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Here are the latest and updated Costco Cakes Prices

David’s Cookies Mile High Peanut Butter Cake, 6.8 lbs$56.99
St Michel Madeleine, Classic French Sponge Cake 100 - count$49.99
David's Cookies 90-piece Gourmet Chocolate Chunk Frozen Cookie Dough$54.99
Tootie Pie 11" Heavenly Chocolate Pie, 2- pack$89.99
David's Cookies No Sugar Added Cheesecake & Marble Truffle Cake, 2-pack$59.99
David's Cookies 10" Rainbow Cake$62.99
David’s Cookies Premier Chocolate Cake, 7.2 lbs$59.99
Tootie Pie 11" Whiskey Pecan Pie, 2-pack$89.99
David's Cookies Chocolate Fudge Birthday Cake, 3.75 lbs. Includes Party Pack$54.99
David's Cookies Mango & Strawberry Cheesecake 2-count$59.99
Tootie Pie 11" Huge Original Apple Pie$59.99
David’s Cookies Decadent Triple Chocolate made with mini Hershey’s Kisses and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Cookies Tin – 2 Count$39.99
Ferrara's Bakery 4 lbs. Italian Cookie Pack$72.99
David’s Cookies Variety Cheesecakes, 2-pack$59.99
David's Cookies Butter Pecan Meltaways 32 oz, 2-pack$39.99
Mary Macleod's Gluten Free Shortbread Cookies Mixed Assortment 8-Pack$49.99
Jon Donaire 10" New York Cheesecake, 16 Slices$23.99
Ferrara’s Bakery New York Cheesecake 2-pack$89.99
Ferrara's Bakery 24 Large Cannoli's (12 Plain Filled and 12 Hand Dipped Belgian Chocolate)$109.99
Kirkland Signature Chocolate Chunk Cookies, 1.76 oz, 120-count$29.99
Ferrara's Bakery Rainbow Cookies 1.5 lb$32.99
Mary Macleod's Assorted Shortbread Cookies 2-Pack$99.99
Mrs. Fields Meadow Flowers Crate$49.99
Mary Macleod’s 24 Variety Shortbread Cookies 3 Pack Tin$99.99
David's Cookies Brownie and Cookie Combo Pack$29.99

Freshly Baked Delights: Exploring the Irresistible Costco Cake Collection

When it comes to satisfying your sweet tooth, Costco’s cake collection is a treasure trove of delectable delights. From birthdays to anniversaries, or simply indulging in a sweet treat, Costco offers a wide range of freshly baked cakes that are sure to impress. In this article, we will take a closer look at Costco’s irresistible cake collection, highlighting the freshness, quality, and mouthwatering flavors that make these cakes a favorite among cake lovers.

A Feast for the Senses: The Visual Appeal of Costco Cakes

Costco cakes are not just delicious; they are also visually appealing. With their beautifully crafted designs and attention to detail, these cakes are a feast for the eyes as well as the taste buds.

Artistic Cake Designs:

Costco takes pride in offering an array of artistic cake designs that cater to various occasions and themes. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, graduation, or wedding, Costco has a cake design that will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

  • Birthday Cakes: Choose from a range of vibrant and festive designs specifically created for birthdays. From colorful balloons to cartoon characters, these cakes are sure to delight the birthday celebrant and guests of all ages.
  • Wedding Cakes: For the most special day of your life, Costco offers elegant and sophisticated wedding cake designs. From traditional tiered cakes to modern and minimalist styles, you can find the perfect cake to complement your wedding theme and create a memorable centerpiece.
Customizable Options:

In addition to the pre-designed cakes, Costco also provides customizable options. You can work with their skilled bakers to create a personalized cake that matches your unique preferences and event theme. The ability to customize ensures that your cake truly stands out and reflects your individual style.

  • Personalized Messages: Add a personal touch to your cake by including a customized message. Whether it’s a heartfelt birthday wish or a congratulatory note, Costco’s bakers can beautifully incorporate your message onto the cake, making it extra special.

Freshness at its Finest: The Quality of Costco Cakes

One of the key factors that sets Costco cakes apart is their commitment to using high-quality ingredients and maintaining exceptional freshness.

Made with Care:

Costco takes great care in the baking process, ensuring that every cake is made with attention to detail and a commitment to quality. The experienced bakers at Costco follow tried-and-true recipes, using only the finest ingredients to create cakes that are moist, flavorful, and consistently delicious.

  • Premium Ingredients: Costco sources the highest quality ingredients, including premium chocolates, fresh fruits, and rich creams. These carefully selected ingredients contribute to the exceptional taste and texture of their cakes, ensuring a delightful experience with every bite.
Freshly Baked In-House:

Unlike many other retailers, Costco bakes their cakes in-house. This means that when you purchase a Costco cake, you can be assured that it is freshly baked, giving you the ultimate indulgence of enjoying a cake that is still warm from the oven.

  • Daily Baking: Costco’s commitment to freshness means that their bakery team bakes cakes every day, ensuring that you always get a cake that is freshly prepared. The aroma of freshly baked cakes greets you as you step into the store, adding to the overall experience of purchasing a Costco cake.

Delightful Flavors: Exploring the Assortment of Costco Cake Flavors

Costco offers a wide assortment of cake flavors to suit every palate. From classic favorites to unique creations, their cake selection guarantees a delightful experience for cake enthusiasts of all ages.

Timeless Classics:

Costco’s cake collection includes timeless classics like chocolate, vanilla, and marble. These flavors are loved by many and provide a familiar and comforting taste that never disappoints.

  • Rich Chocolate Delights: Indulge in the decadence of Costco’s rich chocolate cakes. From moist chocolate cake layers to velvety chocolate ganache, these cakes are a chocolate lover’s dream come true.
Signature Creations:

For those seeking something extraordinary, Costco also offers signature cake flavors that are sure to tantalize your taste buds. From luscious red velvet to decadent caramel, each bite is an adventure in flavor and satisfaction.

  • Heavenly Red Velvet: Experience the heavenly combination of moist red velvet cake and creamy cream cheese frosting. Costco’s red velvet cakes are a perfect balance of flavors, delivering a tangy and sweet sensation that will leave you wanting more.

Sharing Joy with Every Slice: Costco Cakes for Any Celebration

Costco cakes are not just desserts; they are the centerpiece of joyous celebrations. Whether you’re hosting a small gathering or a grand party, these cakes are designed to bring smiles and create lasting memories.

Perfect for Any Occasion:

With their diverse range of sizes and designs, Costco cakes can be customized to suit any occasion. From intimate family celebrations to large-scale events, Costco offers cakes that are tailored to meet your specific needs and make your celebration even more special.

  • Graduation Parties: Celebrate the achievements of your loved ones with a Costco cake specially designed for graduation parties. These cakes can be personalized with graduation cap decorations and school colors, making them a perfect way to mark this significant milestone.
Value for Money:

In addition to their exceptional taste and quality, Costco cakes offer incredible value for money. The generous portion sizes and competitive pricing make them a budget-friendly choice, allowing you to indulge without breaking the bank.


Costco’s cake collection is a treasure trove of freshly baked delights. From visually stunning designs to a variety of flavors, these cakes offer a feast for the senses and bring joy to any celebration. With their commitment to quality, freshness, and affordability, Costco cakes are the perfect choice for satisfying your sweet cravings and creating memorable moments with your loved ones.

Quality Ingredients: The Secret to Delicious Costco Cakes

When it comes to indulging in a delicious cake, quality ingredients are the key to creating a mouthwatering masterpiece. Costco cakes have gained a reputation for their exceptional taste and texture, and it all begins with the use of top-notch ingredients. In this article, we will uncover the secret behind the deliciousness of Costco cakes and explore how their commitment to quality ingredients elevates the taste and satisfaction of every bite.

The Importance of Quality Ingredients in Baking

Baking is both an art and a science, and the choice of ingredients plays a crucial role in determining the final outcome of a cake. Costco understands the significance of using high-quality ingredients to create cakes that are not only visually appealing but also incredibly delicious.

Selecting the Finest Ingredients:

Costco’s bakery team carefully selects each ingredient to ensure that only the finest options make their way into their cakes. From the flour to the sweeteners and everything in between, every ingredient is chosen with great care and consideration.

  • Premium Flours: Costco uses premium flours, such as high-quality all-purpose flour or specialty flours like cake flour, to achieve the perfect texture and structure in their cakes. These flours provide a superior base for the cake batter, resulting in a moist and tender crumb.
  • Fresh Dairy Products: To enhance the richness and flavor of their cakes, Costco uses fresh and high-quality dairy products like butter, milk, and cream. These ingredients contribute to the creamy and velvety texture of their cakes, making each bite a delight.
The Impact of Quality on Taste:

When it comes to baking, quality ingredients directly impact the taste and overall experience of the cake. By using premium ingredients, Costco can achieve the perfect balance of flavors, resulting in cakes that are rich, moist, and truly satisfying.

  • Pure Vanilla Extract: Costco uses pure vanilla extract sourced from the finest vanilla beans. This natural and high-quality flavoring enhances the overall taste of their cakes, providing a delightful and aromatic vanilla flavor that complements various cake flavors.
  • Rich Cocoa and Chocolate: In cakes that feature chocolate flavors, Costco uses premium cocoa powder and high-quality chocolate. These ingredients contribute to the deep, intense chocolate flavor that chocolate lovers crave, elevating the overall taste of their chocolate cakes.

Freshness: The Hallmark of Costco Cakes

In addition to using quality ingredients, another factor that sets Costco cakes apart is their commitment to freshness. The use of fresh ingredients enhances the taste and ensures that each slice of cake is a delight to the senses.

Local and Freshly Sourced Ingredients:

Costco strives to source local and fresh ingredients whenever possible. By working closely with local suppliers and farmers, they can obtain the freshest fruits, dairy products, and other ingredients, directly contributing to the superior taste of their cakes.

  • Fresh Fruits: For cakes that incorporate fruits, Costco selects ripe and juicy fruits sourced from local farms. These fresh fruits add vibrant flavors and natural sweetness to the cakes, providing a delightful burst of freshness in every bite.
  • Farm-Fresh Eggs: Costco cakes are made with farm-fresh eggs, ensuring the highest quality and freshness. Eggs contribute to the structure, texture, and moisture of the cakes, resulting in a tender and delicious crumb.
Baking In-House:

Unlike many other retailers, Costco bakes their cakes in-house, ensuring that every cake is freshly made. This commitment to in-house baking guarantees that customers receive cakes that are still warm from the oven, allowing them to enjoy the ultimate freshness and flavor.

  • Daily Baking: Costco’s commitment to freshness means that their bakery team bakes cakes every day, ensuring that you always get a cake that is freshly prepared. The aroma of freshly baked cakes greets you as you step into the store, adding to the overall experience of purchasing a Costco cake.
  • Made-to-Order Cakes: In addition to their selection of pre-made cakes, Costco also offers made-to-order cakes. This means that your cake is prepared specifically for you, ensuring maximum freshness and allowing you to customize it according to your preferences.

From Scratch: The Art of Homemade Flavor

At Costco, the art of homemade flavor is preserved by baking their cakes from scratch. This dedication to traditional baking methods ensures that every bite of a Costco cake is reminiscent of homemade goodness.

Handcrafted with Care:

Costco’s talented bakers take pride in handcrafting each cake with meticulous attention to detail. They follow time-tested recipes and baking techniques, combining the finest ingredients to create cakes that are reminiscent of those made with love in a home kitchen.

  • Precise Measurements: Costco’s bakers pay close attention to precise measurements when preparing the cake batter. This ensures consistency and accuracy in the texture and taste of each cake, resulting in a perfectly baked treat.
  • Mixing Techniques: By employing proper mixing techniques, Costco’s bakers achieve the ideal texture and structure in their cakes. They carefully combine the ingredients, taking care not to overmix the batter, which can lead to a dense or tough cake.
Preserving Authenticity:

By baking from scratch, Costco can preserve the authenticity and taste of homemade cakes. Each cake is made with the same level of care and dedication that one would expect from a homemade creation, providing a comforting and nostalgic experience for cake lovers.

  • Slow Baking Process: Costco’s baking process is unhurried, allowing the cakes to bake evenly and develop their full flavors. This slow baking ensures that the cakes are moist and flavorful, capturing the essence of homemade goodness.

The secret to the deliciousness of Costco cakes lies in their unwavering commitment to quality ingredients. By carefully selecting fresh and premium ingredients, baking from scratch, and preserving the art of homemade flavor, Costco creates cakes that are not only visually appealing but also incredibly flavorful and satisfying. With each slice of a Costco cake, you can experience the result of their dedication to delivering cakes of unparalleled taste and quality.

Variety for Every Occasion: Discovering the Assortment of Costco Cake Flavors

When it comes to indulging in a delectable cake, variety is the spice of life. Costco understands the importance of offering a diverse range of cake flavors to suit every occasion and taste preference. In this article, we will explore the delightful assortment of Costco cake flavors and how they cater to different celebrations and palates. Get ready to embark on a mouthwatering journey filled with tempting flavors and irresistible treats.

Classic Flavors for Traditional Tastes

Costco’s cake collection includes a selection of classic flavors that have stood the test of time. These familiar and beloved options are perfect for those who appreciate the comforting nostalgia of traditional cake flavors.

Timeless Vanilla

The timeless appeal of vanilla is captured in Costco’s classic vanilla cake. With its delicate and fragrant flavor, this cake serves as a versatile canvas for various fillings, frostings, and decorations. It is a crowd-pleaser that never goes out of style.

Rich Chocolate Delights:

For chocolate enthusiasts, Costco offers a range of chocolate cake options that are sure to satisfy even the most intense cravings. From moist chocolate cake layers to decadent chocolate ganache, these cakes deliver a deep, indulgent chocolate experience.

Exploring Unique and Specialty Flavors

In addition to the classics, Costco also delights customers with unique and specialty flavors that add a touch of excitement and intrigue to any celebration.

Red Velvet Extravaganza:

Red velvet cake, with its vibrant color and subtle cocoa flavor, has become a favorite for special occasions. Costco’s red velvet cake boasts a velvety texture and is complemented by a luscious cream cheese frosting. It’s a visually striking and indulgent choice for those seeking a luxurious cake experience.

Zesty Citrus Sensations:

For a refreshing and tangy twist, Costco offers citrus-infused cake options that are bursting with bright flavors. From lemon to orange, these cakes provide a delightful citrusy kick that awakens the taste buds and leaves a lingering zest.

Indulging in Decadent Fillings and Frostings

Costco goes beyond just cake flavors and offers an array of scrumptious fillings and frostings that take their cakes to the next level of indulgence.

Creamy and Dreamy Frostings:

Costco’s frosting options range from classic buttercream to velvety cream cheese. These rich and creamy frostings are expertly crafted to complement the flavors of the cakes and add a luxurious finishing touch.

Classic Buttercream Bliss:

Costco’s classic buttercream frosting is smooth, fluffy, and oh-so-decadent. Its sweet and buttery flavor perfectly complements a wide range of cake flavors, making it a popular choice among customers.

Velvety Cream Cheese Delight:

The tangy and creamy cream cheese frosting is a match made in heaven for red velvet cakes. Costco’s cream cheese frosting strikes the perfect balance between sweetness and tanginess, enhancing the overall flavor profile of their cakes.

Irresistible Fillings:

To add extra layers of flavor and texture, Costco offers an assortment of delightful fillings. From fruity preserves to silky chocolate ganache, these fillings bring an element of surprise and decadence to each bite.

Bursting with Fruitiness:

Costco’s fruit-filled cakes feature luscious fruit preserves or fresh fruit slices nestled between the cake layers. These fillings add a burst of fruity sweetness and provide a delightful contrast to the cake’s texture.

Decadent Chocolate Ganache:

For chocolate lovers, Costco’s cakes often feature a luxurious chocolate ganache filling. This smooth and glossy chocolate concoction adds richness and depth to the cake, creating a truly indulgent experience.

Celebrating with Seasonal and Limited Edition Flavors

To embrace the spirit of different seasons and special occasions, Costco introduces seasonal and limited edition cake flavors that captivate taste buds and make celebrations even more memorable.

Festive Holiday Treats:

During festive seasons like Christmas and Thanksgiving, Costco unveils special cake flavors that embody the essence of the holidays. These limited edition treats often feature flavors like spiced pumpkin, peppermint, or eggnog, evoking a sense of warmth and joy.

Summer Delights:

As summer approaches, Costco delights customers with flavors that capture the essence of the season. Think refreshing fruit-inspired cakes like strawberry shortcake or tropical delights that transport you to a sunny beach getaway.


Costco’s cake collection offers a tantalizing array of flavors that cater to every occasion, palate, and preference. Whether you crave the comforting familiarity of classic flavors or the excitement of unique creations, Costco’s variety of cake options has something to delight every cake lover. With their dedication to quality and taste, Costco continues to impress and satisfy customers with their diverse assortment of mouthwatering cake flavors. So, explore, indulge, and discover the perfect Costco cake flavor to elevate your next celebration.

Custom Designs: Personalize Your Celebration with Costco Cakes

When it comes to celebrating special occasions, a personalized touch can make all the difference. Costco understands the importance of creating memorable moments, and their custom-designed cakes allow you to add a unique flair to your celebrations. In this article, we will delve into the world of custom designs at Costco and how they provide the perfect centerpiece for any event. Get ready to discover the joy of personalization and elevate your celebrations with Costco cakes.

The Art of Personalization

At Costco, custom-designed cakes are more than just desserts; they are works of art that reflect your individual style and celebrate the occasion in a unique way. With their talented cake decorators and attention to detail, Costco brings your vision to life and creates a centerpiece that truly captures the essence of your celebration.

1.1 Collaborating with Skilled Cake Decorators:

Costco’s skilled cake decorators are experts in their craft. They work closely with you to understand your design preferences, theme, and any specific requests you may have. Their expertise ensures that your custom cake is not only visually stunning but also delicious and unforgettable.

  • Design Consultation: During a design consultation, Costco’s cake decorators will listen to your ideas, offer suggestions, and provide guidance to help you bring your vision to life. They will discuss the design elements, color palette, and any special requests you may have for your custom cake.
  • Translating Ideas into Designs: Once the design concept is finalized, Costco’s cake decorators use their artistic skills and attention to detail to create a sketch or digital representation of your custom cake. This step ensures that everyone is on the same page and allows for any necessary adjustments before the cake is made.
Tailoring to Your Occasion:

Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, graduation, or any other special event, Costco’s custom designs can be tailored to suit the occasion. From elegant and sophisticated designs to whimsical and playful creations, the possibilities are endless. Costco ensures that every cake is unique and tells the story of your celebration.

  • Elegant and Sophisticated Designs: For formal events or milestone celebrations, Costco can create custom cake designs that exude elegance and sophistication. These cakes may feature intricate lace-like patterns, delicate sugar flowers, or elegant monograms, adding a touch of class to your celebration.
  • Whimsical and Playful Creations: For children’s parties or casual gatherings, Costco offers custom cake designs that are fun and playful. From vibrant colors and whimsical characters to themed decorations that reflect your child’s interests, these cakes are sure to bring smiles and joy to your celebration.
Bringing Your Ideas to Life

Costco believes in the power of creativity and aims to transform your ideas into stunning edible masterpieces. Their cake decorators have the skills and tools to turn your visions into reality, no matter how intricate or elaborate they may be.

Designing with Precision:

Costco’s cake decorators pay meticulous attention to detail when bringing your ideas to life. From intricate piping and delicate fondant work to handcrafted sugar decorations, every element is carefully crafted to perfection. The result is a cake that not only looks beautiful but also captures the essence of your vision.

  • Intricate Piping and Fondant Work: Costco’s cake decorators are skilled in creating intricate designs using piping techniques and fondant. They can replicate intricate patterns, create textured effects, and add exquisite details to your custom cake, ensuring a visually stunning result.
  • Handcrafted Sugar Decorations: For a truly personalized touch, Costco’s cake decorators can handcraft sugar decorations to adorn your cake. Whether it’s delicate sugar flowers, custom figurines, or intricate designs, these edible works of art elevate the aesthetics of your custom cake.
Personalized Messages and Themes:

In addition to the visual design, Costco offers the option to include personalized messages and themes on your custom cake. Whether it’s a heartfelt message, the name of the person being celebrated, or a specific theme that holds special meaning, Costco ensures that every detail is tailored to your preferences.

  • Meaningful Messages: Costco can inscribe your custom cake with a meaningful message, such as a birthday wish, anniversary congratulations, or words of encouragement. These personalized messages add a heartfelt touch to your celebration and make the cake even more special.
  • Theme Integration: Costco’s cake decorators can incorporate specific themes into your custom cake design. Whether it’s a favorite movie, a beloved hobby, or a significant event, they can create a design that reflects the theme and adds an extra layer of personalization to your celebration.
Beyond Traditional Shapes and Sizes

When it comes to custom designs, Costco goes beyond traditional shapes and sizes. They offer a range of options to suit your specific needs, ensuring that your cake is not only visually appealing but also practical and convenient for serving.

Tiered Masterpieces:

For grand celebrations or weddings, Costco offers tiered cakes that make a striking statement. These multi-tiered creations can be personalized with unique designs and flavors, providing a stunning centerpiece that will wow your guests.

  • Customized Tier Heights: Costco can customize the height and number of tiers for your cake, depending on the size of your event and the number of guests. This allows you to have a visually impressive cake that serves the desired number of servings.
  • Flavors for Each Tier: With tiered cakes, Costco offers the option to have different flavors for each tier. This allows you to cater to different taste preferences and provide a variety of cake flavors for your guests to enjoy.
Specialty Shapes and Themes:

Costco’s custom designs extend to specialty shapes and themes, allowing you to showcase your personality and creativity. Whether you want a cake shaped like a sports jersey, a book, or even a favorite character, Costco can bring your imaginative ideas to life.

  • Sculpted Cakes: Costco’s skilled cake decorators can sculpt cakes into unique shapes, transforming them into three-dimensional edible masterpieces. From sports equipment to animals, cars, or even landmarks, these specialty cakes become the focal point of your celebration.
  • Edible Image Cakes: If you have a specific image or design you’d like to showcase on your cake, Costco can create an edible image cake. Using edible ink and special printing techniques, they can transfer photographs, logos, or other artwork onto the cake’s surface, creating a customized visual experience.
A Delicious Combination of Design and Flavor

While the visual appeal of custom-designed cakes is undeniable, Costco ensures that the taste matches the beauty. Their cakes are made with the same commitment to quality and flavor as their regular offerings, ensuring that each slice is as delightful to the palate as it is to the eyes.

Cake Flavors to Savor:

Costco offers a range of delicious cake flavors to choose from, including classics like vanilla, chocolate, and red velvet, as well as unique options like lemon, marble, and carrot. You can select the flavor that best complements your design and satisfies your taste buds.

Decadent Fillings and Frostings:

To enhance the flavor experience, Costco provides a variety of fillings and frostings to choose from. Whether you prefer a luscious cream cheese filling, a fruity preserve, or a rich chocolate ganache, Costco ensures that the filling and frosting perfectly complement your chosen cake flavor.


Custom-designed cakes from Costco offer a delightful way to personalize and elevate your celebrations. With skilled cake decorators, attention to detail, and a wide range of design options, Costco allows you to create a centerpiece that reflects your unique style and captures the essence of your special occasion. From personalized messages and themes to specialty shapes and flavors, Costco’s custom cakes combine visual appeal with delicious taste. So, let your creativity soar and make your celebrations truly unforgettable with a custom-designed cake from Costco.

Budget-Friendly Celebrations: Affordable Indulgence with Costco Cakes

When it comes to celebrating special occasions, finding budget-friendly options without compromising on quality is a top priority. Costco understands the importance of affordable indulgence, and their cakes offer a perfect solution. In this article, we will explore how Costco cakes provide a budget-friendly way to elevate your celebrations, offering delicious and high-quality treats without breaking the bank. Get ready to discover the joy of affordable indulgence with Costco cakes.

1. Quality without the High Price Tag

Costco is renowned for its commitment to quality, and their cakes are no exception. Despite their affordable price, Costco cakes are made with the same dedication to taste and ingredients as more expensive options.

Attention to Ingredients:

Costco uses high-quality ingredients to ensure that their cakes are not only affordable but also delicious. They source fresh eggs and dairy, premium flour, and flavors of exceptional quality. By focusing on the best ingredients, Costco delivers cakes that satisfy both the taste buds and the budget.

Skilled Craftsmanship:

Costco’s skilled cake decorators bring their expertise to every cake they create, regardless of its price. They pay attention to detail, ensuring that each cake looks as visually appealing as it tastes. From smooth and even frosting to precise decorations, the skilled craftsmanship ensures that your budget-friendly cake is a true centerpiece for your celebration.

2. Value for Money

Costco cakes offer exceptional value for money, allowing you to indulge in a delectable treat without overspending. The generous size and quality of their cakes make them a cost-effective choice for any occasion.

  • Generous Portion Sizes: One of the notable aspects of Costco cakes is their generous portion sizes. Whether you’re hosting a large gathering or simply want leftovers for the week, their cakes provide enough servings to accommodate your needs. This means you can satisfy your guests or enjoy multiple servings yourself, all without worrying about running out.
  • All-In-One Package: Costco’s cakes come as all-in-one packages, which means you get more than just a delicious dessert. The package includes the cake, filling, and frosting, eliminating the need for additional purchases. This not only saves you money but also streamlines your celebration planning. You can rely on Costco to provide everything you need in a single package, making it a convenient and cost-effective choice.
Customizable Affordability

One of the great advantages of Costco cakes is their customizable nature, allowing you to tailor the cake to your preferences while staying within your budget. Whether it’s a simple design or a personalized touch, Costco makes it possible.

Basic Designs:

Costco offers a variety of basic cake designs that are both affordable and visually appealing. These designs feature elegant patterns, minimalistic decorations, and classic styles that add a touch of sophistication to your celebration without the added cost. You can choose from a range of beautifully crafted designs that suit various occasions and themes.

Personalized Additions:

Costco understands the desire for a personal touch, even with budget-friendly options. They allow you to customize your cake with additional decorations or messages. For a small additional fee, you can include personalized messages, decorative accents, or themed cake toppers that reflect the occasion or the recipient’s interests. This customization option adds a special touch to your cake, making it even more memorable and unique.

Versatility for Every Celebration

Costco cakes are versatile, catering to a wide range of celebrations and themes. Whether it’s a birthday party, anniversary, graduation, or any other special event, Costco has the perfect cake option to suit your needs.

Diverse Flavor Selection:

Costco understands that taste preferences vary, and they offer a diverse selection of cake flavors to cater to different palates. From classic favorites like vanilla and chocolate to more adventurous options like red velvet or lemon, you can choose a flavor that complements your celebration without compromising on affordability. The wide range of flavors ensures that there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Sheet Cakes for Large Gatherings:

For larger gatherings or events where you need to feed a crowd, Costco’s sheet cakes are a budget-friendly choice. These generously sized rectangular cakes provide ample servings, making them perfect for school events, office parties, or family reunions. The sheet cakes offer convenience and affordability without compromising on taste or quality, making them a popular option for those hosting larger celebrations.


Budget-friendly celebrations are made more indulgent with Costco cakes. The combination of quality ingredients, value for money, customization options, and versatility make Costco cakes the perfect choice for those seeking affordable indulgence without sacrificing taste or presentation. So, next time you’re planning a celebration, consider the delicious and budget-friendly option of a Costco cake, and treat yourself and your guests to an unforgettable culinary delight.

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