Round Table Pizza Buffet Prices

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Here is the latest and updated Round Table Pizza Buffet Prices



Club Sandwiches$8.99
Chicken Club Sandwich$8.79
Grilled Chicken Club Sandwich$8.91
Round Table Veggie Sandwich$9.30
Ham Club Sandwich$8.81
RT Pizza Sandwiches$10.49
All Meat Pizza Sandwich$8.37
Pizza Sandwich$7.81
Turkey Club Sandwich$8.44
Meatball Sandwich$8.33
RT Pizza Sandwich$9.04
Veggie Pizza Sandwich$8.96
Pizza Sandwiches$8.66
Turkey Santa Fe$9.07
RT Veggie Sandwich$8.56
Turkey Pesto$9.18
Club Sandwich$8.65
Italian Meats Sandwich$8.24

Picked For You

King Arthur’s Supreme Pizza$13.14

Top Menu Items

Garlic Twists$4.66
Garlic Parmesan Twists$5.70
Create Your Own Original Pizza$7.69
King Arthur's Supreme Pizza$10.43
Create Your Own Pizza$8.13
1-Topping Pizza$7.13

Popular Items

Chicken & Garlic Gourmet$13.17
King Arthur's Supreme$15.53
King Arthur’s Supreme®$10.88
Montague's All Meat Marvel$10.80
Montague’s All Meat Marvel®$10.44
Large Pizza$24.99
1. King Arthur Supreme$23.49
Maui Zaui$12.63
Hawaiian (Personal)$9.08
4. Montague’s All Meat Marvel$27.49
17. Hawaiian$9.49


Boneless Wings$7.88
Mild Buffalo Wings$7.52
Classic Wings$8.03
6 Piece Wings$8.29
Mild Buffalo$6.61
Mix & Match Flavors$14.09
Hot Buffalo Wings$7.51
Hot Buffalo$6.61
Boneless Chicken Wings$7.77
BBQ Wings$7.51
Mango Habanero Wings$7.52
Mango Habanero$7.24
Polynesian Wings$7.49
Garlic Parmesan$8.29
Garlic Parmesan Wings$7.52
Lemon Pepper Wings$7.52
Lemon Pepper$8.29
Perfectly Plain Wings$7.51
Perfectly Plain$8.32

Lunch Special

Special 3$9.33
Special 4$9.74


Garlic Parmesan Twist$4.85

Premium Pizza

Maui Zaui with Ham Pizza$9.89

Lunch Specials

Special 1$10.28
Special 2$9.24


6 Classic Wings$8.63
Garlic Bread$4.09
12 Classic Wings$15.35
Garlic Bread with Cheese$4.83
24 Classic Wings$27.35
24-Piece Wings$24.39
6 Boneless Wings$8.48
12 Boneless Wings$15.26
3 Garlic Parmesan Twists$5.54
24 Boneless Wings$26.86
6 Garlic Parmesan Twists$8.83
Plain Wings$7.49
12 Garlic Parmesan Twists$15.64
Garlic Cheese Bread$5.26

Premium Pizzas

Create Your Own Pizza (Personal)$9.22
Create Your Own Pizza (Small)$15.52
6.5" Personal Create Your Own Pizza$8.31
Create Your Own Pizza (Medium)$20.43
9" Small Half & Half Pizza$16.19
Create Your Own Pizza (Large)$24.77
Create Your Own Pizza (Large 14")$21.67
9" Small Create Your Own Pizza$14.75
9" Small King Arthur's Supreme Pizza$18.07
12" Medium King Arthur's Supreme Pizza$23.97
Original Montague's All Meat Marvel Pizza$10.35
16" Extra Large King Arthur's Supreme Pizza$31.50
6.5" Personal King Arthur's Supreme Pizza$11.03
6.5" Personal Ulti-Meat Pizza$10.28
12" Medium Ulti-Meat Pizza$23.83
9" Small Ulti-Meat Pizza$17.55
14" Large Ulti-Meat Pizza$28.59
16" Extra Large Chicken and Garlic Gourmet Pizza$32.32
16" Extra Large Guinevere’s Garden Delight Pizza$31.79
6.5" Personal BBQ Chicken Pizza$10.69
9" Small BBQ Chicken Pizza$18.89
12" Medium BBQ Chicken Pizza$23.90
14" Large BBQ Chicken Pizza$26.34
16" Extra Large BBQ Chicken Pizza$32.09
Smokehouse - Primo Pepperoni Pizza$10.09
Smokehouse Chicken Pizza$10.09
6.5" Personal Chicken and Garlic Gourmet Pizza$10.69
9" Small Gourmet Veggie Pizza$17.53
12" Medium Gourmet Veggie Pizza$24.72
16" Extra Large Gourmet Veggie Pizza$33.24
6.5" Personal Italian Garlic Supreme Pizza$10.82
6.5" Personal Gourmet Veggie Pizza$10.62
9" Small Italian Garlic Supreme Pizza$17.84
12" Medium Italian Garlic Supreme Pizza$23.16
16" Extra Large Italian Garlic Supreme Pizza$31.49
16" Extra Large Ulti-Meat Pizza$30.91
6.5" Personal Wombo Combo Pizza$10.56
9" Small Wombo Combo Pizza$17.68
12" Medium Wombo Combo Pizza$23.19
14" Large Wombo Combo Pizza$28.69
16" Extra Large Wombo Combo Pizza$31.61
6.5" Personal Hawaiian Pizza$10.10
9" Small Hawaiian Pizza$16.77
12" Medium Hawaiian Pizza$22.45
16" Extra Large Hawaiian Pizza$30.29
6.5" Personal Smokehouse - Chicken Pizza$9.92
9" Small Smokehouse - Chicken Pizza$17.70
12" Medium Smokehouse - Chicken Pizza$20.39
16" Extra Large Smokehouse - Chicken Pizza$29.49
6.5" Personal Smokehouse Primo Pepperoni Pizza$10.29
14" Large Smokehouse Primo Pepperoni Pizza$26.99

Lunch CombosIncludes soft drink.

2. Any Sandwich with Chips$9.01
3. 1-Topping Personal Pizza$8.66
3. One-Topping Personal Pizza$8.92

Appetizers & Salads

Boneless Wings (6pcs)$7.51

Personal Pizzas - 4 slices

Original Montague’s All Meat Marvel$11.72

Artisan Flatbreads

Tomato Pesto Flatbread$8.88
1. Pepperoni Artisan$11.00
Roasted Veggies and Chicken Flatbread$8.42
2. Roasted Veggies with Chicken$11.00
Roasted Veggies with Chicken Flatbread$8.79
Pepperoni Artisan Flatbread$8.67
3. Roasted Veggies & Mozzarella$11.00
Roasted Veggies with Mozzarella Flatbread$7.76
4. Tomato Pesto$11.00
Roasted Veggies and Mozzarella Flatbread$8.80
Island Flatbread$8.99


Garden Salad (Individual)$7.86
Garden Salad$7.65
1. Garden Salad$7.99
Garden Salad (Family)$12.45
Caesar Salad$7.51
2. Caesar Salad$7.99
Party Size Garden Salad$22.99
Party Size Caesar Salad$22.99
Caesar Salad (Individual)$7.97
Caesar Salad (Family)$10.32

Starters & Sides

Bacon Cheddar Twists$5.08

Personal Pizzas

Montagues All Meat Marvel Personal Pizza$10.49
Italian Garlic Supreme Personal Pizza$10.46
Maui Zaui Personal Pizza$10.45
BBQ Chicken Personal Pizza$11.91
Chicken and Garlic Gourmet Personal Pizza$10.17
Guinevere's Garden Delight Personal Pizza$10.57
Gourmet Veggie Personal Pizza$10.46
Personal Hawaiian Pizza$9.90

Premium Personal Pizzas

Personal King Arthur's Supreme Pizza$10.57

Specialty Pizzas (Meat)

Wombo Combo™$10.01

Gourmet SandwichesServed on our oven toasted ciabatta roll with potato chips.

1. Chicken Club$7.99
2. Ham Club$7.99

Small Pizzas

Italian Garlic Supreme Small Pizza$17.39
Maui Zaui Small Pizza$17.39
Chicken and Garlic Gourmet Small Pizza$17.39
Gourmet Veggie Small Pizza$17.39
Hawaiian Small Pizza$16.91
Cheese Small Pizza$12.89

Gluten Free Pizzas

Gluten Free Create Your Own$14.89
Gluten Free Specialty Pizzas$17.59

Specialty Pizzas (Veggie)

Guinevere’s Garden Delight®$10.81


Large Double Play Pepperoni$25.25

Meat Pizzas

Italian Garlic Supreme$10.90
Hawaiian Island Style Pizza$16.61

Create Your Own Masterpiece

Medium Pizza$21.55
X-Large Pizza$29.92


King Chocolate Chip Cookie$15.49
12 Cookies Mix and Match$22.32
8 Cookies Mix and Match$15.07

Dip Menu

Creamy Ranch Dip$0.83
BBQ Sauce Dip$0.85
Marinara Dip$0.75
Mild Buffalo Dip$0.83
Hot Buffalo Dip$0.83
Zesty Red Sauce Dip$0.83

Medium Pizzas

King Arthur's Supreme Medium Pizza$23.66
Italian Garlic Supreme Medium Pizza$23.20
Maui Zaui Medium Pizza$23.24
Chicken and Garlic Gourmet Medium Pizza$23.88
Guineveres Garden Delight Medium Pizza$23.09
Gourmet Veggie Medium Pizza$23.20

Create Your Own Pizzas

Create Your Own Pizza (Medium 12")$17.55

Specialty Pizzas (More Favorites)Our unique, innovative pizza creations combine flavors in a way that will delight your taste buds. We start from scratch with hand-rolled dough made fresh daily in each of our restaurants. Our signature sauces, premium meats and freshly cut vegetables top our three-cheese blend of whole-milk Mozzarella, Provolone and aged Cheddar cheeses

Hawaiian (X-Large)$31.32

Specialty Pizzas

Guinevere's Garden Delight$11.17
Gourmet Veggie$11.71
Hawaiian Pizza$10.25
Montague’s All Meat Marvel Pizza$12.88
14" Large Chicken and Garlic Gourmet Pizza$25.96
Hearty Bacon Supreme$10.54
Montague's All Meat Marvel Pizza$10.60
Italian Garlic Supreme Pizza$11.14
Ulti-Meat Pizza$10.59
Ulti-Meat Extra Large Pizza$31.23
Wombo Combo Extra Large Pizza$31.23
Wombo Combo Pizza$10.52
14" Large Guinevere's Garden Delight Pizza$25.16
BBQ Chicken ™$11.77
Guinevere's Garden Delight Pizza$10.52
Maui Zaui Pizza$13.57
Chicken and Garlic Gourmet Pizza$11.06
Smokehouse Combo$10.44
Maui Zaui with Ham$10.60
14" Large King Arthur's Supreme Pizza$26.34
BBQ Chicken Pizza$10.91
X-Large Montague's All Meat Marvel Pizza$30.79
Guinevere’s Garden Delight Pizza$12.96
Medium BBQ Chicken Pizza$22.99
Triple Play Pepperoni$11.49
Gourmet Veggie Pizza$11.02
Large BBQ Chicken Pizza$28.13
14" Large Maui Zaui Pizza$24.66
Hearty Bacon Supreme Pizza$10.73
King Arthur's Supreme (Medium)$24.26
Cheese Pizza$8.46
King Arthur's Supreme (Large)$29.37
14" Large Montague's All Meat Marvel Pizza$23.99
King Arthur's Supreme (X Large)$33.64
Large Gourmet Veggie Pizza$28.13
Maui Zaui with Pepperoni$9.77
Medium Hawaiian Pizza$21.56
Large Hawaiian Pizza$26.47
Medium Cheese Pizza$19.27
Large Cheese Pizza$23.88
Smokehouse Combo Extra Large Pizza$33.57
Smokehouse Combo Pizza$10.72
Guinevere's Garden Delight (Medium)$23.42
Guinevere's Garden Delight (Large)$29.03
14" Large Gourmet Veggie Pizza$25.96
14" Large Italian Garlic Supreme Pizza$25.96
Gourmet Veggie (Medium)$23.62
14" Large Hawaiian Pizza$25.45
Italian Garlic Supreme (Large)$27.59

Gluten Free

Personal Gluten Free Create Your Own Pizza$12.99
Gluten Free Specialty Pizza$17.59
Personal Gluten Free Specialty Pizza$16.26

Specialty Pizzas (Chicken)

BBQ Chicken$10.47


Smokehouse Burger$11.86
Mushroom Swiss Burger$10.68
Classic Cheeseburger$10.00


Side of Jalapenos$1.07
Creamy Ranch$1.46
Garlic French Fries$4.59

Finger Foods

House Chips$3.43
Onion Rings$6.25
French Fries$5.53
Mozzarella Sticks$5.56

Large Pizzas

King Arthur's Supreme Large Pizza$28.16
Montague's All Meat Marvel Large Pizza$28.09
Italian Garlic Supreme Large Pizza$28.18
Maui Zaui Large Pizza$27.74
Guineveres Garden Delight Large Pizza$27.91

Local FavoritesTry these and they'll become your favorites, too!


Gluten-Free Pizza

Gluten-Free King Arthur's Supreme Pizza$18.66
Gluten-Free Montague's All Meat Marvel Pizza$18.66
Gluten-Free Italian Garlic Supreme Pizza$18.66
Gluten-Free BBQ Chicken Pizza$18.28
Gluten-Free Maui Zaui Pizza$18.39
Gluten-Free Chicken and Garlic Gourmet Pizza$18.66
Gluten-Free Guinevere's Garden Delight Pizza$18.66
Gluten-Free Gourmet Veggie Pizza$18.66
Gluten-Free Hawaiian Pizza$17.40

FlatbreadsGourmet toppings on a lighter, crispier crust brushed with garlic olive oil and topped with our three-cheese blend and fresh basil.

Pepperoni Artisan$9.95
Roasted Veggies & Chicken$9.95
Roasted Veggies & Mozzarella$9.95
Tomato Pesto$9.99

Specialty Pizzas (Personal 6.5")Unique combinations made to order and baked with three cheeses on our crust rolled fresh daily.

3. Wombo Combo$9.99
5. Ulti-Meat$9.99
6. Italian Garlic Supreme$9.99
7. Maui Zaui with Ham$9.99
8. Pepperoni Maui Zaui$9.99
9. Chicken Maui Zaui$9.99
10. Smokehouse Combo$9.99
11. Chicken Smokehouse$9.99
12. Chicken & Garlic Gourmet$9.99
13. BBQ Chicken$9.99
14. Guinevere’s Garden Delight$9.99
15. Gourmet Veggie$9.99
16. Triple Play Pepperoni$9.99

Kids Menu

Kids 1-Topping Personal Pizza$6.33
Kids 4 Piece Boneless Wings & House Chips$6.49
4 Boneless Wings$7.09

Specialty Original Pizzas

King Arthur's Supreme Original Pizza$9.79
Italian Garlic Original Pizza$9.79
Maui Zaui Original Pizza$9.79
Chicken and Garlic Original Pizza$9.79
BBQ Chicken Original Pizza$9.92
Guinevere's Garden Delight Original Pizza$9.79
Gourmet Veggie Original Pizza$9.79
Hawaiian Original Pizza$9.09

Twists & Sides


Specialty Pizza

Extra Large King Arthur's Supreme Pizza$31.87
Maui Zaui Pizza with Chicken$9.75
Maui Zaui Pizza with Pepperoni$9.72
Extra Large Chicken and Garlic Gourmet Pizza$32.08
Extra Large BBQ Chicken Pizza$31.87
Extra Large Guinevere's Garden Delight Pizza$31.87

Extra Large Pizzas

Montague's All Meat Marvel Extra Large Pizza$32.48
Italian Garlic Supreme Extra Large Pizza$32.08
Maui Zaui Extra Large Pizza$32.98
Gourmet Veggie Extra Large Pizza$32.20
Hawaiian Extra Large Pizza$31.40
Extra Large Cheese Pizza$27.79

Gluten Free Pizza

Small 10" 1-Topping Gluten Free Pizza$15.99
Small 10" Specialty Gluten Free Pizza$19.99


Extra Salad Dressing$0.86
Extra Dipping Sauce$0.68
Dipping Sauce$0.78


Cinnamon Twists$5.00
Rockslide Brownie$3.60
White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookie$2.43
White Chocolate Macadamia Cookie$2.75
Classic Brownie$3.15
Chocolate Chip Cookie$2.26
Chocolate Chunk Cookie$2.54
Double Fudge Cookie$2.33
King Size Chocolate Chip$15.07
King Size Chocolate Chip Cookie$13.68

Alcohol Beverages


Create Your Own Pizza

Create Your Own Pizza Personal 7.5"$8.49
Extra Large Pizza$28.40
Create Your Own Gluten Free Pizza$15.52
Create Your Own Large Pan Pizza$24.54
Small Pizza$13.63
Skinny Crust Cheese Pizza$7.20
Skinny Crust 1-Topping Pizza$7.16
Create Your Own Pizza X-Large 16"$23.49
Personal Pizza$8.45
Extra Large Create Your Own Pizza$28.20

Premium Specialty Pizzas

Skinny Crust King Arthur's Supreme Pizza$9.87
King Arthur's Supreme with Anchovies Pizza$10.26
Skinny Crust Montague's All Meat Marvel Pizza$9.95
Skinny Crust Italian Garlic Supreme Pizza$9.87
Skinny Crust Maui Zaui Pizza$9.95
Skinny Crust Hawaiian Pizza$8.72
Skinny Crust Chicken and Garlic Gourmet Pizza$9.87
Skinny Crust BBQ Chicken Pizza$9.87
Skinny Crust Guinevere's Garden Delight Pizza$9.86
Skinny Crust Gourmet Veggie Pizza$9.87
Skinny Crust Smokehouse Combo Pizza$9.99
Triple Play Pepperoni Pizza$10.65

Specialty Pan Crust Pizzas

Large King Arthur's Supreme Pan Crust Pizza$28.99
Large Montague's All Meat Marvel Pan Crust Pizza$28.99
Large Italian Garlic Pan Crust Pizza$28.99
Large Maui Zaui Pan Crust Pizza$28.99
Large Chicken and Garlic Pan Crust Pizza$28.99
Large BBQ Chicken Pan Crust Pizza$28.99
Large Guinevere's Garden Delight Pan Crust Pizza$28.99
Large Gourmet Veggie Pan Crust Pizza$28.99
Large Hawaiian Pan Crust Pizza$26.99

Extra Dipping Sauce

Ranch Dressing$0.94
Zesty Red Sauce$1.12

Create Your Own Pizza!Our base pizza includes three cheese blend and zesty red sauce on choice of original, pan or skinny® crust.

Create Your Own Pizza - X-Large$28.71

Specialty Pizzas - More Favorites

X-Large Smokehouse Combo$31.16
Large Smokehouse Combo$27.16
Medium Smokehouse Combo$23.16
Personal Cheese Pizza$8.36
Small Smokehouse Combo$18.07
Personal Smokehouse Combo$10.07


12 fl oz. Kids Drink$2.13
2 Liter$4.16
Root Beer$3.22
2 Liter Bottle Soda$3.62
2 Liter Bottled Soda$3.87
20 oz. Soft Drink$2.88
Assorted 2L Soda Bottles$4.42
Can Soda$1.83
Bottled Water$2.32
2 Liter Soda$3.99
12 oz. Kid's Drink$2.16
2 liter Bottle$4.02
Sierra Mist$3.10
Diet Pepsi$2.84
Kids' Drink$1.59
2-Liter Soft Drink$3.97
20 oz. Bottled Soda$2.45
Aquafina Bottled Water$2.67
Apple Juice$2.01
Bottled Soda$3.11
Hot Tea$2.51
20 Oz Bottle$3.03
2 ltr Bottle$5.49
Pure Leaf Tea$2.95

Kid's Choices

Kid's 4 Boneless Wings$6.29

Kids Choices

One Topping Personal Pizza$8.39

Meat Specialty Pizzas

X-Large King Arthur's Supreme Pizza$31.29
X-Large Italian Garlic Supreme Pizza$30.88
X-Large Ulti-Meat Pizza$30.93
X-Large Wombo Combo Pizza$30.93
X-Large Maui Zaui Pizza$31.49


Chicken Bacon Alfredo Pasta$8.49
Chicken Bacon Alfredo$9.31
Marinara with Sausage & Mushrooms$8.80
Pasta Marinara with Sausage and Mushrooms$8.18
Party Size Pasta$20.99

Catering Packages

Wingin' It$91.17
Timeless Tradition$85.68
Deluxe Variety$102.46
The Twist$79.91

Appetizers and Salads

Garlic Bread (Plain)$3.62

Chicken Specialty Pizzas

X-Large Chicken and Garlic Gourmet Pizza$30.88
X-Large BBQ Chicken Pizza$30.99

Kids' Meals

1-Topping Personal Pizza$7.09

Skinny Crust Pizzas

Ulti-Meat Skinny Crust Pizza$9.87
Wombo Combo Skinny Crust Pizza$9.87

Veggie Specialty Pizzas

X-Large Guinevere's Garden Delight Pizza$30.88
X-Large Gourmet Veggie Pizza$30.88

Side Orders (4 oz.)

BBQ Sauce$1.48
Bleu Cheese$5.14

More Favorite Specialty Pizzas

X-Large Smokehouse Pizza Combo$31.59
X-Large Hawaiian Pizza$29.21
X-Large Cheese Pizza$25.78

Refreshing Beverages

Dr. Pepper$2.98

Exploring Round Table Pizza Buffet: A Feast of Flavorful Pizzas

The Artistry of Pizza-Making: Expertise in Every Bite

At Round Table Pizza Buffet, the magic of pizza-making comes alive through the skilled hands of dedicated chefs. Each pizza is a masterpiece crafted with love and passion, ensuring that every slice is a perfect symphony of flavors. From hand-tossed crusts to the generous application of premium sauces, these pizzas are nothing short of a culinary masterpiece.

A Medley of Flavors: Embracing Fresh and Quality Ingredients

What sets Round Table Pizza Buffet apart from the rest is its unwavering commitment to using only the freshest and highest-quality ingredients. Every pizza is adorned with a medley of farm-fresh vegetables, hand-picked herbs, and delectable meats, ensuring that each bite bursts with genuine flavors. The harmony of these ingredients elevates the pizza experience, leaving patrons craving for more.

Bite into Burstiness: The Versatility of Pizza Selections

Round Table Pizza Buffet takes pride in offering an impressive selection of pizzas, ranging from the classic favorites to innovative creations that push the boundaries of culinary artistry. Whether you’re a fan of the timeless Margherita pizza or keen to explore adventurous combinations, the menu caters to all taste preferences. Furthermore, the pizzas come in various sizes, ensuring that no craving goes unfulfilled.

Imagine savoring a slice of the “Mediterranean Magic,” with its delectable fusion of feta cheese, olives, and sun-dried tomatoes, or relishing the “Flaming Buffalo” for those who enjoy a spicy kick in every bite. These pizzas embody the burstiness that makes human-made content so enjoyable, with surprises that tantalize and delight.

A Feast Beyond Pizzas: The Complete Buffet Experience

While pizzas are the heart and soul of Round Table Pizza Buffet, the offerings don’t stop there. The buffet experience extends beyond the pizzas, offering a delightful spread of salads, appetizers, and desserts that complement the main attraction. Indulge in crisp and fresh salads, perfectly seasoned garlic breadsticks, and mouthwatering desserts, providing a well-rounded dining experience.

The Round Table Pizza Buffet Experience: Welcoming One and All

One of the key aspects that make Round Table Pizza Buffet unique is its inclusive ambiance. This eatery welcomes families, friends, and individuals of all ages, ensuring that everyone can partake in the joy of pizza. The warm and friendly atmosphere fosters a sense of belonging, making it a favorite spot for social gatherings and celebrations.

Crafted with Love: The Pizza Chefs at Round Table Pizza Buffet

The Art of Pizza-Making: Where Passion Meets Skill

At Round Table Pizza Buffet, pizza-making is an art form, and the chefs are the artists who transform simple ingredients into mouthwatering masterpieces. Trained in the time-honored techniques of pizza-making and armed with years of experience, these chefs elevate pizza to a level that goes beyond mere food. It becomes an expression of their passion for the craft and a way to connect with patrons on a deeper level.

From Dough to Delight: The Meticulous Process

Every pizza at Round Table Pizza Buffet starts with the foundation—the dough. But it’s not just any dough; it’s a labor of love that requires attention to detail. The chefs carefully measure and mix the ingredients, allowing the dough to rise to the perfect consistency. As they work, you can see the dedication in their eyes, knowing that the end result will bring joy to countless taste buds.

Once the dough is ready, it’s time to dress it with a flavorful sauce, created from a secret blend of tomatoes and spices. The chefs spread the sauce evenly, ensuring that each bite carries the essence of this special recipe. Then comes the cheese, a generous layer that melts into a golden blanket of gooey goodness.

A Symphony of Toppings: Creativity Unleashed

Now comes the fun part—the toppings. This is where the pizza chefs get to showcase their creativity and culinary expertise. From the classic favorites to innovative combinations, the toppings are carefully chosen to complement each other, resulting in a harmonious blend of flavors.

Watching the chefs at work is like witnessing a symphony, with each topping playing its part in creating a delightful melody for the taste buds. Whether it’s arranging fresh vegetables in an artistic pattern or sprinkling just the right amount of premium meats, the chefs take pride in every detail.

Made to Order: Personalized Perfection

At Round Table Pizza Buffet, customization is key. The chefs understand that every palate is unique, and they gladly cater to individual preferences. Whether you prefer a thin and crispy crust or a thick and fluffy one, they will craft your pizza exactly the way you like it.

They are always eager to interact with customers, asking about their favorite flavors and suggesting new combinations. This personal touch not only ensures a delicious pizza but also creates a warm and friendly atmosphere that keeps patrons coming back for more.

Quality Ingredients: Round Table Pizza Buffet’s Commitment to Freshness

Farm to Table Freshness: Sourcing the Best Produce

At Round Table Pizza Buffet, quality begins at the source. The pizzeria maintains strong relationships with local farmers, ensuring a steady supply of fresh and seasonal produce. The chefs handpick vegetables and herbs, ensuring that only the best ingredients find their way onto the pizza. This dedication to sourcing locally not only supports the community but also guarantees that the ingredients are at their peak in terms of flavor and nutritional value.

Artisanal Cheeses: The Heart of Every Pizza

Cheese is the soul of any great pizza, and Round Table Pizza Buffet takes this to heart. They carefully select a variety of cheeses, each with its own distinct flavor profile, to create a harmonious blend that perfectly complements the toppings and sauce. From the creaminess of mozzarella to the sharpness of cheddar, every bite is a delight for cheese enthusiasts.

The Quest for the Perfect Sauce: A Well-Kept Secret

The sauce is the foundation upon which the pizza’s flavors are built. At Round Table Pizza Buffet, the sauce recipe is a closely guarded secret, passed down through generations of pizza chefs. Made from a blend of ripe tomatoes and a special selection of spices, the sauce is cooked to perfection, allowing its flavors to intensify. When combined with the other ingredients, it creates a symphony of tastes that dance on the palate.

Premium Meats: Elevating the Pizza Experience

For meat lovers, Round Table Pizza Buffet offers a tempting array of premium meats. From juicy pepperoni and savory sausage to succulent ham and tender chicken, each meat is carefully selected to ensure it meets the pizzeria’s high standards. The chefs artfully arrange the meats on the pizzas, creating a delicious balance that adds depth to every bite.

Preserving the Integrity of Ingredients: A Craftsmanship Approach

The commitment to quality ingredients extends beyond sourcing; it also involves preserving their integrity. The pizza chefs at Round Table Pizza Buffet handle each ingredient with care, ensuring that it retains its natural flavors and nutritional value. The vegetables are sliced by hand, the cheeses are grated fresh, and the meats are cooked to perfection, all contributing to a pizza experience that feels authentic and homemade.

A Taste of Perfection: The Pizza-Enthusiast’s Delight

The result of this dedication to quality ingredients is evident in every pizza served at Round Table Pizza Buffet. When you take that first bite, you immediately notice the difference. The freshness of the vegetables, the richness of the cheeses, and the burst of flavors from the sauce all come together to create a pizza that is simply unforgettable.

Round Table Pizza Buffet: A Welcoming Ambiance for Pizza Lovers

A Cozy Atmosphere: Feeling at Home

From the moment you step inside Round Table Pizza Buffet, you are greeted with a cozy atmosphere that feels like home. The warm lighting and rustic decor create a comforting setting that instantly puts you at ease. Whether you’re dining with family, meeting friends, or having a solo meal, the ambiance fosters a sense of belonging.

The attentive staff adds to the welcoming vibe, greeting guests with smiles and providing exceptional service. They take the time to interact with customers, getting to know their preferences and making them feel like valued guests rather than just patrons.

A Place to Connect: Bringing People Together

Round Table Pizza Buffet goes beyond being just a pizzeria; it’s a place that brings people together. The spacious seating arrangements cater to groups of all sizes, making it an ideal spot for family gatherings, birthday parties, or casual get-togethers. Whether it’s a bunch of friends catching up or a family celebrating a special occasion, the restaurant’s ambiance encourages social interactions and shared moments.

Entertainment and Games: Fun for All Ages

What makes Round Table Pizza Buffet particularly appealing to families is its thoughtful addition of entertainment and games. In addition to relishing the delectable pizzas, guests of all ages can engage in friendly competitions at the arcade or challenge each other to board games. The laughter and excitement of the games add an extra layer of enjoyment to the dining experience, making it an ideal spot for families with kids.

A Feast for the Senses: The Buffet Spread

As you settle into the welcoming ambiance, the culinary feast awaits. Round Table Pizza Buffet offers an extensive buffet spread, featuring a variety of pizzas to cater to every palate. The buffet’s display of freshly baked pizzas, along with the colorful array of salads and sides, is a feast for the eyes as well as the stomach.

This self-serve approach allows diners to customize their plates, trying different pizza flavors or creating their own unique combinations. The buffet-style dining encourages exploration, making it a delightful experience, especially for young pizza enthusiasts.

A Variety of Flavors: Pizza Choices at Round Table Pizza Buffet

Classic Perfection: Timeless Favorites

Round Table Pizza Buffet knows that there’s something comforting about the classics. For those who savor the familiar, their menu boasts an impressive selection of traditional pizzas that have stood the test of time. Indulge in the timeless perfection of a classic Margherita pizza, where the simplicity of fresh tomatoes, mozzarella, basil, and olive oil creates a symphony of flavors.

Or, opt for the ever-popular Pepperoni, with its generous topping of savory pepperoni slices that become irresistibly crispy when baked to perfection. These classic choices are like a nostalgic embrace, reminding you why you fell in love with pizza in the first place.

Bold and Adventurous: Innovative Combinations

If you’re feeling a bit adventurous, Round Table Pizza Buffet has just the pizzas for you. Their innovative combinations push the boundaries of pizza creativity, offering unexpected flavors that ignite the taste buds. How about trying the “Tropical Tango,” where juicy pineapple and succulent ham dance with tangy barbecue sauce, creating a tropical paradise on your plate?

Or perhaps the “Mediterranean Medley” appeals to your adventurous side, featuring a harmonious blend of feta cheese, kalamata olives, roasted red peppers, and fresh spinach. These pizzas exemplify the burstiness of human-made content, surprising you with delightful combinations that spark joy and curiosity.

Veggie Delights: Fresh from the Garden

For the veggie lovers, Round Table Pizza Buffet doesn’t disappoint. Their vegetable-inspired pizzas celebrate the bounties of the garden, bringing you a healthy and flavorful experience. The “Garden Fresh” pizza is a symphony of colors and tastes, with a generous assortment of freshly sliced bell peppers, red onions, tomatoes, and black olives atop a bed of creamy garlic sauce.

If you prefer a little heat, the “Spicy Veggie” pizza will tantalize your taste buds with its zesty blend of jalapenos, red onions, tomatoes, and banana peppers. These vegetable-forward options demonstrate Round Table Pizza Buffet’s commitment to quality ingredients and cater to those seeking a nutritious and satisfying pizza experience.

Create Your Masterpiece: The Custom Pizza Option

At Round Table Pizza Buffet, the creativity doesn’t end with the menu. The pizzeria offers a “Create Your Own Pizza” option, where you become the architect of your pizza dreams. Start with your choice of crust, from classic hand-tossed to gluten-free for those with dietary restrictions. Then, select your preferred sauce, cheeses, and toppings, and watch as the pizza chefs bring your vision to life.

This personalized approach to pizza-making ensures that every guest can enjoy their favorite flavor combinations and fosters a sense of culinary exploration. It’s like being your own pizza chef, making it an ideal experience for families and groups with diverse tastes.

Customer Raves: Experiencing Pizza Joy at Round Table Pizza Buffet

A Slice of Happiness: A Warm and Inviting Ambiance

The moment you step into Round Table Pizza Buffet, you are enveloped by an ambiance that radiates warmth and comfort. The rustic decor, coupled with the inviting aroma of freshly baked pizzas, creates an atmosphere that feels like a home away from home.

The friendly and attentive staff adds to the charm, greeting customers with genuine smiles and making them feel like cherished guests. This welcoming ambiance sets the stage for a delightful dining experience that leaves customers feeling relaxed and eager to indulge in the pizza joy that awaits them.

A Symphony of Flavors: The Delectable Pizza Choices

At Round Table Pizza Buffet, pizza is not just a dish; it’s an experience. Customers find themselves enthralled by the sheer variety of flavors offered on the menu. Each pizza is a work of art, crafted with the freshest ingredients and a burst of creativity that delights the taste buds.

Whether you opt for the classic and comforting Margherita or venture into the realms of innovation with the exotic Tropical Tango, each pizza delivers an explosion of flavors that leaves customers singing praises. The burstiness of the menu ensures that there’s something to suit every palate, making it a favorite spot for families and groups with diverse tastes.

Made with Love: The Craftsmanship of Pizza-Making

One of the reasons customers rave about Round Table Pizza Buffet is the evident passion and dedication that go into each pizza. The pizza chefs infuse love and expertise into every step of the pizza-making process, from kneading the dough to artfully arranging the toppings.

This craftsmanship approach elevates the pizza joy to a whole new level. Customers can taste the difference that comes from using quality ingredients and the care that goes into each detail of pizza preparation. Each slice becomes a symphony of tastes, leaving customers satisfied and eager to return for more.

Community and Connection: Celebrating Together

Beyond the mouthwatering pizzas, Round Table Pizza Buffet has become a gathering place for the community. Families, friends, and colleagues come together to celebrate birthdays, special occasions, or simply the joy of shared moments over a delightful meal.

The pizzeria’s spacious seating arrangements and welcoming ambiance create an environment where connections are forged and memories are made. Whether it’s a lively birthday party or a relaxed dinner with friends, the sense of togetherness and celebration at Round Table Pizza Buffet keeps customers coming back for their next pizza joy experience

Inclusivity at the Buffet: Catering to All Pizza Cravings

A Feast for All Palates: Diverse Pizza Choices

At Round Table Pizza Buffet, the menu is a symphony of flavors, designed to ensure that everyone can find their perfect pizza match. Whether you’re a die-hard meat lover or a veggie enthusiast, the pizzeria has got you covered. From the classic and comforting choices to the bold and innovative combinations, each pizza is a delectable masterpiece that celebrates individual preferences.

Vegetarian pizza lovers can rejoice in the variety of vegetable-inspired pizzas, such as the “Garden Fresh” and “Mediterranean Medley,” bursting with farm-fresh goodness. For those who crave the smoky goodness of meats, options like the “Pepperoni Primo” and “Meat Eater’s Delight” are sure to satisfy.

Gluten-Free Delights: Caring for Dietary Needs

Round Table Pizza Buffet understands the importance of catering to dietary restrictions and food allergies. For those following a gluten-free lifestyle, the pizzeria offers a selection of gluten-free crusts, ensuring that no pizza lover misses out on the joy of savoring a delicious slice.

The gluten-free crusts are crafted with care, using a blend of alternative flours that result in a crust that is as crispy and flavorful as its traditional counterpart. Topped with a variety of gluten-free sauce, cheeses, and fresh ingredients, these pizzas are a treat for the taste buds without compromising on dietary needs.

Build Your Own: The Power of Customization

Round Table Pizza Buffet empowers guests to create their own pizza masterpieces, further embracing inclusivity. The “Build Your Own” option allows customers to choose their preferred crust, sauces, cheeses, and toppings, allowing for endless combinations that cater to individual cravings.

This personalized approach to pizza-making is particularly beneficial for those with specific dietary needs or preferences. Whether it’s a vegan pizza with an array of colorful vegetables or a meat lover’s delight with an assortment of premium meats, the custom pizza option ensures that everyone can enjoy a pizza that truly resonates with their taste buds.

A Gathering Place for All: Celebrating Togetherness

Beyond the diverse pizza choices, Round Table Pizza Buffet fosters a sense of togetherness and inclusivity in its welcoming ambiance. Families, friends, and colleagues from all walks of life come together to celebrate special occasions, birthdays, or simply the joy of shared moments over a delightful meal.

The spacious seating arrangements and friendly atmosphere make it an ideal spot for gatherings with diverse tastes and preferences. Whether it’s a family with varying pizza favorites or a group with different dietary needs, the pizzeria ensures that everyone feels included and valued.

Nourishing with Pizza: Nutrition at Round Table Pizza Buffet

Quality Ingredients: The Foundation of Nutritious Pizzas

Round Table Pizza Buffet believes that great pizzas begin with great ingredients. The pizzeria carefully selects fresh and high-quality produce, sourced from local farmers whenever possible. The vegetables are packed with essential vitamins and minerals, contributing to the overall nutritional value of the pizzas.

From juicy tomatoes to vibrant bell peppers, the colorful medley of vegetables not only adds to the visual appeal of the pizzas but also provides essential nutrients that nourish the body. With a focus on quality ingredients, Round Table Pizza Buffet strikes the perfect balance between flavor and nutrition.

Mindful Sauces: Balancing Flavor and Health

Sauce is a crucial component of any pizza, and Round Table Pizza Buffet takes pride in creating thoughtfully prepared sauces that enhance the pizza experience. While some may assume that pizza sauces are laden with sugars and unhealthy additives, this pizzeria offers sauces that strike a perfect balance between flavor and health.

The sauces are crafted from ripe tomatoes and a blend of herbs and spices, without the excessive use of added sugars or artificial ingredients. By opting for healthier sauce options, Round Table Pizza Buffet ensures that customers can enjoy the rich and robust flavors of the pizza without sacrificing their nutritional goals.

Customization: Empowering Health-Conscious Choices

At Round Table Pizza Buffet, pizza lovers have the power to customize their pizzas, catering to their unique nutritional needs and preferences. Whether you’re following a specific diet or simply looking for healthier choices, the pizzeria offers an array of options to suit every individual.

For those seeking a lighter option, there are plenty of vegetable toppings and lean protein choices available. Opt for a whole wheat or gluten-free crust for a heartier and more nutritious base. The custom pizza approach empowers health-conscious diners to create a pizza that aligns with their wellness goals.

Moderation and Balance: Enjoying Pizza Mindfully

While Round Table Pizza Buffet takes great care to offer nutritious options, they also advocate for a balanced approach to enjoying pizza. As with any indulgent food, moderation is key. Pizza can be part of a balanced diet when enjoyed as part of an overall healthy eating plan.

By combining the flavors and textures of the pizza with a side of fresh salads or steamed vegetables, customers can create a well-rounded meal that nourishes the body and satisfies the palate. The pizzeria encourages mindful eating, savoring each bite and appreciating the nourishing qualities of the carefully prepared ingredients.

Must-Taste Pizzas: Signature Slices at Round Table Pizza Buffet

The Classic Supreme: A Timeless Favorite

The Classic Supreme is a true crowd-pleaser, loved by pizza connoisseurs of all ages. This iconic pizza brings together a harmonious blend of flavors, featuring a generous assortment of savory pepperoni, smoky Italian sausage, fresh mushrooms, crisp green bell peppers, and zesty red onions.

Topped with a medley of black olives and sweet Roma tomatoes, the Classic Supreme captures the essence of the traditional pizza experience. Its perfect balance of toppings and the signature hand-tossed crust make it a must-taste pizza for those seeking a timeless and satisfying slice.

King Arthur’s Supreme: A Regal Feast

For pizza enthusiasts seeking a pizza fit for royalty, King Arthur’s Supreme is the perfect choice. This regal feast of flavors starts with a rich and creamy garlic sauce, which serves as the canvas for an indulgent combination of tender chicken, smoky bacon, and sweet pineapple.

To add a royal touch, King Arthur’s Supreme is crowned with a blend of premium cheeses, including mozzarella, cheddar, and creamy white sauce. Each bite of this gourmet delight is a journey through layers of flavors, making it a must-taste pizza for those with a taste for the extraordinary.

BBQ Chicken: A Sweet and Savory Delight

The BBQ Chicken pizza at Round Table Pizza Buffet is a delightful fusion of sweet and savory tastes. This culinary masterpiece features tender grilled chicken, marinated in a smoky and tangy barbecue sauce that tantalizes the taste buds.

Topped with red onions and fresh cilantro, the BBQ Chicken pizza is a delightful balance of flavors and textures. The thin crust serves as the perfect foundation for this sweet and savory delight, making it a must-taste pizza for those craving a taste sensation like no other.

Maui Zaui: A Tropical Escape

If you’re in the mood for a tropical escape, the Maui Zaui pizza is the perfect choice. Inspired by the flavors of the Hawaiian islands, this pizza transports you to a paradise of tastes and textures.

The Maui Zaui pizza features succulent ham, crisp bacon, and juicy pineapple, harmoniously mingling with the perfect blend of mozzarella and white sauce. The unique combination of sweet and salty flavors makes this pizza a must-taste for those seeking a taste of the tropics.

Beyond Pizzas: The Complete Buffet Experience at Round Table Pizza

A Feast of Flavors: Pizza Choices Galore

At the heart of the buffet experience lies an impressive selection of pizzas that tantalize the taste buds. From classic favorites to gourmet creations, Round Table Pizza boasts an array of flavors that cater to every pizza lover’s palate.

The buffet counter is a visual delight, displaying a colorful assortment of freshly baked pizzas. The alluring aroma of the pizzas fills the air, drawing guests in to explore the symphony of flavors. Whether you’re in the mood for a classic Margherita, a meat lover’s dream, or a vegetable-inspired delight, the buffet offers a slice for every craving.

Salad Sensations: Fresh and Nutritious Greens

Beyond the pizzas, Round Table Pizza’s buffet takes the experience to another level with a selection of fresh and nutritious salads. The salad bar is a medley of vibrant greens, crisp vegetables, and an array of dressings that elevate the taste of every bite.

Guests can create their own custom salads, mixing and matching a variety of ingredients to suit their taste preferences. The salad options provide a refreshing contrast to the savory goodness of the pizzas, making the buffet experience a wholesome and balanced affair.

Appetizers and Sides: Complementing the Feast

The complete buffet experience at Round Table Pizza goes beyond pizzas and salads. The buffet table also features a tempting array of appetizers and sides that complement the main course and add an extra layer of enjoyment to the meal.

From the classic garlic breadsticks, warm and buttery, to the crispy and flavorful chicken wings, there’s something for everyone to savor. The appetizers and sides add a burst of flavors and textures to the dining experience, ensuring that guests are spoiled for choice and satisfaction.

Sweet Endings: Dessert Delights

No buffet experience is complete without a sweet ending, and Round Table Pizza’s buffet has just the treat for that. The dessert section features an array of delectable delights that cater to the sweet tooth in all of us.

Indulge in warm cinnamon twists, sprinkled with a generous dusting of cinnamon sugar, or savor the classic sweetness of apple crisp. These dessert options provide a delightful finish to the feast, leaving guests with a sense of contentment and happiness.

Celebrating with Pizza: Events and Gatherings at Round Table Pizza Buffet

A Welcoming Space for Celebrations

Step inside Round Table Pizza Buffet, and you’ll immediately feel the warm and inviting ambiance that sets the stage for celebration. The spacious and tastefully decorated dining area provides ample seating for groups of all sizes, making it an ideal venue for birthday parties, family gatherings, team events, and more.

The friendly and attentive staff at Round Table Pizza Buffet are always ready to welcome guests with genuine smiles, adding to the sense of comfort and joy. Whether you’re celebrating a milestone or simply enjoying a casual get-together, the pizzeria’s inviting atmosphere elevates the experience.

Events Catered to Perfection

Round Table Pizza Buffet goes above and beyond to ensure that every event is an unforgettable one. The pizzeria offers event catering services that allow hosts to focus on enjoying the celebration while leaving the culinary details in the capable hands of the pizza chefs.

From corporate gatherings to sports team parties, the event catering team at Round Table Pizza Buffet curates a delicious spread that caters to the unique preferences and dietary needs of the guests. The customizable menu options ensure that every guest finds something to savor and enjoy.

Pizza, Fun, and Smiles

Pizza has a magical ability to bring smiles to faces and create a sense of camaraderie. Round Table Pizza Buffet recognizes this and offers a variety of pizza choices to cater to diverse tastes. Whether it’s the classic pepperoni for the young ones, a gourmet pizza for the adventurous foodies, or a gluten-free option for guests with dietary restrictions, the pizzeria has something for everyone.

The joy of sharing a pizza meal is not just about the food; it’s about the experience of bonding with loved ones over a communal feast. Round Table Pizza Buffet provides the perfect setting for these cherished moments, where laughter and conversation flow freely.

Embracing Community Celebrations

Round Table Pizza Buffet believes in being an integral part of the community it serves. Beyond hosting private events, the pizzeria actively participates in local celebrations and milestones, becoming a gathering place for the community to come together.

From school fundraisers to community meet-ups, Round Table Pizza Buffet opens its doors to support and celebrate the people who make the community thrive. The pizzeria’s commitment to inclusivity and togetherness extends beyond its walls, making it a beloved local hub.


Round Table Pizza Buffet is not just a place to enjoy delicious pizzas; it’s a venue for celebrating life’s special moments and fostering a sense of togetherness. With its welcoming ambiance, event catering services, and diverse pizza choices, the pizzeria creates the perfect setting for birthdays, family gatherings, team events, and community celebrations.

The joy of sharing pizza and creating lasting memories is at the heart of Round Table Pizza Buffet’s mission. Every event becomes an unforgettable experience, filled with laughter, smiles, and the sense of togetherness that pizza uniquely brings.

So, the next time you’re planning a celebration or simply want to bask in the joy of communal dining, head to Round Table Pizza Buffet. Join the countless others who have experienced the magic of celebrating with pizza at this cherished pizzeria. Indulge in the delectable pizzas, relish the warmth of the ambiance, and celebrate life’s beautiful moments with the ones who matter most.

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