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Here is the latest and updated Buc’eez Menu Prices


Top Menu Items

Boneless WingsTossed in your choice of sauce or dry rub.$14.00
California BLT SandwichTurkey, avocado, lettuce, tomato, bacon and mayo on whole grain bread.$12.00
French Onion SoupMade daily.$4.00

Appetizers and Shareable

Mozzarella StiksLighty breaded mozzarella sticks, served with your choice of marinara sauce or ranch.$9.00
Steak TipsTenderloin tips, sauteed with onions and mushrooms, crumbled bleu cheese and zip sauce.$15.00
Large NachosTortilla chips layered with cheese sauce, seasoned ground beef, pico de gallo, black olives and green onions. Served with salsa and sour cream.$12.00
Chicken QuesadillaTortiilla stuffed with Chicken, onios, green peppers and cheddar cheese. Served with salsa and sour cream.$12.00
CalamariFlash fried calamari strips to golden brown served with marinara sauce.$12.00
Traditional Wings$12.00
Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Shrimp4 Jumbo shrimp stuffed with Jalapeno peppers, cheese wrapped in bacon, drizzled with balsamic glaze.$15.00
Boneless Wings (Appetizers and Shareable)$14.00
Spinach and Artichoke DipThree cheese spin dip served with chips.$9.50
Brussel SproutsPan fried brussel sprouts with walnuts, bacon crumled bleu cheese drizzled with balsamic glaze.$10.50


Americana FlatbreadGrilled chicken, red onions, shredded cheddar cheese, BBQ sauce and ranch.$14.00
Buffalo Chicken FlatbreadMelted bleu cheese, chicken, lettuce, tomato, buffalo sauce and bleu cheese dressing.$14.00
Caprese FlatbreadMarinara sauce, topped with chopped tomato, mozzarella cheese, fresh basil and balsamic glaze.$14.00


House SaladMixed salad greens, sliced red onions, cucumber, and cherry tomatoes, with your choice of dressing.$5.00
Black and Bleu SaladRomaine lettuce, topped with bleu cheese crumbles, tomato, cucumber, fried onion straws and seared blackened beef tips, served with balsamic vinaigrette.$15.00
The Wedge SaladA wedge of iceberg lettuce topped with 1000 Island dressing, bacon, hard-boiled egg, tomato and crumbled bleu cheese.$12.00
Michigan SaladMixed salad greens, candied nuts, dried cherries, honey crisp apples, nuts, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes and Bleu cheese served with raspberry vinaigrette.$12.00
Hail Caeser SaladChopped romaine lettuce, homemade croutons, and shaved Parmesan cheese served with Caesar dressing.$10.00
Antipasto SaladMixed greens, tomato, cucumber, onion, topped with chopped ham, salami, pepperoni, provolone cheese served with Italian dressing.$12.00


Turkey PretzelTurkey, American cheese, tomato, lettuce and mayo. Served on a pretzel bun.$12.00
Buc'eez Club SandwichToasted whole grain bread layered with turkey, ham, bacon, with lettuce, tomato, provolone cheese and mayo.$12.00
Buc'eez Special SandwichSliced tenderloin, topped with sauteed green peppers and mushrooms, caramelized onions and creamy horseradish sauce. Served on homemade naan bread.$12.00
California BLT Sandwich (Sandwiches)$12.00
Classic Italian SandwichSalami, pepperoni, ham, provolone cheese, banana peppers, tomato, and Italian dressing. Served on a hoagie bun.$11.00
Chicken Club SandwichGrilled chicken breast, bacon, provolone cheese, lettuce, tomato and spicy aioli.$12.00
Big Fish SandwichBeer battered cod loins, with lettuce, tomato, and tarter sauce on a brioche bun.$12.00
Reuben SandwichThinly sliced corned beef, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut and Thousand Island dressing on marble eye.$12.00


Patty MeltCaramelized onions and swiss cheese on marble rye bread.$10.00
All American BurgerApple-wood smoked bacon, melted American cheese and Buc'eez sauce on a sesame seed bun.$11.00
Rodeo BurgerFried onion rings, pepper jack cheese, BBQ sauce and cajun seasoning served on brioche bun.$10.50
Black and Blue BurgerBlackened beef patty, sauteed mushrooms and onions, and melted bleu cheese. Served on a brioche bun.$11.00
Veggie BurgerBlack bean patty, melted pepper jack cheese, avocado, pico de gallo. Served on a brioche bun.$11.00
A.M. BurgerBacon, egg and Provolone cheese served on a sesame seed bun.$11.00


Cajun Chicken PastaPenne pasta tossed with light cream sauce, chopped onions, spinach, sun-dried tomato and blackened chicken.$17.00
Ribeye14 oz. grilled ribeye served with your potato and vegetable.$25.00
Fish and ChipsThree pieces of Icelandic cod dipped in a beer batter, fried to golden brown. Served with coleslaw and french fries.$15.00
Fish TacosThree tacos stuffed with blackened cod, cabbage, pico de gallo and sriracha aioli.$15.00
Mac 'N' CheesePasta baked with Buc'eez 4 - cheese sauce and topped with panko breadcrumbs.$14.00
Asiago Chicken2 chicken breasts stuffed with spinach, vegetable, topped with melted Asiago cheese and light garlic cream sauce and potato.$18.00
Norwegian SalmonGrilled salmon topped with lemon butter white wine sauce. Served with rice and vegetable.$19.00
Lemon ChickenServed with a creamy lemon white wine sauce, capers and a side of pasta.$19.00

Sides and Extras

French Onion Soup (Sides and Extras)$4.00
Favorite Sides$4.00


New York CheesecakeYour choice of topping.$5.50
Homemade Cream BruleeCreamy rich custard, topped with caramelized sugar and garnished with raspberries, mint and whipped cream.$9.00
Chocolate Brownie SundaeChocolate brownie covered in vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce.$7.00


Fountain DrinkPepsi products.$2.25
Iced Tea$2.50
Cadillac Coffee$2.75
Cadillac Hot Tea$2.75

Discovering Buc-eez: Not Your Average Roadside Stop

Welcoming All Travelers: The Buc-eez Way

Beyond the Ordinary

As you approach a Buc-eez, you’ll notice something different from the usual rest areas. The sheer size of these travel centers is awe-inspiring, often boasting dozens of fuel pumps and a sprawling parking lot that can accommodate a small army of travelers. But it’s not just the size that’s impressive; it’s the attention to detail and commitment to offering an exceptional experience.

The Beaver’s Charm

The Buc-eez beaver mascot is more than just a symbol; it’s a friendly face that greets weary travelers with a smile. The beaver’s presence is a reminder that you’re entering a place of comfort and convenience, where even the most mundane tasks like refueling become enjoyable.

A Feast for the Senses: Exploring Buc-eez Offerings

Unraveling Culinary Delights

One step inside a Buc-eez and you’re greeted by a mesmerizing spread of food options. From made-to-order sandwiches and brisket tacos to an array of mouthwatering pastries, the food court is a haven for foodies on the go. Whether you’re craving a hearty meal or a quick snack, Buc-eez has you covered with its diverse and delicious offerings.

Snacks Galore

Buc-eez isn’t just a place to refuel your vehicle; it’s also a place to refuel yourself. The snack aisles are a treasure trove of options, featuring everything from locally sourced treats to classic favorites. Whether you’re in the mood for sweet, salty, or something in between, Buc-eez has the perfect snack waiting for you.

Creating a Clean Haven: Buc-eez Bathrooms

Revolutionizing Restrooms

One aspect that sets Buc-eez apart is its commitment to providing clean, spacious, and well-maintained restrooms. The restrooms at Buc-eez have achieved an almost legendary status, and for good reason. Sparkling clean facilities, an abundance of stalls, and a touch of Texas-themed décor make restroom breaks a pleasant and even enjoyable experience.

A Community Gathering Place: Buc-eez Culture

More Than a Pit Stop

Buc-eez has managed to cultivate a unique sense of community within its walls. Travelers from all walks of life converge here, sharing stories, laughs, and even recommendations for the road ahead. Buc-eez has become a place where strangers become friends, and where the journey is as memorable as the destination.

Local Flavors and Finds

Buc-eez takes pride in supporting local businesses by offering a range of regional products and flavors. From homemade jams to artisanal crafts, you’ll find an array of souvenirs and goodies that reflect the local culture and add a personal touch to your travel experience.

From Fuel to Food: The Wide Range of Buc-eez Offerings

Satisfying Every Craving: The Buc-eez Food Experience

Beyond the Usual

As you walk through the doors of Buc-eez, you’re greeted by a sight that might make your stomach rumble with anticipation. The food court isn’t your typical fast-food stop; it’s a culinary haven where options are abundant and flavors are varied. From breakfast to dinner, Buc-eez caters to every mealtime craving with a creative and mouthwatering selection.

Signature Sandwiches and Wraps

Buc-eez is renowned for its made-to-order sandwiches and wraps. Whether you’re a fan of classic turkey and Swiss or you’re craving something a bit more adventurous like a pulled pork sandwich with tangy coleslaw, Buc-eez has something for everyone. The joy of watching your sandwich being crafted with fresh ingredients adds to the overall experience.

A Snacker’s Paradise: Buc-eez Snack Aisles

Endless Snack Possibilities

If variety is the spice of life, then Buc-eez’s snack aisles are positively bursting with flavor. You’ll find rows upon rows of snacks that cater to every palate. From sweet treats like candy and chocolate to savory delights like beef jerky and potato chips, it’s nearly impossible to leave Buc-eez without discovering a new favorite snack.

Local and Regional Flavors

Buc-eez takes pride in offering snacks that showcase the flavors of the regions it serves. Whether it’s locally produced jams, jellies, or hot sauces, these offerings provide a unique taste of the area you’re passing through. It’s like a mini culinary adventure that adds a dash of local authenticity to your journey.

Fueling Your Journey: Buc-eez Beverages

More Than Just Coffee

While Buc-eez indeed offers a wide range of caffeinated beverages, including freshly brewed coffee, its beverage selection goes beyond that. You can find a variety of refreshing drinks, from iced teas and fruit juices to energy drinks and flavored water. Quenching your thirst is just as important as satisfying your hunger, and Buc-eez has a drink for every mood.

Behind the Beaver: The Inspiring Story of Buc-eez’ Beginnings

Seeds of a Dream: The Early Days

The Visionaries

Buc-eez was not born overnight; it was the result of a shared dream between co-founders Arch “Beaver” Aplin III and Don Wasek. Their vision was to create a place that offered more than just gas—it would be a sanctuary for travelers, a haven of cleanliness, and a source of joy on long road trips. Their shared passion and determination laid the foundation for what Buc-eez would become.

The First Steps

In 1982, the very first Buc-eez location opened its doors in Lake Jackson, Texas. This modest store, with its modest gas pumps, began as a simple idea that grew steadily over time. From those early days, Buc-eez set itself apart with a focus on customer service, cleanliness, and an unyielding commitment to excellence.

Creating a Destination: The Buc-eez Experience

Innovation Meets Tradition

One of the key factors that contributed to Buc-eez’ success was the team’s ability to blend innovation with tradition. While many gas stations of the time focused solely on fuel and convenience store items, Buc-eez dared to think bigger. The founders understood that a memorable experience was essential, and they went above and beyond to create a welcoming environment that stood out.

A New Standard: Bathrooms Beyond Expectations

The Bathroom Revolution

Buc-eez shocked and delighted travelers by revolutionizing restroom facilities. Traditionally, gas station restrooms were often seen as a necessary inconvenience. Buc-eez turned this notion on its head by providing impeccably clean and spacious restrooms that set a new standard in the industry. These restroom facilities became a symbol of the care and attention to detail that Buc-eez was committed to offering.

The Heart of the Beaver: Community Involvement

Supporting Local Communities

Buc-eez believes in being an active and positive presence within the communities it serves. The company’s commitment to supporting local schools, charities, and organizations has earned it a special place in the hearts of many. By giving back and investing in the well-being of the communities, Buc-eez has created a sense of unity that extends beyond the walls of its stores.

Buc-eez Delights: Highlighting Their Most Popular Snacks

A Symphony of Flavors: Buc-eez Snack Aisles

The Ultimate Snacking Destination

Buc-eez’ snack aisles are more than just rows of products; they’re a showcase of culinary creativity and diversity. The sheer variety of snacks available caters to every craving and preference, making it impossible to leave without discovering something new and delightful.

Texas-Inspired Flavors: Beaver Nuggets

Sweet, Crunchy, and Addictive

One of the crown jewels in Buc-eez’ snack kingdom is the beloved Beaver Nuggets. These sweet, caramel-coated corn puffs are a delightful treat that captures the essence of Texas. With a satisfying crunch and a burst of sugary flavor, Beaver Nuggets have become an iconic snack that locals and tourists alike can’t resist.

Jerky Galore: An Assortment of Meaty Delights

For the Savory Connoisseur

If you’re a fan of savory snacks, Buc-eez has you covered with an impressive selection of jerky. From classic beef jerky to more adventurous options like turkey, pork, and even exotic game meats, the jerky section offers a range of flavors and textures that cater to meat lovers looking for a protein-packed snack.

Something for Everyone: Candy and Sweets

A Sweet Paradise

The candy and sweets aisle at Buc-eez is a haven for those with a sweet tooth. You’ll find everything from nostalgic candies to gourmet chocolates, ensuring that there’s something to satisfy every type of sweet craving. Whether you’re a fan of gummy bears, chocolate-covered pretzels, or tangy sour candies, Buc-eez’ candy selection is a journey through the world of sweets.

Regional and Local Flavors: Buc-eez’ Unique Touch

Reflecting Local Tastes

Buc-eez understands the importance of celebrating regional flavors, and their snack offerings reflect this commitment. You’ll discover a variety of locally produced snacks that showcase the unique tastes of the area you’re visiting. These regional delights provide a special connection to the communities Buc-eez serves.

A Clean Break: What Makes Buc-eez Bathrooms Stand Out

Redefining Restroom Expectations: The Buc-eez Difference

An Oasis of Cleanliness

One of the first things that strike visitors about Buc-eez bathrooms is their exceptional cleanliness. Buc-eez has set the bar high by creating restrooms that are spotless and hygienic. This attention to cleanliness elevates the entire rest stop experience, ensuring that travelers can take a break in comfort and confidence.

Spacious Sanctuaries: Ample Room to Refresh

More Than Just Bathrooms

Buc-eez bathrooms are not cramped cubicles; they’re spacious sanctuaries designed with the comfort of travelers in mind. The stalls are roomy, providing ample space to move around without feeling confined. This extra space transforms the bathroom break into a refreshing interlude, allowing travelers to unwind and rejuvenate.

Attention to Detail: Aesthetics and Atmosphere

Creating an Inviting Atmosphere

The aesthetics of Buc-eez bathrooms go beyond functionality. Warm lighting, tasteful décor, and Texas-themed accents come together to create an inviting atmosphere that stands in stark contrast to the sterile environments often associated with public restrooms. The thought put into the design adds an element of comfort to the experience.

Family-Friendly Amenities: Convenience for All

Accommodating Every Traveler

Buc-eez understands the needs of families traveling with children. That’s why their restrooms are equipped with family-friendly amenities such as changing tables and child-sized toilets. These thoughtful additions make Buc-eez bathrooms a haven for families, providing them with the convenience and comfort they require during their journey.

On the Road Again: How Buc-eez Revolutionized Travel Centers

The Birth of a Game-Changer: From Gas Stations to Travel Centers

Elevating the Travel Experience

Buc-eez didn’t start out with the intent of being just another gas station. Its founders, Arch “Beaver” Aplin III and Don Wasek, envisioned a place that provided travelers with more than just fuel. They wanted to create an environment that catered to every need, whether it was satisfying hunger, taking a comfortable break, or finding the perfect souvenir.

Everything Under One Roof: The Buc-eez Approach

A One-Stop Haven

What sets Buc-eez apart is its comprehensive approach to travel centers. Buc-eez offers an array of services and amenities all under one roof. From a wide selection of snacks and freshly made meals to clean restrooms and even unique merchandise, Buc-eez ensures that travelers have everything they need without needing to make multiple stops.

Creating Memories Along the Way: The Buc-eez Experience

More Than Just a Stop

Buc-eez has taken the idea of a pit stop and transformed it into an experience to remember. The welcoming ambiance, the clean and comfortable facilities, and the quirky charm of the beaver mascot create an atmosphere that invites travelers to take a moment to relax, enjoy, and create lasting memories.

Attention to Quality: The Heart of the Revolution

Consistency and Excellence

One of the key factors that has contributed to Buc-eez’ success is its unwavering commitment to quality. From the snacks it offers to the cleanliness of its restrooms, Buc-eez places a premium on delivering excellence consistently. This commitment to quality has not only elevated the travel center experience but has also earned the loyalty and trust of travelers.

Community and Culture: Buc-eez’s Impact on Local Economies

A Force for Local Businesses: Supporting the Community

Fostering Economic Growth

Buc-eez believes in the power of community and local businesses. Each Buc-eez location becomes a beacon of support for regional artisans, farmers, and producers. By offering a platform for these businesses to showcase their products, Buc-eez helps boost local economies and encourages shoppers to explore the unique flavors and crafts of the region.

Local Flavors and Finds: Showcasing Regional Treasures

Celebrating Regional Diversity

One of the standout features of Buc-eez is its commitment to featuring regional flavors and specialties. As travelers step into a Buc-eez location, they are greeted by a variety of products that highlight the essence of the area. This not only gives travelers a taste of the local culture but also supports small businesses that contribute to the community’s economic vitality.

Job Creation and Opportunities: Fueling Employment

Empowering the Workforce

Buc-eez has a significant impact on local employment opportunities. With its spacious facilities and diverse range of services, Buc-eez locations require a workforce to keep things running smoothly. From cashiers to cooks, truck drivers to merchandisers, Buc-eez provides job opportunities that contribute to the livelihoods of individuals and families in the community.

A Gathering Place: Fostering Connection

Community Hub

Buc-eez has transcended the role of a mere travel center and become a community hub. It’s a place where travelers from different walks of life intersect with locals, creating an atmosphere of camaraderie and connection. Buc-eez fosters an environment where people come together to share stories, experiences, and recommendations, ultimately strengthening the sense of community.

The Buc-eez Experience: More Than Just a Gas Station

A Welcoming Ambiance: Where Comfort Begins

Beyond the Ordinary

Stepping into a Buc-eez is like entering a different world—one where comfort and convenience take center stage. The well-designed layout, spacious aisles, and thoughtfully placed seating areas create an inviting atmosphere that invites travelers to pause, relax, and enjoy their time at the travel center.

From Fuel to Feasting: Culinary Delights Await

Feeding the Soul

At Buc-eez, filling up your tank isn’t the only thing on the menu. The food offerings are a feast for the senses, with a diverse range of options that cater to every craving. Whether you’re in the mood for a freshly made sandwich, a hot meal, or a quick snack, Buc-eez delivers an array of culinary delights that turn a simple meal into a memorable experience.

Curated Selections: Beyond Snacks

The Art of Curation

Buc-eez isn’t just about convenience—it’s about offering a curated selection of products that are both practical and delightful. From regional specialties to quirky finds, the merchandise at Buc-eez goes beyond the expected, making every visit a chance to discover something new and interesting.

Beyond Restrooms: Cleanliness and Comfort

A Break Unlike Any Other

Buc-eez has redefined what it means to take a restroom break on the road. The restrooms are clean, spacious, and equipped with amenities that prioritize comfort. The attention to detail in maintaining these facilities showcases Buc-eez’ commitment to ensuring that every aspect of the experience is enjoyable and convenient.

Memories in the Making: Souvenirs and Memories

Taking a Piece of the Journey

Traveling often leaves us with cherished memories, and Buc-eez understands the importance of commemorating those moments. The merchandise section offers a variety of souvenirs, from quirky gifts to Texas-themed apparel, allowing travelers to take home a piece of their journey and relive the memories created.

Eco-Friendly Initiatives: Buc-eez’s Commitment to the Environment

Fueling Sustainability: Green Choices at Buc-eez

Beyond the Pump

Buc-eez recognizes that its role in promoting sustainability goes beyond just fuel efficiency. It actively seeks ways to incorporate green practices into every aspect of its operations, from energy consumption to waste reduction.

Reducing Single-Use Plastics: A Step Towards Less Waste

Taking Responsibility

One of the notable eco-friendly initiatives at Buc-eez is its commitment to reducing single-use plastics. By offering reusable drinkware and encouraging customers to make eco-conscious choices, Buc-eez contributes to the reduction of plastic waste that often ends up in landfills and oceans.

Local and Sustainable Sourcing: Supporting the Community and the Planet

Choosing Green Options

Buc-eez believes that supporting local businesses and choosing sustainable sourcing practices can make a significant positive impact. By offering locally sourced products, Buc-eez reduces its carbon footprint while also boosting regional economies.

Efficiency in Energy Consumption: A Greener Future

Lighting the Way

Buc-eez understands that energy consumption is a major contributor to environmental impact. As part of its commitment to sustainability, Buc-eez has implemented energy-efficient lighting and heating systems to reduce energy consumption, thereby lessening its carbon emissions.

Community Education and Involvement: Spreading the Green Message

Empowering Change

Buc-eez doesn’t limit its eco-friendly efforts to its operations alone. It also plays a role in educating its customers and the community about the importance of environmental stewardship. By fostering awareness and encouraging green practices, Buc-eez empowers individuals to make conscious choices that contribute to a healthier planet.

Exploring Buc-eez Merchandise: Souvenirs, Apparel, and More!

Memories in Material: Souvenirs That Tell a Story

Capturing the Essence

Every road trip has its own story, and Buc-eez merchandise is here to help you remember and cherish those stories. From keychains and magnets to mugs and shot glasses, the souvenirs at Buc-eez are not just tokens; they’re reminders of the places you’ve been and the moments you’ve enjoyed.

Texas Treasures: Regional Flavors and Themes

Embracing the Local Culture

Buc-eez has a knack for capturing the essence of the regions it serves, and its merchandise selection is no exception. Texas-themed apparel, unique crafts, and products that reflect local flavors are all part of the charm. Whether you’re a local or a traveler passing through, these items offer a piece of the local culture to take home.

Apparel with Character: Dressing the Buc-eez Way

Style Meets Comfort

Buc-eez merchandise extends beyond just souvenirs—it includes a range of apparel that combines style with comfort. From t-shirts featuring the iconic beaver mascot to cozy hoodies, these pieces of clothing not only make you look good but also allow you to proudly showcase your appreciation for the Buc-eez experience.

Quirky and Fun: Unique Finds to Brighten Your Day

Unexpected Delights

One of the joys of exploring Buc-eez merchandise is stumbling upon unexpected and delightful items. Quirky plush toys, novelty items, and amusing accessories are all part of the mix. These fun finds add an element of playfulness to your journey and make great conversation starters.

Gifts and Gestures: Sharing the Buc-eez Spirit

Spreading the Joy

Buc-eez merchandise is not just for personal enjoyment; it’s also a thoughtful way to share the joy of the Buc-eez experience with others. Whether it’s a gift for a friend, a token of appreciation for a fellow traveler, or a gesture of hospitality for a guest, Buc-eez merchandise holds the power to bring smiles and connections.

In Conclusion: Bringing Home More Than Memories

Buc-eez merchandise is more than just an assortment of items; it’s a way to extend the journey beyond the road. Whether you’re seeking a tangible reminder of your travels, embracing regional culture, or simply adding a touch of fun to your day, Buc-eez merchandise offers something for everyone. So, the next time you stop by a Buc-eez location, take a moment to explore the merchandise section and discover the treasures that allow you to bring a piece of the Buc-eez experience home with you.

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