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Here is the latest and updated Ezell’s Famous Chicken Menu Prices


Famous Chicken Served with our Fresh Baked Rolls. Available in Original, Spicy or Half & Half.

8 Pieces with 4 rolls$29.49
4 Pieces with 2 rolls$16.09
3 Pieces with 1 roll$11.79
2 Pieces with 1 roll$8.39

Famous Chicken - Family Size Served with our Fresh Baked Rolls. Available in Original, Spicy or Half & Half.

16 Pieces with 8 rolls$49.69
24 Pieces with 12 rolls$60.89

Chicken Dinner Combos Served with our Fresh Baked Rolls and Homemade Side Dishes. Available in Original, Spicy or Half & Half.

8 Piece Dinner 4 rolls, 2 jumbo side dishes$33.99
4 Piece Dinner 2 rolls, 2 reg'lar side dishes$19.39
3 Piece Dinner 1 roll, 2 reg'lar side dishes$16.09
2 Piece Dinner 1 roll, 2 reg'lar side dishes$12.69

Chicken Dinner Combos - Family Size Served with our Fresh Baked Rolls and Homemade Side Dishes. Available in Original, Spicy or Half & Half.

16 Piece Dinner with 8 rolls and 3 jumbo side dishes$59.69
24 Piece Dinner with 12 rolls and 4 jumbo side dishes$72.09

Ezell's Chicken Tenders With our Fresh Baked Rolls and Dippin' Sauces. Available in Original, Spicy or Half & Half.

1 lb. Tenders 2 rolls, 2 dippin' sauces$22.19
2 lbs. Tenders 4 rolls, 4 dippin' sauces$41.29
1/2 lb. Tenders 1 roll, 1 dippin' sauce$11.59
Small Tenders 3 tenders, 1 roll, 1 dippin' sauce$9.89

Chicken Tenders Combos Served with our Fresh Baked Rolls, Homemade Side Dishes, and Dippin' Sauces. Available in Original, Spicy or Half & Half.

1 lb. Tender Combo 2 rolls, 2 dippin' sauces, 2 reg'lar side dishes$26.09
2 lbs. Tender Combo 4 rolls, 4 dippin' sauces, 2 jumbo side dishes$48.49
1/2 lb. Tender Combo 1 roll, 1 dippin' sauce, 1 reg'lar side dish$14.89
Small Tenders Combo 3 tenders, 1 roll, 1 dippin' sauce, 1 reg'lar side$13.29

Buffalo Chicken Tenders Served with our Fresh Baked Rolls, Celery Sticks, and Homemade Blue Cheese Dippin' Sauce.

1 lb. Buffalo Tenders 2 rolls, 2 dippin' sauces, celery sticks$23.29
1/2 lb. Buffalo Tenders 1 roll, 1 dippin' sauce, celery sticks$12.69

Special-Tees Available in Original or Spicy

Fresh Gizzards 1 lb. 2 rolls$12.69
Golden-Fried Okra 1/2 lb.$8.99
Golden-Fried Okra 1 lb.$12.69
Chicken Livers 1 lb. 2 rolls$12.69
Chicken Livers 1/2 lb. 1 roll$8.99
Fresh Gizzards 1/2 lb. 1 roll$8.99


Snack Pack 1 roll, 1 reg'lar side dish$8.28
Single-Piece Chicken 1 roll$4.33

Kiddee Meals

Kids' Tenders Combo 3 tenders, 1 roll, 1 reg'lar side dish, 1 dippin' sauce, bottled water or apple juice$13.49
Kids' Small Tenders 3 tenders, 1 roll, 1 dippin' sauce$9.89
Kids' Mac and Cheese Reg'lar Heritage Mac & Cheese, 1 roll, bottled water or apple juice$6.19
Kids' Single-Piece Combo 1 roll, 1 reg'lar side dish, bottled water or apple juice$8.99


Homemade Brown Gravy 6 oz.$2.29
Jalapeño Pepper$0.59

Fresh-Baked Rolls

Half-Dozen Rolls$5.19
Dozen Rolls$9.69
Each Roll$1.19


Orange Crush 20 oz.$3.45
Grape Crush 20 oz.$3.54
Apple Juice$2.29
Diet Pepsi 20 oz.$3.39
Bottled Water 20 oz.$2.29
Bottled Pepsi 20 oz.$3.39

Frying Up Favorites: A Look at Ezell’s Famous Chicken Selections

A Legacy of Flavor: The Signature Original Recipe

Ezell’s Famous Chicken started with a vision – to serve fried chicken that’s so delicious it becomes famous. Their journey began with the creation of the Original Recipe, a carefully guarded blend of spices that elevates every bite of chicken to a harmonious symphony of flavor. With its perfectly crispy exterior and tender, juicy interior, the Original Recipe is a testament to the time-honored techniques that make Ezell’s chicken truly exceptional.

The Classic Crunch: Crispy Fried Chicken

For those who appreciate the satisfying crunch of perfectly fried chicken, Ezell’s Crispy Fried Chicken is a timeless choice. Each piece is meticulously coated in a delectable seasoned breading that fries to a golden crispness, creating an irresistible texture that’s a delight to the palate.

Southern Comfort: Spicy Fried Chicken

For those seeking a touch of heat and an explosion of flavor, Ezell’s Spicy Fried Chicken is the answer. Infused with a blend of spices that add a kick to every bite, this selection is a testament to the marriage of traditional Southern comfort with a bold and exciting twist.

Tender Temptation: Chicken Tenders

Ezell’s Famous Chicken recognizes that sometimes, it’s all about the tenderness. Their Chicken Tenders are a testament to this understanding, offering juicy and tender strips of chicken that are perfect for those who appreciate simplicity and succulence.

Family-Style Feast: Chicken Family Meals

Ezell’s Famous Chicken also offers Family Meals that are perfect for sharing and celebrating. From mixed pieces to chicken tenders, these meals provide an array of options that cater to the diverse preferences of families and groups, ensuring that everyone leaves the table satisfied.

A Taste of Tradition: Bone-in Fried Chicken

Ezell’s Famous Chicken stays true to its roots by offering Bone-in Fried Chicken that pays homage to the timeless tradition of enjoying chicken with the bone. The rich and robust flavors that come from cooking chicken on the bone are preserved in every bite, creating a nostalgic experience that transports diners to simpler times.

Savoring Every Bite: A Culinary Journey

Each selection at Ezell’s Famous Chicken is more than just a dish – it’s a culinary journey that celebrates the art of frying chicken to perfection. From the first bite to the last, diners can savor the commitment to quality, the expertise in seasoning, and the dedication to preserving the essence of fried chicken’s timeless appeal.

From Crunch to Flavor: What Makes Ezell’s Chicken Truly Famous

A Recipe Crafted with Care: The Essence of Ezell’s Chicken

At the heart of every exceptional dish is a recipe that’s been crafted with care and perfected over time. Ezell’s Famous Chicken is no exception. Their secret lies in the meticulous blending of spices and seasonings that make up their signature breading. This blend isn’t just a mix of flavors; it’s a harmonious dance of spices that elevates the chicken from ordinary to extraordinary.

The Crunch that Captivates: A Textural Triumph

One of the defining features of Ezell’s chicken is the crunch that greets you with every bite. Achieving the perfect level of crunch is no simple feat. It requires a delicate balance between the breading and the cooking process. The result is a satisfying sensation that ignites the senses and sets the stage for the explosion of flavors that follow.

A Symphony of Flavor: The Tantalizing Taste Profile

The crunch is just the beginning. What truly makes Ezell’s chicken famous is the symphony of flavors that unfold with each mouthwatering bite. From the initial bite to the last, you’re treated to an orchestra of tastes that range from savory and tangy to subtly spicy and incredibly satisfying. This depth of flavor is a result of the careful seasoning process that each piece of chicken undergoes.

Quality Ingredients, Quality Dish: The Role of Freshness

Any culinary creation is only as good as its ingredients, and Ezell’s Famous Chicken is no exception. The commitment to quality starts with using fresh, locally sourced ingredients that meet the highest standards. This dedication to sourcing the best ingredients ensures that every piece of chicken is not only delicious but also wholesome.

Masterful Cooking: The Art of Frying

Frying chicken may seem straightforward, but at Ezell’s, it’s an art form. Achieving the perfect balance between crispy exterior and tender interior requires masterful cooking techniques. Each piece of chicken is carefully fried to achieve that delicate harmony, ensuring that every bite is a culinary masterpiece.

A Culinary Tradition: Passed Down Through Generations

Ezell’s Famous Chicken is more than just a restaurant; it’s a legacy. The secret recipe and cooking techniques have been passed down through generations, preserving the essence of what makes the chicken truly famous. This tradition is a testament to the dedication and passion that goes into every dish.

Beyond the Drumstick: Exploring Ezell’s Diverse Chicken Creations

Unveiling the Chicken Strip Sensation

Chicken tenders, also known as chicken strips, have become a beloved favorite for many. At Ezell’s, these tenders are not just an afterthought – they’re a star in their own right. Made from the same signature recipe that has made Ezell’s famous, these tenders offer a perfect balance of tenderness and crunch. They’re a versatile option that’s ideal for dipping into your favorite sauces or enjoying on their own.

The Classic Chicken Sandwich: A Perfect Bite

In the world of culinary delights, few things beat a well-crafted chicken sandwich. At Ezell’s, the Classic Chicken Sandwich is a testament to simplicity done right. The juicy chicken patty is perfectly seasoned, fried to golden perfection, and placed between two soft buns. It’s a satisfying option for those who appreciate the beauty of a classic dish done exceptionally well.

A Glimpse into Gizzards: A Unique Delicacy

Ezell’s Famous Chicken doesn’t shy away from offering chicken gizzards – a delicacy that some might not have tried before. The gizzards are tender, flavorful, and cooked to perfection. They provide a glimpse into the culinary creativity that Ezell’s embraces, introducing patrons to new tastes and textures.

Crispy Wings: An Explosion of Flavor

Wings have become a culinary phenomenon, and Ezell’s is no stranger to this trend. Their Crispy Wings are a testament to the art of frying chicken wings to perfection. From tangy and savory to mildly spicy, the wings are available in a variety of flavors that cater to different taste preferences.

The Art of Variety: Mixed Pieces

For those who appreciate a bit of everything, Ezell’s offers Mixed Pieces – a combination of drumsticks, wings, and thighs that promise a medley of flavors and textures. This option allows patrons to sample different parts of the chicken while enjoying the signature seasoning that Ezell’s is known for.

A Symphony of Choices: Combo Meals

Ezell’s Famous Chicken understands that variety is the spice of life. That’s why they offer Combo Meals that combine different chicken creations with sides and drinks. These meals provide an opportunity to experience the diversity of Ezell’s menu in a single satisfying package.

A Celebration of Creativity: Beyond Expectations

The diverse chicken creations at Ezell’s go beyond what might be expected from a traditional fried chicken joint. Each creation showcases the culinary creativity and dedication to quality that defines the Ezell’s experience. From tenders to gizzards to wings, every item on the menu is a reflection of the passion for serving up exceptional chicken.

Sides, Sauces, and Stars: Completing Your Meal at Ezell’s Famous Chicken

A Symphony of Sides: Elevating Your Meal

Ezell’s understands that a great meal is about balance and variety. That’s why they offer a range of delectable sides that pair perfectly with their famous chicken creations. Whether you’re craving something warm and comforting or a fresh and crisp accompaniment, the sides at Ezell’s have you covered.

Fried Okra: A Southern Classic

For those who appreciate a touch of Southern comfort, fried okra is a must-try. The crispy exterior gives way to the tender okra inside, creating a delightful contrast of textures. It’s a side that not only adds flavor to your meal but also evokes feelings of nostalgia and tradition.

Macaroni and Cheese: Creamy Indulgence

Few things can compare to the comforting embrace of creamy macaroni and cheese. At Ezell’s, this classic side dish is made with care, combining perfectly cooked pasta with a rich and cheesy sauce that’s guaranteed to satisfy your cravings.

Fresh Coleslaw: A Refreshing Bite

If you’re looking for a side that offers a refreshing contrast to the indulgence of fried chicken, the fresh coleslaw is a fantastic choice. Its crisp cabbage, carrots, and creamy dressing provide a balance of flavors and textures that cleanse the palate and enhance your overall dining experience.

A Palette of Sauces: Elevating Flavor

The sauces at Ezell’s are more than just condiments – they’re flavor enhancers that add a new dimension to your meal. Whether you prefer something tangy, spicy, or a blend of both, there’s a sauce to suit your taste buds and elevate the flavors of your chicken creations.

Ezell’s Secret Sauce: A Culinary Marvel

At the heart of Ezell’s sauce offerings is their secret sauce – a recipe that’s been guarded with care and perfected over time. This signature sauce is a harmonious blend of flavors that enhances the natural taste of the chicken while adding a touch of tanginess and complexity.

Spicy Kick: The Zest of Heat

For those who appreciate a bit of heat, Ezell’s offers a spicy sauce that packs a punch. This sauce adds a zesty kick to your chicken, tantalizing your taste buds and awakening your senses.

Honey Butter Biscuits: The Perfect Sweet Finish

While sides and sauces are essential, let’s not forget about the beloved Honey Butter Biscuits that Ezell’s is famous for. These light and flaky biscuits are drizzled with sweet honey butter, creating a perfect balance of sweetness and warmth that rounds out your meal on a high note.

Crafting a Complete Meal: Personalization and Pleasure

Ezell’s Famous Chicken understands that every diner is unique, and that’s why they offer the option to customize your meal with the sides and sauces that speak to your preferences. This personalization ensures that every visit to Ezell’s is a delightful culinary adventure tailored to your taste.

The Story Behind the Sizzle: Ezell’s Legacy in Every Bite

A Humble Beginning: A Family’s Passion

Ezell’s Famous Chicken didn’t start as a corporate enterprise; it began as a family’s labor of love. In 1984, Lewis and Mamie Rudd set out to create a restaurant that would offer something truly exceptional to their community. With a commitment to quality and a passion for serving up delicious food, they embarked on a journey that would shape the culinary landscape of Seattle.

The Secret Recipe: A Blend of Tradition and Innovation

At the heart of Ezell’s success is a secret recipe that has been passed down through generations. This recipe is more than just a list of ingredients – it’s a blend of tradition and innovation that captures the essence of what makes their chicken truly special. The careful selection of spices, the artful technique of frying, and the dedication to using only the finest ingredients come together to create a taste that’s as unique as it is unforgettable.

Community Love: From Neighborhood Gem to Culinary Landmark

As word spread about the incredible flavors that Ezell’s was serving up, it quickly became a beloved neighborhood gem. The community embraced the restaurant not just for its delectable offerings but also for the warmth and hospitality that accompanied every meal. What started as a small endeavor soon grew into a culinary landmark that captured the hearts and taste buds of locals and visitors alike.

A Legacy of Quality: Consistency and Excellence

One of the hallmarks of Ezell’s Famous Chicken is its unwavering commitment to quality. Whether you’re visiting the original location or any of their branches, you can expect the same exceptional taste and texture that has become synonymous with the Ezell’s name. This dedication to consistency has allowed them to maintain the legacy they’ve built over the years.

Passing the Torch: Preserving a Culinary Heritage

As Ezell’s grew in popularity, the Rudd family faced a significant decision: how to ensure that their legacy would continue to thrive for generations to come. In 2012, they found the perfect partners in Stu and Kim. These new stewards of the Ezell’s legacy shared the same passion for quality and community that had guided the Rudd family from the beginning.

A Lasting Impact: More Than Chicken

Ezell’s Famous Chicken is more than just a restaurant – it’s a testament to the power of passion, dedication, and the pursuit of excellence. Beyond the mouthwatering chicken, it represents the values of family, community, and the simple joy of sharing a delicious meal with loved ones.

In Conclusion: A Flavorful Journey Through Time

As you savor every bite of Ezell’s Famous Chicken, you’re not just enjoying a meal; you’re taking a flavorful journey through time. Each piece of chicken carries with it the rich history of a family’s dream and the enduring commitment to creating something truly exceptional. So, the next time you experience the sizzle, remember that it’s more than just the sound of delicious food cooking – it’s the sound of a legacy that continues to make its mark on the culinary world.

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