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Egg Roll$1.00
Vegetable Spring Roll (2)$1.95
B-B-Q Spare Ribs$4.95
Fried or Boiled Dumpling (8)$3.85
Teriyaki Chicken$3.25
Boneless Spare Ribs$4.50
Fried Chicken Wings$3.95
Crab Rangoon$2.25
#13. Sugar Bun (10)$2.50

SoupW. crispy noodles.

#14. Wonton Soup$1.85
#15. Egg Drop Soup$1.85
#16. Wonton Egg Drop Soup$1.85
#17. Hot & Sour SoupHot & spicy.$1.85
#18. Bean Curd W. Vegs. Soup (Quart)$3.95
#19. House Special Soup (Quart)$5.95
#19A. Seafood Hot & Sour Soup (Quart)$5.95

Fried Rice

#20. Vegetable Fried Rice$3.50
#21. Pork Fried Rice$3.65
#22. Chicken Fried Rice$3.65
#23. Shrimp Fried Rice$3.95
#24. Beef Fried Rice$3.95
#25. House Special Fried Rice$4.25

Chow Mein or Lo Mein

#31. Vegetable Chow Mein or Lo Mein$6.45
#32. Pork Chow Mein or Lo Mein$6.45
#33. Chicken Chow Mein or Lo Mein$6.45
#34. Shrimp Chow Mein or Lo Mein$6.95
#35. Beef Chow Mein or Lo Mein$6.95
#36. House Special Chow Mein or Lo Mein$7.45

Mei FunRice noodle.

#43. Vegetable Mein Fun$6.45
#44. Pork Mein Fun$6.95
#45. Chicken Mein Fun$6.95
#46. Shrimp Mein Fun$7.75
#47. Beef Mein Fun$7.75
#48. Pad Thai Mein Fun$7.95
#49. Singapore Mein Fun$7.95

Egg Foo YoungW. rice.

#37. Vegetable Egg Foo Young$6.45
#38. Pork Egg Foo Young$6.45
#39. Chicken Egg Foo Young$6.45
#40. Shrimp Egg Foo Young$6.95
#41. Beef Egg Foo Young$6.95
#42. House Special Egg Foo Young$7.95

ChickenW. white rice.

#55. Sweet & Sour Chicken$7.65
#56. Chicken W. Broccoli$7.65
#57. Chicken W. Mushroom$7.65
#58. Moo Goo Gai Pan$7.65
#59. Honey Bourbon Chicken$7.65
#60. Chicken W. Cashew Nuts$7.65
#61. Sa Cha Chicken$7.65
#62. Kung Po Chicken$7.65
#63. Chicken W. Garlic Sauce$7.65
#64. Hunan Chicken$7.65
#65. Hot & Spicy Chicken$7.65
#66. Chicken W. Mixed Vegetables$7.65
#67. Moo Shu Chicken (W. 5 Pancakes)$7.65
#68. Indian Chicken$7.65

VegetablesW. white rice.

#26. Mixed Vegetable$6.45
#27. String Bean W. Garlic Sauce$6.45
#28. Broccoli W. Garlic Sauce$6.45
#29. Bean Curd W. Mixed Vegetable$6.45
#30. Ma Po To Fu$6.45

BeefW. white rice.

#69. Pepper Steak W. Onion$7.85
#70. Beef W. Broccoli$7.85
#71. Mongolian Beef$7.85
#73. Sa Cha Beef$7.85
#74. Hot & Spicy Beef$7.85
#75. Hunan BeefHot & spicy..$7.85
#76. Beef W. Mixed Vegetables$7.85

PorkW. white rice.

#50. Moo Shu Pork (W. 5 Pancakes)$7.35
#51. Pork W. Zucchini$7.35
#52. Black Pepper Pork$7.35
#53. Pork W. Mushroom$7.35
#54. Pork Garlic Sauce$7.35

SeafoodW. white rice.

#77. Butter Shrimp$8.55
#78. Shrimp W. Lobster Sauce$8.55
#79. Shrimp W. Broccoli$8.55
#82. Shrimp W. Garlic Sauce$8.55
#83. Shrimp W. Cashew Nuts$8.55
#84. Kung Po Shrimp$8.55
#85. Hunan Shrimp$8.55
#86. Hot & Spicy Shrimp$8.55
#87. Sha Cha Shrimp$8.55
#88. Shrimp W. Mixed Vegetables$8.55

Combination PlattersServed w. egg roll or spring roll & fried rice or white rice.

C1. Chicken or Shrimp Chow Mein$5.99
C2. Pork, Chicken or Shrimp Egg Foo Young$5.99
C3. Pepper Steak W. Onion$5.99
C4. Chicken, Beef or Shrimp W. Broccoli$5.99
C5. Bar-B-Q Spare Ribs$5.99
C6. Moo Goo Gai Pan$5.99
C7. Shrimp or Chicken W. Garlic Sauce$5.99
C8. Shrimp W. Lobster Sauce$5.99
C9. Honey Bourbon Chicken$5.99
C10. Sweet & Sour Chicken$5.99
C11. Hot & Spicy Beef, Chicken or Shrimp$5.99
C12. Lo Mein (Chicken, Pork, Beef or Shrimp)$5.99
C13. General Tso's Chicken$5.99
C14. Sesame Chicken$5.99
C15. Chicken or Shrimp W. Cashew Nuts$5.99
C16. Sa Cha Chicken, Beef or Shrimp$5.99
C17. Teriyaki Chicken (5)$5.99
C18. Triple Delight$5.99
C19. Chicken or Shrimp w. Mixed Vegetable$5.99
C20. Boneless Spare Ribs$5.99
C21. Chicken Wing$5.99
C22. Mongolian Beef$5.99
C23. Indian Chicken$5.99
C24. Black Pepper Pork$5.99
C25. Fantasy Chicken or Shrimp$5.99
C26. Mixed Vegetable$5.99
C27. Chicken W. Mushroom$5.99
C28. Kung Po Chicken or Shrimp$5.99
C29. Malaysian Chicken$5.99
C30. Orange Chicken$5.99
C31. Hunan Chicken, Beef or Shrimp$5.99

Chef's Special (Cantonese, szechuan & hunan dishes, w. rice.)

Happy Family

Shrimp, crab meat, chicken, beef & pork w. Chinese vegetable.
General Tso's Chicken

Hot & spicy. Crispy chunks chicken & steam broccoli w. hot pepper sauce.
Chicken & Shrimp Supreme

White meat chicken & shrimp in white sauce w. vegetables.
Beef & Chicken Hunan Style

Hot & spicy. Broccoli, green pepper, baby corn, carrots, water chestnuts in spicy hunan sauce.
Seafood Combination

Shrimp, sea scallop, crab meat w. mixed vegetables.
Orange Chicken

Hot & spicy. Chunks of chicken, lightly breaded & deep fried sauteed over high flame enhanced by specially flavor Orange sauce.
Triple Delight

Shrimp, chicken, beef & broccoli w. brown sauce.
Sesame Chicken

Chunks of chicken deep fried to crispy w. delicious sesame seed sauce.
Fantasy Chicken

Lightly breaded chunks of white meat chicken in fruity mayonnaise sauce.
Shrimp & Scallop W. Garlic Sauce

Hot & spicy. Shrimp, scallop, broccoli, water chestnuts, pepper w. garlic sauce.
Scallop & Beef

Hot & spicy. Scallop, beef, broccoli, baby corn, mushrooms, water chestnuts, carrots, pepper spicy sauce.

Savoring the Best-Selling Dishes at Dragon Buffet

Step into Dragon Buffet, where every plate is an adventure through an assortment of delectable dishes. This article lifts the lid on their best-selling dishes, taking you on an unforgettable culinary journey.

Feasting on the Dragon’s Delight

Nothing matches the allure of the Dragon’s Delight. A tantalizing variety of items graces this plate, turning every meal into a feast. With a mix of fresh seafood and succulent meats, this dish truly lives up to its name.

Relishing the Kung Pao Chicken

This beloved Szechuan dish has carved a place for itself among patrons. The perfect blend of heat, sweetness, and umami make Kung Pao Chicken a dish to savor down to the last bite.

Tempted by Szechuan Shrimp

Another star from Szechuan cuisine is the fiery Szechuan Shrimp. Made with a unique blend of Szechuan peppers, it’s the go-to choice for those who love a bit of heat in their seafood.

Savoring the Mongolian Beef

This stir-fry dish, lavished with smoky sauce over crispy noodles, is a quintessential representation of East Asian flavors. The sweet and salty sauce pairs perfectly with the savory beef, making it a favorite among meat lovers.

Embracing the Vegetable Lo Mein

The charm of Vegetable Lo Mein transcends dietary boundaries. The harmony of fresh, crisp veggies with soft noodles creates a symphony of flavors that both vegetarians and non-vegetarians adore.

Enjoying the Classic Fried Rice

Dragon Buffet’s Fried Rice is a classic that never fails to impress. The crunch of fresh veggies against the delicately flavored rice always hits the spot.

Ending Sweetly with Fortune Cookies

No meal at Dragon Buffet is complete without their iconic Fortune Cookies. These sweet, crisp delights, each hiding a unique fortune, make for the perfect end to a satisfying meal.

Healthy and Nutritious Choices at Dragon Buffet

Savoring the Stir-Fried Vegetables

Fresh, colorful, and bursting with flavor, the stir-fried vegetables at Dragon Buffet offer a nutritious alternative to heavier dishes. Cooked to retain their crispness, they are tossed in a light sauce that accentuates their natural flavors without overwhelming them.

Embracing the Tofu Delight

Tofu, a great source of protein, shines in this dish. Infused with a delicate sauce and accompanied by an array of vegetables, the Tofu Delight becomes a nutrient-packed dish that pleases the palate while nourishing the body.

Relishing the Steamed Fish

Prepared in the traditional Chinese style, the Steamed Fish at Dragon Buffet is a testament to the delicate art of healthy cooking. With just a hint of seasoning to highlight the fish’s natural taste, this dish brings forth a harmony of flavors while remaining light and healthy.

Reveling in the Vibrant Salad Bar

Dragon Buffet’s Salad Bar is a visual and culinary delight, with a plethora of fresh vegetables, fruits, and accompaniments. The wide variety ensures everyone can create a salad to their liking, ensuring a flavorful, healthful dining experience.

Indulging in the Brown Rice

Replacing the traditional white rice with brown rice can be a simple step towards healthier eating. High in fiber and essential nutrients, Dragon Buffet’s perfectly cooked brown rice is a tasty, healthier choice that pairs well with any main dish.

Tempted by the Fruit Buffet

Nothing completes a meal better than a serving of fresh fruits. Dragon Buffet’s Fruit Buffet offers a diverse selection, allowing you to end your meal on a sweet, nutritious note.

Dragon Buffet: A Spotlight on the Quality of Ingredients and Preparation Methods

Freshness at its Core

At Dragon Buffet, freshness is more than a promise – it’s a principle. Their dedication to using fresh, locally-sourced vegetables and fruits ensures that every dish is bursting with flavor while supporting local farming communities and sustainable agricultural practices.

Exceptional Meats and Seafood

From tender cuts of meat to the finest selection of seafood, Dragon Buffet is uncompromising in its commitment to quality. Each piece of meat and seafood is carefully selected, marinated, and cooked to perfection, maintaining its succulence and enhancing its natural flavors.

Masterful Preparation Techniques

Dragon Buffet’s chefs are culinary virtuosos, well-versed in a range of preparation methods. Whether stir-frying, steaming, or braising, they adeptly bring out the essence of each ingredient while preserving its nutritional value, representing the best of East Asian culinary traditions.

Fusing Tradition with Innovation

Dragon Buffet seamlessly combines respect for traditional cooking techniques with an embrace of modern culinary innovations. This balance allows Dragon Buffet to cater to diverse palates, serving dishes that are familiar yet uniquely delightful.

Caring for Quality, Crafting the Experience

From selecting the highest-quality ingredients to the careful crafting of each dish, Dragon Buffet is unwavering in its pursuit of excellence. Every aspect of the dining experience is meticulously curated, reflecting Dragon Buffet’s passion for providing an unmatched culinary experience to its patrons.

Kid-Friendly Options at Dragon Buffet: Fun and Flavors Combined

Fun with Flavors

Dragon Buffet introduces children to the wonders of East Asian cuisine in a fun, approachable manner. Their kid-friendly menu includes mild versions of traditional dishes, ensuring young palates can savor the flavors without being overwhelmed by spice or unfamiliar ingredients.

Keeping It Colorful

Kids are visual eaters, and Dragon Buffet caters to this by creating vibrant, colorful dishes that immediately catch the eye. From rainbow sushi rolls to beautifully arranged fruit platters, every dish is a feast for the eyes as well as the taste buds.

Interactive Dining

One of Dragon Buffet’s standout features is the interactive dining experience it offers. Kids can watch chefs at work at the open kitchen stations, adding an element of entertainment and education to their dining experience. They get to see their food being prepared, sparking curiosity and interest.

Balancing Taste and Nutrition

Dragon Buffet takes the guesswork out of healthy eating by creating dishes that are as nutritious as they are tasty. Their menu includes many vegetable-rich dishes, lean proteins, and whole grains, ensuring that every meal is balanced and nourishing.

Inclusive and Diverse Options

Recognizing that every child is unique, Dragon Buffet also provides options that cater to different dietary needs. Whether it’s a food allergy, intolerance, or simply a preference, their diverse menu ensures no child feels left out during the dining experience.

Friendly Staff

At Dragon Buffet, the staff understands the needs of families. They go out of their way to accommodate requests, whether it’s providing kid-friendly cutlery, adjusting portion sizes, or suggesting dishes that kids might enjoy. Their warmth and hospitality truly make Dragon Buffet a comforting family-friendly dining option.

Dragon Buffet’s Special Dietary Options: Catering to Diverse Needs

A Feast for Vegetarians

Dragon Buffet embraces the variety of vegetarian cuisine with an array of delicious and creative dishes. From tofu stir-fries to an assortment of vegetable sushi, vegetarian diners will find plenty of options to choose from.

Satisfying the Gluten-Sensitive

Understanding the challenges faced by those with gluten sensitivities, Dragon Buffet provides a separate gluten-free menu. This includes dishes made from naturally gluten-free ingredients, ensuring these diners can enjoy their meal without worry.

Catering to the Health Conscious

For those mindful of their calorie intake, Dragon Buffet offers a selection of low-calorie dishes that do not compromise on flavor. Fresh salads, lean proteins, and an assortment of steamed dishes make for satisfying meals that align with their dietary goals.

An Array of Seafood Choices

For pescatarians, Dragon Buffet offers a rich variety of seafood dishes. From prawns and fish to scallops and mussels, every dish is prepared to enhance the natural flavors of the sea.

Options for the Dairy-Free

People who follow a dairy-free diet are not left out at Dragon Buffet. There are plenty of delectable dishes that don’t use dairy, from main courses to desserts.

Friendly for Vegan Patrons

Vegan patrons will also find a home at Dragon Buffet. A separate vegan menu, complete with appetizers, mains, and desserts, ensures they get to experience the full breadth of East Asian vegan cuisine.

Allergen Aware

Dragon Buffet prioritizes the safety of their diners. The menu clearly labels dishes that contain common allergens, and staff are trained to handle special dietary requests with care.

Event Catering and Special Occasions at Dragon Buffet: A Feast to Remember

Tailoring to Your Taste

Dragon Buffet’s diverse menu allows for customizing the perfect meal spread for your event. Be it a birthday, anniversary, corporate function, or any other occasion, they’re adept at tailoring a menu that suits your specific preferences.

Creating Culinary Magic for Weddings

A wedding is a special day, and every detail counts. Dragon Buffet’s specialized wedding catering service brings together an enchanting blend of flavors and presentation, ensuring your big day is a feast to remember.

Corporate Catering with a Difference

For corporate events, Dragon Buffet brings professionalism with a touch of culinary art. Whether it’s a product launch, a meeting, or an annual party, the restaurant’s array of dishes are sure to impress your colleagues and clients alike.

Effortless Hosting with Home Catering

Want to host a party at your home without the hassle of cooking? Dragon Buffet’s home catering service is the answer. With their scrumptious food delivered to your doorstep, you can focus on being the perfect host while your guests indulge in a flavorful feast.

Festive Celebrations

Dragon Buffet’s catering extends to festive occasions, too. From Thanksgiving and Christmas to Chinese New Year and more, the restaurant offers special themed menus that align with the spirit of the celebration.

A Hit Among Kids

Children’s parties need a special touch, and Dragon Buffet knows just what little ones love. With their kid-friendly options, they ensure the young ones enjoy the party just as much as the adults.

Catering that Cares

Dragon Buffet respects dietary preferences and restrictions. Be it vegetarian, gluten-free, or allergy-specific needs, they ensure everyone can enjoy the feast without worry.

Navigating Through Various Dragon Buffet Locations

Bustling City Centers

Dragon Buffet’s locations in the city centers are the heartbeat of urban life. Surrounded by skyscrapers, these outlets offer a perfect balance between a fast-paced city environment and a relaxing dining atmosphere.

Suburban Delight

Away from the city’s hustle and bustle, Dragon Buffet’s suburban locations offer a peaceful retreat for food lovers. These outlets provide a cozy dining experience where families and friends can gather to savor a wide variety of dishes.

Beachside Paradise

Imagine dining on your favorite dishes while overlooking the serene beauty of the sea. Some Dragon Buffet locations offer this unique experience, merging the thrill of beachside dining with the satisfaction of a well-cooked meal.

Historic Downtown

Steeped in local history and cultural heritage, Dragon Buffet’s locations in historic downtown areas allow you to indulge in an appetizing buffet while soaking in the old-world charm of the surroundings.

Spectacular Views at Hilltop Locations

Treat your taste buds to a delightful meal while enjoying panoramic views at Dragon Buffet’s hilltop locations. Elevated dining takes on a new meaning as the scenic vistas enhance the dining experience.

Locations Near Shopping Malls

For shoppers looking to refuel after a long day, Dragon Buffet outlets located near major shopping malls offer a convenient and delicious solution. You can unwind and satisfy your cravings without straying far from your shopping spree.

Serving at Tourist Hotspots

Located near popular tourist attractions, certain Dragon Buffet outlets cater to both local and international palates. These locations offer a fusion of flavors to please every visitor.

Easily Accessible

Convenience is a priority for Dragon Buffet. Each location is easily accessible, be it via public transportation or private vehicles. They also offer ample parking space to ensure a stress-free dining experience.

Dragon Buffet’s Operating Hours: When to Satisfy Your Cravings

Early Bird Special

Are you a morning person who loves to kick-start the day with a hearty breakfast? Dragon Buffet opens its doors early, serving a tempting breakfast buffet. Whether it’s a weekday or a weekend, you can always count on them for your morning fuel.

Lunchtime Rush

For those in the midst of a busy day looking for a wide variety of dishes to choose from, Dragon Buffet is your perfect lunchtime destination. They are ready to serve you from early noon until late in the afternoon.

Dinner Delights

As the day winds down, Dragon Buffet turns up the charm with a splendid dinner spread. Whether it’s a family meal, a date night, or a casual dinner with friends, the evening hours at Dragon Buffet promise a memorable dining experience.

Weekend Brunch

Looking for a lazy weekend brunch? Look no further! Dragon Buffet extends its breakfast hours over the weekend, letting you enjoy a leisurely brunch. Take your time and savor the variety of delicacies at your own pace.

Holidays and Special Occasions

Dragon Buffet understands the importance of holidays and special occasions. That’s why they adjust their operating hours during these times, often staying open later to allow everyone to join in the celebrations. Remember to check their website or call ahead during these periods for any changes to their usual hours.

Night Owls

Are you a late-night foodie? Certain Dragon Buffet locations cater to night owls, staying open until the wee hours of the morning. You can satisfy your midnight cravings with their extensive late-night menu.

Keeping You Informed

For a hassle-free dining experience, Dragon Buffet regularly updates its operating hours on its official website and social media platforms. You can also subscribe to their newsletters for the latest updates straight to your inbox.

Dragon Buffet’s Commitment to Food Safety and Hygiene

Strict Adherence to Food Safety Guidelines

Dragon Buffet sets the bar high for food safety. They adhere to stringent guidelines that surpass industry standards. Their kitchen team ensures the freshest ingredients are chosen and that they are stored, prepared, and cooked at safe temperatures.

Maintaining Cleanliness in the Buffet Area

Buffet areas can be a hot spot for cross-contamination. At Dragon Buffet, there are regular cleanliness checks and prompt replacement of serving utensils. Their staff ensures the buffet area is always kept clean, allowing customers to enjoy their meals worry-free.

Continuous Staff Training

Dragon Buffet believes that food safety and hygiene start with knowledgeable staff. They invest in continuous training programs that include handling food safely, maintaining personal hygiene, recognizing potential hazards, and taking immediate corrective actions.

Transparency to Customers

Dragon Buffet values transparency. They encourage customers to ask questions about their food safety practices. Their management is always ready to address any concerns and provide detailed explanations of their processes, making customers feel secure about their choice of dining at Dragon Buffet.

Regular Health Inspections

Undergoing regular health inspections is a key part of Dragon Buffet’s commitment to food safety. These inspections ensure that they consistently meet all the health and safety standards. Results of these inspections are often shared with customers as part of their transparency policy.

Usage of High-Quality Cleaning Products

Dragon Buffet uses only high-quality cleaning products to maintain their premises. These products are specially chosen to ensure they are effective and safe, preventing any unwanted chemicals from coming in contact with the food served.

Food Allergen Management

Dragon Buffet takes food allergen concerns seriously. They have a rigorous allergen management policy in place, with clearly marked food items and informed staff ready to guide customers with dietary restrictions.


Dragon Buffet’s commitment to food safety and hygiene is unwavering. They work tirelessly to ensure that their customers not only enjoy great food but also have peace of mind knowing their meals are prepared with utmost care in a clean and safe environment.

For more information, please visit their official website.

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