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Salt Bae Restaurant Prices With The Unique Dish You May Never Have Experience

If you are into the restaurant business, you might know the famous Restaurant Salt Bae or Nusret Gökçe. When the celebrity Chef topic is discussed, the guy’s name always comes into the discussion. 

The Chef and restaurant owner are always seen in stylish attire cooking meat on the barbeque. People love his style of making food and serving it on the table with style. So many celebrities have visited the Sal Bae and tried their unique dishes. 

On top of that, the Salt Bae is a signature move that people like the most. His way of adding the ingredient on top of the meat is what looks like fancy items that you may never have tried before. 

Many top actors worldwide, Hollywood stars, footballers like Messy, and wealthy business people visit the place to enjoy the ambiance and special treatment the owner offers. 

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Here Are The Latest And Updated Salt Bae Restaurant Menu Prices


Picked for you

Nusret Wagyu Burger (Picked for you) 7 oz Wagyu patty , caramelized onion , cheddar cheese. Served with fries and 1 soft drink. (Picked for you)$29.95
Baklava (Picked for you) Authentic Pistachio Baklava. (Picked for you)$25.00
Saltbae Burger (Picked for you) 6.3oz patty topped with blue cheese sauce and crispy onion with home made burger bun. Served with fries and 1 soft drink. (Picked for you)$24.95
Nusret Special Salad (Picked for you) Garden greens, cherry tomatoes walnuts, goat cheese, black raisin, and pomegranate molasses. (Picked for you)$28.00
Sirt (Serves 2) (Picked for you) 14oz Beef Tenderloin, marinated with mustard. Served with 1 Salad & 2 Sides. Please pick your choices below. (Picked for you)$140.00

Stay Home Special

Istanbul Steak (Serves 2) 10.5oz Thick Cut Striploin. Served with 1 Salad and 2 Sides Please pick your choices below.$100.00
Sirt (Serves 2) 14oz Beef Tenderloin, marinated with mustard. Served with 1 Salad & 2 Sides. Please pick your choices below.$140.00
Sirt (Serves 3) 21oz Beef Tenderloin, marinated with mustard. Served with 1 Salad & 2 Sides and 1 Dessert (Baklava). Please pick your choices below.$210.00
Ottoman Steak (Serves 3) 40oz Bone-In Ribeye, marinated with mustard. Served with 1 Salad & 2 Sides and 1 Dessert (Baklava). Please pick your choices below.$190.00
Saltbae Tomahawk (Serves 3) 40oz American Wagyu Bone-In Ribeye, highly marbled, marinated with mustard. Served with 1 Salad & 2 Sides and 1 Dessert (Baklava). Please pick your choices below.$275.00
Amor (Serves 2) 26.5oz Wagyu Rib Cap marinated with mustard Served with 1 Salad & 2 Sides and 1 Dessert (Baklava). Please pick your choices below.$350.00
Amor (Serves 3) 35oz Wagyu Rib Cap marinated with mustard. Served with 1 Salad & 2 Sides and 2 Dessert (Baklava). Please pick your choices below.$450.00
Amor (Serves 4) 44oz Wagyu Rib Cap marinated with mustard. Served with 1 Salad & 2 Sides and 2 Dessert (Baklava). Please pick your choices below.$550.00
Gold Istanbul Steak 10.5oz American Wagyu Striploin. Served with 1 Salad & 2 Sides and 1 Gold Dessert (Baklava) Please pick your choices below.$590.00
8 Hours Roasted Asado (Serves 2) 46oz Short Rib Roasted to Perfection for 8 Hours Served with 1 Salad & 2 Sides. Please pick your choices below.$150.00
8 Hours Roasted Asado (Serves 3) 69oz Short Rib Roasted to Perfection for 8 Hours Served with 1 Salad & 2 Sides and 1 Dessert (Baklava). Please pick your choices below.$195.00
8 Hours Roasted Asado (Serves 4) 92oz Short Rib Roasted to Perfection for 8 Hours Served with 1 Salad & 2 Sides and 2 Dessert (Baklava). Please pick your choices below.$250.00
8 Hours Roasted Asado (Serves 5) 115oz Short Rib Roasted to Perfection for 8 Hours Served with 1 Salad & 2 Sides and 2 Dessert (Baklava). Please pick your choices below.$295.00

Starters ,Burgers & Sandwiches

Saslik Wagyu Beef Tenderloin Marinated with Shallots Served with 1 Side. Please pick your choices below.$70.00
Meatball with Cheese Char grilled meatball served with French fries.$39.95
Nusret Wagyu Burger 7 oz Wagyu patty , caramelized onion , cheddar cheese. Served with fries and 1 soft drink.$29.95
Saltbae Burger 6.3oz patty topped with blue cheese sauce and crispy onion with home made burger bun. Served with fries and 1 soft drink$24.95


Nusret Special Salad Garden greens, cherry tomatoes walnuts, goat cheese, black raisin, and pomegranate molasses.$28.00
Ottoman Salad Tomato, walnut, onion, Anaheim pepper, parsley, chili flakes, and pomegranate vinaigrette.$28.00


Mashed Potato$19.00
Creamy Spinach$19.00
Sauteed Broccoli$19.00
Sauteed Mushrooms$19.00
Herb Crusted Fries$15.00


Baklava Authentic Pistachio Baklava$25.00

Soft Drinks

Diet Coke$4.95

Starters & Salads

Beef Carpaccio (Arugula, Fresh Parmigiano-Reggiano, Olive Oil, 12-Year Aged Balsamic Vinegar, Mustard, Salt And Pepper)$31.00
Nusr-Et Special Salad (Our Signature Salad! Garden Greens, Walnut, Green Apple, Local Goat Cheese, Black Raisin, Dried Cranberries, Cherry Tomato, Pomegranate Seeds, Olive Oil And Pomegranate Molasses Dressing)$24.00
Meat Sushi (Thin Sliced New York Strip, Sushi Rice, Fresh Parmigiano-Reggiano, Avocado Cream & Crispy Potato Served With Soy Sauce & Ginger)$21.00
Steak Tartar (Dijon Mustard, Shallots, Capers, Chili Sauce, Cognac, Olive Oil & Crispy Potato)$29.00
Fresh Burrata & Heirloom Tomatoes (Basil, Pesto, Arugula, & Fresh Local Burrata)$24.00
Tomato Walnut Salad (Tomato, Walnut, Onion, Parsley, Chili Flakes, Paprika, Sumac & Pomegranate Dressing)$24.00
Baby Arugula & Avocado Salad (Cherry Tomatoes, Parmesan, Avocado, Pine Nuts, Orange, Arugula & Balsamic Dressing)$24.00
Caesar Salad (Baby Romaine Lettuce, Parmesan Cheese, Garlic Crouton, Caeser Dressing)$24.00

Seafood Starters

Market Oysters (This Week Featuring Wild Malpeque From Prince Edwards Island)

1/2 Dozen$29.00
Salmon Tartar (Ginger, Capers, Celery, Green Apple, Grilled Pineapple, Avocado, Lime Vin. And Quinoa)$29.00
Seafood Platter (Cocktail Shrimp, Oysters, King Crab Leg, Salmon Tartare With Red Wine Vinaigratte And Cocktail Sauce)$125.00
Saltbae Crab Cake (Crab Meat, Roasted Sweet Pepper Sauce, Tropical Fruit Salsa)$49.00
Grilled Prawns (Shell On Prawns Served With Home-Made Tropical Salsa)$55.00
Crispy Kataifi Prawns (Crispy Fried Kadifa Shrimp Served With House Made Sriracha Mayo)$50.00
Salmon Bae Roll$35.00
Shrimp Kataifi Roll$35.00
King Crab Roll$40.00
Alaskan King Crab Legs$75.00

From The Char-Grill

Spaghetti (Thinly Sliced Wagyu Striploin)$75.00
Lokum (Thinly Sliced Wagyu Tenderloin)$75.00
Şaşlık (Buttermilk & Spice Marinated Tenderloin Pieces, Shallots)$75.00
Kafes (Whole Rack Of Lamb)$230.00

Sırt (Mustard Marinated Wagyu Tenderloin. Share Cıtır Cıtır!)

For Two$150.00
For Three$225.00
Nusr-Et Wagyu Burger (Caramelized Onion, Cheese, Beef Fume & House-Seasoned French Fries)$35.00

Golden Sırt (24K Gold Coated And Juicy. Share The Ultimate Experience)

For Two$375.00
For Three$495.00
Golden Kafes (24 Karat Gold Wrapped Whole Rack Of Lamb)$875.00

Woww Wagyu Steak (Thick Cut Wagyu Stripoin)

For One Person$95.00
4Lbs For Family Sharing$575.00

Golden Woww Wagyu Steak (24 Karat Gold Coated Wagyu Striploin Hand Selected By Chef)


Saltbae Tomahawk (Highly Marbled, Mustard Marinated Wagyu Bone In Rib-Eye)

For One Person$265.00
4Lbs For Family Sharing$510.00

Saltbae Golden Tomahawk (24 Karat Gold Coated, Highly Marbled Wagyu Tomahawk Hand Selected By Chef)

1 Person$850.00
4Lbs Family Size$1700.00

Asado (8-Hours Roasted, Juicy And Tender Short Ribs)

For Two$130.00
For Three$195.00
For Four$260.00
For Five$325.00

Golden Asado (24 C Gold Coated, Center Cut 8-Hour Roasted. Juicy And Tender Short Ribs For Sharing)

For Two$350.00
For Three$525.00
For Four$700.00
For Five$875.00

Amor (Saltbae’s Private Reserve Cut, House Marinated Wagyu Rib Cap)

For Two$330.00
For Three$430.00
For Four$530.00

Golden Amor (24 Karat Gold Wrapped House-Marinated Wagyu Rib Cap)

For Two$1500.00
For Three$2000.00
For Four$2500.00

Nusr-Et Special (Sliced Tenderloin, Griddled With Butter And Home-Made Baguette. Share The Spectacle)

For Two$200.00
For Three$300.00
For Four$400.00
Golden Burger$180.00


Sous Vide Chicken (Half Chicken Sous Vide In Herbs And Spices Served With Our House Made Mashed Potatoes)$40.00
Grilled Salmon (8Oz Grilled Alaskan Salmon Served With Mashed Potatoes & Asparagus Drizzled With Garlic Herb Butter Topped With Crispy Onions)$55.00
Surf & Turf (10 Oz Ribcap Served With 2 Marinated Shrimp And Mashed Potatoes)$200.00
Prime Filet Mignon$55.00
Butter Poached Lobster (8Oz Butter Poached Lobster Served With Flash Fried Potatoes)$69.00

Sides (Family Style Sides Feeds 1-3 People)

Sautéed Mushrooms (Cremini Musroom, Oyster Mushroom, Portebello Mushroom, Onions All Sauteed In Butter Topped With Rosemary)$18.00
Onion Flower (Spanish Onion Battered With Milk, Eggs, Flour & Bread Crumbs)$18.00
House Fries (House-Seasoned Or Plain)$10.00
Parmesan Truffle Fries$13.00
Sweet Corn (Corn Seasoned With Butter, Garlic, Lime, Yuzu Paste & Paprika)$18.00
Macaroni & Cheese (5 Artisanal Cheeses Blended Together With Shell Pasta And Topped With Garlic Butter Tossed Panko Breadcrumbs) Add Beef Bacon $23.00$18.00
Mashed Potato (Yukon Potatoes, Butter, Cream, Kosher Salt, Cracked Pepper & Topped With Chives)$18.00
Asparagus With Garlic Butter (Asparagus With Garlic Butter & Topped With Micro Greens)$18.00
Creamy Spinach (Spinach Prepared With Cream, Onion, Parmigiano-Reggiano, Kosher Salt & Cracked Pepper)$18.00
Brussels Sprouts (Brussel Sprouts, Blanched And Flash Fried, Served With Beef Bacon, Chives And Salt)$18.00
Grilled Jalapenos With Sea Salt$10.00


Baklava (Our Signature Baklava Flown In From Turkey Served With Maras Ice Cream)$25.00
Golden Baklava (24 Karat Gold Wrapped Pistachio Baklava With Maras Ice Cream)$75.00


Lobster Tail (8Oz Lobster Tail Addition, Add To Any Steak)$59.00
Jumbo Grilled Shrimp (Add 2 Jumnbo Grilled Shimp To Any Steak)$18.00

Golden Feast

Saltbae Golden Tomahawk (24 Karat Gold Coated, Highly Marbled Wagyu Tomahawk)

1 Person$850.00
4Lbs Family Size$1700.00

Golden Istanbul Steak (24 Karat Gold Coated Wagyu Striploin)

Golden Kafes (24 Karat Gold Coated Whole Rack Of Lamb)$875.00

Golden Sırt (24K Gold Coated And Juicy)

For Two$375.00
For Three$495.00

Golden Asado (24 Carat Gold Coated, 8-Hour Roasted. Juicy And Tender Short Ribs To Share)

For Two$350.00
For Three$525.00
For Four$700.00
For Five$875.00

Golden Amor (24 Karat Gold Wrapped House-Marinated Wagyu Rib Cap)

For 2$1500.00
For 3$2000.00
For 4$2500.00
Golden Baklava (24K Gold Coated Signature Baklava With Maras Ice Cream)$75.00
Golden Cappucino$45.00

Wine Selection

Champagne & Sparkling

1001 Taittinger Prestige Rose$200.00
1002 Krug Brut, Reims, France Nv$575.00
1003 Pol Roger Brut, France 2012$200.00
1004 Taittinger "Comtes De Champagne" France 2007$528.00
1005 Dom Perignon Brut 2012, France$800.00
1006 Louis Roederer "Cristal" France 2012-2013$750.00
1007 Armand De Brignac Blanc De Blanc Nv "Ace Of Spades"$1150.00
1008 Armand De Brignac Brut Nv "Ace Of Spades" , France$875.00
1009 Pol Roger Brut Rose , France 2012$300.00
1010 Roederer Estate L`hermitage Anderson Valley, California 2015$160.00
1011 Dom Perignon Rose ,France 2006$985.00
1012 Armand De Brignac Rose "Ace Of Spades" France Nv$1200.00
1013 Pommery Brut Silver , France$150.00
1014 Ruinart Rose, France$280.00




5001 Vincent Girardin Santenay 2015$90.00
5002 Faiveley Les Cazetiers ,Gevrey-Chambertin Burgundy 2017$315.00
5003 Jean-Claude Boisset, Les Greves 1Er Cru Beaune 2016-19$200.00
5004 Magnien "Les Charmes" Chambolle -Musigny 2017$350.00
5005 Pierre Meurgey Vosne - Romanee Aux Communes 2016$360.00
5006 Vougeot Clos Prieure Rouge Monopole Nuits- St. George 2016$290.00
5007 Millot Echezeaux Grand Cru 2017$870.00
5008 Remi Jobard Volnay 1Er Cru Les Santenots 2018$290.00
5009 Dominique Lafon Beaune 1Er Cru Les Greves 2017$260.00
5011 Domaine Mongeard Savigny Les Beaune 2018$150.00
5012 Odoul-Coquard "Clos La Riotte" 1Er Cru Morey Saint Denis 2014$220.00
5013 Henri Gouges "Les Saint Georges" 1Er Cru 2017$600.00


5033 Chateau Lassegue St Emilion 2017-18 (50% Merlot 45% Cabernet Franc 5% Cabernet Sauvignion)$150.00
5034 Chateau Haut-Brian Pessac Leognan 2010$3370.00
5035 Chateau Lafite Rothschild 1990$4350.00
5037 Chateau Puy Blanquet ,St.Emilion 2016 (75% Merlot 15% Cabernet Franc 10% Cabernet Sauvignon)$100.00
5038 Chateau Hosanna Pomerol 2016$690.00
5039 Chateau Petrus , Pomerol Merlot 1998$14500.00
5040 Chateau Petrus , Pomerol Merlot 2007$7500.00
5041 Chateau Petrus , Pomerol Merlot 2008$8900.00
5043 Chateau De Sales Pomerol, France 2016 (82% Merlot 9%Cabernet Franc 9% Cabernet Sauvignon)$150.00
5044 Chateau Cheval Blanc St. Emilion 2009 (60% Merlot 40% Cabernet Franc)$1900.00


5062 Jean -Luc Colombo Syrah " Les Rouchets" Rhone 2014 (100% Syrah)$95.00
5064 Chateau La Nerthe Chateauneuf Du Pape Rhone 2017 (Grenache Noir (40%), Syrah (35%), Mourvèdre (18%), Cinsault (7%))$195.00
5065 Louis Bernard, Gigondas, Rhone 2014 (40% Grenache, 30% Syrah, 20% Cinsault And 10% Mourvèdre)$95.00

United States Of America

5081 Elyse Morisoli Vineyard, Napa Valley 2015$185.00
5082 Chappellet Pritchard Hill, Napa Valley 2018$720.00
5083 "Vecina" Napa Valley 2017$1490.00
5085 Silver Oak, Alexander Valley, 2017$275.00
5086 Faust, Napa Valley 2018/2019$175.00
5087 Heitz Cellar, Martha`s Vineyard, Napa Valley 2015$690.00
5088 Shafer "One Point Five" Napa Valley 2017-2018$290.00
5089 Charles Krug, Napa Valley 2018$95.00
5093 Far Niente Napa, California 2019$315.00
5094 Caymus 2020$255.00
5095 Goldschmidt Yeoman California 2016/2017$185.00
5096 Keever Napa, California 2015$365.00
5098 Cliff Lede Napa California 2018$200.00
5099 Mayacamas Napa California 2016$295.00
5100 Cade California 2018$300.00
5102 Caymus Special Selection 2017$590.00
5103 Buccella Cabernet 2017$600.00

Pinot Noir

5121 Bergstrom Cumberland Reserve 2019$210.00
5122 Goldeneye Gowen Creek, California 2017$195.00
5124 Patz&Hall Hyde Vineyard, California 2018$175.00
5125 Sandhi Sanford&Benedict, California 2020$120.00
5126 Cirq, Russian River Valley 2018$580.00
128 Benton Lane Pinot Noir Willamette Valley 2019/2020$70.00


5141 Duckhorn Vineyards Napa Valley, California 2019$155.00
5142 Swanson Vineyards Napa Valley, California 2018$90.00
5143 Buccella Vineyards, Napa Valley 2017$395.00


5152 Home Ranch Estate "Seghesio", Alexander Valley, 2018$125.00

Red Blends

5161 Continuum Sage Mountain Vineyard, Napa Valley, 2017 (64% Cabernet Sauvignon 18% Cabernet Franc 9% Petit Verdot 95 Merlot)$650.00
5162 Domain Serene "Grand Cheval" Oregon 2016 (74% Syrah 26% Pinot Noir)$230.00
5164 Harlan Estate Napa Valley 2017 (70% Cabernet Sauvignon 20%Merlot 8% Cabernet Franc 2% Petit Verdot)$2800.00
5165 Collina Dalla Valle, Napa Valley 2019 (52% Cabernet Sauvignon 39% Cabernet Franc 9% Petit Verdot)$290.00
5167 Quintessa Rutherford Napa Valley 2017 (98% Cabernet Sauvignon 6% Merlot 3% Cabernet Franc 1% Petit Verdot)$480.00
5168 Elyse`c`est Si Bon, California 2019$95.00
5169 Overture By Opus One$300.00
5170 Opus One Napa Valley 2018 (81% Cabernet Sauvignon 8.5% Petit Verdot 5% Cabernet Franc 4.5% Merlot 1% Malbec)$900.00

Italian Reds

5182 Reva "Ravera" Piedmont 2013 (100% Nebbiolo)$255.00
5183 Pio Cesare "Mosconi" Piedmont 2015 (100% Nebbiolo)$490.00
5184 Elvio Cogno "Ravera" Piedmont 2015 (100% Nebbiolo)$275.00
5185 Vietti Castiglioni Piedmont 2017 (100% Nebbiola)$145.00
5186 Bertani Amarone Della Valpolicella Veneto 2008 (80% Corvina Veronese 20% Rondinella)$335.00
5187 Guado Al Tasso, Tuscany 2017 (65% Cabernet Sauvignion 35% Merlot)$345.00
5188 Rocca Sveva Ripesso, Veneto 2013 (70% Corvina 25% Rondinella 5% Molinara)$80.00
5189 Frescobaldi Brunello Di Montalcino Tuscany 2016 (100% Sangiovese)$195.00
5190 Argiano Brunello Di Montalcino, Tuscany 2017 (100% Sangiovese)$180.00
5191 Poggerino Chianti Classico Reserva Tuscany 2016 (100% Sangiovese)$135.00
5192 Argentiera Tuscany 2016 (50% Cabernet Sauvignon 40% Merlot 10% Cabernet Franc)$265.00
5193 Tignanello Tuscany 2018 (80% Sangiovese 15% Cabernet Sauvignon 5% Cabernet Franc)$395.00
5194 Camarcanda Promis 2017 (55% Merlot 35% Syrah 10% Sangiovese)$115.00
5195 Le Serre Nuove Ornellaia 2017 (56% Cabernet Sauvignon 25% Merlot 10% Petit Verdot 9% Cabernet Franc)$215.00
5196 Tommasi Amarone 2017 (50% Corvina 15% Corvinone 30% Rondinella 5% Oseleta)$185.00


5201 Marques De Murrieta Rioja Reserva, 2016 (80% Tempranillo 12% Graciano 6% Mazuelo 2% Garnacha)$85.00
5202 Marques De Riscal Reserva Rioja, 2017 (90% Tempranillo 8% Graciano 2% Mazuelo)$105.00
5203 Beronia Rioja Iii, 2015 (96% Tempranillo 2% Graciano 2% Mazuelo)$205.00
5205 Aalto Ribera Del Duero 2019 (100% Tempranillo)$165.00
5206 Emilio Moro Malleolus Ribera Delduero (100% Tempranillo)$140.00
5207 Scala Dei Priorat 2017 (80% Black Grenache 20% Garinyena Negra)$85.00
5208 Mas Ddoix Salanques Priorat 2016 (65% Grenache 25% Carignan 10% Syrah)$110.00
5212 Ondalan Crianza Rioja 2017 (70% Tempranillo, 30% Graciano)$75.00
5217 Vega Sicilia Unico 2010 (%94 Tinto Fino %6 Cabernet Sauvignon)$1050.00
5218 Vega Sicilia Valbuena 2015 (%95 Tinto Fino %5 Merlot)$495.00

Wordly Reds

5210 Mendel Finca Remota Malbec, Argentina 2016-2018 (100% Malbec)$250.00
5211 Montes Purple Angel Chile Blend 2018 (92% Carmener 8% Petit Verdot)$235.00
5214 Il Nero Tannat 2011 (100% Tannat)$345.00
5216 Yakut Kavaklidere, Turkey 2019$75.00



3001 Marc Bredif , Vouvrey Lorie , France 2018$60.00
3003 Delas" La Galopine" Condrieu , France 2014$240.00
3004 Jean Marc Brocard, "Montee De Tonnerre" 1Er Cru, France 2016$120.00
3005 Dominique Lafon, Burgundy ,France 2017$320.00
3007 Domaine Jean-Louis Chavy "Les Folatiers" 1Er Cru Puligny -Montrachet, France 2019$325.00
3008 Oliver Leflaive "Les Setilles" Borgogna Blanc Burgundy Chardonnay , France$90.00
3009 Domaine Pascal Jolivet Sancerre Loire Valley Sauvignon Blanc 2020, France$95.00

Austria & Germany

3021 Rudi Pichler Federspiel Wachau Gruner Veltliner Austria 2019$75.00
3022 Domaine Wachau Smaragd Terresan, Austria 2019$95.00
3023 Schloss Lieser "Juffer "Gg Mosel Riesling, Germany 2014$170.00
3024 Markus Molitor Alte Reben , Mosel Riesling , Germany 2016$100.00

United States Of America

3032 Neyers Movillero , California 2016$130.00
3033 Chateau Montelena, Napa California 2018$150.00
3034 Far Niente, Napa California 2019$160.00
3035 Flowers Camp Meeting Ridge ,Sonoma Coast 2013$240.00
3036 Bergstrom Sigrid , Willamette , Oregon 2016$260.00
3037 Raeburn, Russian River California 2018-2019$60.00

Sauvignon Blanc

3051 Spottswoode , Sonoma ,California 2019$120.00
3053 Cliff Lede, Napa California 2018-2019$70.00


4001 Miraval Cotes De Provence, France 2019-2021$75.00
4002 Chateau D`esclans Rock Angel Cotes De Provence, France 2019$95.00

Bubbles & Wines By The Glass


Bisol Jeio Prosecco, Italy$10.00
Louis Roederer Brut Premier, France$25.00
Faire La Fete Cremant Brut$12.00
Faire La Fete Cremant Rose$15.00
Cascinetta Vietti Moscato , Italy$12.00


Jermann Pinot Grigio Friuli Pinot Grigio , Italy$15.00
Charles Krug, Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc , California$12.00
Stags Leap , Napa Valley Chardonnay , California$17.00
Dr. Hermann Riesling Mosel , Germany$12.00
Jean-Marc Brocard Chardonnay$30.00
Hampton Water Rose , France$15.00


5215 Angora, Kavaklidere 2019, Turkiye (40%Okuzgozu, 30%Cabernet Sauvignon, 20%Alicante, 10%Merlot)$12.00
Etude , Carneros , Pinot Noir$25.00
Beronia Rioja Reserva, Spain$18.00
Septima Malbec , Argentina$15.00
Fontana Fredda Barolo , Nebbiolo , Italy$30.00
Orin Swift Abstract Blend , California$26.00
Elyse Holbrook Mitchell, Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon, California$35.00
Wente Wetmore Single Vineyard , Cabernet Sauvignon ,California$20.00
Bartenura Sweet Red, Italy$12.00

Magnums & Large Format


6001 Pol Roger Brut 1.5 Lt Nv$475.00
6002 Louis Roederer Cristal 1..5Lt Nv$1250.00
6003 Armand De Brignac "Ace Of Spades" 1.5Lt Nv$1600.00
6004 Ruinart Rose Brut 1.5Lt Nv$700.00
6005 Dom Perignon Brut 1.5L$1975.00
6006 Dom Perignon Rose 1.5L$2750.00

Red Wines

6010 Silver Oak Napa Valley 1.5 Lt California 2015$720.00
6011 Shafer One Point Five Napa 1.5 Lt California 2018$500.00
6012 Opus One , Napa 1.5Lt California 2015$2100.00
6013 Quintessa Napa 1.5 Lt California 2016$1050.00
6014 Caymus Special Selection 2016$1250.00
6015 Caymus Cabernet 2019 1 Lt$295.00

After Dinner

Port / Sherry

8000 Grahams Fine Tawny Port Nv (3 Oz)$12.00
8001 Dow`s Vintage 2003, Douro Portugal (3 Oz)$35.00
8002 Ramos Pinto 30Yr Tawny ,Douro Portugal Nv (3 Oz)$40.00
8004 Quinta Do Noval 2013 (3 Oz)$15.00
8005 Emilio Hidalgo Pedro Ximenez Sherry (2 Oz)$10.00
8006 Gonzalez Byass Nectar Pedro Ximenez Sherry (2 Oz)$17.00

Dessert Wines

7001 Far Niente Dolce 375 Ml Napa California 2013$200.00
7002 Bergmann Eiswein 375 Ml Mosel Germany 2016$100.00
7003 Chateu De Malle Sauternes 1990 (750Ml)$975.00
7005 Carmes De Rieussec 2017 (750Ml)$125.00

Cocktails & Spirits

Specialty Cocktails

Saltbae Old Fashioned (House Bourbon, Fresh Ginger Syrup, & Mixed Bitters)$20.00
Ambrosia (Reposado Tequila, Aperol, Coconut Cream, Passion Fruit & Agave)$20.00
Restart My Heart (Vodka, St Germain, Raspberry Syrup, Lemon Juice, & Champagne)$20.00
Los Lunes Al Sol (Tequila , Chambord, Lime Juice, Grapefruit Juice, Agave, & Ginger Beer)$20.00
London Fog (Gin, Grapefruit Juice, Lemon Juice, Ginger Syrup)$30.00
Sultan's Velvet Secret (Hennessy Paradis, Masterson 10Yr Rye, Amaro Nonino Quintessa, Grand Mariner)$300.00
Gold Espresso Martini (Greygoose Vx)$95.00
Golden Margarita (Clase Azul Plata Tequila, Lime Juice, Cointreau, Agave)$85.00
Nusr-Et Delight (Mezcal, Campari, Pineapple Juice , Agave, & Lemon Juice)$20.00
Clover (Gin, Green Chartreuse, Ginger Syrup, Fresh Lemon Juice, Champagne)$20.00
Key Lime Martini (Vanilla Vodka, Keke Liquor , Lime Juice)$20.00


Clase Azul Ultra Anejo 2 Oz$400.00
Clase Azul Reposado 2 Oz$85.00
Clase Azul Anejo 2 Oz.$175.00
Clase Azul Plata 2Oz$50.00
Don Julio 1942 2Oz$65.00
Don Julio 70 Crystal Claro Anejo 2Oz$40.00
Don Julio Blanco 2Oz$25.00
Don Julio Reposado 2 Oz$25.00
Casamigos Blanco 2Oz$20.00
Casamigos Reposado 2 Oz$25.00
Casamigos Anejo 2 Oz$27.00
Patron Roca Blanco 2Oz$35.00
Patron Roca Anejo 2 Oz$40.00
Patron Silver 2Oz$25.00
Patron Reposado 2Oz$30.00
Patron Anejo 2Oz$35.00
Gran Patron Burdeos Anejo 2 Oz$150.00
Avion 44 Reserva Extra Anejo 2 Oz$45.00




Garrison Brothers 2 Oz$35.00
Basil Hayden's 2 Oz$25.00
Four Roses 2 Oz$15.00
Knob Creek 2 Oz$15.00
Maker`s Mark 2 Oz$15.00
Angels Envy$25.00
Eagle Rare 10 Yr$25.00
Woodford Reserve Distiller`s Select 2 Oz$18.00
Buffalo Trace Straight 12 2 Oz$15.00
Tx Whiskey$20.00


Sazerac Rye$15.00
High West Double Rye$18.00
Angels Envy Rye$45.00
Knob Creek Rye$18.00
Masterson's Rye 10Yr$40.00
Whistle Pig 10Yr$40.00


Forty Creek Evolution$45.00
Gentleman Jack$22.00
Crown Royal$15.00
Jack Daniel's$15.00

Single Malt


Glenfiddich 12 2 Oz$25.00
Glenfiddich 14 Bourbon Barrel Reserve$25.00
Glenfiddich 18 Small Batch Reserve 2 Oz$60.00
Glenfiddich 21 Reserva Rum Cask Finish$105.00
Balvenie 12Yr Doublewood 2 Oz$35.00
Balvenie 14Yr Caribbean Cask 2 Oz$40.00
Balvenie 17Yr Doublewood 2 Oz$70.00
Balvenie 21Yr Portwood Finish 2 Oz$120.00
Glenlivet 12Yr$25.00
Glenlivet 14Yr Cognac Finish$30.00
Macallan 12Yr 2 Oz$35.00
Macallan 18Yr, Old Sherry Oak 2 Oz$180.00

Macallan 30Yr

2 Oz$450.00
1 Oz$225.00


Oban 14Yr 2 Oz$50.00
Glenmorangie 10Yr 2 Oz$20.00


Laphroaig 10Yr 2 Oz$25.00
Lagavulin 16Yr 2 Oz$60.00

Blended Scotch

Dewar`s Signature$95.00
James Buchanan`s 12Yr$20.00
James Buchanan`s 18Yr Old Special$43.00
Johnnie Walker Black Label 2 Oz$20.00
Johnnie Walker Blue Label 2 Oz$130.00
Chivas Regal 12Yr$20.00


Jameson 2 Oz$15.00


United States

Tito’s Handmade Vodka$15.00


Grey Goose$18.00
Grey Goose Vx$35.00

The Netherlands

Ketel One$15.00




Stoli Elit$25.00


United States

Aviation 2 Oz$15.00

The Netherlands

Nolet`s Silver$25.00
New Amsterdam$15.00


Hendricks 2 Oz$18.00

United Kingdom

Bombay Sapphire 2 Oz$15.00
Tanqueray 2 Oz$15.00
Beefeater 2 Oz$15.00


Monkey 47 Schwarzwald Dry Gin$40.00



Sailor Jerry$15.00


Malibu 2 Oz$15.00
Plantation 3 Stars 2 Oz$15.00
Mount Gay Black Barrel 2 Oz$15.00


Zacapa 23Yr Centinario 2 Oz$25.00
Zacapa Xo 2 Oz$55.00

Puerto Rico

Bacardi Silver$15.00
Bacardí 8Yr 2 Oz$18.00


Diplomatico Planas$15.00
Diplomatico Reserva 12 Yr$20.00



Remy Martin Louis Xiii 2Oz

2 Oz$450.00
1 Oz$225.00

Hennessy Paradis Imperial 2Oz.

2 Oz$450.00
1 Oz$225.00

Hennessy Paradis

2 Oz$270.00
1 Oz$135.00
Hennessy Xo 2Oz.$105.00
Hennessy Vsop$35.00
D`usse Cognac 2Oz.$25.00
Courvoisier Vsop 2Oz.$23.00
Courvoisier Vs$20.00


Ypioca Prata Rsv$15.00



Clase Azul 2 Oz$120.00
Bozal Cuixe 2 Oz$30.00
Ilegal Reposado 2 Oz$30.00
Ilegal Joven$20.00
El Silencio 2 Oz$17.00

Grappa & Eaux De Vie


Luxardo Grappa Euganea 3 Oz$20.00


Barsol Primero Quebranta 3 Oz$15.00


Amaro Averna$15.00
Amaro Montenegro$18.00
Grand Marnier$18.00
Limoncello Villa Massa$15.00
Sambuca Romana$15.00
Sambuca Romana Black$15.00

Aperitif & Vermouth

Carpano Antica$15.00
Carpano Blanco$15.00


Ancho Reyes$15.00
Bailey’s Irish Cream$15.00
Dom Benedictine$20.00
Green Chartreuse$30.00
Mr.Black Coffee$15.00
Licor 43$15.00
Luxardo Amaretto$15.00
Luxardo Maraschino$20.00
St.Germain Elder Flower Liquor$18.00
Yeni Raki$15.00
Daron Calvados$20.00
Amaro Nonino$25.00


Blue Moon Belgium$10.00
Miller Light$10.00
Stella Artois$10.00
Modelo Especial$10.00
Dos Equis Xx$10.00
Non-Alcoholic Heineken 0.0$10.00

Non-Alcoholic & Other Beverages


Crimson Tide (Grapefruit Juice, Agave, Lime Juice, Pomegranate Juice)$8.00

Juice Selection

House Selections (Orange Juice, Cranberry Juice, Pineapple Juice, Grapefruit Juice)$8.00

Soft Drinks

Coca Cola$8.00
Diet Coke$8.00
Tonic Water$8.00
Ginger Ale$8.00
Ginger Beer$8.00
Iced Tea$8.00

Energy Drinks

Red Bull$8.00
Red Bull Sugar Free$8.00


Aqua Panna$9.00
St Pelegrino Sparkling$9.00

Salt Bae restaurant Internet Sensation

The owner of the Salt bae restaurant has become the biggest internet sensation in recent years. People like the unique way of food making and serving styles. The excellent technique has grabbed the attention of millions of users worldwide.

The owner of the Salt Bae has become a style icon in the restaurant community. It encourages the youth who want to enter the restaurant business.

Culture Of The Restaurant Business

The modern restaurant business is constantly changing. Restaurant owners are trying new tricks and ways to enjoy food production. 

Preparing the food and seasoning meat on the live table makes the Restaurant look awesome. The renowned restaurant style has attracted many celebrities to the restaurants recently. 

The owner posted pictures of a famous sportsperson, such as Messy, visiting the Restaurant for lunch. Top celebrities, sportsmen, and even politicians visit the place to enjoy the 

The Turkish food entertainer became an internet sensation a couple of years after his unique technique of preparing and seasoning meat became an Internet meme. He now spends all his time at fancy restaurants catering to renowned celebrities and politicians. 

People entering the restaurant business follow a similar culture to make the meal more enjoyable for the customers. You might have seen various kinds of mixed art and performance done by the Chefs in the restaurants. 

The idea is to give some new experiences to the Restaurant’s visitors. People love to see their food made in front of them. When they see their foods are made in front of them and served fresh will delight them. 

Similar kind of atmosphere you will see in a fast food restaurant. The kitchen is mainly moved to the billing counter, where people order food. 

While waiting to give the order, your vision will capture the food prepared before you. It is a way to tell customers you are getting freshly cooked food. Today, most restaurants are doing everything to capture the attention of their customers. When a customer visits the Restaurant, they should feel something unique, so they will remember the time they spent there with their loved ones. The experience matters the most because everyone like to get special treatment.

Salt Bae Restaurant Menu

Salt Bae restaurant is known for its unique recipes specially made for customers who love to eat meat and SEA food. Every single meal in the Restaurant is made of unique ingredients.

However, the price of the food may seem premium because the Restaurant is only for some people who look for affordable options when they dine. Here we have listed some of the top menu items from the Sal Bae restaurant menu.

  • Meat Sushi
  • SaltBae Passion
  • Burrata
  • Istanbul Sirloin
  • Golden Baklava

You will get all the popular soft drinks in the Restaurant. Add the side dishes to your regular meals and enjoy the mouthwatering food at the Restaurant. The Chef of the Restaurant is the artist who serves the food to their special guest in style. You will find him preparing the meal for you.

Salt Bae Expensive Meals

The glamorous dining experience comes with an additional cost. When the users who visited the Restaurant for the first time shared the invoice on Twitter, people got crazy after seeing the food cost. 

Restaurants are offering the meal at a high price. The cheapest items on the menu were £9, with the Turkish tea served free of cost. 

Netizens are baffled when they find the price of the fries and typical steak with the burger cost high. People were asking why these items were so expensive.  You can also get a meal at less in the nearby Restaurant. Netizens were pointing out the food cost compared with the Restaurants worldwide. Some say the marking gimmick makes the Restaurant famous—many overpriced restaurants charge a high fee for serving the food.

Future Development

The Salt Bae restaurant owner Nusret Gökçe is expanding quickly and turning its passion for making food accessible to more people. The story of the 6th-grade dropout who later turns butcher is inspiring. 

After going through financial hardship early on, Nusret Gökçe found his passion in the restaurant business. People now look after him after seeing his popularity on the web. 

He first opened his Restaurant in Istanbul, Turkey, in 2010. The easy growth was slow, but slowly he started getting traction in the restaurant business. More people began turning to the Restaurant to enjoy the special meal. 

After the success of the first Restaurant in Turkey, Nusret Gökçe opened another restaurant in Dubai Circa in 2014. Today, the Dubai restaurant is known for its best cuisine and delicious meal. It is one of the top restaurants in the city. The success of the early days made him a global icon. Today, Nusret Gökçe owns 19 restaurants all over the world. Also, Nusret Gökçe net worth has grown with his success, and now his net worth has become more than US$50 million (AU$65 million).

Turkish Chef Nusr-et Gokce becomes Social Media Icon.

Chef Nusr-et Gokce, also known as the Salt Bae, became a social media icon after he released his video, which later became viral on social sites where he was seen sprinkling salt on the meat. 

Chef Nusr-et Gokce keeps updating his post on Instagram, sharing pictures of the dishes he makes for celebrities and business people. His unique style has influenced millions of users all around the world. 

He has also been in the buzz lately for the meal price someone shared on Instagram. People were baffled after seeing the cost of the dish he charged for a meal. Every dish on the menu is overpriced. When comparing the food with the other Restaurants, the price seems high and makes people think, who pays for such an expensive meal? 

The followers inspired by the style of Chef Nusr-et Gokce were not divided into two groups after the overprice meal invoice was published on the internet. 

Some liked how the Chef developed unique culture to run the restaurants, whereas the big group of people debated about the overpriced meal.

If we put the negative part, which is the cost of the price aside, Chef Nusr-et Gokce has long come in the restaurant business. Different from many companies are struggling to earn good profits from their restaurant business.

The Unique Culture In Restaurant

Chef Nusr-et Gokce has developed a unique culture for people who want to enter the restaurant business and become famous Chefs. 

The premium price of the meal allows the Restaurant to turn simple food into a profitable business. Also, the target users of the Restaurant are a celebrity, businessmen, and top sportsmen who are fine paying the high price for the unique experience they are getting from Chef Nusr-et Gokce. 

People love to experience artistic work. Here Chef Nusr-et Gokce is the artist who has developed a unique way of running the Restaurant. 

His style combines Turkey and Italian culture, making the appearance more mesmerizing. Also, the style of Chef Nusr-et Gokce makes him a more attractive personality. 

It is no doubt that the meal serves in the Restaurant is delicious. You will like to unique taste of it. Also, the Restaurant serves many side dishes, with the main serving giving you plenty of options. 

If you are a person who needs special treatment and is ready to pay for an expensive meal should visit the place at least once.

Paying For The Artistic Work

The table counters give you access to the exceptional kitchen where your favorite Chef, Nusr-et Gokce, prepares the food. Chef Nusr-et Gokce is known for his golden appearance. He has designed the Restaurant so customers will directly interact with Chef Nusr-et Gokce.

After visiting the place, you will desire to spend more time at the Restaurant. His style, appearance, and concept of making food will delight you. Grilled steak made in front of you will surprise you and make you enjoy the dining out experience. 

Everyone loves the ideology of success. His dressing style represents the Italian style artist. Also, knowing that the millionaire Chef is making the meal for you will surprise you.  Here the successful Chef Nusr-et Gokce gives you access to his art through the special meal. Chef Nusr-et Gokce is a treat for the rich because he is a social media icon. Try the delicious meal at the Salt Bae restaurant and enjoy the family dinner with your family.

Salt Bae Contact Details

Salt Bae Youtube

Salt Bae FAQs

How much is Salt Bae’s Istanbul Steak (Serves 2)?

Istanbul Steak (Serves 2) – $100.00

How much is Amor (Serves 2) at Salt Bae’s?

Amor (Serves 2) – $350.00

How much are a 8 Hours Roasted Asado (Serves 3) at Salt Bae’s?

8 Hours Roasted Asado (Serves 3) – $195.00

How much does a Salt Bae’s Meatball With Cheese Char Grilled Meatball Served With French Fries?

Meatball With Cheese Char Grilled Meatball Served With French Fries – $39.95