Mystic Lobster Roll Menu

Mystic lobster roll menu has something for every age group of people. The whole family could enjoy the visit and get something new every time they visit the place. Try the popular menu and give your reviews for the restaurant.

Here Is The Latest And Updated Mystic Lobster Roll Menu Prices List



Sparkling Water$2.00


NY Cheesecake$5.99

Kids Menu

K: Chicken Fingers$8.99
K: Mac and Cheese$7.99

Lobster Rolls

Maine Lobster Roll
Fresh Lobster, Mayo

Connecticut Roll
Served Warm, Fresh Lobster, Melted Butter

New England Roll
Fresh Lobster, Mayo, Mixed Greens, Lemon

King Louis XIII Roll
Fresh Lobster, Fresh Mozzarella, Razor Thin Prosciutto, Truffle Aioli

Deep South Roll
Fresh Lobster, Chipotle Mayo, Jalapeno Aioli, Candied Jalapenos

BLT Roll
Fresh Lobster, Lettuce, Tomato, Bacon, Bacon Aioli

Italian Roll
Fresh Lobster, Fresh Mozzarella, Tomato, Pesto Aioli

LBI Roll
Fresh Lobster, Avocado, Mayo, Tomato

Hawaiian Roll
Fresh Lobster, Mango Caviar, Coconut Mayo, Fresh Coconut

The Boca Special
Purchase the Mighty Mystic Classic Roll. Get 50% More Lobster (Choose from the Connecticut, Maine, or New England), Chips and Drink included.
Mighty Mystic$11.00

Bombay Roll
Fresh Lobster, Shredded Coconut, Coconut Curry Aioli


Potato Chips$2.00
Key Lime Jelly$9.99
Apple Bacon Maple Jam$9.99
Jalapeno Aioli$8.99
Hatch Chili Jam$9.99
Pesto Aioli$8.99
Truffle Aioli$9.99


White Cheddar Mac and Cheese - Lobster$21.99
Shrimp and Corn Chowder$11.00
Lobster Bisque$11.00
Yukon Gold Potatoes$5.99
White Cheddar Mac and Cheese - Chicken$15.99
Side of Slaw and Pickle$2.00
Bacon Maine Lobster Bites (5)$17.99
12 oz Coleslaw$6.00


Coastal Taco - Lobster$21.99
Southern Heat Taco - Lobster$21.99
Border BLT Taco - Lobster$21.99


Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, White Zinfandel

Michelob Ultra, Stella Artois, Narragansett, Funky Buddha

Hard Seltzer and Mixed
Truly, High Noon


Small Lobster Tray$100.99
Large Lobster Tray$200.99

Now you can order the food online through the food serving websites. Food will be delivered to your home from a nearby restaurant. Find all the popular menus of the Mystic lobster roll Above with the updated price.


Mystic Lobster Roll Company was established around 30 years ago. While working in the small restaurants to earn extra money, the founder was learning about the restaurant business by observing every small detail around him. You 21 years baseball player had the vision to start his restaurant one day and laid the foundation for the popular restaurant. 

After his baseball career was over, he started working again with the small restaurant, where he spent another five years in the restaurant industry. Eventually, his passion for fast-food restaurants brought him to the business; now, the rest is history.

The restaurant’s founder got to work with the famous chef of the era, a Michelin star. During this time, he tasted one of the most amazing lobster rolls. 

He liked it so much that he decided to start his restaurant where he would serve the delicious lobster rolls, which became their identity.

Once we introduced the lobster rolls to the customers, the recipe became an overnight success. The lobster rolls’ popularity has reached various cities around the region, and people from far away have started coming to the restaurant to enjoy the freshly cooked lobster rolls.

Consistent customer growth helps the restaurant grow faster and expand in other regions. In a short time, we were able to spread the word in the network branches and make more people enjoy the delicious taste of the food.

While expanding in other regions, we strive to provide the services with perfection. The best and fresh ingredients were used to ensure the food taste was even in all the restaurants. 

Therefore, you will find the same food when you visit different restaurants. The mystic lobster roll is for you if you are a lobster lover. 

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Mystic Lobster Roll FAQs

How much is Mystic Lobster Roll’s Maine Lobster Roll?

Maine Lobster Roll – $21.99

How much are Deep South Roll at Mystic Lobster Roll?

Deep South Roll – $23.99

How much is a Hawaiian Roll at Mystic Lobster Roll?

Hawaiian Roll – $23.99

How much does a Mystic Lobster Roll’s Key Lime Jelly?

Key Lime Jelly – $9.99