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Here are the latest and updated Inverness Club Membership Cost


Full Golf Membership

Initiation Fee$50,000.00
Monthly Dues$1,390.00

Junior Executive Membership

Initiation Fee$12,500.00
Monthly Dues$195.00

Corporate Membership

Initiation Fee$50,000.00
Monthly Dues Per Member$1,390.00

The Origins of the Inverness Club

The Inverness Club is a renowned golf club in Toledo, Ohio, with a rich history and excellent reputation. Its beginnings, however, were humble and unexpected. In this article, we will take a closer look at the origins of the Inverness Club, and how it became the esteemed institution it is today.

From a Farmland to a Golf Course

The Inverness Club was founded in 1903 on what was once farmland. The land was owned by businessmen interested in developing it for recreational purposes. They hired Scottish golf course designer Donald Ross to create a golf course on the land. Ross was a well-known figure in the golf world and had designed numerous famous courses, including Pinehurst No. 2 in North Carolina. Ross’s vision for the Inverness Club was to create a course that would challenge even the most skilled golfers.

A Name with a Scottish Heritage

The name “Inverness” was chosen for the club because it was the name of the capital of the Scottish Highlands, which was the birthplace of golf. The name was also fitting because a Scottish architect designed the Inverness Club, and the club’s founders wanted to pay homage to the sport’s origins.

The Early Years

The Inverness Club opened for play in 1903, and its early years were marked by success and struggle. The club was popular among the Toledo elite and hosted several local tournaments, but it was not yet on the national stage. In 1920, however, the Inverness Club was chosen to host the U.S. Open, the first of many prestigious tournaments the club would host over the years. The tournament was won by Ted Ray, a British golfer who would become the first non-American to win the U.S. Open.

A Legacy of Excellence

Since that first U.S. Open in 1920, the Inverness Club has hosted numerous championship tournaments, including four U.S. Opens, two PGA Championships, two U.S. Senior Opens, and a U.S. Amateur Championship. The club has also been the site of several memorable moments in golf history, such as Bob Tway’s incredible bunker shot to win the 1986 PGA Championship.

Today, the Inverness Club continues to be one of the most prestigious golf clubs in the world. Its course has undergone several renovations, including a recent restoration by renowned golf course designer Andrew Green. However, it still retains the challenging and beautiful features that Ross envisioned over a century ago. The Inverness Club is also known for its commitment to the community, as it hosts several charitable events throughout the year.

Championship Tournaments Hosted by Inverness Club

U.S. Open (1920)

The Inverness Club hosted its first major championship tournament in 1920, the U.S. Open. This was the first time the U.S. Open had been held in the Midwest, and it was the first time the tournament had been won by a foreign-born player, British golfer Ted Ray. The tournament was notable for its challenging course, as the Inverness Club’s narrow fairways and deep bunkers proved a formidable obstacle for even the most skilled golfers.

PGA Championship (1986)

In 1986, the Inverness Club hosted the PGA Championship, which would go down in history as one of the most memorable moments in golf history. Bob Tway, an American golfer, made an incredible bunker shot on the final hole to win the tournament, cementing the Inverness Club’s reputation as a venue for dramatic and exciting golf.

U.S. Senior Open (2003)

The Inverness Club hosted the U.S. Senior Open in 2003, which was won by American golfer Bruce Lietzke. The tournament was notable for its challenging course, which tested the skills of the senior golfers who competed. The Inverness Club’s commitment to excellence was evident throughout the tournament, from the pristine condition of the course to the impeccable organization of the event.

Solheim Cup (2021)

In 2021, the Inverness Club hosted the Solheim Cup, an international women’s golf tournament between teams from the United States and Europe. This was the first time the Solheim Cup had been held in Ohio, and it was a historic moment for the Inverness Club. The tournament was a success, with American golfer Ally Ewing making a dramatic putt on the final hole to secure victory for the United States.

The Course Layout and Features

Course Layout

The Inverness Club features a traditional 18-hole layout with narrow fairways, deep bunkers, and undulating greens. The course is designed to test the skills of even the most skilled golfers, with its challenging layout and strategically placed hazards. The course measures just over 7,000 yards from the back tees, and its par-71 layout provides a fair but stern test of golf.

The Signature Holes

The Inverness Club is known for its several signature holes that stand out for its beauty and challenge. One of the most famous holes is the par-4 16th, which features a narrow fairway lined with trees and a green protected by a deep bunker. Another iconic hole is the par-3 12th, which requires a precise shot over water to reach the green.

Course Features

The Inverness Club’s course is also notable for its features, such as its deep bunkers and undulating greens. The bunkers, strategically placed throughout the course, are known for their depth and difficulty. The greens are also a challenge, with their subtle slopes and undulations making it difficult to read putts. The course is lined with trees, providing a beautiful backdrop for the golfers.

Recent Renovations

The Inverness Club has undergone several renovations to improve the course and keep it current. The most recent renovation was completed in 2019 by renowned golf course designer Andrew Green. The renovation focused on restoring the original design elements of the course, including removing some trees and expanding several greens. The renovation also added several new tees, bunkers, and other features to make the course more challenging and interesting.

Membership and Amenities at Inverness Club

Membership Options

The Inverness Club offers several membership options, including full golf membership, social membership, and junior membership. Full golf members have access to the golf course and practice facilities, as well as the clubhouse, dining, and social events. Social members have access to the clubhouse, dining, and social events but do not have access to the golf course. Junior members, who are under the age of 40, have access to the golf course and practice facilities at a reduced rate.

Clubhouse and Dining

The Inverness Club’s clubhouse is a beautiful and inviting space that is the hub of the club’s social activities. It features a dining room, bar, locker rooms, and a pro shop. The dining room offers a range of culinary options, from casual meals to formal dinners, and members can also enjoy private dining rooms for special events or gatherings. The clubhouse also hosts various social events throughout the year, including holiday parties, wine tastings, and other special events.

Practice Facilities

The Inverness Club’s practice facilities are designed to help golfers of all skill levels improve their game. The club has a driving range, putting green, and a short game area where members can practice their skills. The practice facilities are maintained to the same high standards as the golf course, and members can receive instruction from the club’s professional staff.

Other Amenities

In addition to its golf course and clubhouse, the Inverness Club offers a range of other amenities to its members. These include tennis courts, a fitness center, and a swimming pool. The tennis courts are maintained to the same high standards as the golf course, and members can receive instruction from the club’s professional staff. The fitness center is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and offers a range of classes and personal training options. The swimming pool is a beautiful and relaxing space where members can cool off and enjoy the summer weather.

Famous Members of the Inverness Club

In this article, we will take a closer look at some of the famous members of the Inverness Club.

Byron Nelson

Byron Nelson was a legendary golfer who won 52 PGA Tour events and two major championships. He was also a member of the Inverness Club and spent many hours practicing on the course. Nelson’s impact on the club was significant, as he helped design the practice range and was involved in several charitable events held at the club. His legacy at the Inverness Club inspires golfers and community members today.

Harvey Firestone

 Harvey Firestone was a businessman and community leader who was also a member of the Inverness Club. He founded the Firestone Tire and Rubber Company and was known for his philanthropic efforts in the Toledo area. Firestone was also a prominent figure in the development of the Inverness Club, as he provided funding for the construction of the clubhouse and was involved in several charitable events held at the club.

Arnold Palmer

Arnold Palmer was among the most beloved golfers of all time and a member of the Inverness Club. He won seven major championships and was known for his charisma and sportsmanship. Palmer’s impact on the Inverness Club was significant, as he designed a renovation of the course in the 1970s that helped to modernize the layout while preserving its traditional character.

Tim Herron

Tim Herron is a professional golfer who is also a member of the Inverness Club. He has won four PGA Tour events and has been a club member for over 20 years. Herron’s impact on the club has been significant, as he has been involved in several charitable events and has helped to mentor young golfers in the community.


The Inverness Club has been home to several famous golfers and community leaders over the years, all of whom have made a significant impact on the club and the community. From Byron Nelson to Tim Herron, these individuals have helped to shape the club’s legacy of excellence and tradition. Their contributions to the club and the community continue to inspire and motivate golfers and community members alike.

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