash Benedict, French Toast, Cinnamon Rolls, Carving Sausages, Made to Order Omelets, and Assorted Yogurts.

What do you get in the Bellagio Buffet Drink Package?

Bellagio buffet offers non-alcoholic drinks in the restaurant. You can choose various margaritas, sparkling wine, beer, and bloody marys.

The beverages are served for around 2 hours.

What are the Bellagio Buffet Children’s Prices?

Children below five years of age can have free food. The younger children above five will be charged the average price for the meal. The price for the children’s meal is comparatively less.

What is the Bellagio Buffet Brunch Menu?

Bellagio buffet offers extraordinary food on the brunch menu. Get a hot meal with Lap Chong Fried Rice, Pot Stickers, Barramundi, Alaskan Cod, and Atlantic Salmon. The menu changes more often, adding new dishes to the meal.

What is the Bellagio Dinner Buffet?

Bellagio Dinner Buffet includes Caviar, Chilled Shrimp, Prime Rib, Paella, Snow Crab & Kalbi Brisket.

What are the 2023 Holiday Dates of Bellagio Buffet?

The Bellagio buffet food is open throughout the year. Only a few special days will the restaurant be close such as Easter Sunday on April 17; the timing will be different than an ordinary day. You are advised to check the holiday before visiting the place.

Bellagio Buffet Pricing During Holidays

Get these amazing deals on the Bellagio Buffet during the holidays. The meal is offered at a 10% to 20% discount on all the long dining.

What is the Buffet Line Pass in Bellagio restaurant?

Line pass gives you instant access to the restaurant. You do not have to stand in line to get a seat. People must wait up to an hour on the weekend to get a seat. 
The buffet line pass gives you VIP entry to the restaurant. It is a great way to find a seat at the restaurant and avoid the long queue.