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Donut Combo$4.89

Coffee & Tea

Iced Coffee$2.20
Iced Tea$1.80
Hot Tea$1.84

Assortments Can't decide which donuts to build? Have our team create an assortment just for you!

Build Your Own Dozen$23.12
Spring Assortment$17.68
Duck Dozen$21.24
Holiday Assortment$24.63
Seasonal Assortment$16.41
Classic Assortment$19.63
Random Assortment$20.72
Signature Assortment$23.34
OBX Originals$20.88

Breakfast Sandwiches

Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Sandwich$5.23
Egg and Cheese Sandwich$4.37
Sausage, Egg, and Cheese Sandwich$5.23

Half Dozens

Random Half Dozen Assortment$13.54
Half Dozen Glazed Donuts$15.88
Build Your Own Half Dozen$13.31
Half Dozen Cinnamon Sugar Donuts$15.88

Make It a GiftCelebrate any occasion with Duck Donuts! Add a dozen donuts to your order and add one of our themed gift wraps below to make your occasion even sweeter. Gift wraps fit our dozen boxes only.

Birthday Gift Wrap$3.78
Any Occasion Gift Wrap$3.78

Fan Favorites

Beach Ball$2.55
Bacon in the Sun$2.55
Build Your Own Single$2.56
Maple Bacon$2.56
Strawberry Shortcake$2.54
Peanut Butter Paradise$2.86
Blueberry Pancake$2.54
Chocolate Covered Strawberry$2.58
The Boardwalk$2.54
Coffee Cake$3.29
Chocolate Caramel Crunch$2.58
French Toast$2.54
Chocolate Explosion$2.54
Peanut Butter in Paradise$2.41
Sand Dollar$2.55
Cinnamon Bun$2.58
The Flip-Flop$2.54
Strawberry Confetti$2.58
The Beach$2.55
Coconut Island Bliss$2.55
Raspberry Fluff$2.58
Midnight Madness$2.58
Blueberry Lemonade$2.58
Pina Colada$2.58
Cookies and Cream$2.57
Peanut Butter and Jelly$2.58


Orange Juice$2.33
Homemade Hot Chocolate$2.64

Bottle Beverages

Sports Drink$2.20

Signature Coffee and Tea

Coffee Bucket$17.05

Bottled Beverages

Gold Peak Tea$2.55
Vitamin Water$2.50

Beverages From The Cooler

Juice and Lemonade$3.04
Sports Drinks$2.97

Espresso Drinks

Flavored Latte$4.48

Coffee & Drinks

Hot Chocolate$2.88

Ice Cream

Donut-Topped Milkshake$10.12
Chocolate Milkshake$7.31
Cookies and Cream Milkshake$7.34
Strawberry Milkshake$7.34
Donut Sundae$6.67

Rubber Duck

Mystery Duck$2.46

The Birth of Duck Donuts: Tracing Back to the Sands of Duck, North Carolina

A Beachside Inspiration: Where It All Began

Just as novels often draw inspiration from real-life experiences, the story of Duck Donuts found its roots on the sandy beaches of Duck, North Carolina. This chapter is about the inspiration that struck founder Russ DiGilio during a family vacation. He envisioned a place where warm, fresh doughnuts could be enjoyed alongside the calming sounds of the ocean waves.

The Recipe for Success: A Doughnut Like No Other

Every story has a defining element that sets it apart, just like a novel’s unique plot twist. For Duck Donuts, that defining element is its customizable and made-to-order doughnuts. This chapter delves into the recipe development process that led to the creation of a doughnut that’s warm, delicious, and uniquely customizable, ensuring that each bite is a fresh and delightful experience.

Spreading the Joy: The First Duck Donuts Store

Just as characters set out on their journeys, Duck Donuts embarked on its journey with the opening of its first store. This chapter is about the opening of the original Duck Donuts location in Duck, North Carolina. The store’s warm and inviting atmosphere, combined with the delectable aroma of freshly made doughnuts, created a space that locals and visitors alike could enjoy.

Building a Community: The Local Connection

In novels, characters often form connections with the world around them. Similarly, Duck Donuts became more than just a doughnut shop – it became a beloved part of the community. This chapter showcases how Duck Donuts’ commitment to serving its local community fostered a sense of belonging and made it a cherished destination for both residents and tourists.

From Local Gem to National Sensation

Just as stories gain popularity and readership, Duck Donuts’ reputation spread beyond the shores of Duck. This chapter is about the evolution from a local gem to a national sensation. With the introduction of franchise opportunities, the Duck Donuts story expanded, bringing its made-to-order delights to doughnut enthusiasts across the country.

Perfecting the Recipe: The Art and Craft Behind Duck Donuts’ Famous Treats

The Canvas of Dough: Starting with the Basics

In literature, every story starts with a blank page. Similarly, the canvas for Duck Donuts’ creations is a fresh dough base. This chapter is about the foundational elements – the dough that forms the basis of each doughnut masterpiece. Just as authors choose their words carefully, Duck Donuts’ culinary artisans select the finest ingredients to craft a dough that’s both flavorful and fluffy.

A World of Flavors: From Classic to Creative

Just as authors explore various themes, Duck Donuts’ creators explore a world of flavors. This chapter delves into the diverse range of flavor options that Duck Donuts offers, from classic favorites to innovative creations. Just as characters in novels bring unique perspectives to a story, each flavor brings a distinct taste profile to the doughnut experience.

The Art of Customization: Bringing Imagination to Life

Similar to authors creating characters with distinct personalities, Duck Donuts empowers customers to customize their doughnuts. This chapter is about the art of customization, where customers become co-creators of their culinary experience. From choosing coatings and toppings to drizzles and sprinkles, each doughnut becomes a reflection of individual tastes and preferences.

Crafted with Care: The Process of Perfection

In literature, revision is essential for a polished story. Similarly, crafting the perfect doughnut involves a careful process. This chapter delves into the step-by-step journey of creating a Duck Donut – from shaping the dough to frying it to golden perfection, to adding coatings, toppings, and finishing touches. Each step is a testament to the commitment to delivering a doughnut that’s not just delicious, but a work of art.

A Treat for the Senses: Visual and Culinary Delights

Just as authors engage readers through vivid descriptions, Duck Donuts engages customers through visual and culinary delights. This chapter showcases how each Duck Donut is not only a treat for the taste buds but also a feast for the eyes. The presentation, colors, and textures all contribute to a multisensory experience that elevates the enjoyment of every bite.

Warm, Delicious, Made-to-Order: Understanding the Duck Donuts Difference

A Personalized Indulgence: The Made-to-Order Magic

Just as authors craft personalized narratives, Duck Donuts offers a personalized indulgence in the form of made-to-order doughnuts. This chapter is about the magical moment when customers place their order and watch as their doughnuts are crafted right before their eyes. The experience is akin to reading a unique story, tailored to individual preferences.

Warmth That Comforts: Fresh and Hot Doughnuts

Similar to the warmth that a well-written story brings, Duck Donuts provides warmth through its freshly made treats. This chapter delves into the process of frying doughnuts to golden perfection, ensuring that each bite is a warm and comforting experience. Just as characters in a story come to life, Duck Donuts’ doughnuts come to life with a satisfying blend of textures and flavors.

Customization at Its Finest: Tailoring the Treats

Much like how readers can imagine characters in a novel, Duck Donuts’ customers can imagine and create their ideal doughnut. This chapter is about the endless possibilities for customization – from choosing coatings and toppings to drizzles and sprinkles. Just as characters in stories evolve and change, each customer’s creation is a unique expression of taste.

From the Fryer to Your Hands: The Delivery Process

In literature, the climax of a story is a pivotal moment. Similarly, the moment when a customer receives their made-to-order Duck Donuts is a climactic experience. This chapter showcases the process of delivering the warm and delicious treats into the hands of customers, allowing them to savor the culmination of their choices and the craftsmanship behind each doughnut.

A Connection of Senses: The Culinary Journey

Just as stories engage the senses, Duck Donuts engages customers through a multisensory journey. This chapter highlights how the visual appeal, aroma, and taste of a Duck Donut create a connection of senses, making each bite not just a culinary delight but an immersive experience that’s meant to be savored.

The Evolution of Flavors: A Journey Through Duck Donuts’ Menu Innovations

The Classic Beginnings: A Nod to Tradition

Every great story starts with a solid foundation, and Duck Donuts’ journey through flavors is no different. This chapter delves into the classic flavors that have been loved by generations of doughnut enthusiasts. Just as classic tales capture the essence of their era, these flavors capture the timeless joy of a simple, well-made doughnut.

Beyond the Basics: The Leap into Creativity

Similar to how authors expand their narratives, Duck Donuts ventured beyond the basics to explore new horizons of flavor. This chapter explores the journey into creativity – where classic flavors met innovative twists. Just as characters in a story experience growth, Duck Donuts’ menu underwent a transformation, introducing combinations that surprised and delighted customers.

Seasonal Surprises: Embracing Change and Variety

Just as the seasons change in literature, Duck Donuts embraces the beauty of seasonality in its flavors. This chapter celebrates the art of crafting seasonal specialties that capture the essence of each time of year. Just as characters in stories adapt to their surroundings, Duck Donuts’ flavors adapt to the flavors of the season, offering customers a taste of something new and exciting.

Limited-Time Adventures: Exploring Uncharted Territory

Similar to how authors explore different genres, Duck Donuts embarks on limited-time flavor adventures. This chapter highlights the thrill of exploring uncharted territory – whether it’s a collaboration with other brands or the introduction of unique and unexpected combinations. Just as stories surprise readers with unexpected twists, Duck Donuts’ limited-time flavors surprise customers with unexpected delights.

The Continuous Narrative: A Menu That Grows

In literature, characters continue to grow and evolve. Similarly, Duck Donuts’ menu continues to grow with each new flavor innovation. This chapter showcases how Duck Donuts keeps the narrative of flavor alive by introducing new creations that captivate taste buds and expand the horizons of what a doughnut can be.

Franchising and Growth: How Duck Donuts Became a National Name

The Early Chapters: A Local Legacy

Every remarkable journey has humble beginnings, and Duck Donuts’ story is no different. This chapter delves into the roots of Duck Donuts – a small donut shop that began as a local favorite in the serene town of Duck, North Carolina. Much like the start of a novel, this phase was characterized by dedication, hard work, and a commitment to crafting exceptional treats.

The Spark of Expansion: From Local to National

Just as an engaging story captures the imagination of readers, Duck Donuts captured the hearts and taste buds of its local community. This chapter unravels the turning point – the decision to expand through franchising. Like a well-plotted story arc, Duck Donuts’ expansion marked a significant shift, spreading the joy of made-to-order donuts to new locations.

Building a Network: The Franchise Family Grows

Similar to how a protagonist forms connections with other characters, Duck Donuts fostered relationships with franchisees who shared its vision and passion. This chapter explores the growth of the Duck Donuts family – a network of entrepreneurs dedicated to delivering the same warmth and quality that defined the original store.

The Recipe for Success: Consistency and Quality

Just as a story’s success depends on consistent storytelling, Duck Donuts’ franchise success hinges on maintaining the essence of the brand across locations. This chapter dives into the recipe for franchise success – a careful balance of consistency and quality that ensures every Duck Donuts experience is synonymous with warmth, customization, and flavor.

National Recognition: Duck Donuts’ Rise to Prominence

In literature, characters gain recognition for their heroic journeys. Similarly, Duck Donuts gained national recognition for its innovative approach to doughnuts. This chapter highlights Duck Donuts’ rise to prominence – from a local treasure to a sought-after destination that doughnut enthusiasts nationwide eagerly sought out.

The Commitment to Freshness: Inside Duck Donuts’ Ingredients and Sourcing

The Foundation of Flavor: Quality Ingredients

Just as a story’s foundation influences its entire plot, Duck Donuts’ foundation lies in the quality of its ingredients. This chapter explores the importance of sourcing premium ingredients – from the flour used in the dough to the toppings that grace the finished treats. Similar to an author’s attention to detail, Duck Donuts’ meticulous ingredient selection sets the stage for an exceptional taste experience.

From Farm to Table: The Journey of Ingredients

Just as a story’s characters embark on journeys, the ingredients at Duck Donuts undergo their own journey from farm to table. This chapter delves into the meticulous process of sourcing, where each ingredient is carefully chosen to meet the brand’s high standards. Similar to a well-developed character, every ingredient has a purpose and contributes to the overall narrative of flavor.

Local Connections: Supporting Communities

In literature, characters are often shaped by their connections with others. Similarly, Duck Donuts’ commitment to freshness extends to building connections with local farmers and suppliers. This chapter highlights Duck Donuts’ dedication to supporting local communities by sourcing ingredients locally whenever possible – a practice that not only ensures freshness but also strengthens the bond between the brand and its surroundings.

A Taste of Transparency: Sharing the Sourcing Story

Similar to how authors share backstories, Duck Donuts shares its sourcing story with customers. This chapter explores how Duck Donuts embraces transparency, giving customers insight into the origins of the ingredients that make up their favorite treats. Just as readers appreciate the depth that backstory adds to a narrative, customers appreciate the depth that transparency adds to their doughnut experience.

Freshness as a Tradition: A Flavorful Legacy

In conclusion, Duck Donuts’ commitment to freshness is a tradition that shapes the brand’s legacy. Just as stories are passed down through generations, Duck Donuts’ dedication to using high-quality ingredients and maintaining freshness has become an integral part of its identity. Each time a customer indulges in a Duck Donut, they are tasting the result of a commitment to excellence that spans from ingredient selection to the final presentation.

Fan Favorites and Unique Creations: What Makes Customers Come Back

Crafting Classics: The Allure of Fan Favorites

Similar to beloved characters in a story, Duck Donuts’ classic creations hold a special place in the hearts of customers. This section explores the timeless appeal of classic flavors like cinnamon sugar, powdered sugar, and vanilla icing. Just as readers often revisit their favorite books, customers return to Duck Donuts for these familiar and beloved flavors that evoke feelings of nostalgia and comfort.

A Symphony of Flavors: Unique Combinations

In literature, unique plot twists keep readers engaged. Similarly, Duck Donuts’ unique combinations of flavors and toppings offer customers a delightful surprise with every visit. This chapter delves into the creative process behind Duck Donuts’ unique creations, where flavors like maple bacon and s’mores come together to form a symphony of taste that awakens the senses.

Personalization: The Magic of Made-to-Order

Much like a personalized note from an author to a reader, Duck Donuts’ made-to-order approach adds a touch of magic to each treat. This section explains how customers have the freedom to customize their doughnuts with a variety of toppings, creating a personalized masterpiece that reflects their individual preferences. The ability to create a doughnut that’s uniquely theirs adds an element of excitement and anticipation, just like turning the pages of a gripping story.

Seasonal Delights: Embracing the Changing Seasons

Similar to how stories adapt to different settings, Duck Donuts embraces the changing seasons with limited-time offerings. This chapter uncovers Duck Donuts’ approach to seasonal specialties, where flavors inspired by holidays and seasons grace the menu for a limited time. Much like readers eagerly anticipate holiday-themed stories, customers eagerly anticipate these seasonal treats that add an extra layer of excitement to their doughnut experience.

A Journey of Flavor: Customer Loyalty

In conclusion, the journey of flavor at Duck Donuts is a tale of creativity, customization, and customer loyalty. Just as readers form bonds with fictional characters, customers form bonds with their favorite doughnut flavors. Each visit to Duck Donuts is an opportunity for customers to reconnect with their beloved treats, as well as to explore new and exciting flavor combinations that the brand introduces.

Beyond the Donut: Duck Donuts in the Community and Charitable Endeavors

A Recipe for Goodness: Duck Donuts’ Commitment to Giving Back

Much like the moral lessons in a story, Duck Donuts’ commitment to giving back reflects a strong sense of community values. This section explores how Duck Donuts embraces the responsibility of being a good corporate citizen. The brand believes that beyond serving delicious doughnuts, it can also serve the greater good by supporting causes that matter.

Partnering with Purpose: Charitable Collaborations

Just as characters in a story join forces to overcome challenges, Duck Donuts partners with charitable organizations to make a meaningful impact. This chapter highlights some of the heartwarming collaborations between Duck Donuts and various charities. From raising funds for local schools to supporting healthcare initiatives, Duck Donuts actively participates in endeavors that contribute positively to society.

Spreading Smiles: Random Acts of Kindness

Similar to unexpected plot twists in a narrative, Duck Donuts surprises and delights its community with random acts of kindness. This section uncovers how Duck Donuts occasionally surprises customers and community members with complimentary treats or small gestures of kindness. These acts not only brighten individuals’ days but also reinforce the brand’s dedication to fostering a positive and supportive environment.

Local Engagement: Connecting with Communities

Just as authors engage with readers through book signings and events, Duck Donuts actively engages with its local communities. This chapter sheds light on Duck Donuts’ efforts to create a sense of belonging by participating in local events, celebrations, and gatherings. By becoming an integral part of the community fabric, Duck Donuts deepens its connection with its patrons.

Spreading Joy: Doughnuts and Happiness

In conclusion, the chapter of Duck Donuts’ community and charitable endeavors is a tale of spreading joy, kindness, and positive change. Just as a good story leaves readers with a sense of fulfillment, Duck Donuts leaves a positive impact on its community. With each doughnut sold, Duck Donuts contributes to the creation of heartwarming stories and moments of happiness that extend far beyond the walls of its stores.

Adapting to Trends: Duck Donuts’ Take on Seasonal Specialties and Limited-Time Offers

Crafting Seasonal Delights: Embracing the Flavors of the Seasons

Much like authors capture the essence of different seasons in their writing, Duck Donuts crafts delectable treats that celebrate the unique flavors of each season. This section takes you on a journey through Duck Donuts’ seasonal offerings, from cozy fall-inspired flavors to refreshing summer sensations. Just as readers eagerly await a new book release, Duck Donuts fans anticipate the launch of seasonal delights.

Limited-Time Magic: Creating Moments of Excitement

Similar to the excitement that surrounds a limited-time book signing event, Duck Donuts introduces limited-time offers that create a buzz among customers. Whether it’s a collaboration with a local business or a creative twist on a classic flavor, these limited-time treats add an element of surprise and delight to the menu. Customers are encouraged to seize the opportunity to try something new before it’s gone.

Reflecting Current Tastes: Staying Relevant in the Culinary World

Just as authors stay attuned to readers’ preferences, Duck Donuts keeps a finger on the pulse of culinary trends. This chapter explores how Duck Donuts embraces popular flavors, ingredients, and culinary concepts to create doughnuts that resonate with current tastes. By doing so, Duck Donuts ensures that its offerings remain exciting and relevant in the ever-evolving culinary world.

Customer Engagement: Inviting Feedback and Participation

Just as authors engage with readers through book clubs and social media, Duck Donuts involves its customers in the creative process. This section sheds light on how Duck Donuts invites customer feedback and suggestions for new flavors and concepts. By engaging with its loyal fans, Duck Donuts fosters a sense of community and co-creation.

Adding Chapters to the Culinary Story: The Impact of Seasonal Offerings

In conclusion, the chapter of Duck Donuts’ seasonal specialties and limited-time offers is a story of creativity, adaptation, and engagement. Just as a well-crafted narrative leaves readers wanting more, Duck Donuts’ evolving menu leaves customers eagerly anticipating the next chapter of flavors. With each new seasonal offering, Duck Donuts adds depth and excitement to its culinary story, inviting customers to be part of the journey.

Looking Ahead: What the Future Might Hold for Duck Donuts and Its Loyal Customers

Continuing the Culinary Adventure: A Glimpse into Tomorrow’s Flavors

Just as readers eagerly anticipate the release of a sequel, Duck Donuts’ loyal customers can look forward to new and exciting flavors on the horizon. This section delves into the anticipation surrounding upcoming menu additions, as Duck Donuts continues to innovate and surprise taste buds with flavors that reflect the ever-evolving culinary landscape.

Embracing Innovation: Adapting to Changing Times

Similar to how authors embrace new writing techniques, Duck Donuts remains committed to innovation in the face of changing times. This chapter examines how the brand adapts to technological advancements and customer preferences, ensuring that the doughnut experience remains convenient, engaging, and delightful. From digital ordering to interactive experiences, Duck Donuts aims to make each customer interaction a seamless journey.

Nurturing Community Bonds: Strengthening the Duck Donuts Family

Just as readers form connections with characters in a novel, Duck Donuts values the relationships it has built with its loyal customers. This section explores how the brand’s commitment to community engagement and outreach remains a cornerstone of its future plans. From local events to charitable initiatives, Duck Donuts strives to foster a sense of belonging among its customers and the communities it serves.

Sustainability and Ethical Practices: Paving the Way for Responsible Choices

Similar to authors who advocate for important social issues, Duck Donuts is committed to responsible practices that benefit both customers and the environment. This chapter discusses how Duck Donuts will continue to prioritize sustainability, responsible sourcing, and ethical practices, ensuring that each doughnut comes with a side of conscientiousness.

Expanding Horizons: Sharing the Doughnut Love

Just as a captivating story travels to new readers, Duck Donuts is poised to expand its reach and share its doughnut love with more communities. This section highlights the brand’s plans for expansion, bringing its made-to-order treats to new regions and introducing more people to the Duck Donuts experience.

The Doughnut Journey Continues: A Chapter Unwritten

In conclusion, the future of Duck Donuts is a story waiting to be written, filled with chapters of innovation, community, and delectable flavors. As loyal customers eagerly turn the pages of this culinary narrative, they can rest assured that Duck Donuts remains dedicated to preserving the essence that has made it a cherished destination. With each doughnut, each interaction, and each new chapter, Duck Donuts continues to shape its future while staying true to the values that have defined its journey so far.

Anticipating Tomorrow’s Treats

As you contemplate what the future holds for Duck Donuts and its loyal customers, consider the excitement of embarking on a new adventure. Just as a new book transports readers to uncharted realms, Duck Donuts is set to transport its customers to unexplored flavors, innovative experiences, and heartwarming community initiatives. The future is brimming with promise, and Duck Donuts invites you to be a part of its unwritten chapters, where each doughnut is a bite-sized testament to the brand’s dedication to delighting taste buds and creating memories that last a lifetime.

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