Astro Burger Menu

Astro burger menu consists of fresh meals with vital nutrition

Astro burger is a locally owned restaurant that started 35 years ago in Salt lake valley and is now one of the most popular burger outlets in the world. 

The classic food of the Greek and Mexican specialize are served in fast food restaurants. Restaurants have control of the highest quality and freshness in their food, giving them a competitive advantage.

The legacy of the restaurant carries on with the monstrous Astro Burger. The large burger stuffed with fine ingredients became the identity of the Astro burger. 

A staple food on the menu consists of the ¼ lb fresh hamburger patty topped with fresh cheese and hearty pastrami. When all the meals are combined, the meal becomes delicious. 

Have it with the side dishes such as hand-battered onion rings, shakes, or whatever you believe suits your taste buds from the menu. The good thing about the Astro burgers menu is they have something for everyone.  People visiting with their families will find many items on the food list. Even children will have special meals made with less spice and creamy toppings. Add more sweet dishes so your little one will enjoy the food.

Here is the latest and updated Astro Burger Menu Prices List



Garden Vegetable$6.45
Ham & Cheese$6.25
Spinach & Feta$6.70
Avocado Ham & Cheese$6.70
Swiss Avocado Mushroom$6.70


Piece of Pie$2.70
Fresh Fruit$3.30
Baklava Homemade at astro.$2.45
Ice Cream Sundae$3.05
Assorted Muffins$1.65


Caramel Frappe$2.99
Mocha Frappe$2.99
Mocha Iced Coffee$2.99
Iced Coffee Greek style frappe.$2.65
Decaf Cappuccino$2.15


Carrot Juice Fresh Squeezed$2.95
Apple Juice Fresh Squeezed$2.95
Oreo Cookie Shake$3.75
Vissino (Sour Cherry) Shake
Mineral Water$1.45
Iced Tea$2.15
Orange Juice Fresh Squeezed$1.99
Hot Chocolate$1.70
Hot Tea$1.70
Fruit Smoothie$3.45
Fruit Shakes$3.45
Chocolate Peanut Butter Shake$3.45
Oxygen Water$2.55
Mineral Water (Beverages)$1.45


John and Soula Lyhnakis started the first restaurant in 1982 in Utah. The greek immigrants learn how to run the restaurant business in Los Angeles, California. Astro burgers have begun to serve people tasty and fresh meals all day.

Later they moved to Utah, where the foundation for their first restaurant was laid. In 1982, John and his cousin Angelo Tsoutsounakis made the restaurant operational. 

Another restaurant was opened in the year 1986 in the flagship location of the town in 6800 South State. John had three children who helped them in the business. Children were growing up in the environment of business management. More hands and brains in the industry supported the couples to expand quickly. 

Two more stores were started in South Jordan in 2002. The next store was started in Draper in the year 2006. This way, every family member owns their store, where they are always available to greet you.

The restaurants carry the family values that they have learned throughout history. Every individual visiting the restaurant will find the place has a home-like environment.

Also, restaurants always strive for the quality of their services. They have maintained the quality over the past 35 years, which helped them build loyal customers.


Fast food restaurants ensure you always have something to delight your appetite. Astro burgers feel pride in serving fresh food with a special ingredient that satisfies the customers’ taste buds. New and never-frozen beef source from authentic sources elevates its taste of it. 

Healthier food is served to support each eating at the restaurants. Find the nutrition and protein-rich meal of the day in the restaurants that delivers the highest value to your life. 

The restaurants also claim they charbroil the burgers, chicken, and steaks. If we talk about the popular side dish, Onion rings, which are most common in fast food restaurants, they are hand-battered daily and served with the Astro special homemade fry sauce. 

The onion rings’ taste will tell you how much effort is put into the making. You will feel special when the food is served on your table because a lot of effort has been put into making a flavorful meal.

Most importantly, the restaurants take personalized suggestions while making your meal so you can choose the ingredient the way you want, which gives you complete control over how your meal should be served. 

Customers can take advantage of the personalized meal and enjoy the different tastes the way they want every time they visit the restaurants. 

Where most fast food serves a fixed meal to customers, the Astro burger takes care of your personal needs. The restaurants have the philosophy to serve every meal the way they like. That’s why the personalized touch is added to give complete control to the customers while dining out in the restaurant.

Astro Burger Menu


Restaurants have special menus selected for quick order service. The favorite items are chosen based on their popularity.

If you are visiting the restaurant for the first time, these favorites menu will help you get what you want. Try all of these favorite menus and enjoy your time in the restaurant.

  1. Bacon Avocado Cheeseburger
  2. Chili Cheeseburger
  3. Pastrami Burger With Cheese
  4. Salmon Burger

Veggie Burgers

Vegetarian lovers would find these unique veggie burgers delicious. Fresh ingredients and garden vegetables are used in the topping, and a creamy layer of cheese is added to enhance its taste.

  1. Garden Burger
  2. Garden Burger Deluxe

More House Favorites

Are you looking for house-made food? Then try these common food served hot in the restaurant. You have options for many quick meals in restaurants to satisfy your hunger. You will find all the popular local food on the House’s favorite menu. Try them all and see what suits you.

  1. Chicken Club
  2. Fish Sandwich
  3. Pastrami Sandwich
  4. Pastrami Melt With Fries
  5. Turkey Melt With Fries
  6. Tuna Melt On Sourdough
  7. Chili Dog
  8. Chicken Quesadilla


The dinner is served with green salad, crunchy french fries, and a sizzler roll. You have plenty of options to choose from for dinner. 

  1. Fish And Chips
  2. Fried Chicken Dinner
  3. N.y. Steak Dinner


Mexican food lovers have the option to choose popular Mexican dishes. Food is cooked in the Mexican style with the local source and ingredients to ensure you get authentic Mexican food.

Mexican people would love the food and find it better. There is no better place than having Mexican food in the Astro burger restaurant. 

Bring your friends and family to enjoy authentic Mexican food. Give yourself a treat of delicious Mexican recipes. The specialties of Mexican food can be enjoyed here.

  1. Bean & Cheese Burritochicken Or Asada Burrito
  2. Chicken Or Asada Taco
  3. Fried Beef Taco
  4. 3 Beef Or Chicken Taquitos
  5. Vegetarian Quesadilla
  6. Chicken Quesadilla


The breakfast in the restaurant is served between 7 am to 10 am on weekdays and 8 pm to 12 pm on weekends. If you are in a hurry and need more time to make your breakfast, then the restaurant will give you plenty of options in the breakfast served hot and instantly during the morning.

Enjoy breakfast with hot tea or coffee. Different juices are also available, so you will always catch your early morning nutrition is believed that the day becomes positive when you have a good breakfast in the morning. n.

A wide range of options in the breakfast will never board you. Try different menus every day so you will have a great time.

Never compromise on your early morning breakfast. Astro Burgers have plenty of options on the menu, giving you more control over what you want in the morning.

  1. 3 Eggs
  2. Ham & Eggs
  3. Bacon & Eggs
  4. Sausage & Eggs
  5. I ♥ NY Steak
  6. Usda Choice
  7. Huevos Rancheros
  8. French Toast
  9. 3 Hot Cakes, 3 Eggs, 3 Sausages


Add Omelets to your breakfast menu to make the meal complete. The restaurants have specialized omelets that go well with different side dishes. 

The omelet is the typical food that most Americans add to their first meal.

 You have many options in the Omelete. Try them all one day at a time and enjoy your meal.

  1. Four Cheese Omelette
  2. Ham & Cheese Or Sausage, Bacon
  3. Denver Omelette
  4. Stars Deluxe


The scramblers are famous for their breakfast. It is high in protein and nutrition, which would be the perfect meal of the day to recover from the long hour of fasting.

The restaurant offers three types of scramblers to make your day of meals more nutritional. Scramblers are made of different kinds of ingredient scrumble into a single dish.

  1. Feta & Spinach Scramble
  2. Village Scramble
  3. Mexican Scramble


Specialized eggs topping dishes are available in restaurants. It is part of the quickly served meal and gives instant access to the delicious meal.

The freshly made egg recipes are a must to eat because they are a specialty of the restaurants. You will never find such a soothing taste in the food you experience with this restaurant.

  1. Breakfast Burrito
  2. Egg Sandwich
  3. Breakfast Melt
  4. Breakfast Club Sandwich
  5. Egg Muffin
  6. Choice Of Ham, Bacon, Or Sausage

Fresh Salads

If you want to add salads to your everyday meal, this is the menu list where you will find green salad recipes with many options.

You can choose Chicken salad recipes or tuna fish salad dishes to make your meal nutritious. Depending on your day’s requirements, you can skip to the desired menu and complete your meal. 

  1. Green Salad
  2. Char Chicken Salad
  3. Chef Salad
  4. Tuna Salad


Plenty of options are offered in the side dishes. All the sides are made freshly in the restaurant. You can add it to the regular meal to make it taste good.

  1. French Fries
  2. Onion Rings
  3. Zucchini
  4. Chili Cheese Fries


Refreshing beverages are available in restaurants. A meal without a beverage will make food incomplete. Thus, add your favorite drinks to the table.

  1. Fountain Drinks
  2. Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice
  3. Hand-scooped Real Ice Cream

Some Useful Restaurants Menu Prices For You

In conclusion

The Astro Burger menu has everything you may look for in fast food restaurants, with special edition food that gives you more reasons to return. The taste of the burgers and some other exciting menus are the popular food choices in the restaurants.

The place gives you a new experience as the food is served with love and grace. Also, the taste of each item listed on the menu is excellent so that you will have a complaint about it. Visit the place and find your favorite meal.

If you need more information you can check their official website here

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Astro Burger FAQs

How much is Astro Burger’s Bacon?

Bacon – $5.15

How much is Swiss Avocado Mushroom at Astro Burger?

Swiss Avocado Mushroom – $6.70

How much is Fresh Fruit at Astro Burger?

Fresh Fruit – $3.30

How much does a Astro Burger Ice Cream Sundae?

Ice Cream Sundae – $3.05