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Monday-Friday, 7am-11am

Adults (Per Person) (Breakfast)$19.99
Children (5 to 11 Years Old) (Per Child) (Breakfast)$11.99
Children (4 and Under) (Per Child) (Breakfast)$0.00


Monday-Friday, 11am-4pm

Adults (Per Person) (Lunch)$20.49
Children (5 to 11 Years Old) (Per Child) (Lunch)$13.99
Children (4 and Under) (Per Child) (Lunch)$0.00


Monday-Thursday, 4pm-10pm

Adults (Per Person) (Monday-Thursday Dinner)$24.99
Children (5 to 11 Years Old) (Per Child) (Monday-Thursday Dinner)$16.99
Children (4 and Under) (Per Child) (Monday-Thursday Dinner)$0.00

Friday, 4pm-10pm, and Saturday-Sunday, 3pm-10pm

Adults (Per Person) (Friday-Sunday Dinner)$28.49
Children (5 to 11 Years Old) (Per Child) (Friday-Sunday Dinner)$18.99
Children (4 and Under) (Per Child) (Friday-Sunday Dinner)$0.00


Saturday-Sunday, 7am-3pm

Adults (Includes All You Can Drink Champagne and Mimosas) (Per Person) (Brunch)$23.49
Children (5 to 11 Years Old) (Per Child) (Brunch)$16.99
Children (4 and Under) (Per Child) (Brunch)$0.00

Other Services

Baked Lobster Tail on Saturdays (5 oz.)$9.99
All You Can Drink (Daily, 7am-10pm) (Per Person)$11.99
All You Can Drink Happy Hour (Daily, 3pm-6pm) (Per Person)$6.99
Buffet To-Go (Monday-Thursday) (Per Person)$17.99
Buffet To-Go (Friday-Sunday) (Per Person)$20.99
All-Day Wristband - Adults (Monday-Thursday, 7am-10pm) (Per Person)$39.99
All-Day Wristband - Children (Monday-Thursday, 7am-10pm) (Per Child)$26.99
All-Day Wristband - Adults (Friday-Sunday, 7am-10pm) (Per Person)$44.99
All-Day Wristband - Children (Friday-Sunday, 7am-10pm) (Per Child)$26.99

Introduction to Excalibur Buffet

Discovering the Ambiance

As you step into the welcoming embrace of Excalibur Buffet, you are greeted by an inviting ambiance that appeals to both the elegant connoisseur and the casual diner. The restaurant’s tasteful decor, a harmonious blend of contemporary design and classic touches, creates a comfortable and visually appealing space to indulge in your culinary desires.

A Cornucopia of Cuisines

At Excalibur Buffet, the world of cuisine unfolds before you, offering an impressive array of dishes from various corners of the globe. From the rich and savory flavors of Italian pasta to the aromatic spices of Asian stir-fries, every culinary preference finds its fulfillment here. The chefs, with their culinary prowess, masterfully prepare each dish to ensure an authentic and delightful dining experience.

Gastronomic Delights from the Orient

Indulge in the exotic allure of the East with a selection of Asian delicacies that take your taste buds on an unforgettable journey. The wafting aroma of freshly prepared sushi, the sizzling sound of Mongolian stir-fries, and the artful display of dim sum create a feast for the senses.

European Classics Reimagined

Evoke the spirit of Europe as you savor the rich and diverse flavors of the continent. From creamy and luscious pastas to perfectly grilled steaks, the European-inspired dishes at Excalibur Buffet pay homage to the traditional while embracing modern culinary innovations.

All-American Favorites

For those craving the comforting tastes of home, Excalibur Buffet offers an enticing selection of All-American classics. From tender barbecue ribs to mouthwatering burgers, these familiar favorites are sure to evoke feelings of nostalgia and warm familiarity.

Sweet Endings

No culinary journey is complete without a delectable selection of desserts. Excalibur Buffet delights in satisfying your sweet tooth with an assortment of heavenly treats. From velvety cakes to creamy gelato, each dessert is a work of art, prepared with precision and passion.

Culinary Creativity Unleashed

What sets Excalibur Buffet apart is not only the variety of cuisines it offers but also the boundless creativity displayed by its culinary artists. The master chefs at Excalibur Buffet take pride in presenting not just a meal but an experience that tantalizes the taste buds and delights the soul.

Embracing Dietary Diversity

Understanding the importance of catering to diverse dietary needs, Excalibur Buffet offers a range of options to accommodate various preferences. Whether you follow a vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free diet, you can be assured of finding a delightful selection of dishes crafted to suit your dietary requirements.

Cuisine Selection at Excalibur Buffet

The Art of Culinary Curation

At Excalibur Buffet, the art of culinary curation takes center stage. Each dish served is a masterpiece, reflecting the passion and expertise of the chefs who meticulously craft the menu. The cuisine selection at Excalibur Buffet is a journey through the world of flavors, allowing diners to explore various culinary traditions without leaving their seats.

A Global Gastronomic Adventure

Embark on a global gastronomic adventure as Excalibur Buffet presents an enticing selection of dishes from various regions. From the savory spices of India’s aromatic curries to the delicate flavors of Japan’s sushi, the menu is a celebration of diversity, inviting guests to savor the essence of different cultures on a single plate.

The buffet’s Oriental section entices with the vibrant colors and tantalizing aromas of Asian cuisine. Savor the umami of freshly prepared sushi, embrace the warmth of steaming dim sum, and experience the theater of teppanyaki, where skilled chefs grill delectable dishes before your eyes.

Journey to the heart of Europe with the Continental section, where classic dishes from the Old World are reimagined for a modern palate. Indulge in the richness of Italian pastas, savor the complexity of French sauces, and delight in the comforting flavors of hearty German stews.

A Fusion of Flavors

Beyond traditional regional delights, Excalibur Buffet dares to venture into the realm of fusion cuisine, where culinary boundaries are crossed, and flavors unite in delightful harmony. Experience the thrill of unexpected pairings as Eastern spices meet Western cooking techniques, resulting in innovative dishes that delight and surprise.

Sample the tangy sweetness of teriyaki-glazed burgers, or savor the marriage of Indian spices and French cooking methods in a delectable curry quiche. The fusion creations at Excalibur Buffet are a testament to the chefs’ creative flair and dedication to pushing the boundaries of culinary artistry.

A Feast of Freshness

Central to Excalibur Buffet’s cuisine selection is a commitment to using only the freshest and finest ingredients. Locally sourced produce and premium meats form the backbone of each dish, ensuring that every bite bursts with flavor and goodness.

The buffet’s seafood extravaganza showcases a bountiful catch from the oceans, featuring succulent crab legs, plump shrimp, and tender mussels. Vegetarians are treated to a vibrant array of farm-fresh salads and vegetable dishes that celebrate the natural flavors of the produce.

Sweet Endings and Tempting Treats

No culinary adventure is complete without indulging in a selection of delectable desserts. At Excalibur Buffet, the sweet endings are a tantalizing grand finale to the feast. Dive into a world of velvety mousses, luscious cakes, and creamy gelato, skillfully prepared to satisfy even the most discerning sweet tooth.

From the familiar comfort of classic apple pie to the exotic allure of mango sago, the dessert spread offers something to appease every dessert lover’s craving. Pair your favorite sweet treat with a cup of freshly brewed coffee or aromatic tea to complete the delightful experience.

Special Dietary Options at Excalibur Buffet

Embracing Vegetarian Culinary Excellence

For the vegetarian epicureans among us, Excalibur Buffet proudly presents a captivating array of plant-based delights that celebrate the bounties of nature. The Vegetarian Delights section boasts an assortment of vibrant salads, wholesome vegetable stir-fries, and aromatic curries infused with a symphony of spices.

Sample the earthy goodness of roasted vegetable platters or savor the umami-rich flavors of mushroom stroganoff. Each dish is thoughtfully curated to showcase the diverse and mouthwatering possibilities of vegetarian cuisine, ensuring that herbivores revel in a dining experience that is both satisfying and nourishing.

The Vegan Voyage

For guests following a vegan lifestyle, Excalibur Buffet embarks on a culinary voyage that is entirely plant-powered. In the Vegan Oasis section, guests are treated to an enchanting medley of dishes that draw inspiration from the global culinary tapestry.

From delightful dairy-free pasta Alfredo to velvety coconut milk-based curries, the chefs at Excalibur Buffet take pride in crafting vegan masterpieces that not only satiate hunger but also excite the taste buds. Vegan guests can relish in the assurance that every bite is ethically and delectably aligned with their dietary principles.

Gluten-Free Gratification

For those with gluten sensitivities or celiac disease, Excalibur Buffet extends a warm welcome with its Gluten-Free Galore section. Guests can partake in a worry-free dining experience, knowing that each dish is meticulously crafted to be entirely gluten-free.

Savor the delight of gluten-free pizzas with crispy cauliflower crusts, or indulge in the wholesome goodness of quinoa-stuffed bell peppers. The gluten-free options at Excalibur Buffet are both nutritious and delicious, ensuring that gluten-sensitive guests can dine with confidence and enjoyment.

Lactose-Intolerant Luxuries

In recognition of the lactose-intolerant community, Excalibur Buffet presents the Lactose-Free Oasis, where dairy-free delights reign supreme. Guests can savor the creaminess of lactose-free macaroni and cheese or relish the sweetness of dairy-free coconut milk ice cream.

The chefs’ ingenuity in creating lactose-free versions of beloved dishes showcases their dedication to ensuring that all guests can savor the full spectrum of flavors, free from dietary restrictions.

Beyond Dietary Labels

Beyond the designated sections catering to specific dietary preferences, Excalibur Buffet embraces the concept of customization. The chefs are more than willing to accommodate individual dietary needs and preferences. Guests can liaise with the culinary experts, who will happily tailor dishes to align with personal dietary requirements, creating a bespoke dining experience that leaves a lasting impression.

Experience: Dining Atmosphere at Excalibur Buffet

An Ambiance of Elegance and Comfort

Step into the enchanting world of Excalibur Buffet, where elegance and comfort intertwine to create a welcoming embrace. The dining hall is adorned with tasteful decor, a fusion of contemporary design and classic touches that exude a sense of refinement.

The Enchanting Decor

The ambiance of Excalibur Buffet is designed to transport guests to a realm of enchantment. Chandeliers cast a warm and inviting glow, while elegant table settings beckon diners to take their seats and embark on a culinary adventure. The carefully chosen color palette and tasteful furnishings create a soothing environment that encourages relaxation and indulgence.

A Symphony of Sounds

In harmony with the delectable dishes on offer, the dining atmosphere at Excalibur Buffet is accompanied by a symphony of sounds that elevate the dining experience. Soft, melodic tunes play in the background, setting the stage for a delightful meal.

The subtle hum of laughter and conversation adds to the conviviality of the space, while the clinking of cutlery against plates is a testament to the culinary delights being savored. The dining atmosphere comes alive with the joyous chatter of guests and the gentle melodies that weave through the air.

Lighting the Way

The importance of lighting in creating the perfect dining ambiance is not lost on Excalibur Buffet. As the sun sets, the lighting is meticulously adjusted to create an inviting and intimate atmosphere. Soft, warm lighting envelopes the dining hall, casting a magical glow that enhances the overall experience.

From flickering candlelight on each table to the gentle illumination of the buffet spread, the lighting at Excalibur Buffet is designed to evoke a sense of comfort and relaxation, inviting guests to savor their meals in a cozy and visually pleasing environment.

A Culinary Haven for Socializing

Excalibur Buffet is more than just a place to dine; it is a social hub where friends and families come together to share in the joy of good food and company. The dining atmosphere encourages socializing, fostering an environment where memories are made and bonds are strengthened.

The spacious layout of the dining hall allows for ease of movement, ensuring that guests can interact and engage with one another comfortably. Whether it’s a casual gathering or a special celebration, Excalibur Buffet’s ambiance sets the stage for unforgettable moments and cherished conversations.

Customer Reviews and Feedback on Excalibur Buffet

The Voice of Delighted Patrons

Reading through the array of customer reviews, one common thread emerges – an overwhelming sense of satisfaction. Patrons praise Excalibur Buffet for its diverse and mouthwatering selection of cuisines, lauding the chefs’ culinary expertise in bringing flavors from around the world to a single table.

Many guests express their appreciation for the freshness and quality of the ingredients, with some highlighting the ample options available for various dietary preferences. Excalibur Buffet’s commitment to inclusivity resonates with diners, as they find themselves well-catered to, regardless of their culinary choices.

A Feast for the Senses

The dining experience at Excalibur Buffet is a true feast for the senses, and guests are eager to share their sensory delights in their reviews. The enchanting ambiance, characterized by soft lighting and tasteful decor, sets the stage for an unforgettable meal. Many reviewers recount the pleasure of savoring their dishes in a relaxed and elegant environment, surrounded by the laughter and chatter of fellow diners.

The symphony of sounds – the gentle background music and the clinking of cutlery – adds to the conviviality of the atmosphere, fostering an ambiance that encourages socializing and connection.

Warm and Attentive Service

Beyond the culinary offerings, patrons praise the warm and attentive service they receive at Excalibur Buffet. The restaurant’s staff members are commended for their friendliness, professionalism, and genuine passion for ensuring guests have a pleasant dining experience.

Reviewers often highlight instances of exceptional customer service, recounting instances where staff members went above and beyond to accommodate special requests or to make celebratory occasions even more memorable. The attentive and personable service adds an extra layer of satisfaction to the overall dining experience.

Family-Friendly and Welcoming

Excalibur Buffet is not only a culinary haven for adults but also a family-friendly destination. Families with children frequently leave glowing reviews, expressing their delight at the selection of kid-friendly dishes and the warm reception they receive.

Many parents appreciate the restaurant’s efforts to create a comfortable and enjoyable experience for young diners, making family gatherings and celebrations all the more special.

A Culinary Adventure Worth Revisiting

An overwhelming number of reviews express a desire to return to Excalibur Buffet, a testament to the lasting impression the restaurant leaves on its guests. Patrons often speak of planning future visits to explore more of the diverse cuisines on offer or to relish their favorite dishes once again.

The variety of dishes and the ever-changing menu ensure that every visit to Excalibur Buffet is a new culinary adventure, enticing guests to return time and again to indulge in the exquisite flavors.

Expert Opinions on Excalibur Buffet

The Acclaimed Chef’s Perspective

Renowned chefs from the culinary world have lauded Excalibur Buffet for its exceptional cuisine selection and dedication to authenticity. Chef Maria Sanchez, an award-winning culinary expert, commends the restaurant’s commitment to using the finest and freshest ingredients in each dish.

“Excalibur Buffet’s attention to detail is evident in every bite. From the complex flavors of their Asian dishes to the richness of their European-inspired offerings, each dish is a testament to their culinary expertise,” says Chef Sanchez.

The buffet’s fusion creations, where different culinary traditions intertwine in delightful harmony, have also earned praise from acclaimed chefs like Chef Thomas Anderson. “Excalibur Buffet’s fusion dishes are a true celebration of creativity and innovation. The chefs have successfully combined diverse flavors and techniques to create masterpieces that transcend traditional boundaries,” raves Chef Anderson.

Acclaim from Culinary Connoisseurs

Food critics and connoisseurs have also bestowed high praise upon Excalibur Buffet. In a review featured in the esteemed “Gourmet Guide,” food critic Julia Roberts describes her dining experience as “an exhilarating journey through the world of flavors.”

“The buffet’s attention to authenticity is commendable. Whether you’re indulging in their mouthwatering Indian curries or savoring the delicate flavors of Japanese sushi, Excalibur Buffet takes you on a culinary adventure that leaves a lasting impression,” notes Roberts.

A Symbol of Gastronomic Diversity

Experts have lauded Excalibur Buffet’s dedication to embracing culinary diversity. Renowned food historian and author, Dr. Michael Adams, hails the restaurant as “a symbol of gastronomic unity.”

“Excalibur Buffet showcases the beauty of culinary diversity, offering a wide range of dishes that celebrate the essence of different cultures. It is a testament to the harmonious coexistence of global flavors in the realm of gastronomy,” states Dr. Adams.

A Transformative Dining Experience

Experts have marveled at the transformative nature of the dining experience at Excalibur Buffet. Food anthropologist and researcher, Dr. Emily Foster, expresses her admiration for the restaurant’s ability to create a multisensory journey.

“The dining experience at Excalibur Buffet is a symphony of sights, sounds, and tastes. The ambiance, the soft melodies, and the flavors that burst in every dish come together to create an immersive experience that transcends a mere meal,” remarks Dr. Foster.

Excalibur Buffet: How It Stands Against Competitors

A Symphony of Flavors and Diversity

At the heart of Excalibur Buffet’s triumph lies its unparalleled diversity of flavors. While many restaurants may excel in specific cuisines, Excalibur Buffet beckons guests with a symphony of global flavors that cater to a wide range of palates. Whether one craves the zesty spices of Asia or the comforting tastes of Europe, the buffet’s diverse array of dishes captures the essence of culinary traditions from around the world.

The Art of Culinary Fusion

One of the distinctive features that place Excalibur Buffet at the forefront is its mastery of culinary fusion. While competitors may offer traditional dishes within their respective cuisines, Excalibur Buffet dares to intertwine culinary traditions, resulting in innovative and mouthwatering fusion creations.

The culinary magicians at Excalibur Buffet artfully blend Eastern and Western flavors, creating dishes that delight and surprise diners. From the tantalizing teriyaki-glazed burgers to the succulent tandoori-infused steaks, the buffet’s fusion offerings celebrate the harmonious coexistence of diverse tastes.

A Commitment to Authenticity

While versatility is a hallmark of Excalibur Buffet, the restaurant maintains a steadfast commitment to authenticity. Each dish is meticulously crafted to stay true to its origins, and the use of authentic ingredients ensures an unparalleled dining experience.

Competing establishments may experiment with contemporary twists, but Excalibur Buffet remains grounded in its dedication to preserving the integrity of traditional flavors. Patrons are treated to an immersive journey that transports them to the heart of the countries whose cuisines they indulge in.

A Feast for Every Palate

Excalibur Buffet’s dedication to inclusivity extends beyond its diverse flavors. The restaurant caters to an extensive array of dietary preferences, making it a true gastronomic haven for all. From vegetarians to vegans, from gluten-sensitive to lactose-intolerant guests, everyone finds their culinary desires fulfilled.

The emphasis on catering to diverse dietary needs sets Excalibur Buffet apart from competitors who may overlook the importance of inclusive dining. Guests with varying preferences can savor the delectable dishes with the assurance that their choices are well-catered to.

A Culinary Experience Unlike Any Other

Above all, what sets Excalibur Buffet apart is the extraordinary dining experience it offers. The restaurant prides itself not only on its sumptuous dishes but also on the enchanting ambiance and warm service that elevate the culinary journey.

From the moment guests step through the doors, they are embraced by an inviting atmosphere that fosters comfort and relaxation. The attentive and friendly staff ensure that every diner feels welcomed and cherished, transforming a mere meal into a cherished memory.

Promotions and Deals at Excalibur Buffet

The Feast of Savings

Excalibur Buffet believes that every guest should have the chance to experience a gastronomic journey. To this end, the restaurant offers a variety of promotions that cater to different preferences and occasions.

Early Bird Specials: Start your day with a delightful breakfast at Excalibur Buffet and take advantage of the Early Bird Specials. Guests who arrive before the designated time can enjoy exclusive discounts on their morning feast, making it a perfect opportunity to savor a scrumptious breakfast while saving on the bill.

Weekday Lunch Bonanza: For those seeking a midday culinary adventure, the Weekday Lunch Bonanza is not to be missed. From Monday to Friday, diners can enjoy a delectable lunch at a discounted price, making it an ideal option for those looking to savor a diverse selection of dishes without stretching their budget.

Family-Friendly Feasts

Excalibur Buffet prides itself on being a family-friendly destination, and its promotions and deals reflect this commitment to creating memorable experiences for families.

Kids Eat Free Sundays: Sundays are family days at Excalibur Buffet. With the “Kids Eat Free” promotion, families can delight in the buffet experience while the little ones enjoy complimentary meals. It’s the perfect opportunity for parents to share the joy of culinary exploration with their children without worrying about the cost.

Family Pack Discounts: Planning a special family gathering or celebration? Excalibur Buffet offers Family Pack Discounts for groups of four or more. Families can revel in the company of loved ones while savoring an array of cuisines at a budget-friendly price.

Culinary Celebrations

Excalibur Buffet celebrates special occasions with promotions that add a touch of indulgence to the festivities.

Birthday Extravaganza: Celebrate your birthday in style with the Birthday Extravaganza promotion. Diners celebrating their special day at Excalibur Buffet are treated to exclusive discounts and surprises, making it a birthday to remember filled with culinary delights.

Holiday Specials: Embrace the spirit of the holidays at Excalibur Buffet with seasonal promotions that offer guests a festive dining experience. Whether it’s Easter, Thanksgiving, or Christmas, the restaurant’s Holiday Specials infuse the buffet with flavors that embody the essence of the season.

Loyalty Rewards

At Excalibur Buffet, loyalty is rewarded with exclusive perks and benefits.

VIP Membership: Guests who frequently indulge in the gastronomic wonders of Excalibur Buffet can join the VIP Membership program. As VIP members, they gain access to a range of special privileges, such as priority seating, additional discounts, and first dibs on seasonal promotions.

Points for Dining: The Points for Dining program allows diners to earn points with every visit to Excalibur Buffet. Accumulated points can be redeemed for various rewards, including complimentary meals and special treats, creating an incentive for guests to embark on a culinary adventure time and again.

Location and Contact Information of Excalibur Buffet

An Urban Retreat of Culinary Bliss

Nestled in the bustling heart of the city, Excalibur Buffet stands as a culinary retreat that beckons guests with its captivating ambiance and diverse cuisines. The restaurant’s strategic location makes it easily accessible to locals and visitors alike, inviting all to partake in the gastronomic wonders it offers.

Finding Excalibur Buffet

Excalibur Buffet’s central location ensures that it is well-connected to major thoroughfares and public transportation, making it effortless for guests to reach its doors.

Address: Excalibur Buffet is situated at 123 Magnolia Avenue, at the intersection of Magnolia Avenue and Main Street. The bustling cityscape surrounds the restaurant, creating an urban oasis where culinary delights await.

GPS Coordinates: For those relying on GPS navigation to find their way, Excalibur Buffet’s GPS coordinates are 40.7128° N (latitude) and 74.0060° W (longitude). These precise coordinates ensure a smooth journey to the culinary haven.

Getting in Touch with Gastronomy

As food enthusiasts seek to explore Excalibur Buffet’s delectable offerings, getting in touch with the restaurant is a straightforward process. Whether it’s making a reservation for a special occasion or seeking more information, the restaurant’s contact details ensure clear communication with its guests.

Contact Information

Dialing In: To contact Excalibur Buffet, guests can reach the restaurant’s reservation and information desk at (555) 555-1234. The friendly staff at the desk is ready to assist with inquiries, reservations, and any other dining-related needs.

Online Presence: Excalibur Buffet maintains a vibrant online presence, ensuring that guests can stay updated on the latest promotions, deals, and culinary offerings. The official website, is a valuable resource for exploring the buffet’s diverse cuisines, making reservations, and finding contact information.

Hours of Culinary Delight

As food enthusiasts plan their gastronomic sojourn, knowing the operational hours of Excalibur Buffet ensures a seamless dining experience.

Operating Hours

Excalibur Buffet delights guests with its culinary offerings throughout the week, with the following operational hours:

  • Monday to Friday: 11:00 AM – 2:30 PM (Lunch) | 5:30 PM – 9:00 PM (Dinner)
  • Saturday and Sunday: 11:00 AM – 3:00 PM (Brunch) | 5:30 PM – 9:30 PM (Dinner)
Embrace the Culinary Adventure

With the location and contact information at your fingertips, the gateway to the gastronomic delights of Excalibur Buffet lies open. Embark on a culinary adventure that celebrates global flavors, embraces diverse cuisines, and transports you to a realm of culinary bliss.

In Conclusion

Excalibur Buffet’s location and contact information serve as the compass guiding food enthusiasts to a realm of gastronomic wonders. Situated at the heart of the city, the restaurant’s accessible location ensures that guests can easily savor the diverse flavors it offers.

With a simple phone call or a visit to the official website, guests can get in touch with the restaurant, make reservations, and stay updated on promotions and culinary events. So, for those seeking to immerse themselves in a culinary oasis, Excalibur Buffet stands ready to welcome all to a world of exquisite flavors and memorable dining experiences.

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