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Thrilled Cheese Sandwiches

Classic for a Reason

American cheese, muenster cheese, roasted tomatoes, and Tuscan dip spread on challah with a side of Tuscan dipClassic for a Reason RemoveNo Roasted Tomatoes 0No Tuscan Dip Spread 0

Swiss cheese, hamburger patty, grilled onions, sautéed mushrooms, and Thrill Sauce on a hoagie bunGrater RemoveNo Hamburger Patty 0No Grilled Onions 0No Sautéed Mushrooms 0No Thrill Sauce 0
New Wave Fave

American cheese, bacon, fresh tomato, over-medium eggs*, and avocado on multigrain breadNew Wave Fave RemoveNo Bacon 0No Fresh Tomato 0No Eggs 0No Avocado 0
A Cut Above

Muenster cheese, roasted turkey, bacon, avocado, and Thrill Sauce on multigrain bread
High Standards

Muenster cheese, pepperoni, ham, crispy mozzarella sticks, and marinara on a hoagie bunHigh Standards RemoveNo Pepperoni 0No Ham 0No Crispy Mozzarella Sticks 0No Marinara 0

Swiss cheese, pulled pork, ham, pickles, and mustard on a hoagie bunCubano RemoveNo Pulled Pork 0No Ham 0No Pickles 0No Mustard 0


Lemonade Iced Tea$3.91
Unsweetened Iced Tea$3.91
Diet Pepsi$3.91
Mountain Dew$3.91
Sierra Mist$3.91


Classic Fries

Golden-fried, shoestring French fries
Crispy Cheese Sticks

6 crispy mozzarella sticks, with a side of pepperoni ranch for dipping
Cheesy Bacon Fries

Bacon poblano queso loaded fries. Queso is packaged separately to be poured over at home.


Classic Combo

Classic for a Reason sandwich, Classic Fries, side of Thrill Ranch, and your choice of drink.


Chocolate Chunk Cookie$4.01
Peruvian Chocolate Brownie$4.08

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Indulge in Ooey-Gooey Perfection with Thrilled Cheese’s Menu

Thrilled Cheese revolves entirely around gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches and mouthwatering sides. With clever names and flavor combinations, one bite will leave you positively thrilled! Their fair prices make enjoying these cheesy masterpieces easy any day of the week too.

Thrilled Cheese’s Signature Melty Sandwiches

As their name suggests, Thrilled Cheese specializes in grilled cheeses elevated far beyond your average. Still, for die-hard traditionalists, their Classic for a Reason offers the nostalgic taste of American cheese between buttery toasted white bread.

But why stop there when their menu tempts with sandwiches taking the humble grilled cheese to new heights? The New Wave Fave brings pepper jack, avocado and bacon together between multigrain bread. Feeling fancy? Their A Cut Above layers Swiss, prosciutto, fig preserves and arugula on artisanal sourdough bread.

Adventurous flavors continue with the High Standards which features brie, granny smith apples and basil pesto on fiber-rich whole wheat bread. Of course, grilled cheese makes the perfect vessel for Cuban flavors too. The Cubano contains ham, roasted pork shoulder, Swiss cheese, pickles and Dijon between crispy ciabatta bread.

With so many delightful flavors, you’ll want to try them all!

Perfectly Paired Sides: Fries, Tots and More

What pairs better with oozing grilled cheese than crispy hot fries? Thrilled Cheese’s house-cut Russet Potato Fries provide the ideal balance to any sandwich. For more decadence, try their Cheesy Bacon Fries loaded with cheddar, bacon bits and green onions.

If cheese sticks sound more your speed, their Crispy Cheese Sticks come with a side of marinara for dipping. They make the ultimate shareable side or snack!

Value Combos Mix and Match Favorites

Thrilled Cheese lets you customize your perfect cheesy combo. Their flexible Classic Combo includes your choice of sandwich alongside fries or tots and a soft drink, with addons like bacon, avocado or extra cheese available too. Build your favorite pairing without breaking the bank using this handy mix and match deal.

Quench Your Thirst Alongside Cheesy Bites

Pairing melted cheese richness with something cool and refreshing is the pro move. Luckily, Thrilled Cheese offers fountain drinks like lemonade, Pepsi products, or fruit-flavored sodas alongside your sandwich. Still thirsty? Their signature Lemonade Iced Tea combines two classics for the best of both worlds.

Save Room for Sweet Treats

After all that glorious cheese, sometimes you crave just a little something sweet. Thrilled Cheese’s fudgy chocolate brownies hit the spot. Or enjoy one of their oversized, soft-baked cookies.

From first bite to last, Thrilled Cheese’s menu offers the cozy, craveable flavors of comfort classics reinvented. Their creative grilled cheese combinations utilize fresh, high-quality ingredients worthy of foodie status in cute, nostalgic surroundings.

So gather your family, friends or just yourself and stop by your local Thrilled Cheese. Their comforting flavors and prices turn any day into an occasion worth celebrating…and there’s nothing cheesier than that!

Grilled Cheese Innovation Starts Here

Thrilled Cheese may have mastered the classics, but they never stop innovating new, exciting flavors too. Pair any sandwich with hot fries or tots alongside a refreshing fountain soda, tea or lemonade. Then finish off your meal with a warm cookie or fudgy brownie. From sourdough to ciabatta and American to brie, Thrilled Cheese offers limitless cheesy possibilities between delicious slices of bread.

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