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The Farmhouse Grab your pitchfork and dig in to this inspired-by-the farm breakfast combo. Our Farmhouse Signature Breakfast Sandwich starts with cage-free eggs, thick-cut bacon, smoked ham and cheddar cheese, then gets a back-to-the-farm finish with country pepper shmear on a Cheesy Asiago Bagel.Add 1 Extra Egg?ADD 1 Extra Egg 1$8.69

Sweets & Sides

Twice-Baked Hashbrown$2.07
Blueberry Muffin Mouthwateringly good, our blueberry muffin goes beyond the ordinary snack. fresh blueberries are nestled in a moist and tender muffin. what makes it extra special? you get a bit of satisfying "yum" in each bite with our streusel topping.$3.58
Chocolate Chip Muffin Indulge in our moist and tender muffin mixed with rich, sweet chocolate chips and topped with a delicious, crunchy chocolate crumble$3.63
Strawberry and Cream Strudel Strawberries and Cream wrapped in a flaky pastry.$3.92
Chocolate Chip Cookie$2.85
Apple Pie Pastry Apples wrapped in a flaky pastry.$3.11
Cinnamon Bliss Roll Cinnamon roll layered with cream cheese frosting.$5.50
Sea Salt Chips Crispy, light, perfectly salted.... the best side treat with any deli sandwich$2.19

Top Menu Items

Nova Lox Sandwich Smoked Salmon, Shmear, Capers, Onions, and Tomatoes on a Bagel with a Side and Pickle ToastedToasted 0Not Toasted 0Choice of SideRegular Chips 0Choice of BagelCinnamon Raisin 0Honey Whole Wheat 0Asiago 0Plain 0Everything 0Sesame 0Choice of Add-OnLox 3$11.69

Fresh Baked Bagels & Shmear

Single Bagel with Shmear Any of our fresh, baked bagels.$2.79
Baker's Dozen Box 13 bagel of your choice, plus your choice of two 6 oz. tubs of shmear. Please write desired quantities in special instruction box.$22.55
Avocado Toast Everything seasoning, salt & pepper on a classic bagel.$6.23
Half Dozen Box$11.75
Half Dozen Bagel Box Our Half Dozen Bagel Box comes with an assortment of 1 Plain, 1 Cinnamon Raisin, 1 Chocolate Chip, 1 Blueberry, 1 Sesame and 1 Asiago bagel with 1 tub of Plain double whipped shmear.$14.64
Single Bagel without Shmear Any of our fresh, baked bagels without Shmear or Toppings.$2.78
Shmear Tubs$6.15
Baker's Dozen Bagels Our Baker's Dozen bagels only comes with an assortment of 3 Plain, 2 Cinnamon Raisin, 2 Chocolate Chip, 2 Blueberry, 2 Sesame and 2 Asiago Bagels.$18.84
Half Dozen Bagels Our Half Dozen Bagel Box comes with an assortment of 1 Plain, 1 Cinnamon Raisin, 1 Chocolate Chip, 1 Blueberry, 1 Sesame and 1 Asiago bagel.$11.89

Everyday Brunch Boxes

Brunch Box$44.64
Brunch Box For Two Bacon & Cheddar Egg Sandwich, Farmhouse Egg Sandwich, two Twice-Baked Hash Browns, a Blueberry Muffin and a Chocolate Chip Coffee Cake.$24.52
Nova Lox Brunch Special Nova Lox Sandwich, Twice-Baked Hash Brown and a Blueberry Muffin.$13.98
Bacon and Cheddar Brunch Special Bacon & Cheddar Egg Sandwich, Twice-Baked Hash Brown and Blueberry Muffin.$11.02
Tasty Turkey Brunch Special Tasty Turkey, Twice-Baked Hash Brown and Blueberry Muffin.$12.35
All Nighter Breakfast Box Your reward for an epic night. This breakfast bundle is sure to soak up last night’s fun with our All-Nighter Egg Sandwich, Twice-Baked Hash Brown, a fresh-baked Heavenly Chocolate Chip Cookie and a 20oz Bottle of Coca-Cola®. It’s all yours for $13.99$16.99

Egg Sandwiches

Cheddar Cheese Egg Sandwich Fresh cracked egg and cheddar on your choice of bagel. Vegetarian.$7.44
Farmhouse Egg Sandwich Cage-free eggs, thick cut bacon, smoked ham, and cheddar cheese with country pepper shmear on a cheesy hash brown gourmet bagel.$8.76
All-Nighter Egg Sandwich Cheesy Hash Brown gourmet bagel with American cheese, bacon, eggs and a chipotle mayo .$9.88
Turkey-Sausage and Cheddar Sandwich Gobble gobble down our Turkey-Sausage & Cheddar Classic Breakfast Sandwich for a scrumptious meal that satisfies and boosts your day. Savory turkey sausage gets an elegant upgrade with a slice cheddar cheese for melted perfection! On a Plain Bagel.$7.89
Chorizo Sunrise Egg Sandwich Cage-free eggs, chorizo, pepper jack cheese, avocado, and jalapeno salsa shmear on a green chile gourmet bagel.$8.69
Applewood Bacon and Cheddar Egg Sandwich Fresh cracked egg, Applewood smoked bacon, and cheddar on your choice of bagel.$7.73
Ham and Swiss Egg Sandwich Fresh cracked egg, smoked ham, and Swiss on your choice of bagel.$8.24
Turkey-Sausage and Cheddar Egg Sandwich Fresh cracked egg, turkey sausage, and cheddar on your choice of bagel.$7.11
NEW! Chorizo Breakfast Burrito Cage Free Eggs, Chorizo Sausage, Bacon, Hash Browns, Melted Cheese and Jalapeno Salsa Shmear on a Flour Tortilla.$9.43
Big Breakfast Burrito Eggs, bacon, turkey-sausage, shredded cheese, green chiles, hash browns, salsa, plain shmear. In a Flour Tortilla.$9.75
Texas Brisket Sandwich Cage-free fresh-cracked eggs, smoked beef brisket, cheddar with smoky chipotle aioli on a Cheddar Jalapeño Gourmet Bagel.$9.93
Garden Avocado Egg Sandwich Cage-free egg, avocado, tomato, spinach and roasted tomato spread on an Everything Bagel.$8.17
Santa Fe Egg White Sandwich Asiago Cheese Bagel with turkey-sausage, egg whites, cheddar cheese, and Jalapeño Salsa Reduced Fat Shmear.$8.40
Bacon, Avocado Tomato Egg White Sandwich Choice of bagel with bacon, egg whites, tomato, avocado, and roasted tomato spread.$8.48

Deli Lunch

Turkey, Bacon and Avocado Sandwich Roasted turkey, thick cut bacon, avocado, lettuce, and tomato with roasted tomato spread on a potato roll.$9.98
Tasty Turkey Sandwich Asiago Cheese Bagel with: Turkey, Lettuce, Cucumber, Tomato, Spinach, and Onion Chive Shmear with a Side and a Pickle.Choice of SideRegular Chips 0Choice of BagelCinnamon Raisin 0Honey Whole Wheat 0Asiago 0Plain 0Everything 0Sesame 0$9.71
Nova Lox Deli Lunch Choice of bagel with shmear, red onion, capers, tomato and cold-smoked Nova Lox salmon.$11.95
Deli Turkey and Cheddar Sandwich Roasted Turkey, Cheddar Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato, Red Onion with Mayo and Deli Mustard on a Plain Bagel. Includes Sea Salt Chips.$9.34
Avocado Veg Out Sandwich Don't stress about a healthy lunch! Our Avocado Veg Out has every crispy, healthy, gorgeous veggie you could want (tomato, lettuce, cucumbers and red onions), all dressed up for lunch with avocado and Garden Veggie Shmear.$9.04
Deli Ham and Swiss Sandwich Smoked Ham, Swiss Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato, Red Onion, with Mayo and Deli Mustard on a Fresh-Baked Plain Bagel. Includes Sea Salt Chips.$9.35

Signature Lunch Sandwiches

Turkey & Cheddar Sandwich Roasted turkey, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, and red onion with mayo & deli mustard on a fresh baked potato roll.$8.04
Ham & Swiss Sandwich Smoked ham, Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, and red onion with mayo & deli mustard on a fresh baked potato roll.$7.67

Hot & Toasty Lunch

Cheese Pizza Bagel Vegetarian.$6.66
Pepperoni Pizza Bagel$6.95

Juices & More (Bottled Drinks)

Bottle - Coke$3.86
Bottle - Simply Orange$4.42
Orange Juice. Large$5.53
Orange Juice$3.58
Bottle - Diet Coke$3.85
Bottle - SmartWater$4.42
Bottle - Dasani Water$3.26
Bottle - Chocolate Milk$3.38
Orange Juice, Medium$4.36
Bottle - White Milk$3.84
Orange Juice, Small$4.39

Coffee & Tea

Cold Brew, Large Classic Cold Brew coffee; cream and sweetener available for both in-store and curbside pickup$4.99
Cold Brew Shake, Small Rich and creamy, blended with Cold Brew Coffee, swirled with vanilla, chocolate and caramel topped with whipped cream$6.08
Hot Tea$2.72
Cold Brew Shake, Large Rich and creamy, blended with Cold Brew Coffee, swirled with vanilla, chocolate and caramel topped with whipped cream$7.05
Cold Brew, Small Classic Cold Brew coffee; cream and sweetener available for both in-store and curbside pickup$4.36

The Genesis of Einstein Bros. Bagels: A Toast to Their Iconic Journey

Two Visionaries, One Mission

The story of Einstein Bros. Bagels begins with two visionaries, Steve Kolow and Arthur Cores, who shared a passion for bagels. In 1995, they joined forces to create a bagel-centric brand that offered a diverse selection of freshly baked bagels and gourmet cream cheese spreads.

Inspired by Einstein

The name “Einstein Bros. Bagels” was inspired by the legendary physicist Albert Einstein, known for his brilliance and innovative thinking. The founders saw parallels between Einstein’s brilliance and the uniqueness of their bagels, leading to the birth of the brand.

The Bagel Revival

At a time when bagels were gaining popularity across the United States, Einstein Bros. Bagels emerged as a trailblazer, offering handcrafted bagels made from high-quality ingredients and baked fresh daily.

A Bagel Renaissance

Einstein Bros. Bagels introduced a bagel renaissance, going beyond traditional plain bagels and introducing a wide range of flavors, from savory to sweet, that catered to diverse tastes.

The Buzzworthy Menu

Beyond bagels, the menu expanded to include an array of breakfast and lunch options. Customers could enjoy gourmet sandwiches, egg creations, artisanal coffee, and more, making Einstein Bros. Bagels a go-to spot for any time of the day.

The Einstein Experience

Beyond the delightful bagels and menu, Einstein Bros. Bagels focused on creating an inviting and welcoming atmosphere at their locations. The warm and cozy ambiance made it the perfect place to catch up with friends or savor a quiet moment alone.

A National Presence

From its initial location in Golden, Colorado, Einstein Bros. Bagels steadily expanded its presence across the country, winning over bagel enthusiasts from coast to coast.

A Focus on Quality

Throughout its journey, Einstein Bros. Bagels maintained an unwavering commitment to quality. Each bagel was hand-rolled, boiled, and baked to perfection, ensuring that every bite was a delectable experience.

Embracing Customer Feedback

Listening to their customers, Einstein Bros. Bagels continuously evolved its menu and offerings based on valuable feedback. This responsiveness to customer preferences helped the brand stay relevant and beloved.

A Legacy of Bagel Delight

As Einstein Bros. Bagels continues its journey, it remains committed to upholding its legacy of bagel delight. Whether enjoyed on-the-go or savored over a leisurely breakfast, their bagels continue to bring smiles to faces and joy to taste buds.

Perfecting the Dough: The Science and Craft Behind Einstein Bros. Bagels’ Signature Offerings

The Art of Bagel Making

At Einstein Bros. Bagels, bagel making is not just a process; it’s an art form. The journey of perfecting the dough starts with the finest ingredients carefully measured to create the ideal balance of flavors and textures.

The Precise Measurements

Every batch of bagel dough is made with precise measurements of flour, water, yeast, malt, and a pinch of salt. The dough is then mixed thoroughly to ensure even distribution of ingredients.

The Magic of Fermentation

After the dough is mixed, it undergoes fermentation, a critical step that imparts the unique taste and texture to Einstein Bros. Bagels’ creations. The dough is left to rise slowly, allowing the yeast to work its magic and create air pockets that result in a chewy and soft interior.

The Boiling Process

The boiling process is what truly sets bagels apart from other bread. Einstein Bros. Bagels carefully boils each bagel before baking, which gives them their distinct chewiness and glossy exterior.

The Oven Magic

Once boiled, the bagels are transferred to the oven, where they are baked to perfection. The intense heat of the oven creates a golden crust that seals in the bagel’s moisture, ensuring a delightful texture with every bite.

Handcrafted Perfection

Einstein Bros. Bagels takes pride in its handcrafted approach to bagel making. Each bagel is shaped and rolled by hand, giving it a unique character that mass-produced bagels can never replicate.

A Symphony of Flavors

Beyond the traditional plain bagel, Einstein Bros. offers a symphony of flavors that cater to diverse tastes. From the classic everything bagel to the sweet and savory cinnamon raisin bagel, there’s something to please every palate.

Innovation and Creativity

While staying true to tradition, Einstein Bros. Bagels also embraces innovation and creativity. They regularly introduce limited-time flavors and seasonal creations, keeping customers excited and coming back for more.

The Perfect Pairings

To complement their exceptional bagels, Einstein Bros. Bagels offers a range of gourmet cream cheese spreads and toppings. The perfect pairing of bagels and spreads elevates the bagel experience to a whole new level.

A Labor of Love

Behind every bagel at Einstein Bros. Bagels lies a labor of love. From the precise measurements to the careful craftsmanship, each step is carried out with dedication and passion, ensuring that every customer gets to enjoy a delicious and satisfying bagel.

More Than Just Bagels: Diving Deep into Einstein Bros.’ Diverse Menu

Breakfast Classics

Start your day with a range of breakfast classics at Einstein Bros. Bagels. From hearty egg sandwiches to fluffy omelets, their breakfast options are sure to satisfy any morning cravings.

Bagel Sandwiches

While bagels are the stars of the show, the bagel sandwiches at Einstein Bros. take things up a notch. With a variety of fillings, including savory bacon, creamy avocado, and fresh vegetables, these bagel sandwiches are a delicious and filling choice.

Thintastic Bagels

For those looking for a lighter option, Einstein Bros. offers Thintastic bagels. These bagels have the same great taste but with fewer calories, making them perfect for a guilt-free meal.

Lunch Delights

Einstein Bros. Bagels has an array of lunch options to choose from. Enjoy a satisfying soup and salad combo or savor a mouthwatering deli sandwich with premium meats and fresh toppings.

Espresso and Coffee

Pair your meal with a cup of freshly brewed coffee or a specialty espresso drink from Einstein Bros. Bagels’ coffee menu. Whether you prefer a bold dark roast or a creamy latte, they have something to cater to every coffee lover.

Sweet Treats

Indulge your sweet tooth with the delectable treats available at Einstein Bros. Bagels. From freshly baked muffins to sweet pastries, their desserts are the perfect ending to any meal.

Catering Options

Hosting an event or meeting? Einstein Bros. Bagels has you covered with their catering options. From bagel boxes to breakfast spreads, they can provide a delicious spread for any occasion.

Vegan and Vegetarian Choices

For those with dietary preferences or restrictions, Einstein Bros. Bagels offers a selection of vegan and vegetarian options. From plant-based cream cheese to vegetable-filled bagel sandwiches, there’s something for everyone.

Kids’ Menu

Even the little ones have a special menu at Einstein Bros. Bagels. The kids’ menu offers smaller portions of their favorite bagel sandwiches, making it a hit with the young ones.

Seasonal Specials

Throughout the year, Einstein Bros. Bagels introduces seasonal specials that celebrate the flavors of each season. From pumpkin spice bagels in the fall to refreshing fruit-flavored beverages in the summer, their seasonal offerings add a delightful twist to their menu.

A Morning with Einstein Bros.: Capturing the Ambience and Experience at Their Locations

Warm Welcome

As you step into an Einstein Bros. Bagels store, you’ll be greeted with the delightful aroma of freshly baked bagels and brewed coffee. The friendly staff welcomes you with warm smiles and is always ready to help you start your day on the right note.

Cozy Interiors

The interiors of Einstein Bros. Bagels are designed to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere. With comfortable seating and a rustic decor, it’s the perfect place to relax and enjoy your breakfast.

Bagels Galore

Of course, the highlight of the morning at Einstein Bros. is the wide selection of bagels. From classic plain and everything bagels to unique flavors like asiago cheese and cinnamon raisin, there’s a bagel to suit every taste.

The Spread Bar

One of the best parts of the Einstein Bros. experience is the spread bar. Here, you can choose from an array of cream cheese flavors, including scallion, honey almond, and jalapeno salsa, to name a few. The spread bar allows you to customize your bagel just the way you like it.

Handcrafted Beverages

Pair your bagel with one of Einstein Bros.’ handcrafted beverages. Whether you prefer a simple cup of freshly brewed coffee or a creamy latte with intricate latte art, their baristas take pride in preparing the perfect drink for you.

Breakfast Sandwiches

For a heartier breakfast, try one of Einstein Bros.’ mouthwatering breakfast sandwiches. Made with fresh ingredients and served on a freshly baked bagel, these sandwiches are the epitome of breakfast bliss.

Catching Up or Getting Work Done

Einstein Bros. Bagels’ inviting ambience makes it an ideal spot to catch up with friends or get some work done. With free Wi-Fi available at most locations, you can sip on your favorite beverage and enjoy a productive morning.


Einstein Bros. Bagels is a family-friendly place, making it a great choice for a morning outing with your loved ones. Kids can enjoy their own special menu, and there’s plenty of space for strollers and high chairs.

Community Connection

Beyond the delicious food and welcoming atmosphere, Einstein Bros. Bagels is also known for its community involvement. Many locations host events and fundraisers to support local causes and bring the community together.

Take It To-Go

If you’re on the move, Einstein Bros. Bagels offers convenient to-go options. Grab a bagel sandwich and a coffee to take with you on your way to work or school.

Artisanal Insights: Interviews with Einstein Bros. Bagels’ Master Bakers

The Craft of Bagel Making

The master bakers at Einstein Bros. take great pride in their craft. They undergo extensive training to perfect the art of bagel making. From kneading the dough to boiling and baking, every step is carefully executed to ensure the highest quality and consistency.

Handmade with Love

Unlike mass-produced bagels, the ones at Einstein Bros. are handmade with love. Each batch of dough is mixed and shaped by hand, allowing for a personal touch that reflects the dedication of the bakers.

The Importance of Quality Ingredients

To achieve the perfect bagel, the quality of ingredients is paramount. The master bakers insist on using premium flour, water, yeast, and a touch of malt syrup to create the distinctive flavor and texture that Einstein Bros. Bagels are known for.

Time and Patience

Great bagels cannot be rushed. The dough undergoes a slow fermentation process, allowing it to develop its unique flavor and texture over time. The master bakers emphasize the importance of patience and precision in creating the best bagels possible.

Hand-Rolled Excellence

One of the signature techniques of Einstein Bros. Bagels is hand-rolling the dough. The bakers take pride in the precision required to shape each bagel, ensuring a consistent size and density for the perfect chewiness.

Boiling and Baking Technique

Boiling the bagels before baking is another essential step in the process. The master bakers carefully monitor the boiling time to achieve the ideal crust, while the baking process gives the bagels their distinct golden brown color and crispy exterior.

Experimentation and Innovation

While the classic bagels remain a staple, the master bakers also love to experiment with new flavors and ingredients. They draw inspiration from customer feedback and culinary trends to create unique bagel variations that delight customers.

Embracing Challenge

Every day brings new challenges in the bakery, but the master bakers embrace them with enthusiasm. Whether it’s adjusting to different humidity levels or fine-tuning recipes, they are always seeking ways to improve and deliver the best bagels.

A Sense of Fulfillment

For the master bakers, the most rewarding part of their job is seeing the smiles on customers’ faces as they savor their freshly baked bagels. The passion they pour into their craft is fueled by the joy they bring to others through their delicious creations.

Passing Down the Tradition

As seasoned artisans, the master bakers are also committed to passing down their knowledge and skills to the next generation of bakers. They take on the role of mentors, ensuring that the art of bagel making is preserved and cherished for years to come.

Sustainability and Sourcing: The Ethical Choices Behind Einstein Bros. Bagels’ Ingredients

Responsible Ingredient Sourcing

Einstein Bros. Bagels takes great care in selecting its ingredients. The company works closely with suppliers who share their values of sustainability and ethical practices. They prioritize sourcing locally when possible, reducing the carbon footprint associated with transportation and supporting local economies.

High-Quality and Freshness

Sustainability is not just about ethical practices; it also encompasses the quality of the ingredients. Einstein Bros. Bagels places a strong emphasis on using high-quality and fresh ingredients in all their products. This commitment ensures that customers enjoy the best taste and nutritional value while supporting sustainable agriculture.

Supporting Responsible Farming Practices

Behind every bagel and sandwich is a network of farmers committed to responsible farming practices. Einstein Bros. Bagels partners with farmers who prioritize sustainable agriculture, reducing the use of harmful chemicals and promoting biodiversity. This approach protects the environment and fosters healthier ecosystems.

Cage-Free Eggs and Animal Welfare

As part of its commitment to animal welfare, Einstein Bros. Bagels exclusively uses cage-free eggs in its menu offerings. This choice ensures that hens are raised in more humane conditions, promoting the welfare of the animals.

Sustainable Seafood Choices

For its seafood offerings, Einstein Bros. Bagels sources from fisheries that follow sustainable practices and adhere to responsible fishing methods. This commitment helps protect marine ecosystems and ensures a responsible approach to seafood consumption.

Reducing Food Waste

Food waste is a significant global challenge, and Einstein Bros. Bagels is dedicated to minimizing its contribution to this issue. The company actively works to reduce food waste at every stage of its operations, from production to customer service. Surplus food is often donated to local charities to support communities in need.

Environmentally Friendly Packaging

In addition to sourcing sustainable ingredients, Einstein Bros. Bagels also focuses on environmentally friendly packaging. They use recyclable materials and encourage customers to recycle or reuse their packaging whenever possible.

Engaging Customers in Sustainability

Einstein Bros. Bagels understands the importance of engaging customers in sustainable practices. Through their communication channels and in-store messaging, they educate customers about their sustainability efforts and encourage them to make eco-conscious choices.

Continuous Improvement

Sustainability is an ongoing journey, and Einstein Bros. Bagels is committed to continuously improving its practices. The company actively seeks feedback from customers, employees, and suppliers to identify areas where they can further enhance their sustainability efforts.

Contributing to a Greener Future

By making ethical choices in ingredient sourcing and sustainability practices, Einstein Bros. Bagels is contributing to a greener and more sustainable future. Their commitment to environmental and social responsibility sets a positive example for other businesses and inspires customers to make mindful choices.

Customer Chronicles: Authentic Stories and Reviews from Einstein Bros. Patrons

A Warm Welcome

One recurring theme in the customer reviews is the warm and welcoming atmosphere at Einstein Bros. Bagels locations. Many customers mention being greeted with a smile by the friendly staff as they enter the store. This welcoming ambiance creates a positive first impression and sets the tone for a pleasant dining experience.

A Second Home

Einstein Bros. Bagels has become more than just a place to grab a quick breakfast or lunch; for many patrons, it feels like a second home. Frequent visitors often build a sense of familiarity with the staff and other regulars, creating a community-like environment within the walls of the bagel shop.

Beyond Bagels

While bagels are the star of the show at Einstein Bros., the diverse menu offers something for everyone. Customer reviews often mention their love for the wide selection of sandwiches, salads, and beverages available. This variety allows patrons to find something they enjoy, whether they are in the mood for a hearty meal or a lighter option.

Accommodating Special Requests

Einstein Bros. Bagels is known for its flexibility in accommodating special requests. Whether it’s a customized bagel order or dietary preferences, many customers appreciate that the staff goes above and beyond to meet their needs. This level of attentiveness fosters a sense of trust and loyalty among patrons.

Memorable Moments

For many customers, Einstein Bros. Bagels holds a special place in their hearts due to the cherished memories created there. Whether it’s a family breakfast tradition, a catch-up session with friends, or a study session with classmates, these memorable moments are often tied to the comforting environment and delightful food.

Stellar Customer Service

Customer reviews consistently praise the exceptional customer service at Einstein Bros. Bagels. From efficiently handling orders during busy hours to offering recommendations for first-time visitors, the staff’s dedication to providing stellar service is evident in the positive feedback from patrons.

Inspiring Stories

Beyond the food and ambiance, some customer reviews share heartwarming stories of how Einstein Bros. Bagels has made a positive impact on their lives. From acts of kindness by staff members to generous gestures of support during difficult times, these inspiring stories showcase the genuine care and compassion of the bagel chain’s team.

A Place of Comfort

Whether it’s the aroma of freshly baked bagels or the cozy seating areas, many customers view Einstein Bros. Bagels as a place of comfort and solace. It’s a space where they can unwind, connect with others, or simply enjoy a moment of tranquility amid their busy lives.

Bagels for Wellness: Nutritional Breakdown and Health-conscious Options at Einstein Bros.

The Bagel Base

The foundation of any bagel is its dough, and Einstein Bros. takes pride in using high-quality ingredients to create their signature bagels. Their classic bagels are made with flour, water, yeast, and a touch of malt, giving them their distinctive texture and flavor.

Calories and Macronutrients

The caloric content of a bagel at Einstein Bros. varies based on the flavor and size. On average, a plain bagel contains around 280 calories. Bagels are a good source of carbohydrates, providing energy to fuel your day. They also contain some protein, but the amount may vary depending on the type of bagel.

Healthier Bagel Choices

For those looking for healthier options, Einstein Bros. offers a range of bagels made with whole grains. Whole-grain bagels provide more fiber and nutrients compared to traditional bagels made with refined flour. Additionally, they offer thin bagels, which have fewer calories and carbs than their regular counterparts.

Topping Options

The toppings you choose for your bagel can significantly impact its nutritional profile. Cream cheese is a popular choice, but Einstein Bros. also offers reduced-fat and vegan cream cheese options for those looking to cut back on calories and saturated fat.

Vegan and Vegetarian Options

Einstein Bros. Bagels caters to the needs of vegans and vegetarians with a variety of plant-based options. From vegan cream cheese to sandwiches filled with delicious vegetables and spreads, there’s something for everyone seeking a plant-based meal.

Health-conscious Breakfast Sandwiches

In addition to their bagels, Einstein Bros. offers a selection of health-conscious breakfast sandwiches. These sandwiches feature egg whites, lean meats, and fresh vegetables, making them a balanced and satisfying choice to kickstart your day.

Smart Choices for Sides

Pairing your bagel with a side can elevate the nutritional value of your meal. Opt for fresh fruit, yogurt, or a small serving of granola to add vitamins and minerals to your breakfast.

Customization is Key

One of the best aspects of Einstein Bros. Bagels is the ability to customize your order. If you have specific dietary preferences or restrictions, you can modify your bagel or sandwich to suit your needs.

Branching Out: A Look at Einstein Bros. Bagels’ Expansions and Collaborations

Expanding Across the Nation

Einstein Bros. Bagels started as a single store in Golden, Colorado, in 1995. Since then, it has grown into a nationwide chain with hundreds of locations across the United States. The company’s commitment to quality and their dedication to the art of bagel-making have contributed to their successful expansion.

Partnering with Other Brands

In recent years, Einstein Bros. Bagels has collaborated with other well-known brands to offer unique and exciting products. One notable collaboration was with Caribou Coffee, a popular coffeehouse chain. Several Einstein Bros. locations now share space with Caribou Coffee, providing customers with the convenience of enjoying their favorite bagels and coffee in one place.

Expanding the Menu

As Einstein Bros. Bagels continues to grow, so does their menu. They have expanded beyond their classic bagels and spreads to offer a wide range of breakfast and lunch options. From breakfast sandwiches and lunch wraps to gourmet salads, there is something for everyone, making it a versatile choice for any meal of the day.

Catering to Dietary Preferences

Another aspect of Einstein Bros. Bagels’ expansion is their commitment to catering to different dietary preferences. They offer a variety of bagels, including whole-grain and gluten-free options, ensuring that everyone can find a bagel that suits their taste and dietary needs.

Collaborating with Local Communities

Einstein Bros. Bagels understands the importance of connecting with local communities. They actively collaborate with schools, businesses, and non-profit organizations to support community events and fundraisers. This involvement not only strengthens their presence in local communities but also demonstrates their commitment to giving back.

Expanding the Breakfast Experience

Beyond their physical locations, Einstein Bros. Bagels has also expanded the breakfast experience by offering catering services. Whether it’s a corporate event, a family gathering, or a school function, their catering menu brings the joy of freshly baked bagels and delicious spreads to various events.

Embracing Online Ordering and Delivery

To cater to the changing preferences of customers, Einstein Bros. Bagels has embraced online ordering and delivery services. Through their user-friendly website and mobile app, customers can conveniently place orders for pickup or delivery, enhancing the overall customer experience.

Freshly Baked Future: What’s Next in the Oven for Einstein Bros. Bagels?

Innovative Bagel Flavors

One of the most anticipated aspects of Einstein Bros. Bagels’ future is their commitment to introducing innovative bagel flavors. While their classic flavors have won the hearts of bagel lovers, the brand is constantly experimenting with new and unique combinations. From savory to sweet, customers can expect to see a range of exciting bagel flavors hitting the menu.

Expanding the Vegan and Plant-Based Options

As more customers embrace plant-based diets, Einstein Bros. Bagels is looking to expand its vegan and plant-based options. This means introducing more vegan cream cheese varieties, plant-based spreads, and perhaps even vegan-friendly bagels. This move is not only about catering to dietary preferences but also about promoting sustainability and inclusivity.

Digital Enhancements

Einstein Bros. Bagels recognizes the importance of technology in enhancing the customer experience. They are actively investing in digital enhancements, such as a user-friendly mobile app, online ordering system, and loyalty program. These digital advancements aim to make it easier for customers to order their favorite bagels and earn rewards.

Creating a More Sustainable Future

Sustainability is a top priority for Einstein Bros. Bagels. They are taking steps to reduce their environmental impact by implementing eco-friendly packaging, sourcing ingredients responsibly, and exploring ways to minimize food waste. Customers can look forward to enjoying their bagels with the knowledge that they are supporting a brand committed to sustainability.

Expanding the Breakfast and Lunch Offerings

While bagels remain the heart of Einstein Bros. Bagels’ menu, they are continuously expanding their breakfast and lunch offerings. Customers can expect to see more delectable breakfast sandwiches, gourmet salads, and other scrumptious options to accompany their favorite bagels.

Embracing New Trends

Einstein Bros. Bagels stays attuned to the latest food trends and consumer preferences. They are open to embracing new trends in the food industry, incorporating unique ingredients, and experimenting with different culinary techniques to stay relevant and exciting.

Supporting Local Communities

Community involvement is an integral part of Einstein Bros. Bagels’ ethos. In the future, they will continue to collaborate with local communities, schools, and organizations to support events and fundraisers, making a positive impact in the areas they serve.


The future of Einstein Bros. Bagels is full of promise and innovation. From introducing innovative bagel flavors to expanding their vegan and plant-based options, the brand is committed to offering delicious and sustainable choices. With digital enhancements and a dedication to community involvement, Einstein Bros. Bagels is poised to continue delighting customers and staying at the forefront of the breakfast and brunch scene.

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