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Jimboys Tacos menu consists of nutrition-rich food to satisfy your appetite.

Jimboys Tacos is a Mexican fast-food restaurant specializing in Tacos. The Jimboys tacos use secret recipes to make the Tacos and all other dishes taste better. 

People find the food served in the restaurant more delicious. Even the other restaurants serve a similar kind of food, but the Tacos served at the Jimboys have a unique taste that separates them from other restaurants in the Town.

Jimboy Tacos started in 1954 as a small food trailer near Lake Tahoe, CA. The founder of Jimboy introduced the original beef tacos, which caught the people’s attention. Flavorful tacos stuffed with fresh ingredients go popular immediately in the region. 

The tacos were served with specialized Parmesan cheese. The store’s success inspired many fast-food restaurants to work on the same path. Jimboys have opened more than 40 stores in California, Texas, and Nevada. 

The founder was committed to using fresh and premium ingredients for cooking the recipes. Also, each ingredient added to the food is precisely chosen to ensure the taste stays balanced. 

Food is served in small batches, so the chef controls the service. The flavor is maintained in the Tacos and cooked at the perfect temperature. So if you want to taste Mexican food, Jimboys tacos are the place you should be next time.

Here is the latest and updated Jimboys Tacos Menu Prices List


Quick Picks

Quick #1 Two ground beef tacos and a regular soft drink.$9.39
Quick #2 Ground beef taco, bean burrito and a regular soft drink.$9.99
Quick #3 Steak tahoe burrito and a regular soft drink.$12.85


Breakfast Wrap Egg, cheese, bacon, ham or chorizo.$3.05
Breakfast Taco Egg, cheese, pico de gallo, bacon, ham or chorizo.$3.94
Breakfast Bowl Egg, cheese, potatoes, rice, beans, red sauce, ham, bacon steak or chorizo.$5.16
Breakfast Burrito Grande Egg, cheese, mild chiles & potatoes with ham, bacon or chorizo.$5.58


Ground Beef Taco What we’re famous for since 1954! Chef-griddled stone ground corn tortilla, cheese, lettuce, Parmesan dusted.$3.10
Steak Taco Chef-griddled stone ground corn tortilla, cheese, lettuce, pico, Parmesan dusted.$4.89
Carnitas Taco Chef-griddled stone ground corn tortilla, cheese, lettuce, Parmesan dusted.$4.10
Bean Taco Chef-griddled stone ground corn tortilla, cheese, lettuce, Parmesans dusted.$2.82

Fresh Salads

CA Avocado Salad Spring greens, pico de gallo & fresh avocado$5.29
Chicken Bacon Avo Salad 660 cal. Grilled chicken, avocado & smokey bacon.$7.51
California Avocado Salad 430 cal. Spring greens, pico de gallo & fresh avocado.$5.97

Shareable Bites

Cheese & Queso 820 cal.$4.75
Cheese Nachos$2.86
Chips & Queso$4.59
3 Cheese Quesadilla Grilled flour tortilla with 3 cheese, includes small side salad with sour cream$5.11
Street Tacos Two tacos with your choice of chicken, carnitas or steak, cilantro, onions.$4.40
Taquitos 3 pak/ 5 pak Ground beef or shredded chicken only, with guac or sour cream.$4.72
Taquitos 120-134 cal per taquito. Ground beef or shredded chicken only, with guac or sour cream$4.89
Ground Beef Poppers 370-610 cal.$3.75
Cheesy Bean Flautas 770-1150 cal.$3.31

Taco Party Paks

Jimboy's Ground Beef Taco Choose six or 12 pak.$22.36
Grilled Chicken Taco Chef-griddled stone ground corn tortilla, cheese, lettuce, Parmesan dusted.$9.28


#1 Original Taco & Enchilada$9.62
Enchilada Plate Two ground beef enchiladas with salad, beans and rice.$12.17
Combo Plate Ground beef taco and ground beef enchilada with salad, beans and rice.$12.17
Taco Plate Two ground beef tacos with salad, beans and rice.$12.17
#5 Steak Asada Includes 2 tortillas.$11.26

Original Tacos

Chef griddled, Parmesan dusted, fresh lettuce hand grated cheese, stone ground corn tortilla

Jimboy's Ground Beef 210 cal.$2.40
Bean 180 cal.$2.65
Chicken 200 cal.$2.85
Carnitas 778 cal.$3.93
Shredded Beef$4.44
Steak Asada$3.67
Spicy Veggie Masala 240 cal.$3.11
Grilled Shrimp$6.56

Classic Burritos

Meat and cheese only. Refried Bean extra

Jimboy's Ground Beef Burrito$4.69
Classic Burritos Good cheese only 'n ole’ meat.$6.38
Bean & Cheese Burrito Slow cooked refried beans and American cheese. 550 cal$3.68
Grilled Chicken Burrito$5.26
Shredded Beef Burrito$5.82
Carnitas Burrito$5.26
Steak Asada Burrito$7.29
Bean & Cheese 550 cal$3.20

Junior Meals

Each served with chips or salad, churro and a drink

Bean Burrito$5.03


Super Nachos Choice of ground beef, chicken or carnitas, queso, tomatoes, refried beans, green onions, sour cream, olives.$7.80

Popular Items

#2 Two Original Tacos$9.61
Street Fries Ground beef, queso, tomatoes, jalapenos, green onions, og salsa queso, black olives, jack cheese. 1094 cal.$7.66
Jimboy's Taco Burger 430 cal.$4.15
#3 Two Enchiladas$9.61
#4 One Enchilada$7.79
Taco Burger Chef-griddled stone ground corn tortilla, cheese, pickles, lettuce, diced tomatoes, mustard, parmesan dusted. 430 cal.$4.33
Jimboy's Tacoburger$4.64

Pack up & Party down

Grilled Chicken$14.67

Tahoe Burritos

Whole beans, rice, red sauce & cheese. Bowl option available.

Tahoe Burritos Whole pinto beans, Spanish rice, sour cream, cheese, red sauce, pico da gallo.$9.34
Steal Asada 560 cal.$6.25
Veggie Burrito Burrito$4.26
Veggie Burrito 540 cal.$4.62


Stuffed Quesadilla Grilled flour tortilla stuffed with chicken, bacon, avocado, cheese, pico and a chipotle sauce. Served with sour cream. 1094 cal.$9.65
Taquit O-M-G Four ground beef or chicken taquitos with queso, sour cream, guac and pico.$9.49
Queso Fries 4oz of Homemade Queso
Wedge cut fresh with seasoning.
790 cal.

Salads & Bowls

Taco Salad Tortilla shell, ground beef, refried beans, lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, sour cream, guacamole, olives.$9.19
Bowl Choice of ground beef, chicken or carnitas, romaine lettuce, whole pinto beans, Spanish rice, pico, sour cream.$8.38
Avocado Salad Romaine and iceberg lettuce, pico, fresh avocado slices and topped with our house-made avocado dressing.$8.96

Jimboy's Jr. Meal

Come with a drink (0-180 cal), chips or salad and a churro

Jr. Bean Burrito American cheese, refried beans.$3.81
Jr. Cheese Quesadilla$3.99
Kid Cheese Quesadilla 373-590 cal.$5.99
Original Ground Beef Taco 323-570 cal

Kids Meals

Kids Cheese Quesadilla With a drink, churro and chips.$5.97
Kids Bean Burrito$5.98


Creme-Filled Churros$4.50


Cinnamon Churros$3.61

Jimboy's Favorites

Includes Regular Soft Drink

#6 2 Original Ground Beef Tacos$6.66
#7 Original Ground Beef Taco & Bean Burrito$7.40
#8 Ground Beef Enchilada & Spanish Rice$7.23
#9 Ground Beef Taco Salad$9.73
#10 Jimboy's Tacoburger & Fries$8.59
#10. Jimboy's Taco Burger & Fries 890 cal.$8.25


Regular Soft Drink$2.20
Soft Drink$2.37
Iced Tea$2.14
Large Soft Drink$2.53
Orange Juice 150 cal.$2.18
Bottled Water 0 cal.$2.23
Apple Juice 105 cal.$2.04


House Made Tortilla Chips$1.31
Housemade Tortilla Chips 270 cal.$1.44
Spanish Rice 8oz Side of Spanish Rice$2.47
2 Warm Tortillas Choose Flour or Corn.$0.88
French Fries$2.66
Chips & Guacamole$2.81
Guacamole 4oz of Guacamole$3.03
Pinto Beans 8oz Side of Refried Beans$2.45
Pico de Gallo 10-20 cal$0.80
Tortilla Chips$1.81
Queso Cheese Dip 70-150 cal.$1.84
Sour Cream 4oz of Sour Cream$1.38
Fresh Guacamole 110-230 cal.$1.53
Buttermilk Ranch 190-370 cal.$0.78
Buttermilk Avo Ranch 120-230 cal.$1.00

Family Fun Packs

Each include a side of beans, a side of rice, California avocado salad & a bag of tortilla chips. Packs B & C come with an extra side of beans and rice.

A. 4 Original Ground Beef Tacos & 2 Bean Burritos 880 cal.$22.55
B. 6 Original Ground Beef Tacos & 1 Super Nachos Extra side of beans, rice and chips.$31.99
C. 6 Original Ground Beef Tacos, 4 Bean Burritos & 1 Super Nachos Ground beef nachos. Extra side of beans, rice and chips$39.99


Choco Taco$2.61

Jimboys Tacos Secret Menu

Jimboys tacos use its traditional secret menu to make the food. Jimboys tacos have more than traditional tacos. Served foods consist of an even taste no matter what location you choose to get the meal. These menus are specially selected because they offer the customer various benefits.

The dishes served in the restaurants are delicious. You have plenty of options to choose from. Also, the restaurant offers you personalized dishes to choose from. You can add various side dishes with the popular food. Restaurants take care of all types of requirements.

Quick Dishes

1) The quick dishes consist of Two ground beef tacos. The beef slice is cooked and stuffed in the fresh tacos with vegetable topping and creamy sauces. The beef tacos are served with soft drinks. The combination of the hot beef tacos and drink gives it a unique taste.

2) The second quick dish includes a ground beef taco and bean burrito, and it is served with regular soft drinks. The ground beef taco makes the dish more flavorful. You will enjoy the taste of it because it gives you a fantastic taste.

3) Try the new quick dish that includes the steak Tahoe burrito. The regular soft drink is offered with the tacos. You can choose your desired topic and make the tacos taste great.

Tacos Plate

People who have big appetites may look for a heavy meal. The tacos plate is the perfect meal for the day. 

It consists of ground beef Tacos made with fresh salad. The boiled beans are added on top of it. Rice is also offered as a side dish to complete the meal.

Combo Plate

The combo plates are served with the ground beef taco and enchilada. The salad is added on top of it and served with the beans. The rice is optional if you want to add it as a side dish. Rice elevates the taste of the meal, so you always take it without second thoughts.

Enchilada Plate

It is a popular dish on the Jimboys tacos menu. It is made with two ground beef enchiladas and salad. 

The beans are added on top of it. The rice is also served so you can enjoy your meal.

What are the main dishes of the Jimboys Tacos’ secret menu?

These are some of the main dishes of the Jimboys tacos secret menu.

  • Ground Beef Taco
  • Grilled Chicken Taco
  • Bean Taco 180
  • Steak Taco
  • Carnitas Taco
  • Wild Pacific Cod Taco
  • Taco Burger
  • Classic Burritos
  • Bean & Cheese Burrito
  • Super Nachos
  • 3 Cheese Quesadilla
  • Queso & Chips
  • Guac & Chips
  • Guac & Chips
  • Queso Fries
  • Stuffed Quesadillas
  • Taquito – M – G
Salads & Bowls
  • Avacado Salad
  • Bowl
  • Tortilla Chips
  • Whole Pinto Or Refried Beans
  • Guacamole
  • Spanish Rice
  • French Fries
  • Queso
Junior Meals
  • Kids Bean Burrito
  • Ground Beef
  • Kids Cheese Quesadilla
  • With a Drink, Churro & Your Choice of Chips, and Rice
  • Soft Drink or Iced Tea
  • Bottled Water
  • Orange Juice
  • Cinnamon Churros
  • Creme Filled Churros

Nutrition Value

Every food served in the restaurant comes with added nutrition. You will have control over your balance meal. It is not an ordinary fast-food restaurant. 

An ingredient added to the food is specially chosen to elevate its taste. Jimboys tacos menu comes with the necessary food recipes.

So even if you choose to have food in a fast food restaurant, you will never have to complain about the lack of nutrition in the food. Each dish is made with healthy ingredients. You can download the file containing the nutritional value of each food. 

Why is the Jimboys tacos menu popular?

Mexican fast-food restaurants are getting popular because the menu is entirely different than what traditional American eats in everyday meal. Special meat items are more popular because they offer delicious meals from a specialized source. 

Also, the taste of Mexican is preserved in the Jimboys tacos menu. The secret recipes are constant in all the corners of the globe, making them more popular among foodies. 

Moreover, the Mexican people are motivated to spread the local recipes in the other markets of the US. Therefore, they are taking all kinds of steps to make people love Mexican food—exceptional food cooked with love and served to a wide range of audiences.

Jimboys Tacos Menu also gives you plenty of options to eat. Thus, you will always enjoy the food. Every day will be a new day for you because the chef will have something new for you today.

Personalization is also possible in restaurants. You can give instructions to the chef so he will make the food that suits your taste.

Jimboys Tacos will be a perfect place to meet your old friends if you are planning to meet your friends. While having chit-chat, you can enjoy the food with your loved ones.

Tacos are served with juicy meat and specialized sauce that elevate the taste of the food. Buttery food recipes give you added calories that may be useful if you are working on increasing your weight. However, the taste of the food will make you enjoy your time. 

Tasty food affects the mood.

Many scientific studies have been done on the effect of a good meal. After you eat the meal of your choice, you will become more positive in life. 

Jimboys Tacos menu will be your go-to meal of the day that keeps you positive about the day. An agitated job and a tense working environment would affect your daily routine. 

There will be a time when you may find yourself stuck in harsh conditions. Sometimes day feels exhausting, so in that case, you can reach the nearby Jimboys Tacos restaurant to have your favorite meal. 

The place is the first choice of corporates and travelers. Whenever they get free time or crave a delicious meal, the Jimboys tacos are their first choice.

Restaurants receive a good number of footfalls every day. You will be surprised to see how people enjoy their food. The restaurant’s ambiance makes it ideal for spending time with unknown people. 

You may make friends at the restaurants who are there to have the meal. Most of the repeated buyers will become known to you. As you spend more time with them, you will know what they love here in the restaurant.

Another good thing about the Jimboys Tacos menu is that it has something for all age groups. When you enter the restaurant, you will stay upright. The restaurant takes care of all individual requirements. 

Necessary arrangements are made so the customers will have a good time while having their meal. Specialized treatment can be expected when you need attention from the staff.

Also, the cleanness, attentive staff members, food quality, and different types of beverages will make your visit complete.

Jimboys Tacos Franchiese model

Jimboys tacos are looking for expansion in other cities and serve a tasty meal to many people. The company has introduced the Jimboys Tacos franchise model for businesses that dream of starting their restaurants. 

Under the franchise model, the company can leverage the benefits of the restaurants. The brand name will be carried on with the restaurants and recipes offered to the new business so they can have a better time running a business. It’s a profitable business that delivers the highest return to investors.

If you dream about starting your Mexican store one day, then the Jimboys Tacos restaurant will be the perfect option. Jimboys taco’s menu and services are all great in many ways. 

Visit the place if you have never been to the restaurant and taste all the meals offered by the restaurants. 

The feel of the selective ingredient used in the meal will stay on your taste buds for an extended period. You will be surprised to see how good this food taste.

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Jimboys Tacos FAQs

How much is Jimboys Taco’s Cheese & Queso 820 cal?

Cheese & Queso 820 cal – $4.75

How much is Bean 180 cal at Jimboys Tacos?

Bean 180 cal – $2.65

How much is a Grilled Shrimp at Jimboys Tacos?

Grilled Shrimp – $6.56

How much does a Jimboys Tacos Steak Asada Burrito?

Steak Asada Burrito – $7.29

You can check more details by visiting their official website here