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Regular Salad

Choose your base and pick from over 50 toppings, then customize it with our signature salad dressings and proteins, including vegan and gluten-free options. Salads are served with multigrain croissants or baked pita chips.Due to supply shortages, some items may be temporarily unavailable. We apologize for any inconvenience.
Kids Meal - No Protein$10.00
Kids Meal - Protein$10.00
Small Salad$10.30
WrapBuild your own wrap by choosing from over 50 toppings, then customize it with our signature dressings and consider adding on proteins, including vegan options, all tossed together and served in your choice of tortilla.Due to supply shortages, some wrap flavors may be temporarily unavailable. We apologize for any inconvenience.Due to supply shortages, some items may be temporarily unavailable. We apologize for any inconvenience.$11.03
Kid's Meal$7.96
Kid's Meal with ProteinKids Meal is served “bento box” style and kids have their choice of one protein, four toppings, and one dipping sauce. All Kids Meals are served with bread and a juice box.$8.30


Tomato Basil$3.20
Add Avocado$1.96
Add Croissant$1.27
Add Baked Pita Strips$1.27


Chocolate Chip Cookie190 calories.$1.55
White Chocolate Macadamia Cookie200 calories.$1.53
Oatmeal Raisin Cookie170 calories.$1.54
Peanut Butter Cookie$1.52
Pumpkin Puff Cookie$1.61


Peach Lemonade$3.01
Raspberry Lemonade$3.00
Prickly Pear Limeade$3.01
Plum Cinnamon Tea$2.97
Tropical Green Tea$3.02
Sparkling Water$3.70
Black China Tea$2.98
Juice Box$1.85
Bottled Water$2.42

Unraveling Salata’s History: The Journey from Concept to Salad Revolution

The Seed of Inspiration

The story of Salata began with the seed of inspiration planted in the mind of Berge Simonian, the founder and visionary behind the concept. Berge, an avid traveler and food enthusiast, noticed a gap in the fast-food landscape. Despite the demand for healthier options, salad choices were often limited and lacked creativity. This observation sparked an idea – to create a space where salads would take center stage and people could craft their own flavorful masterpieces.

Cultivating the Concept

With the seed of inspiration firmly in place, Berge and his team set out to cultivate the concept of Salata. Extensive research and planning went into every aspect of the restaurant, from the menu offerings to the store design. The goal was to create a welcoming space where guests could enjoy fresh, delicious, and customized salads in a fast and convenient manner.

A Symphony of Fresh Ingredients

At the heart of Salata’s success lies its commitment to fresh ingredients. From crisp greens to an array of toppings and dressings, every element is carefully selected to ensure the highest quality and flavor. Salata’s philosophy revolves around delivering a symphony of fresh ingredients that not only tantalize the taste buds but also nourish the body.

Empowering Salad Creators

Salata’s innovative concept empowers guests to become salad creators. With a diverse range of ingredients, patrons can build their salads to suit their preferences and dietary needs. This customization aspect quickly became a hit, as guests reveled in the freedom to craft unique and flavorful salads that catered to their individual tastes.

Sourcing with Purpose

Salata’s commitment to quality extends beyond the restaurant’s walls. The brand embraces sustainable and responsible sourcing practices, supporting local farmers and producers whenever possible. By sourcing with purpose, Salata not only ensures the freshest ingredients but also contributes positively to the communities it serves.

A Growing Salad Movement

From its humble beginnings, Salata’s fresh and flavorful concept resonated with diners across the nation. The brand’s popularity grew, and new locations began to sprout, spreading the salad movement to new communities. With every new opening, Salata continued to win over hearts and taste buds with its dedication to excellence.

The Salata Difference: Unique Ingredients and Freshness Philosophy

The Power of Freshness

At the core of Salata’s philosophy is the belief in the power of freshness. From the crisp lettuce leaves to the juicy tomatoes and vibrant vegetables, every ingredient is carefully sourced and handled with utmost care. The commitment to using fresh produce is evident in every bite, elevating the salad experience to a whole new level.

An Array of Unique Ingredients

Salata takes pride in offering an array of unique and flavorful ingredients. Beyond the usual salad fixings, guests can explore a wide selection of toppings, proteins, and dressings. From sun-dried tomatoes to roasted corn and quinoa, the choices are endless, allowing salad creators to craft personalized salads that cater to their taste preferences.

Seasonal Sensations

Embracing the seasons and the flavors they bring is another way Salata adds a special touch to their salads. The restaurant introduces seasonal ingredients to their menu, ensuring that guests can enjoy the freshest and most delightful flavors of each season. These seasonal sensations keep the menu dynamic and exciting, encouraging patrons to return for new culinary adventures.

Artistry in Combinations

Salata’s salads are not just a random collection of ingredients but artistry in combinations. The culinary team at Salata skillfully curates ingredient pairings that complement and enhance each other’s flavors. Whether it’s the harmony of tangy feta cheese with sweet cranberries or the earthiness of roasted beets paired with fresh avocado, each salad is a symphony of taste.

Catering to Diverse Tastes

Recognizing the diverse tastes and dietary preferences of its guests, Salata ensures that there’s something for everyone. With gluten-free, vegan, and protein-packed options, the menu caters to a wide range of dietary needs. This inclusivity creates an inviting space where guests can come together to enjoy a salad experience that suits their individual choices.

Dressings that Delight

Salata’s dressings are more than just an afterthought; they are an essential part of the flavor journey. The restaurant offers a delightful selection of house-made dressings that complement the salads perfectly. From tangy balsamic vinaigrette to creamy avocado ranch, each dressing enhances the taste of the ingredients, adding a burst of flavor to every bite.

Customization as a Superpower

Perhaps the most significant aspect of the Salata difference is the superpower of customization. Guests have the freedom to create their salads, adding or omitting ingredients as they desire. This customization aspect not only empowers patrons but also ensures that every salad is a unique reflection of their tastes and preferences.

Creating the Perfect Bowl: A Step-by-Step Guide to Salata’s Salad Crafting Process

The Canvas of Fresh Greens

The foundation of every great salad is a bed of fresh greens. At Salata, guests have a choice of crisp lettuce varieties, from romaine to spinach and arugula. These vibrant greens provide the canvas on which the salad’s flavors and textures will come to life.

An Array of Vibrant Toppings

With the canvas set, it’s time to add a splash of color and flavor with a selection of vibrant toppings. Salata offers an impressive array of toppings, from crunchy cucumbers and juicy tomatoes to tangy olives and zesty peppers. Guests can choose as many toppings as they desire, giving their salad a delightful medley of tastes and textures.

Wholesome Proteins

For those seeking a protein-packed salad, Salata has a variety of wholesome options. Grilled chicken, tender shrimp, and savory tofu are just a few of the choices available. The proteins not only add a satisfying element to the salad but also contribute to its overall nutritional value.

Nuts, Seeds, and More

To add a touch of crunch and extra nourishment, guests can opt for nuts and seeds. From sliced almonds to pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds, these small but mighty additions enhance the salad’s texture and flavor, creating a well-rounded and wholesome experience.

Dressing to Perfection

The dressing is the final touch that brings all the salad’s components together. Salata offers a variety of house-made dressings, each with its unique flavor profile. Whether you prefer a tangy vinaigrette or a creamy ranch, the dressing is the key to elevating the salad from good to exceptional.

The Power of Customization

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of the salad crafting process at Salata is the power of customization. Guests have the freedom to create a salad that suits their exact preferences and dietary needs. The process is entirely guided by the individual’s choices, making each salad a unique and personalized creation.

Sustainability at Salata: Eco-friendly Practices and Ingredient Sourcing

A Greener Path to Sourcing

At the heart of Salata’s sustainability efforts lies its commitment to responsible ingredient sourcing. The restaurant goes the extra mile to ensure that the produce used in its salads comes from reputable suppliers who adhere to ethical and environmentally friendly practices. From local farmers to trusted partners, Salata works with those who share the same vision of sustainability.

Farm-to-Table Freshness

One of the ways Salata embraces sustainability is by promoting the farm-to-table concept. By sourcing fresh produce directly from local farmers, the restaurant reduces its carbon footprint and supports local communities. This farm-to-table approach ensures that each salad is not only bursting with flavor but also contributes positively to the environment and local economies.

Waste Reduction Initiatives

Salata is committed to reducing food waste and employs various initiatives to achieve this goal. The restaurant carefully plans and manages its inventory to minimize waste, ensuring that each ingredient is used efficiently. Additionally, Salata encourages its guests to make mindful choices when customizing their salads, helping to reduce plate waste.

Composting for a Circular Economy

To further its sustainability efforts, Salata practices composting. Food waste is collected and composted, diverting it from landfills and transforming it into nutrient-rich soil. This circular economy approach not only reduces waste but also enriches the soil, contributing to a more sustainable and regenerative food system.

Energy Conservation

Salata places great importance on energy conservation. The restaurant implements energy-efficient practices in its operations, such as using LED lighting and optimizing HVAC systems. These measures not only reduce the restaurant’s energy consumption but also lower its carbon footprint, contributing to a greener environment.

Eco-friendly Packaging

Another aspect of Salata’s sustainability focus is its commitment to eco-friendly packaging. The restaurant uses biodegradable and compostable containers and utensils, minimizing the use of single-use plastics. By opting for sustainable packaging options, Salata takes another step towards reducing its environmental impact.

Genuine Customer Reflections: Real Reviews and Memorable Moments at Salata

A Symphony of Flavors

For many guests, visiting Salata is like embarking on a flavor adventure. With a vast array of fresh ingredients and toppings to choose from, each visit promises a unique and delicious symphony of flavors. From the first bite to the last, guests are captivated by the harmony of tastes that come together in every bowl.

One customer shares, “Salata is a true flavor playground! I always leave feeling like I’ve just experienced a culinary adventure. The combinations are endless, and I love discovering new flavors with each visit.”

Empowerment through Customization

Salata’s customization approach has become a beloved aspect of the dining experience. Guests relish the opportunity to create salads that perfectly suit their tastes and dietary preferences. Whether they opt for a protein-packed bowl or a veggie-filled delight, the power of customization empowers guests to design salads that are uniquely theirs.

A happy customer exclaims, “I love the freedom to customize my salad! It’s like being an artist – I get to create a masterpiece that satisfies my cravings and nourishes my body. Salata is my go-to place for a personalized and delicious meal.”

Nourishment and Satisfying Portions

Beyond the delightful flavors, Salata is cherished for its commitment to nourishing and satisfying portions. Guests appreciate the generous servings of fresh ingredients that leave them feeling both nourished and satisfied. This focus on quality and quantity has earned Salata a special place in the hearts of health-conscious diners.

Another satisfied guest remarks, “Salata knows how to fill you up with goodness! The portions are perfect – enough to satisfy my appetite and leave me feeling energized. It’s refreshing to find a restaurant that cares about both taste and nourishment.”

Warm Hospitality and Welcoming Spaces

At Salata, the warm hospitality and welcoming spaces create an inviting atmosphere for guests. From the friendly staff to the clean and well-designed interiors, the restaurant offers a delightful dining environment that makes every visit feel like a special occasion.

A customer shares, “The friendly smiles and welcoming ambiance make Salata a place where I feel comfortable and appreciated. It’s not just about the food; it’s the whole experience that keeps me coming back.”

A Place for Gatherings and Connections

Salata has become more than just a place to enjoy a healthy meal; it’s a gathering spot for friends, families, and colleagues. Guests cherish the opportunity to come together over a shared love for fresh and flavorful salads, creating cherished memories with their loved ones.

One guest fondly remembers, “Salata is our go-to spot for family gatherings. We all have different tastes, and Salata’s customization allows us to create salads that cater to each person’s preferences. It’s a place where we can bond over good food and good times.”

Mastering the Mix: Tips and Tricks from Salata’s Expert Salad Chefs

Start with the Freshest Greens

The foundation of any great salad is fresh and crisp greens. Salad chefs at Salata emphasize the importance of using the freshest lettuce and greens as the base of every bowl. Whether it’s romaine, spinach, or a mix of baby greens, starting with fresh and vibrant greens sets the stage for a delicious salad experience.

Balance the Flavors

Achieving the perfect balance of flavors is an essential skill for salad chefs. A well-crafted salad should have a harmonious blend of sweet, savory, tangy, and even crunchy elements. Salad chefs at Salata achieve this balance by combining a variety of toppings, such as sweet dried cranberries, tangy feta cheese, and crunchy nuts, to create a symphony of flavors.

Texture Matters

Texture plays a crucial role in elevating a salad from ordinary to extraordinary. Expert salad chefs at Salata understand the importance of adding different textures to each bowl. They achieve this by incorporating ingredients like roasted chickpeas for crunch, avocado for creaminess, and cucumbers for a refreshing bite.

Don’t Forget the Protein

Protein is an essential component of a satisfying and nourishing salad. Salad chefs at Salata recommend adding a protein source to every bowl, whether it’s grilled chicken, shrimp, tofu, or a combination of beans. Protein not only adds depth to the salad but also helps keep diners full and energized.

Dressing with Precision

Dressing is the final touch that brings the salad together. Salad chefs at Salata understand the importance of dressing with precision. They recommend adding dressing gradually, tossing the salad gently to ensure even distribution. The dressing should complement the flavors of the ingredients without overpowering them.

Embrace the Art of Tossing

Tossing the salad is an art that requires a gentle touch. Expert salad chefs at Salata have mastered the art of tossing salads to ensure that every ingredient is evenly coated with dressing. Tossing also allows the flavors to meld, creating a cohesive and delightful salad experience.

Presentation Matters

Finally, presentation matters when it comes to crafting a visually appealing salad. Salad chefs at Salata pay attention to the arrangement of ingredients in the bowl, ensuring that each component is showcased beautifully. A well-presented salad not only whets the appetite but also enhances the overall dining experience.

Salata Expansions: The Brand’s Growth and Presence Across the States

The Seed of Growth

The story of Salata’s expansions began with a single seed planted in Texas. The founders’ vision of creating a salad experience that goes beyond the ordinary resonated with salad enthusiasts in the Lone Star State. The success of the first Salata location laid the foundation for growth, inspiring the brand to share its vibrant flavors with salad lovers nationwide.

Branching Out to New States

As word of Salata’s exceptional salads and customization options spread, the demand for expansion grew. Salata branched out to neighboring states, reaching salad enthusiasts in places like Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Georgia. With each new location, the brand introduced fresh ingredients and delicious dressings to captivate taste buds beyond Texas.

Embracing the West Coast

The West Coast beckoned, and Salata heeded the call. The brand’s expansion took it to sunny California, where fresh and healthy eating is celebrated. Salata’s arrival on the West Coast delighted health-conscious diners, who welcomed the flavorful salads and nourishing bowls with open arms.

Savoring the East Coast

Salata’s journey of growth didn’t stop on the West Coast. The East Coast soon experienced the salad revolution as Salata expanded to states like Florida, North Carolina, and Virginia. From the bustling streets of Miami to the historic charm of Richmond, Salata’s presence continued to leave a lasting impression.

A Flourishing Midwest Presence

The heartland of America embraced Salata’s fresh approach to salads and wholesome ingredients. The brand expanded its presence to states like Illinois and Missouri, winning the loyalty of Midwesterners with every flavorful bite.

Spreading Goodness to the Mountain States

The mountain states also witnessed the arrival of Salata, as the brand expanded to Colorado. Salata’s presence in the Rockies brought a burst of freshness and flavor to the thriving culinary scene of the region.

A National Salad Celebration

Today, Salata’s expansions have turned it into a national salad celebration. With locations spanning from coast to coast, the brand’s reach continues to grow, capturing the hearts and taste buds of salad enthusiasts all over the country. Salata’s commitment to quality, sustainability, and customization has become a beacon of excellence in the fast-casual dining landscape.

Nutrition Front and Center: Health Benefits and Nutritional Breakdown of Salata’s Offerings

A Bounty of Fresh Ingredients

At the core of Salata’s offerings is an abundant selection of fresh ingredients. From a variety of vibrant greens to an array of colorful vegetables, every bowl is brimming with essential nutrients. Salata’s commitment to using fresh produce ensures that you’re getting a wide range of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants in every bite.

The Power of Protein

Protein is a crucial macronutrient that supports various functions in the body. Salata understands the importance of protein and offers an assortment of options to suit different dietary preferences. Whether you choose grilled chicken, shrimp, tofu, or beans, the protein-packed offerings at Salata provide sustained energy and aid in muscle repair and growth.

Healthy Fats for Satiety

Salata incorporates healthy fats into its offerings to enhance satiety and flavor. Avocado, nuts, and seeds are among the sources of healthy fats that you can add to your salad. These fats are essential for nutrient absorption and contribute to a feeling of fullness, keeping hunger at bay.

Fiber for Digestive Health

Fiber plays a vital role in supporting digestive health. Salata’s offerings are rich in fiber, thanks to the abundance of vegetables and other wholesome ingredients. A fiber-rich diet promotes regular bowel movements, helps maintain a healthy gut, and may reduce the risk of certain chronic diseases.

Low-Calorie Options

For those mindful of their calorie intake, Salata offers low-calorie options that don’t compromise on flavor or nutrition. With an extensive range of vegetables and lean proteins, you can create a satisfying and nutrient-dense meal without exceeding your calorie goals.

Customization for Nutritional Balance

Salata’s customization approach allows you to tailor your salad to meet your specific nutritional needs and preferences. Whether you’re following a specific diet or have dietary restrictions, Salata empowers you to create a salad that strikes the perfect nutritional balance for your unique requirements.

Salata in the Community: Charitable Endeavors and Local Partnerships

Feeding the Hungry

Salata recognizes the issue of food insecurity that affects many communities. To address this pressing concern, Salata participates in food drives and partners with local food banks and hunger-relief organizations. Through these partnerships, the restaurant helps provide nutritious meals to those in need, nourishing bodies and spirits alike.

Supporting Health and Wellness

Promoting health and wellness is a core value at Salata, and the brand extends this commitment to the community. In collaboration with health organizations and nonprofits, Salata supports initiatives that aim to improve community well-being. From sponsoring health fairs to hosting wellness workshops, Salata plays an active role in enhancing the health of its neighbors.

Empowering Education

Education is a powerful tool for building a brighter future, and Salata believes in empowering the next generation through knowledge. The brand partners with schools and educational programs to support initiatives that enhance learning opportunities for students. From fundraisers for school supplies to mentorship programs, Salata invests in the potential of young minds.

Fostering Environmental Stewardship

Salata’s commitment to sustainability extends to fostering environmental stewardship within the community. By partnering with local environmental organizations, Salata participates in clean-up events and conservation projects that protect natural resources and promote eco-friendly practices. These efforts not only benefit the environment but also inspire community members to adopt sustainable habits.

Supporting Local Causes

As a community-focused brand, Salata prioritizes supporting local causes and organizations. Whether it’s a neighborhood fundraiser, a community event, or a charitable initiative initiated by residents, Salata eagerly lends its support. By aligning with local causes, Salata strengthens its bond with the community and contributes to the betterment of the places it calls home.

Recognizing Local Heroes

Salata recognizes the invaluable contributions of local heroes who go above and beyond to serve the community. From first responders to teachers, Salata honors these unsung heroes through special promotions, discounts, and recognition events. By celebrating the efforts of local heroes, Salata spreads positivity and appreciation throughout the community.

The Future Leaf: Upcoming Innovations and What’s Next for Salata

Culinary Explorations

Salata’s dedication to culinary excellence drives its ongoing culinary explorations. The brand’s team of talented chefs are constantly experimenting with new ingredients, flavors, and culinary techniques to elevate the salad experience to new heights. From sourcing unique global ingredients to developing innovative dressings and marinades, Salata’s culinary explorations promise to surprise and delight salad enthusiasts.

Expanding the Plant-Based Options

The demand for plant-based options is on the rise, and Salata is rising to the occasion. As more diners embrace plant-forward diets, Salata is expanding its plant-based offerings to cater to a diverse range of preferences. Expect an exciting array of plant-based proteins, creative plant-powered salads, and delightful veggie-packed bowls that celebrate the vibrant goodness of nature.

Embracing Sustainability

Salata’s commitment to sustainability is an integral part of its vision for the future. With a focus on eco-friendly practices and responsible ingredient sourcing, Salata aims to reduce its environmental footprint and inspire positive change within the industry. Look forward to more sustainable packaging, reduced food waste, and partnerships with organizations dedicated to environmental conservation.

Digital Innovation

In today’s digital age, technology plays a significant role in enhancing the dining experience. Salata is embracing digital innovation to make ordering, customization, and rewards programs more seamless and enjoyable for guests. Expect the convenience of mobile ordering, personalized loyalty rewards, and interactive menus that cater to individual preferences.

Community Engagement

As Salata continues to grow, community engagement remains a core value. The brand’s commitment to nurturing the community will see the expansion of charitable endeavors, local partnerships, and initiatives that support health and education. Salata’s involvement in community-driven projects will further strengthen its bond with the neighborhoods it serves.

Embracing Global Flavors

The world is a vast and flavorful pantry, and Salata is eager to explore global tastes. Embracing diverse culinary traditions, Salata will infuse its menu with an exciting array of global flavors, spices, and ingredients. From Mediterranean-inspired bowls to Asian-infused dressings, Salata’s menu will become a global fusion of tastes and cultures.

Creating Memorable Experiences

In conclusion, the future leaf of Salata promises to be a captivating journey of innovation and delightful experiences. As the brand pioneers the salad revolution, culinary explorations, plant-based options, sustainability, digital innovation, community engagement, and global flavors will take center stage. Salata’s commitment to providing fresh and flavorful dining experiences will continue to inspire and nourish salad enthusiasts, making each visit a memorable adventure of taste and nourishment.

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