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sheetz drink menu prices

Here are the latest and updated sheetz drink menu prices


Sheetz Bros. Coffee & Specialty Drinks

Hot Drinks

Self Service Coffee$1.99
Make Your Own Hot Latte$3.89
Caramel Vanilla$3.99
Low Sugar Caramel Vanilla$3.99
Very Vanilla$3.99
Make Your Own Hot Mocha$4.59
Black & White$4.59
Banana Dark Chocolate$4.59
Peanut Butter$4.59
Peanut Butter Banana$4.59
Make Your Own Cappuccino$3.69
Hot Chai$3.79
Make Your Own Hot Chocolate$3.99
Premium (Made With Ghiradelli)$3.99
Salted Caramel$3.99
Reeses Peanut Butter$4.29
Almond Milk$4.29
Blondie (Dark or White Hot Chocolate With Dulce Sauce)$4.29
Double Espresso$1.99

Iced Drinks

Make Your Own Cold Brew$2.99
Sh'morez Cold Brew$3.19
Caramel Macchiato$3.19
Oatmeal Cookie$3.19
Make Your Own Nitro Cold Brew$2.99
Sh'morez Nitro$3.19
Chocolate Nitro$3.19
Caramel Macchiato Nitro$3.19
Oatmeal Cookie Nitro$3.19
Make Your Own Iced Latte$3.99
Caramel Vanilla$4.19
Low Sugar Caramel Vanilla$4.19
Make Your Own Iced Mocha$4.39
Banana Dark Chocolate$4.59
Make Your Own Iced Lemonade$2.99
Passionfruit Raspberry Iced Lemonade$3.19
Passionfruit Vanilla$3.19
Black Raspberry$3.19
Make Your Own Iced Red Bull Infused (Made With Redbull)$3.99
Passionfruit Vanilla (Made With Redbull)$3.99
Passionfruit Raspberry (Made With Redbull)$3.99
Spiced Passionfruit (Made With Redbull)$3.99
Mango Peach$3.99
Raspberry Guava$3.99
Tangerine Grapefruit$3.99
Passionfruit Raspberry$3.99
Make Your Own Iced Chai$3.49

Frozen Drinks

Make Your Own Frozen Latte$3.99
Caramel Vanilla$4.19
Low Sugar Caramel Vanilla$4.19
Make Your Own Frozen Mocha$4.39
Reese's Peanut Butter Cup$4.69
Caramel Brownie$4.69
Kona Mocha$4.49
Banana Dark Chocolate (Made With Ghiradelli)$4.59
Frozen Hot Chocolate (Made With Ghiradelli)$4.49
Dark Chocolate Chip Frappe (Made With Ghiradelli)$4.49
Make Your Own Smoothie$3.99
Passionfruit Smoothie$2.99
Arnold Palmer Smoothie Made with arnold Palmer 0.5 Iced Tea 0.5 Lemonade$3.99
Make Your Own Frozen Lemonade$2.99
Passionfruit Lemonade$2.99
Black Raspberry$2.99
Arnold Palmer Smoothie Made with arnold Palmer 0.5 Iced Tea 0.5 Lemonade$3.99
Make Your Own Red Bull Smoothie (Made with RedBull®)$3.99
Passionfruit Raspberry Made with RedBull®$3.99
Passionfruit Vanilla Made with RedBull®$3.99
Spiced Passionfruit Made with RedBull®$3.99
Make Your Own Frozen Chai$3.49

Featured Drinks

Make Your Own Iced Red Bull Infused Made with RedBull®$3.99
Passionfruit Raspberry Iced Lemonade$3.19
Arnold Palmer Smoothie Made with Arnold Palmer ½ Iced Tea ½ Lemonade®$3.99

Take Home Coffee

Sheetz Breakfast Light Roast Fresh Ground Coffee 12oz$6.99
Sheetz Classic Medium Roast Fresh Ground Coffee 12oz$6.99
Sheetz Breakfast Light Roast 12 Single Serve Cups$6.99
Sheetz 100% Columbian Medium Roast 12 Single Serve Cups$6.99
Sheetz French Dark Roast 12 Single Serve Cups$6.99
Sheetz Classic Medium Roast 12 Single Serve Cups$6.99

Convenience Items

Self Serve Coffee & Fountain Drinks

Fountain Drink$0.99
Brewed Tea$0.99


Smith's Dairy Chocolate Milk Pint$1.89
Smith's Dairy Chocolate Milk Quart$2.99
Smith's Dairy Vitamin D Milk Half Gallon$3.79
Smith's Dairy 2% Milk Half Gallon$3.79
Smith's Dairy Vitamin D Milk Gallon$6.99
Smith's Dairy 2% Milk Gallon$6.99
Nesquick Chocolate Pint$2.69
Fairlife Core Power Elite Chocolate High Protein Milkshake 14oz$5.29
Fairlife Core Power Elite Vanilla High Protein Milkshake 14oz$5.29

Bottled Coffee

Black Rifle Coffee Espresso Mocha 11oz$3.49
Black Rifle Coffee Espresso with Cream 11oz$3.49
Black Rifle Coffee Espresso 300mg Caramel Vanilla 15oz$3.79
Black Rifle Coffee Espresso 300mg Rich Mocha 15oz$3.79
Dunkin Donuts Original 13.7oz$3.79
Dunkin Donuts French Vanilla 13.7oz$3.79
Dunkin Donuts Mocha 13.7oz$3.79
Java Monster French Vanilla 15oz$3.59
Java Monster Irish Blend 15oz$3.59
Java Monster Loco Mocha 15oz$3.59
Java Monster Mocha 15oz$3.59
Java Monster Vanilla Mean Bean 15oz$3.29
Starbucks Tripleshot Caramel 15oz$4.29
Starbucks Tripleshot French Vanilla 15oz$4.29

Energy Drinks

BANG Black Cherry Vanilla 16oz$3.19
BANG Blue Razz 16oz$3.19
BANG Cotton Candy 16oz$3.19
BANG Peach Mango 16oz$3.19
BANG Purple Haze 16oz$3.19
C4 Frozen Bombsicle 16oz$2.99
C4 Midnight Cherry 16oz$2.99
C4 Skittles 16oz$2.99
C4 Starburst Strawberry 16oz$2.99
Celsius Sparkling Kiwi Guava 12oz$3.19
Celsius Sparkling Orange 12oz$3.19
Celsius Peach Vibe 12oz$3.19
Celsius Sparkling Watermelon 12oz$3.19
Celsius Tropical Vibe 12oz$3.19
GFUEL Blueberry Muffinz 16oz$2.79
GFUEL Grape Gummies 16oz$2.79
Ghost Blue Raspberry 16oz$3.19
Java Monster French Vanilla 15oz$3.59
Java Monster Irish Blend 15oz$3.59
Java Monster Loco Mocha 15oz$3.59
Java Monster Mocha 15oz$3.59
Java Monster Vanilla Mean Bean 15oz$3.29
Reign Orange Dreamsicle 16oz$3.19
Reign Razzle Berry 16oz$3.19
Reign Reignbow Sherbet 16oz$3.19
Reign White Gummy Bear 16oz$3.19
Monster Energy 16oz$3.19
Monster Absolutely Zero Sugar 16oz$3.19
Monster Lo-Carb Energy 16oz$3.19
Monster Juice Mango Loco 16oz$3.19
Monster Nitro Super Dry 16oz$3.19
Monster Juice Pacific Punch 16oz$3.19
Monster Juice Pipeline Punch 16oz$3.19
Monster Rehab Peach 16oz$3.19
Monster Rehab Tea + Lemonade 16oz$3.19
Monster Rehab Watermelon 16oz$3.19
Monster Reserve White Pineapple 16oz$3.19
Monster Reserve Watermelon 16oz$3.19
Monster Zero Ultra Fiesta 16oz$3.19
Monster Zero Ultra Paradise 16oz$3.19
Monster Zero Ultra Peachy Keen 16oz$3.19
Monster Zero Ultra Sunrise 16oz$3.19
Monster Zero Ultra Violet 16oz$3.19
Monster Zero Ultra Watermelon 16oz$3.19
Monster Zero Ultra 16oz$3.19
Monster Energy Import 18.6oz$4.19
Monster Mega Energy 24oz$4.19
Monster Zero Ultra 24oz$4.19
Red Bull 12oz$3.59
Red Bull Sugar Free 12oz$3.59
Red Bull Blueberry 12oz$3.59
Red Bull Summer Dragon Fruit 12oz$3.59
Red Bull Tropical Yellow 12oz$3.59
Red Bull Energy 16.9oz$4.69
Red Bull Energy Sugar Free 16.9oz$4.69
Red Bull 20oz$5.69
Red Bull Sugar Free 20oz$5.69

Bottled Juice

Hawaiian Punch 20oz$2.49
Minute Maid Orange Juice 12oz$2.59
Minute Maid Apple Juice 12oz$2.59
Minute Maid Cran Grape 12oz$2.59
Nantucket Nectars Orange 15.9oz$2.29

Bottled Soda

7UP 20oz$2.49
Diet 7UP 20oz$2.49
A&W Cream Soda 20oz$2.49
A&W Root Beer 20oz$2.49
Diet A&W Root Beer 20oz$2.49
Canada Dry 20oz$2.49
Diet Canada Dry 20oz$2.49
Canada Dry Cranberry Ginger Ale 20oz$2.49
Coke 20oz$2.69
Diet Coke 20oz$2.69
Coke Zero 20oz$2.69
Coke Cherry 20oz$2.69
Coke Cherry Zero 20oz$2.69
Coke Cherry Vanilla 20oz$2.69
Coke Vanilla 20oz$2.69
Dr Pepper 20oz$2.49
Diet Dr Pepper 20oz$2.49
Dr Pepper Zero 20oz$2.49
Dr Pepper Cream Soda 20oz$2.49

Mtn Dew

Mountain Dew 20oz$2.49
Diet Mountain Dew 20oz$2.49
Mountain Dew Zero 20oz$2.49
Mountain Dew Code Red 20oz$2.49
Mountain Dew Major Melon 20oz$2.49
Mountain Dew Spark 20oz$2.49
Mountain Dew Voltage 20oz$2.49
Mountain Dew Big Slam 1L$3.39


Pepsi 20oz$2.49
Diet Pepsi 20oz$2.49
Pepsi Zero Sugar 20oz$2.49
Pepsi Wild Cherry 20oz$2.49
Diet Pepsi Wild Cherry 20oz$2.49
Pepsi Zero Sugar Cherry 20oz$2.49
Pepsi Big Slam 1L$3.39
Diet Pepsi Big Slam 1L$3.39


Sprite 20oz$2.69
Diet Sprite Zero 20oz$2.69

Squirt & Sun Drop

Squirt 20oz$2.49
Sun Drop 20oz$2.49


Sunkist Orange 20oz$2.49
Diet Sunkist Orange 20oz$2.49
Sunkist Cherry Lime 20oz$2.49
Sunkist Grape 20oz$2.49
Sunkist Berry Lemonade 20oz$2.49
Sunkist Strawberry Lemonade 20oz$2.49

Bottled Tea and Lemonade

Arizona Blueberry White Tea 34oz$2.59
Arizona Green Tea 34oz$2.59
Arizona Half & Half 34oz$2.59
Arizona Sweet Tea 34oz$2.59
Gold Peak Sweetened Tea18.5oz$2.79
Gold Peak Extra Sweet Tea 18.5oz$2.79
Lipton Pure Leaf Sweet Tea 18.5oz$2.79
Lipton Pure Leaf Extra Sweet Tea 18.5oz$2.79

Bottled Water

Core Hydration Sport Cap 23.9oz$3.49
Core Hydration 30.4oz$4.39
Deer Park 20oz$1.39
Deer Park Sport Cap 700mL$1.99
Deer Park 1 Liter$2.39
Fiji Water 500mL$2.79
Fiji 1 Liter$4.99
Vitaminwater Refresh Tropical Mango 20oz$2.69
Liquid Death Mountain Water 16.9oz$2.59
Propel Berry 20oz$2.59
Propel Kiwi Strawberry 20oz$2.59
Pure Life Water 16.9oz$1.19
Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water 500mL$2.49
Waiakea Water 700mL$3.29
Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water 1 Liter$3.99

Sports Drinks

BODYARMOR Blackout Berry 28oz$3.39
BODYARMOR Blue Raspberry 28oz$3.39
BODYARMOR Fruit Punch 28oz$3.39
BODYARMOR LYTE Peach Mango 28oz$3.39
BODYARMOR Mamba Forever 28oz$3.39
BODYARMOR Orange Mango 28oz$3.39
BODYARMOR Pineapple Coconut 28oz$3.39
BODYARMOR Strawberry Banana 28oz$3.39
Electrolit Grape 21oz$3.19
Gatorade Cool Blue 28oz$3.39
Gatorade Fierce Grape 28oz$3.39
Gatorade Fruit Punch 28oz$3.39
Gatorade Glacier Cherry 28oz$3.39
Gatorade Lemon Lime 28oz$3.39
Gatorade Orange 28oz$3.39
Gatorade Fierce Strawberry 28oz$3.39
Gatorade Frost Glacier Freeze 28oz$3.39
Gatorade Zero Glacier Cherry 28oz$3.39
Gatorade Zero Glacier Freeze 28oz$3.39
Gatorade Zero Lemon Lime 28oz$3.39
Gatorade Zero Orange 28oz$3.39

Take Home Coffee

Sheetz Breakfast Light Roast Fresh Ground Coffee 12oz$6.99
Sheetz Classic Medium Roast Fresh Ground Coffee 12oz$6.99
Sheetz Breakfast Light Roast 12 Single Serve Cups$6.99
Sheetz 100% Columbian Medium Roast 12 Single Serve Cups$6.99
Sheetz French Dark Roast 12 Single Serve Cups$6.99
Sheetz Classic Medium Roast 12 Single Serve Cups$6.99

Energy Shots

5 Hour Energy Berry 1.93oz$3.39
5 Hour Energy Extra Strength Berry 1.93oz$3.99
5 Hour Energy Extra Strength Blue Raspberry 1.93oz$3.99
5 Hour Extra Strength Grape 1.93oz$3.99
5 Hour Extra Strength Strawberry Banana 1.93oz$3.99

Introduction to Sheetz Menu Drinks

Sheetz is not just a name; it’s a well-recognized brand in the fast-food industry. Known for its diverse array of delightful edibles, Sheetz has built a reputation for quality and innovation. However, a crucial part of their offering often overlooked is the Sheetz drink menu, a treasure trove of refreshing and invigorating beverages that cater to a wide variety of taste buds.

From hand-crafted, barista-quality coffee to nutrition-packed smoothies, Sheetz offers an eclectic mix of beverages that are sure to quench any thirst. Be it a quick caffeine boost to kickstart your day or a refreshing fruit smoothie to cool off on a hot afternoon, the Sheetz drink menu has you covered. This is a result of the company’s unflinching commitment to variety, quality, and customer satisfaction.

Exploring the History of Sheetz and Its Drink Menu

The Sheetz story began back in 1952 when Bob Sheetz inaugurated a modest dairy store in Pennsylvania. Over the years, this small venture transformed into a fast-food empire, now boasting over 600 stores across six states. As the brand expanded, so did its offerings, including the drink menu, which reflects the evolution and growth of the company.

Initially, the Sheetz drink menu might have been limited to the basic refreshments typical of the era. However, as the company grew, they began to innovate and expand their offerings. They recognized that consumers desired more than just standard soda options. This led to the introduction of a wide variety of beverages, including their specialty coffees, refreshing smoothies, and decadent milkshakes. Today, the Sheetz drink menu is a testament to the brand’s evolution and its commitment to meeting the ever-changing tastes and preferences of its customers.

Comprehensive Overview of Sheetz Menu Drinks

If one were to describe the Sheetz drink menu in a word, it would be ‘diverse.’ Sheetz understands that its customers have different preferences and needs, and their drink menu reflects this understanding. They offer a comprehensive selection of beverages designed to satisfy a multitude of taste profiles.

For the coffee lovers, Sheetz presents a selection of coffee beverages that range from the classic Americano and Latte to their unique Cold Brew and custom coffee creations. Every coffee beverage at Sheetz is crafted with care and precision, using only high-quality beans that are ground fresh for each cup.

If you prefer something cold and refreshing, Sheetz offers a variety of iced drinks and fruit smoothies. Made with fresh fruits and quality ingredients, these drinks are perfect for a quick pick-me-up on a hot day.

For those who crave something richer and more indulgent, Sheetz’s menu features creamy milkshakes and floats. Available in various flavors, these decadent treats are the perfect way to satisfy your sweet tooth.

The Expertise Behind Sheetz’s Unique Drink Offerings

The wide variety and consistent quality of the Sheetz drink menu are not achieved by chance. It’s the result of expertise and dedication, from the drink specialists who craft each beverage to the rigorous quality control processes that ensure every drink meets the highest standards.

Sheetz invests in training its staff to master the art of drink making. Each barista at Sheetz undergoes extensive training to learn the precise techniques required to make their wide variety of coffee beverages. Similarly, the staff responsible for creating their smoothies and other cold drinks are trained to ensure each drink is made to perfection.

This expertise, combined with a commitment to using high-quality ingredients, results in a drink menu that stands out for its unique offerings and consistent quality.

Special Recipe Smoothies

At Sheetz, smoothies are more than just beverages; they’re a fusion of art, nutrition, and taste. The brand ensures each smoothie on their menu is crafted from fresh, high-quality fruits and other ingredients. Offering a wide range of flavors, from the tangy burst of berries to the tropical allure of pineapple and mango, Sheetz caters to every palate.

For fitness enthusiasts, Sheetz also offers protein-packed options, making sure your nutritious post-workout drink is just an order away. With each smoothie, they aim to offer more than just refreshment; it’s a flavorful health boost in a glass.

Diving Deep: The Variety in Sheetz Drink Menu

The hallmark of the Sheetz drink menu is its variety. This extensive range ensures that every customer, regardless of their drink preference, finds something they love. Morning visitors can enjoy a robust selection of coffee, featuring all-time favorites and unique blends. This assortment includes Americano, Espresso, Latte, Cappuccino, and more, each promising to deliver a perfect caffeine fix.

For those preferring cold drinks, Sheetz offers a colorful variety of iced drinks, smoothies, and milkshakes. The iced drinks range from iced coffees and teas to fizzy soda-based drinks. Smoothies, as previously mentioned, are a flavorful fusion of fruits and other nutritious ingredients. Milkshakes and floats, on the other hand, are for those moments when you seek indulgence. These creamy, dreamy delights come in several flavors, ensuring a satisfying treat for your sweet cravings.

Understanding the Ingredients of Sheetz Drinks

The success of Sheetz’s drink menu heavily relies on the quality of its ingredients. Whether it’s the coffee beans used in their hot beverages or the fruits blended into their smoothies, Sheetz ensures that only the best, freshest ingredients make it into their drinks.

For their coffee, they source high-quality beans, which are then ground fresh for each cup to maintain their robust flavor and aroma. In the case of smoothies, Sheetz uses fresh fruits, ensuring a burst of natural sweetness and flavor in every sip. The milkshakes and floats, too, boast of quality dairy products, contributing to their rich taste and creamy texture.

How Sheetz Maintains Quality and Freshness in Its Drinks

Quality and freshness are not mere buzzwords for Sheetz; they are integral to their brand philosophy. The company follows a stringent quality control process that starts from the procurement of raw materials to the serving of the final product.

Sheetz places a significant emphasis on sourcing. They ensure their suppliers meet their high standards for quality, and the ingredients are fresh and in good condition. Once in the store, these ingredients are stored under optimal conditions to maintain their freshness.

The preparation process, too, plays a crucial role in ensuring quality. Sheetz employs skilled staff trained in the art of beverage preparation. From understanding the nuances of brewing the perfect cup of coffee to blending a delicious smoothie, the staff’s expertise and attention to detail guarantee a high-quality drink every time.

Nutritional Breakdown of Sheetz Menu Drinks

In the current era, where health-consciousness is on the rise, Sheetz acknowledges the need for transparency in nutrition information. The brand provides a detailed nutritional breakdown of all its drinks, allowing customers to make informed choices based on their dietary needs and preferences.

Whether it’s the calorie content of their decadent milkshakes or the sugar content in their fruit smoothies, this information is readily available for customers. Sheetz also includes information on other nutrients such as protein, fats, and carbs, ensuring you know exactly what you’re consuming.

This commitment to transparency underlines Sheetz’s dedication to customer satisfaction and wellness. They understand the importance of a balanced diet and strive to support their customers in maintaining one.

Customer Favorites: Most Popular Drinks at Sheetz

Among the plethora of drinks on Sheetz’s menu, a few have managed to win the hearts of customers and secure a place as fan favorites. The Sheetz Bros. Coffeez® line is a definite crowd-pleaser. With a variety of classic and unique offerings, this premium line of coffee beverages has something for every coffee lover.

Another fan favorite is the selection of smoothies. Packed with real fruits and offering a refreshing, flavorful experience, these smoothies are a hit, especially during the summer months. The made-to-order nature of these drinks allows customers to customize them to their liking, adding to their popularity.

Lastly, Sheetz’s indulgent milkshakes and floats never fail to charm the dessert lovers. With their creamy, decadent texture and array of flavors, these treats are a popular choice for those looking to satisfy their sweet tooth.

Conclusion: What Makes Sheetz Drinks Stand Out?

In conclusion, the success of Sheetz’s drink menu can be attributed to a combination of factors. First and foremost is the variety they offer. With a menu that caters to a range of preferences, Sheetz ensures every customer finds a drink they love.

Secondly, Sheetz’s commitment to quality and freshness sets them apart. By using high-quality ingredients and maintaining strict quality control measures, they ensure every drink served lives up to their reputation.

Lastly, the expertise and skill that go into the crafting of each beverage result in drinks that are not just satisfying but also consistently good. The trained staff, the precise techniques, and the meticulous preparation processes all come together to create a beverage experience that keeps customers coming back for more.

And that’s the secret behind the success of the Sheetz drink menu – a perfect blend of variety, quality, and skill, all aimed at one goal: customer satisfaction. So whether you’re a regular customer or planning your first visit, the Sheetz drink menu promises a beverage experience that’s sure to delight.

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