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Picked For You

Veal piccatine al limone with yellow rice pilaf.$55.00
Baked tagliolini with ham$41.00
Grilled Mediterranean branzino with broccoli rabe.$54.00
Chicken spezzatino al curry with yellow rice pilaf.$46.00
Organic cipriani spaghetti al pomodoro con basilico$41.00


Baby Spinach Salad with bacon, mushrooms, walnuts, and ricotta cheese.$35.00
Chef's salad with cheese, tuna, ham, tomato, egg, anchovy, and mixed greens.$37.00
Classic chicken salad with lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise, and boiled eggs.$35.00
Cucumber salad with avocado, cherry tomato, and corn.$35.00
Doge salad with avocado, asparagus, tuna, corn, tomato, capers, and lettuce.$37.00
Green asparagus salad with red beets and goat cheese.$35.00
Rucola and cherry tomato sala with shaved parmigiano.$35.00
Fried calamari with tartar and marinara sauce.$36.00
Fritto misto (calamari, shrimp, and sole) with tartar and marinara sauce.$46.00
Tuna tartare with Mache salad and tomato sauce.$38.00
Cipriani mozzarella di bufala with kumato tomatoes and black olives$40.00
Burrata "alla Mediterranea".$40.00
Bresaola della valtellina with rucola and shaved parmigiano$35.00
Carpaccio alla Cipriani Carpaccio alla cipriani.$37.00
Prosciutto crudo dolce di parma with mozzarella di bufala. Prosciutto crudo dolce di parma with mozzarella di bufala.$38.00
Steak tartare alla Cipriani Steak tartare alla cipriani.$38.00
Thinly sliced veal with tomato sauce and Capers$35.00

Primi Piatti

Penne al pomodoro$41.00
Organic cipriani rigatoni "alla bolognese"$41.00
Organic cipriani spaghetti al pomodoro con basilico (Primi Piatti)$41.00
Cipriani tagliardi "alla bolognese".$41.00
Cipriani Tagliardi with veal ragu.$41.00
Baked tagliolini with ham (Primi Piatti)$41.00
Risotto "alla milanese".$41.00
Risotto "alla parmigiana"$41.00

Main Course

Grilled organic filet of salmon with mixed vegetables.$54.00
Grilled organic filet of salmon (Main Course) with mixed vegetables.$54.00
Grilled Mediterranean branzino (Main Course) with broccoli rabe.$54.00
Chilean sea bass "alla carlina" served with rice pilaf.$55.00
Grilled langoustine "scampi" with mixed green salad.$77.00
Filet Mignon with mixed vegetables.$66.00
Grilled rib eye tagliata with mixed vegetables.$78.00
Cipriani cheeseburger lettuce, tomato, and Salsa Rosa with French fries.$36.00
Chicken spezzatino al curry (Main Course) with yellow rice pilaf.$46.00
Chicken spezzatino al limone with rice pilaf.$46.00
Chicken spezzatino alla pizzaiola with rice pilaf.$46.00
Cipriani Club Sandwich with boiled chicken, tomato, lettuce, and bacon.$36.00
Half Free Range Grilled Chicken with butter lettuce.$46.00
Calves liver "alla veneziana" with fried polenta.$49.00
Pan roasted veal chop with butter and sage served with sauteed spinach.$74.00
Veal chop "alla milanese" with rucola and cherry tomatoes salad.$70.00
Veal chop "alla milanese" (Main Course) with rucola and cherry tomatoes salad.$70.00
Veal piccatine al limone (Main Course) with yellow rice pilaf.$55.00


Arugula and Cherry Tomato Salad$19.00
Arugula and Cherry Tomato Salad (Sides)$19.00
French Fries$19.00
Fried Polenta$16.00
Mixed green salad$19.00
Mixed Vegetables$19.00
Rice Pilaf$16.00
Yellow Rice Pilaf$16.00


Vanilla Meringue$20.00
Lemon Meringue$20.00
Chocolate Cake$20.00

A Glimpse into the Elegant World of Cipriani Downtown

A Palate of Heritage and Excellence

Cipriani Downtown’s story is one that spans generations. Rooted in the traditions of Venice, Italy, and spanning across continents, it has brought a slice of authentic Italian charm to the vibrant streets of New York City. The restaurant stands as a testament to its founders’ commitment to preserving culinary excellence and the essence of Venetian culture.

A Fusion of Tradition and Innovation

At Cipriani Downtown, tradition is elevated by innovation. The menu reflects a careful blend of classic Italian recipes and modern culinary techniques. This fusion allows guests to embark on a journey through time, experiencing the flavors that have been cherished for centuries alongside contemporary creations that pay homage to the present.

Craftsmanship in Every Dish

Every dish that graces the tables at Cipriani Downtown is a masterpiece in its own right. From the first course to the last, each plate is meticulously crafted with the finest ingredients. This devotion to quality is a reflection of the culinary artisans who pour their passion into creating culinary delights that captivate both the palate and the soul.

The Elegance of Presentation

Dining at Cipriani Downtown is not just about taste—it’s a feast for the eyes as well. The artful presentation of each dish showcases the restaurant’s commitment to aesthetics and perfection. Every plate is a canvas, adorned with vibrant colors, intricate patterns, and thoughtful arrangements that invite diners to appreciate the beauty before indulging in the flavors.

An Enchanting Ambiance

Beyond the cuisine, Cipriani Downtown is a haven of elegance. The ambiance is carefully curated to transport guests to a realm of luxury and sophistication. From the moment you step through the doors, you’re greeted with an atmosphere that exudes timeless charm, making every visit a journey into the refined world of Italian culture.

Impeccable Service

Service at Cipriani Downtown is not just attentive; it’s an art form. The staff’s warm welcome and impeccable attention to detail create an experience that’s more than a meal—it’s a memory. From guiding you through the menu to ensuring your every need is met, the service reflects the restaurant’s dedication to making each guest feel truly valued.

A Culinary Sojourn

As you dine at Cipriani Downtown, you embark on a culinary sojourn. Each dish is a chapter in a story that unfolds with every bite. Whether you’re savoring the classic flavors of a beloved pasta dish or exploring a new creation that surprises your taste buds, each experience is a page in the narrative of exceptional dining.

Reservations Recommended

Given its reputation and popularity, making reservations in advance is recommended to secure your spot at this culinary haven. Whether it’s a special occasion or a desire to indulge in the finest cuisine, Cipriani Downtown promises an experience that’s worth planning for.

A Toast to Elegance

In the midst of bustling city life, Cipriani Downtown stands as an oasis of elegance—a place where culinary artistry and sophistication intertwine. From its heritage to its innovation, from its presentation to its ambiance, every aspect of the restaurant is a testament to the pursuit of excellence. So, when you’re ready to embark on a gastronomic journey that tantalizes the senses and uplifts the spirit, Cipriani Downtown awaits with open doors and a world of flavors to explore.

Cipriani Downtown: Where Culinary Excellence Meets History

Preserving Traditions: A Glimpse into the Past

Cipriani Downtown’s journey began long ago, rooted in the traditions of Venice, Italy. Founded by the Cipriani family, the restaurant pays homage to its Venetian heritage, bringing a slice of that timeless elegance to the heart of New York City. The family’s commitment to preserving their culinary legacy is evident in every dish that graces the tables.

A Culinary Odyssey from Venice to NYC

The legacy of Cipriani Downtown made its way from the charming canals of Venice to the bustling streets of New York City. This journey from one iconic location to another signifies the restaurant’s global influence and its ability to transcend geographical boundaries. It’s a testament to the universal appeal of exceptional cuisine and the ability to transport diners to different corners of the world through flavors.

Culinary Craftsmanship: Honoring the Past and Present

At Cipriani Downtown, culinary craftsmanship is at the heart of every creation. The menu pays tribute to classic Italian recipes while embracing innovation and modern culinary techniques. This balance between tradition and evolution showcases the chefs’ dedication to both honoring the past and pushing the boundaries of flavor.

A Journey through Flavors: From Italian Classics to Contemporary Creations

The menu at Cipriani Downtown is a symphony of flavors that caters to a diverse range of palates. From traditional Italian dishes that transport you to the streets of Venice to contemporary creations that surprise and delight, each plate tells a story. It’s a journey through time and taste that offers something for everyone.

An Ambiance of Elegance: Where History Comes to Life

Stepping into Cipriani Downtown is like stepping into a chapter of history. The ambiance is carefully curated to evoke a sense of old-world charm while embracing the energy of the city. The combination of classic and modern elements creates an atmosphere that’s as enchanting as the dishes served.

A Melting Pot of Culture and Cuisine

Cipriani Downtown’s allure lies not only in its culinary offerings but also in its ability to unite people from different walks of life. It’s a place where culture and cuisine converge, where conversations flow as freely as the wine, and where stories are shared around the table. It’s a reminder that food has the power to bring people together and create lasting memories.

Honoring the Past, Savoring the Present

Cipriani Downtown’s commitment to culinary excellence and history is a testament to its founders’ vision. With each dish meticulously prepared, each ingredient thoughtfully chosen, and each detail carefully considered, the restaurant invites guests to savor both the past and the present in every bite.

Experience the Magic

For those seeking an extraordinary dining experience that marries the elegance of history with the flavors of the present, Cipriani Downtown is a destination that promises to captivate all the senses. From the first taste to the last, every moment spent within its walls is an homage to the culinary craftsmanship that has stood the test of time. So, whether you’re a history enthusiast, a food lover, or simply someone in search of a memorable experience, Cipriani Downtown invites you to step into its world and become part of its ever-evolving narrative.

Unraveling the Rich Legacy Behind Cipriani Downtown’s Success

A Family Legacy: From Generations to Generations

At the heart of Cipriani Downtown’s success is the Cipriani family’s deep-rooted passion for food and hospitality. The legacy began with the family’s patriarch, who instilled a love for authentic Italian flavors and impeccable service. This commitment to excellence has been passed down through generations, creating a foundation that upholds the restaurant’s reputation for exceptional dining experiences.

Honoring Tradition in a Modern World

Cipriani Downtown’s success is a result of its ability to seamlessly blend tradition with the demands of the modern culinary scene. The restaurant’s dedication to preserving classic Italian recipes while embracing contemporary culinary techniques showcases its adaptability and timeless appeal. This fusion of old and new is a reflection of the family’s respect for tradition and their willingness to evolve.

An Ever-Evolving Culinary Journey

Cipriani Downtown’s journey is one of continuous growth and innovation. While the restaurant’s roots trace back to Venice, Italy, its expansion to New York City marked the beginning of a new chapter. This transition symbolizes the family’s global influence and their commitment to sharing their culinary heritage with diverse audiences. This dynamic evolution is a key ingredient in Cipriani Downtown’s enduring success.

Creating Culinary Memories

Behind every dish at Cipriani Downtown is a dedication to creating lasting memories for diners. The restaurant has become a place where milestones are celebrated, friendships are forged, and families come together. The attention to detail in every aspect of the dining experience, from the service to the presentation, adds to the legacy of creating unforgettable moments.

A Hub of Culinary Creativity

Cipriani Downtown’s success isn’t just about the past—it’s about the present and the future. The restaurant serves as a hub for culinary creativity, where skilled chefs are encouraged to experiment with flavors and techniques. This spirit of innovation keeps the menu fresh and exciting, enticing both loyal patrons and newcomers alike.

Culinary Influences Beyond Borders

Cipriani Downtown’s legacy is a testament to the power of culinary influences transcending geographical boundaries. The fusion of Italian traditions with the vibrancy of New York City’s culinary scene has resulted in a unique experience that celebrates the best of both worlds. This blend of influences has contributed to the restaurant’s ability to resonate with a diverse range of diners.

A Legacy of Excellence Continues

As Cipriani Downtown continues to thrive, its legacy remains intact. The commitment to delivering exceptional dining experiences, the passion for preserving culinary traditions, and the dedication to fostering a sense of community are values that continue to shape the restaurant’s success. With every meal served, Cipriani Downtown honors its rich legacy and the generations of the Cipriani family that have contributed to its enduring reputation.

Embrace the Legacy

For those seeking a dining experience that embodies tradition, innovation, and a dedication to culinary excellence, Cipriani Downtown offers a remarkable journey. Stepping into the restaurant is an invitation to be part of a legacy that has stood the test of time, a legacy that continues to unfold with every plate served and every memory made. Whether you’re a lover of fine cuisine, a history enthusiast, or simply someone in search of an exceptional meal, Cipriani Downtown invites you to embrace its rich legacy and be a part of its ongoing story.

From Venice to NYC: The Cipriani Downtown Experience

A Taste of Venice in the Big Apple

Cipriani Downtown’s story begins in Venice, a city renowned for its rich history and enchanting beauty. The founders of Cipriani were inspired by the elegance and sophistication of this Italian city, and they set out to recreate that magic in the heart of New York City. With careful attention to detail, they succeeded in capturing the essence of Venice and infusing it into every aspect of the restaurant.

Transporting Venetian Ambiance

Stepping into Cipriani Downtown is like entering a portal that transports you to the charming alleys and canals of Venice. The restaurant’s interior is adorned with Venetian-style architecture, lush furnishings, and warm lighting that create an ambiance reminiscent of a Venetian palazzo. This attention to detail immerses diners in the romantic and timeless atmosphere of Venice.

Preserving Tradition Through Cuisine

One of the most remarkable aspects of the Cipriani Downtown experience is its commitment to preserving traditional Italian flavors. The restaurant’s menu features classic Venetian dishes crafted with authentic recipes that have been passed down through generations. Each bite is a tribute to the culinary heritage of Venice and pays homage to the origins of Cipriani.

Fusing Tradition with NYC’s Vibrancy

While Cipriani Downtown pays homage to Venice, it also embraces the energy and vibrancy of New York City. This fusion of cultures creates a unique dining experience that appeals to a diverse range of patrons. The blend of Venetian elegance and the fast-paced NYC lifestyle makes Cipriani Downtown a destination where different worlds collide harmoniously.

The Global Appeal of Cipriani Downtown

Cipriani Downtown’s ability to evoke the spirit of Venice while catering to the cosmopolitan preferences of NYC diners is a testament to its global appeal. Whether you’re a local New Yorker, an international traveler, or simply someone seeking an authentic Italian experience, Cipriani Downtown offers a dining adventure that transcends borders.

A Culinary Journey with Every Bite

Every dish at Cipriani Downtown is a culinary masterpiece that encapsulates the essence of both Venice and NYC. From the freshest ingredients to the skillful preparation, each plate is an invitation to embark on a journey of flavors. Diners can savor the tastes of Venetian specialties while relishing the excitement of being in the heart of Manhattan.

Creating Memories at Cipriani Downtown

Beyond the exceptional food and ambiance, Cipriani Downtown also creates memories that last a lifetime. Whether it’s a romantic date night, a family celebration, or a gathering of friends, the restaurant offers an intimate setting where moments are cherished. The combination of exquisite food and a captivating atmosphere ensures that every visit becomes an unforgettable memory.

Experience Venice in the Heart of NYC

For those seeking to escape to the enchanting streets of Venice without leaving the vibrant city of New York, Cipriani Downtown is the ultimate destination. Through its dedication to Venetian elegance, its fusion with NYC’s cosmopolitan spirit, and its commitment to delivering an exceptional dining experience, Cipriani Downtown invites you to experience the magic of two worlds coming together on your plate.

The Secret Ingredients of Cipriani Downtown’s Renowned Menu

Quality That Speaks Volumes

When it comes to crafting a menu that stands the test of time, quality is of paramount importance. The secret to Cipriani Downtown’s success lies in its unwavering commitment to sourcing the finest ingredients. From the freshest vegetables to the most succulent meats, each component of a dish is carefully chosen to ensure the highest standards of taste and flavor.

Authentic Italian Flavors

At Cipriani Downtown, authenticity is key. The restaurant’s dedication to preserving the essence of traditional Italian cuisine is evident in every dish. The secret ingredient here is the devotion to using time-honored recipes that have been passed down through generations. This commitment to authenticity allows patrons to experience the true flavors of Italy, even in the heart of New York City.

A Symphony of Seasonings

Seasonings are the harmonious notes that compose the melody of a dish. The chefs at Cipriani Downtown understand the art of balance, and the secret lies in their expertise in blending a variety of herbs, spices, and seasonings. The result is a symphony of flavors that dance on the palate, creating an unforgettable culinary experience.

Crafting Sauces with Love

Sauces are often the unsung heroes of a dish, adding depth and complexity to each bite. At Cipriani Downtown, sauces are crafted with love and attention to detail. The secret to their exceptional sauces is the meticulous process of simmering, reducing, and enhancing flavors. Whether it’s a rich tomato sauce or a velvety béchamel, the sauces at Cipriani Downtown are the result of careful craftsmanship.

Innovative Twists on Tradition

While Cipriani Downtown holds tradition close to its heart, it also knows how to infuse innovation into its menu. The secret here is the ability to take classic Italian dishes and give them a modern twist without compromising on authenticity. This balance between tradition and innovation allows the restaurant to cater to a diverse range of tastes while staying true to its culinary roots.

Presentation That Delights the Senses

The secret ingredients of Cipriani Downtown’s renowned menu go beyond taste—they extend to the visual appeal of each dish. The chefs understand that presentation is a vital aspect of the dining experience. From the arrangement of ingredients to the garnishes that adorn the plate, every detail is meticulously designed to delight the senses and create a feast for the eyes.

A Dash of Passion and Dedication

Perhaps the most important secret ingredient that sets Cipriani Downtown apart is the passion and dedication of the chefs and staff. Every dish that leaves the kitchen is infused with the love of those who take pride in their craft. This intangible element of care and commitment is what transforms a meal into a memorable experience.

Creating Culinary Magic

In the realm of gastronomy, the secret ingredients of Cipriani Downtown’s renowned menu are the elements that turn ordinary ingredients into culinary magic. It’s the commitment to quality, the embrace of tradition, the art of seasoning, the craft of sauces, the fusion of innovation, and the passion that elevates each dish to a masterpiece. Every bite taken at Cipriani Downtown is a journey into the heart of Italy, a symphony of flavors, and a testament to the culinary excellence that defines this iconic establishment.

Stepping Inside Cipriani Downtown: Ambiance, Service, and More

Elegance in Every Detail

As you step into Cipriani Downtown, you’re immediately enveloped by an air of sophistication and refinement. The restaurant’s interior design is a harmonious blend of classic and contemporary elements, creating an ambiance that is both timeless and welcoming. From the carefully chosen color palette to the elegant furnishings, every detail has been meticulously curated to create a space that exudes elegance.

A Feast for the Eyes

The ambiance at Cipriani Downtown extends beyond the decor—it’s also reflected in the way dishes are presented. Each plate is a work of art, carefully arranged to please the eyes as much as the palate. The restaurant understands that dining is a multisensory experience, and the visual appeal of the dishes adds to the overall enjoyment of the meal.

Attentive and Warm Service

Service is an integral part of the dining experience at Cipriani Downtown. The staff members are known for their attentiveness and warm hospitality, creating an atmosphere where patrons feel valued and cared for. From the moment you step in until the time you leave, you’re greeted with genuine smiles and a willingness to make your dining experience exceptional.

A Culinary Journey Guided by Experts

Stepping inside Cipriani Downtown means embarking on a culinary journey guided by experts in the field. The waitstaff are knowledgeable about the menu and are more than happy to provide recommendations based on your preferences. Whether you’re well-versed in Italian cuisine or trying it for the first time, the staff’s expertise ensures that you have a memorable dining experience.

Live Music and Vibrant Atmosphere

Cipriani Downtown isn’t just a place to enjoy a meal—it’s a destination for an immersive experience. The restaurant often features live music, adding a touch of entertainment to your dining experience. The lively ambiance, combined with the melodies of live performers, creates an atmosphere that is vibrant and engaging.

Perfect for Special Occasions

The ambiance at Cipriani Downtown makes it an ideal choice for special occasions. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, an anniversary, or simply want to create a memorable evening, the restaurant’s refined setting adds an extra layer of significance to the event. The staff’s attention to detail ensures that your celebration is nothing short of exceptional.

A Memorable Culinary Journey

Stepping inside Cipriani Downtown is more than just a meal—it’s a memorable culinary journey. The ambiance, service, and attention to detail all contribute to an experience that is as delightful as it is delicious. The restaurant’s commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of the dining experience, making it a destination that is cherished by both locals and visitors alike.

A Celebration of Tastes: Signature Dishes at Cipriani Downtown

Tagliolini al Tartufo

One of the standout dishes at Cipriani Downtown is the Tagliolini al Tartufo, a pasta dish that exemplifies the restaurant’s dedication to using the finest ingredients. This delicacy features delicate homemade tagliolini pasta generously coated in a luxurious black truffle sauce. The earthy aroma of truffles combined with the perfectly cooked pasta creates a symphony of flavors that dance on the taste buds.

Carpaccio alla Cipriani

For those seeking a lighter yet equally delectable option, the Carpaccio alla Cipriani is a must-try. This classic Italian appetizer features thin slices of raw beef tenderloin, drizzled with a tangy and zesty lemon dressing. Topped with a delicate layer of arugula and a generous sprinkle of Parmesan cheese, this dish is a refreshing and delightful way to begin your culinary journey.

Baked White Tagliolini

Cipriani Downtown’s Baked White Tagliolini is a comfort food lover’s dream come true. This dish features a luscious blend of creamy pasta, ham, and Parmesan cheese, all baked to golden perfection. The combination of rich flavors and comforting textures makes this dish a beloved favorite among patrons.

Risotto Primavera

For those who appreciate the elegance of Italian cuisine’s simplicity, the Risotto Primavera is a delightful choice. This risotto dish is a celebration of seasonal vegetables, each perfectly cooked and layered over a bed of creamy Arborio rice. The flavors are harmonious, and each bite transports diners to the Italian countryside.

Veal Milanese

No Italian dining experience is complete without savoring a classic dish like Veal Milanese. Cipriani Downtown’s rendition of this dish features tender veal cutlet breaded and fried to a golden crisp. Served alongside a bed of arugula, cherry tomatoes, and a drizzle of lemon, this dish encapsulates the essence of Italian comfort food.


A meal at Cipriani Downtown wouldn’t be complete without indulging in their divine Tiramisu. This iconic Italian dessert is a symphony of flavors and textures, with layers of coffee-soaked ladyfingers, velvety mascarpone cheese, and a dusting of cocoa powder. Each spoonful is a journey through layers of sweetness and satisfaction.

A Tribute to Culinary Excellence

The signature dishes at Cipriani Downtown are a tribute to culinary excellence, capturing the essence of Italy’s gastronomic culture in every bite. Each dish is carefully crafted to ensure that the flavors are balanced, the ingredients are of the highest quality, and the presentation is a work of art.

Masters of the Craft: The Chefs Elevating Cipriani Downtown’s Reputation

A Symphony of Skills

The chefs at Cipriani Downtown are not just cooks—they are artists who weave their passion for food into every dish they create. With years of experience and a commitment to preserving the essence of Italian cuisine, these chefs transform simple ingredients into works of art that celebrate tradition and innovation.

The Pursuit of Perfection

For the chefs at Cipriani Downtown, culinary excellence is a constant pursuit. They are dedicated to mastering the techniques that make each dish exceptional, from crafting the perfect pasta to achieving the ideal balance of flavors in every sauce. Their attention to detail and unwavering commitment to quality set the stage for a dining experience that is nothing short of extraordinary.

Honoring Tradition

While innovation is embraced in the kitchen, the chefs at Cipriani Downtown also hold tradition in high regard. They understand that the foundation of Italian cuisine lies in honoring time-tested recipes and techniques that have been passed down through generations. This reverence for tradition is reflected in every dish, creating a sense of authenticity that transports diners to the heart of Italy.

The Art of Presentation

True culinary artistry extends beyond taste—it also encompasses presentation. The chefs at Cipriani Downtown take great care in presenting each dish as a visual masterpiece. From the vibrant colors of fresh ingredients to the meticulous arrangement on the plate, their attention to aesthetics enhances the overall dining experience.

Collaboration and Innovation

In the world of culinary arts, collaboration and innovation go hand in hand. The chefs at Cipriani Downtown continually collaborate to refine their skills and experiment with new ingredients and flavors. This spirit of innovation ensures that the restaurant’s menu remains dynamic and exciting, offering patrons a reason to return time and again.

Crafting Memories

For many diners, the dishes prepared by the chefs at Cipriani Downtown are more than just food—they are memories waiting to be created. Whether it’s a romantic dinner, a celebration with friends, or a special occasion, these chefs understand the significance of their role in crafting memorable moments for each guest.

Dining in Style: What Sets Cipriani Downtown Apart from the Rest

Elegance in Every Detail

From the moment you step through the doors of Cipriani Downtown, you’re transported into a world of elegance. The interior is adorned with classic décor that effortlessly blends modern aesthetics with timeless charm. The soft lighting, plush seating, and carefully curated artwork create an ambiance that is both inviting and sophisticated.

Impeccable Service

Dining at Cipriani Downtown isn’t just about the food—it’s about the service that accompanies it. The staff here excels in delivering top-notch service that is attentive, friendly, and professional. Whether it’s a special request or a recommendation for the perfect wine pairing, the staff’s dedication to making your dining experience exceptional is evident in every interaction.

A Culinary Symphony

At Cipriani Downtown, dining is not just a meal; it’s a culinary symphony. The menu is a carefully crafted composition of Italian dishes that pay homage to tradition while embracing innovation. From delectable appetizers to mouthwatering main courses and decadent desserts, each dish is a masterpiece that celebrates the rich flavors of Italy.

Quality Ingredients

One of the secrets behind the exceptional taste of Cipriani Downtown’s dishes lies in the quality of its ingredients. The chefs here understand the importance of using only the finest and freshest ingredients to create dishes that burst with flavor. Whether it’s the ripe tomatoes in the pasta sauce or the perfectly seasoned meat, every element of the dish is carefully selected to ensure a memorable dining experience.

A Feast for the Senses

Dining at Cipriani Downtown is not just about taste—it’s about engaging all your senses. The visual presentation of each dish is a work of art, designed to delight your eyes before you even take your first bite. The aroma that wafts from the plates awakens your sense of smell, heightening your anticipation. And when you finally taste the food, you’re met with a symphony of flavors that dance on your taste buds.

A Place for Special Occasions

Cipriani Downtown isn’t just a restaurant; it’s a destination for celebrating special moments. Whether it’s a romantic anniversary, a milestone birthday, or an important business dinner, the restaurant’s ambiance and service provide the perfect backdrop for creating cherished memories.

Community and Connection

In addition to its delectable cuisine, Cipriani Downtown offers a space for building connections and fostering a sense of community. Whether you’re sharing a meal with friends, family, or colleagues, the restaurant’s inviting atmosphere encourages meaningful conversations and shared experiences.

Cipriani Downtown: A Mixture of Italian Tradition and Modern Delights

Honoring Italian Culinary Roots

Cipriani Downtown pays homage to the culinary traditions that have defined Italian cuisine for centuries. The menu is a tapestry of dishes that reflect the authentic flavors of Italy, with recipes passed down through generations. From pasta made with skill and precision to sumptuous risottos that transport you to the streets of Milan, each bite is a celebration of Italy’s gastronomic legacy.

Modern Interpretations

While rooted in tradition, Cipriani Downtown doesn’t shy away from embracing modern culinary techniques and trends. The chefs here skillfully infuse contemporary elements into classic dishes, creating a fusion that surprises and delights the palate. It’s a testament to the restaurant’s commitment to keeping the dining experience fresh and exciting.

Innovative Pairings

One of the hallmarks of Cipriani Downtown’s approach is the art of pairing. Traditional Italian dishes are paired with unexpected ingredients to create harmonious flavor profiles. It’s a culinary adventure that pushes the boundaries of what’s possible while remaining grounded in the essence of Italian cuisine.

Elevated Dining Experience

Cipriani Downtown understands that dining is more than just sustenance—it’s an experience. The restaurant’s elegant interior and refined ambiance elevate the act of dining to an art form. The blend of classic décor with contemporary touches mirrors the fusion of tradition and modernity found in the menu.

Culinary Creativity

While staying true to Italian roots, the chefs at Cipriani Downtown exhibit a flair for creativity. They take traditional dishes and reimagine them, resulting in plates that are not only visually stunning but also bursting with flavors that surprise and delight. It’s this balance of innovation and respect for tradition that sets Cipriani Downtown apart.

Global Appeal

Cipriani Downtown’s unique blend of Italian tradition and modern influences gives it a global appeal. Visitors from around the world are drawn to its doors, eager to experience the best of both worlds in a single dining experience. It’s a testament to the restaurant’s ability to bridge cultural gaps through the universal language of food.

A Culinary Journey

Dining at Cipriani Downtown is like embarking on a journey through time and taste. With every bite, you’re transported to the cobblestone streets of Italy, where old-world charm meets contemporary flair. It’s a journey that’s both nostalgic and exciting, familiar yet refreshingly new.


Cipriani Downtown stands as a culinary testament to the power of blending tradition and innovation. Through carefully crafted dishes that pay homage to Italian roots while embracing modern culinary trends, the restaurant captures the hearts and taste buds of diners seeking an experience that’s rich in heritage and cutting-edge in creativity. So, whether you’re a lover of tradition, an explorer of modern flavors, or simply a food enthusiast, Cipriani Downtown offers a dining experience that beautifully marries the old with the new.

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