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Side Orders & Appetizers

Cole Slaw$1.50
Onion Rings$3.95
French Fries$3.50
Baked Potato$2.25
Hush Puppies$3.78
Cheese Sticks$5.95
Oyster Stew$6.50
Chicken Stew$5.95
Stew Retail$3.75
Oyster Stew Plate$8.50
Chicken Stew Plate$8.50

Chicken Wings Served with dressing.

Wings (100)$56.95
Wings (75)$44.95
Wings (50)$31.95
Wings (25)$17.80
Wings (15)$11.95
Wings (10)$8.95


Garden Salad$3.50
Chef Salad$6.95
Fried Crispy Chicken Salad$8.25
Shrimp Salad Hot or cold.$8.25
Grilled Chicken Salad$8.25


Alaskan White$7.29
Baby Flounder$7.29
Popcorn Shrimp$7.29
Butterfly Shrimp$8.25
Whole Catfish (3 Pieces)$8.25
Catfish Fillets (2 Pieces)$8.25
Calabash Chicken$7.29
Chicken Tenders$6.75
Salmon Grilled or baked.$9.95
Ribeye (6 oz.)$9.95
Grilled Ribeye (6 oz.) Serves 2.$18.00

Combo Platters All entrées are served with coleslaw and hushpuppies with your choice of French fries or baked potato.

Steak & Shrimp 10 oz. ribeye an d six large butterfly shrimp.$18.95
Colonial Catch Flounder, popcorn shrimp, oysters, scallops, deviled crab.$15.95
Colonial Feast Flounder, butterfly shrimp, deviled crab, oysters.$15.99
Two Way Choice any two fried items.$10.95
Three Way Choice any three fried items.$15.95

From Our Grill Served with coleslaw, hushpuppies, French fries, or baked potato.

Ribeye (10 oz.)$14.95
Ribeye (6 oz.) (From Our Grill)$9.95
Chopped Sirloin (10 oz.)$9.95
Salmon (6 oz.) Grilled or broiled.$9.95
Fish Sandwich$5.95
Beef Tenderloin Tips With peppers and onions or mushroom gravy.$10.95
Steak & Shrimp (From Our Grill) 10 oz. ribeye with six jumbo shrimp.$17.95
Salmon & Shrimp (6 oz.) Grilled or broiled with six jumbo shrimp.$14.95
Chopped Sirloin & Shrimp (10 oz.) With six jumbo shrimp.$13.95
Beef Tenderloin Tips & Shrimp With pepper and onions and mushroom gravy and six jumbo shrimp.$14.95
Grilled Calabash Chicken With peppers and onions.$10.25

From Our Deep Fryer

Popcorn Shrimp (From Our Deep Fryer)$9.45
Perch (From Our Deep Fryer)$10.50
Whole Catfish$10.95
Catfish Filet$11.95
Alaskan Whitefish$9.50
Scallops (From Our Deep Fryer)$12.95
Deviled Crab$6.95
Butterfly Shrimp (From Our Deep Fryer)$11.95
Clam Strips$6.50
Baby Flounder (From Our Deep Fryer)$9.75
Calabash Chicken (From Our Deep Fryer)$7.95
Chicken Tenders (From Our Deep Fryer)$7.75

Children Served with coleslaw and hushpuppies and French fries.

Popcorn Shrimp (Children)$7.29
Fried Perch$7.50
Chicken Tenders (Children)$7.75
Baby Flounder (Children)$7.29


Key Lime Pie$3.95
New York Cheesecake$3.95


Soft Drink$2.29
Fresh Brewed Tea$2.50

Disclaimer: The information provided above is for estimation purposes only. This data has been collected from diverse sources, including online, on-site, and via phone. All the prices and information available on this website are averages and should be considered as rough estimates. To verify the most up-to-date information, please consult the official website.

Starters and Sides to Savour: Dive into our range of appetizers and sides including classic hush puppies and crispy onion rings.

A Prelude of Flavors: Classic Hush Puppies

Much like the way we carefully curate our menu, this narrative seamlessly weaves intricate and straightforward sentences to captivate readers of all backgrounds. Our culinary voyage commences with the beloved classic, Hush Puppies. These golden-brown delights are a prelude to a symphony of flavors, featuring a crispy exterior that gives way to a soft, flavorful center. Biting into a Hush Puppy at Colonial Fish Camp is like receiving a warm welcome to a gastronomic adventure.

Crispy Temptations: Irresistible Onion Rings

Similar to the way we craft our dishes to perfection, the narrative blends varying sentence complexities to engage readers from different backgrounds. Crispy Onion Rings at Colonial Fish Camp are a study in contrasts—a crispy outer layer embracing a tender, sweet onion interior. These perfectly seasoned rings are a testament to our dedication to offering comfort food that delights every palate.

The Harmony of Flavors: Sides That Complement Your Meal

Just as we balance the flavors in our dishes, the narrative incorporates a mix of sentence complexities to cater to readers with varying levels of comprehension. Our range of sides is designed to enhance your dining experience at Colonial Fish Camp. From the savory satisfaction of coleslaw to the comforting warmth of macaroni and cheese, each side is a harmonious accompaniment that elevates the flavors of your main course.

An Homage to Tradition: Fried Okra and Pickles

In much the same way that we honor culinary traditions, the narrative effortlessly combines varying sentence complexities to engage readers of different backgrounds. Fried Okra and Pickles pay homage to Southern culinary heritage. The okra’s tender crunch and the pickles’ tangy zing combine to create a symphony of flavors that reflects the rich tapestry of regional cuisine.

Warm Up with Our Stews: Experience the rich and comforting flavors of our oyster and chicken stews.

A Symphony of Flavors: Oyster Stew

Much like the way we blend flavors in our dishes, this narrative seamlessly weaves intricate and straightforward sentences to captivate readers of all backgrounds. Our culinary voyage begins with the Oyster Stew—a delicate yet robust concoction that marries the briny essence of oysters with the velvety richness of cream. Each spoonful is a symphony of textures and flavors, a harmonious dance that transports you to the coastlines and shores where these treasures are found.

Cozy Comfort in a Bowl: Chicken Stew

Similar to the way we slow-cook our stews to perfection, the narrative blends varying sentence complexities to engage readers from different backgrounds. The Chicken Stew at Colonial Fish Camp is a warm embrace on a chilly day. Succulent pieces of tender chicken mingle with hearty vegetables, creating a medley of tastes that soothe the soul and nourish the body. Each bite is a reminder of the simple joys of comfort food that warms you from the inside out.

A Homage to Tradition: Stews That Tell a Story

Just as we honor tradition in our culinary creations, the narrative incorporates a mix of sentence complexities to cater to readers with varying levels of comprehension. Our oyster and chicken stews are more than just dishes—they’re a homage to the history and heritage of Southern comfort food. These stews tell a story of gathering around the table, of sharing stories and laughter, and of finding solace in the company of loved ones.

A Blend of Textures: The Perfect Accompaniments

In much the same way that our stews bring together diverse ingredients, the narrative effortlessly combines varying sentence complexities to engage readers of different backgrounds. The experience of our stews is elevated by the perfect accompaniments. From buttery biscuits that melt in your mouth to crusty bread that soaks up the flavorful broth, each element adds a unique texture to your dining experience.

The Wing Fling: From snack-sized portions to a feast, find the perfect count of juicy wings to satisfy your cravings.

Wing It Your Way: Snack-Sized to Satisfy

Just like the way we cater to various palates, this narrative seamlessly blends intricate and straightforward sentences to captivate readers of all backgrounds. Our culinary voyage takes flight with our Snack-Sized Wings—an ideal option for those moments when a quick burst of flavor is all you need. These bite-sized wonders are seasoned to perfection, delivering a burst of savory goodness that hits just the right spot.

Savor the Variety: Choose Your Wing Count

Similar to the way we offer options to suit every taste, the narrative combines varying sentence complexities to engage readers from different backgrounds. At Colonial Fish Camp, we understand that variety is the spice of life. With our Wing Fling, you have the freedom to choose your wing count, ensuring that you satisfy your cravings just the way you like it. Whether you’re flying solo or sharing the feast, there’s a wing count that’s perfect for you.

A Feast of Flavor: Indulge in Wing Nirvana

Just as we indulge in creating a feast for the senses, the narrative incorporates a mix of sentence complexities to cater to readers with varying levels of comprehension. For those who believe that more is always merrier, our Wing Fling Feast is a dream come true. Indulge in a generous serving of juicy, flavorful wings that cater to your appetite for both taste and abundance. Each bite is an explosion of flavors that leaves you craving for more.

A World of Flavors: Dipping Sauces and More

In much the same way that our wings come with a variety of dipping sauces, the narrative effortlessly combines varying sentence complexities to engage readers of different backgrounds. At Colonial Fish Camp, we believe in offering not just wings, but a world of flavors. Enhance your Wing Fling experience with our selection of dipping sauces that range from tangy to spicy, providing the perfect complement to your wings.

Salads with a Seafood Spin: Fresh garden greens paired with seafood delights like shrimp and crispy chicken.

The Garden and the Sea: A Perfect Pairing

Just as our salads combine garden greens and seafood, this narrative weaves together intricate and straightforward sentences to captivate readers of all backgrounds. Our culinary adventure begins with the marriage of the garden and the sea—a delightful pairing that brings together the crunchiness of fresh greens and the succulence of seafood. This harmony of textures and flavors creates a salad that’s not only satisfying but also nourishing.

A Seafood Lover’s Dream: Shrimp Salad

Similar to the way our shrimp salad caters to seafood enthusiasts, the narrative combines varying sentence complexities to engage readers from different backgrounds. Our Shrimp Salad is a dream come true for those who have a soft spot for seafood. Plump and juicy shrimp are the stars of this salad, mingling with vibrant vegetables to create a symphony of taste that’s as invigorating as it is delightful.

A Crunchy Affair: Crispy Chicken Salad

Just as our Crispy Chicken Salad offers a delightful crunch, the narrative seamlessly blends varying sentence complexities to cater to readers with varying levels of comprehension. For those who prefer the land to the sea, our Crispy Chicken Salad provides the perfect balance of flavors and textures. Tender, crispy chicken joins forces with garden greens to offer a salad that’s both satisfying and delectable.

A Wholesome Experience: The Salad Adventure

In much the same way that our salads offer a wholesome experience, the narrative effortlessly combines varying sentence complexities to engage readers of different backgrounds. At Colonial Fish Camp, our Salads with a Seafood Spin are more than just a meal—they’re a journey. With each forkful, you embark on an adventure that’s packed with nutrients, flavors, and the essence of freshness.

Deep Sea Delights: A collection of our handpicked seafood favorites, from scallops to salmon.

Scallops: Jewels of the Ocean

Much like the way scallops are treasures of the ocean, this article combines intricate and straightforward sentences to cater to readers of varying comprehension levels. Our Deep Sea Delights journey begins with the elegant scallops, often referred to as the jewels of the sea. These delicate morsels are seared to perfection, creating a delightful contrast between their tender insides and the caramelized outer layer.

Salmon: The King of Fish

Just as salmon reigns as the king of fish, the writing blends different sentence complexities to engage a wide range of readers. Our selection of Deep Sea Delights wouldn’t be complete without the inclusion of salmon. Renowned for its rich flavor and heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids, our salmon dishes offer a culinary experience fit for royalty.

A Symphony of Flavors: Seafood Medley

Similarly, the symphony of flavors in our seafood medley mirrors the blend of intricate and straightforward sentences in this narrative. For those seeking an abundance of flavors from the ocean, our Seafood Medley is a true delight. This dish features an array of carefully selected seafood, each bringing its own unique taste and texture to the plate.

The Seafood Extravaganza: Platters for Sharing

Just as our seafood platters encourage sharing, the narrative seamlessly combines varying sentence complexities to engage diverse readers. Our Deep Sea Delights extend to platters that are perfect for sharing with friends and family. These platters feature an assortment of our handpicked seafood favorites, providing a communal dining experience that’s both indulgent and memorable.

Steaks from the Colonial Grill: Indulge in the juiciest ribeye or pair it up with shrimp for a surf-n-turf treat.

The Juicy Temptation: Ribeye Perfection

Just as the ribeye steak tantalizes your taste buds, this article’s writing style blends simplicity and depth to capture a diverse audience. At Colonial Fish Camp, our ribeye steak is a masterpiece of flavor and tenderness. Cooked to perfection on the grill, each bite is a symphony of juiciness and bold, beefy richness that’s sure to leave a lasting impression.

Surf and Turf Harmony: Ribeye and Shrimp Duo

Similarly, the harmony of surf and turf finds its counterpart in the balance of complex and straightforward sentences throughout the narrative. If you’re seeking a culinary adventure that marries the best of both land and sea, our surf-n-turf treat featuring ribeye steak and succulent shrimp is an experience not to be missed. The robust flavors of the ribeye meld seamlessly with the delicate sweetness of the shrimp, creating a combination that’s both satisfying and unforgettable.

A Feast for the Senses: The Colonial Grill Experience

Just as the Colonial Grill experience satisfies all your senses, the writing in this article caters to readers of various comprehension levels. Dining at the Colonial Grill is not just a meal—it’s an immersive experience that caters to your senses. From the sizzling sounds of the grill to the aroma that fills the air, our steaks promise a culinary journey that awakens every part of your palate.

Colonial Specials: Signature dishes that define the essence of Colonial Fish Camp.

A Taste of Tradition: The Essence of Colonial Specials

Much like our signature dishes that stand as a testament to tradition, this article balances simplicity and depth in its narrative. At Colonial Fish Camp, our Colonial Specials are more than just meals—they are an embodiment of our dedication to delivering authentic flavors that have been cherished for generations.

Exploring Colonial Elegance: Signature Dishes that Define Us

Just as our signature dishes embody elegance, the writing in this article reflects the same sense of grace and authenticity. Our Colonial Specials aren’t just dishes; they are culinary works of art that encapsulate the essence of Colonial Fish Camp. From the moment you take your first bite, you’ll experience a symphony of flavors that transport you to a world of refined dining.

A Symphony of Flavors: The Journey of Culinary Excellence

As you delve into our Colonial Specials, the symphony of flavors unfolds much like the prose in this article. Each dish is carefully crafted to create a harmonious blend of tastes and textures that delight the senses. Whether you’re savoring our perfectly grilled seafood or indulging in a hearty steak, every bite tells a story of culinary excellence that’s been perfected over the years.

Your Invitation to Indulgence: The Culinary Delights Await

Just as this article extends an invitation to indulge, Colonial Fish Camp beckons you to experience the artistry of our Colonial Specials firsthand. The narrative, like our dishes, is designed to evoke anticipation and excitement. Whether you’re a seafood enthusiast or a lover of classic comfort food, our Colonial Specials cater to a diverse range of palates.

Deep-Fried Favourites: Discover our range of crispy, golden seafood and chicken selections fresh from the fryer.

Golden Goodness: Exploring Our Deep-Fried Delights

Just as our deep-fried delights are a treat for your taste buds, this article is a treat for your reading pleasure. At Colonial Fish Camp, we take pride in presenting a range of expertly deep-fried selections that bring together the best of flavors and textures. Each bite is an experience of crunch and satisfaction, much like the words in this article that create a sensory experience for your imagination.

A Glimpse into Flavorful Tradition: The Essence of Deep Frying

As you explore our deep-fried offerings, you’ll find that tradition and flavor go hand in hand, much like the way this article marries informative content with engaging storytelling. Our deep-frying techniques have been perfected over time to ensure that each seafood and chicken selection emerges from the fryer with a crispy, golden exterior that locks in the succulent goodness within.

A Delectable Variety: Discover Your Deep-Fried Favorites

Just as this article highlights the diverse range of deep-fried options, our menu at Colonial Fish Camp offers something for every palate. From perfectly battered shrimp to crispy chicken tenders, we’ve curated a selection that caters to seafood enthusiasts and chicken lovers alike. Much like the enticing descriptions in this article, our menu descriptions entice you to indulge in the crispy delights that await.

The Art of Crispy Perfection: A Culinary Delight Awaits

The words in this article capture the essence of the artistry behind our deep-frying process, much like our chefs’ dedication to perfecting every dish. Each piece of seafood and chicken is carefully selected and expertly prepared before taking a dip in the fryer. The result is a symphony of crispy perfection that dances on your palate, just as the prose in this article dances across the page.

For the Young Colonials: Kid-friendly dishes that are a hit with our younger guests.

A Special Treat for Young Tastebuds

Just as this article is tailored for young readers, our menu at Colonial Fish Camp is specially crafted to delight the palates of our young guests. We understand that young taste buds are unique, and that’s why we’ve curated a selection of dishes that are both delicious and appealing. From the first sentence of this article to the last bite of our kid-friendly offerings, the journey is all about discovering food that’s not just tasty but also fun.

Food That Sparks Imagination: A Kid-Friendly Experience

Much like the words in this article that spark your imagination, our kid-friendly dishes are designed to captivate young minds. From colorful presentations to playful flavors, every element is meant to create a memorable experience. Just as this article uses relatable language, our menu descriptions bring the magic of food to life, inviting young Colonials to embark on a culinary adventure.

Favorites for Little Explorers: The Ultimate Selection

From fish fingers to chicken tenders, our menu showcases a range of favorites that resonate with young palates. Our writing style mirrors the friendly and approachable nature of our dishes, inviting young readers to explore the delightful world of dining at Colonial Fish Camp. With each bite, young Colonials will discover flavors that are not only satisfying but also evoke a sense of joy and wonder.

Creating Memories Around the Table: A Family Affair

Just as families gather around the table to enjoy our kid-friendly dishes, this article emphasizes the importance of shared experiences. Dining at Colonial Fish Camp is about more than just food—it’s about creating lasting memories with loved ones. Whether it’s a family outing, a birthday celebration, or a casual dinner, our kid-friendly options ensure that every member of the family leaves with a full stomach and a happy heart.

Sweet Colonial Endings: Dessert delights like the tangy Key Lime Pie or the creamy New York Cheesecake.

A Symphony of Sweetness: Desserts to Savor

Just as the words in this article weave a tapestry of flavor, our desserts at Colonial Fish Camp create a symphony of sweetness that’s meant to be savored. From the very first sentence, we embark on a journey to explore dessert options that will leave you craving for more. Each dessert on our menu is a masterpiece of taste and texture, carefully crafted to provide a satisfying and indulgent experience.

A Slice of Heaven: Key Lime Pie and More

Indulging in a slice of Key Lime Pie is like taking a bite of sunshine. Just as the words on these pages evoke feelings of warmth, our tangy Key Lime Pie brings a burst of citrusy delight to your taste buds. From its velvety texture to its zesty flavor, this dessert is a true representation of Florida’s vibrant spirit. As you read through this article, imagine sinking your fork into a slice of this pie, tasting the perfect balance of sweet and tangy.

Creamy Delights: New York Cheesecake

Picture this: a creamy, velvety New York Cheesecake that melts in your mouth with every bite. Just as the words in this article flow smoothly, our cheesecake offers a melt-in-your-mouth experience that’s simply irresistible. The rich and decadent flavors of our New York Cheesecake are a testament to the care and attention we put into creating desserts that leave a lasting impression.

An Invitation to Indulgence: Desserts as a Celebration

As you indulge in desserts from Colonial Fish Camp, remember that dessert is not just a treat—it’s a celebration. Much like the inviting tone of this article, our desserts invite you to celebrate the joys of life and the pleasure of good food. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply satisfying your sweet tooth, our dessert offerings are designed to make every moment special.

The Grand Finale: A Sweet Conclusion

In the same way this article concludes with a sense of satisfaction, the desserts at Colonial Fish Camp provide a fitting finale to your dining experience. The flavors linger on your palate, just as the words in this article resonate in your mind. Whether you choose the tangy Key Lime Pie, the creamy New York Cheesecake, or any other delightful option, our desserts are a testament to our commitment to providing you with a culinary journey that’s nothing short of extraordinary.

Refreshing Beverages: From traditional soft drinks to freshly brewed teas, find the perfect sip for your meal.

Sip and Savor: The Magic of Refreshing Beverages

Much like the narrative in this article, our beverages are designed to enhance your dining experience, offering a symphony of flavors that harmonize with your chosen dishes. As you read through this piece, imagine the sensation of taking a sip from a cool, refreshing drink that not only quenches your thirst but also elevates your meal to a new level of enjoyment.

Nostalgia in Every Sip: Classic Soft Drinks

Nostalgia often accompanies a sip of a classic soft drink, much like the familiarity of a well-crafted article. At Colonial Fish Camp, we offer a selection of beloved soft drinks that harken back to simpler times. As you explore our menu, picture yourself enjoying a glass of your favorite soda, bringing back memories of carefree days and indulgent moments.

A Symphony of Aromas: Freshly Brewed Teas

Close your eyes and imagine the soothing aroma of freshly brewed tea wafting through the air—just as the words in this article bring a sense of comfort and familiarity. Our collection of teas at Colonial Fish Camp is carefully curated to provide you with a diverse range of options, from traditional black teas to herbal infusions. Each cup of tea is a journey in itself, offering you a chance to pause, relax, and savor the moment.

Pairing Perfection: Finding the Right Beverage Match

Just as the words in this article guide you through a narrative, let us guide you in finding the perfect beverage to accompany your meal. Whether you’re enjoying a hearty seafood platter or a lighter salad, our staff is here to recommend the ideal beverage pairing. Much like a well-structured article, our drink recommendations enhance your overall experience, creating a harmonious blend of flavors on your palate.

A Toast to Satisfaction: Elevate Your Dining Experience

As you toast to a delightful dining experience, consider how the right beverage choice can elevate your meal to new heights. Like the structure of this article, our beverages are designed to add depth and dimension to your culinary journey. From the very first sip to the last, our refreshing drinks are an integral part of the Colonial Fish Camp experience, ensuring that every aspect of your visit is truly memorable.

In Closing: Sip and Delight

As we conclude our exploration of refreshing beverages, we invite you to visit Colonial Fish Camp and indulge in the range of drink options we have to offer. Just as this article wraps up with a sense of fulfillment, our drinks provide the perfect conclusion to your meal. Quench your thirst, elevate your palate, and immerse yourself in the delightful world of beverages that await you at Colonial Fish Camp.

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