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Tong Yang Menu To Satisfy Your Appetite With The Delicious Meal

Are you craving to have a delicious meal? If the answer is yes, then the Tong Yang menu will delight you with unique recipes. Food served in Tong yang restaurants is of premium quality and generally expensive.

Here on the Tong Yang menu, you have complete freedom to choose your favorite meal of the day. All the meals served in the restaurants are made freshly and fit the customer hot and fresh. The ingredients are specially sourced from authentic suppliers, so the taste of the food always stays even.

Here Are The Latest And Updated Tong Yang Menu Prices (Philippine)

WEEKDAYS Lunch and Dinner₱788.00
WEEKENDS & HOLIDAYS Lunch and Dinner₱838.00

About Tong Yang

Tong Yand is a buffet restaurant offering the lunch buffet experience to the customers. The food is prepared every day and served to the customers regularly.

Also, the menu comes with extended dishes that make the food selection more enticing. You will find several dishes in the buffet food choices.

You will feel like you are cooking your food according to your taste. The unique concept of the restaurants has offered the restaurant its identity.

Tong yang restaurants offer the customers shabu Japnese and the Chinese way of cooking experience. Tourists find it surprising because the tradition of cooking food in Asian countries is opposite to the concept of food making in the West.

Different kinds of sauces are also offered with the meal to enhance the taste of the food. Customers can choose their favorite sauce during the meal. Mixing these sauces in the meal enhances the taste of the food. You will see whether the food is served with gravy or without gravy.

Feast for the barbeque lovers

People who love barbeque will enjoy the feast with their loved ones in the Tong yang restaurant. Famous dishes of the Shabu-Shabu are challenging to resist because it tastes great, and another reason is the cost of the dish is affordable.

Today, Tong Yong is one of the most well-known brands in the world in the buffet restaurant category. The restaurant owns around eight different branches throughout the country. It is open from Monday to Sunday.

If we talk about the price, the restaurant gives you plenty of reasons to come back and enjoy a delicious meal because the cost is affordable compared to the type of food it offers to the customers. There is always something unique for the entire family to taste and enjoy the meal.

What are the best-selling items in Tong yang?

All the food options in Tong yang are best-selling. All kinds of food on the menu are chosen according to the customers’ demand. Because there is no item in the buffet options, that would get negative feedback. Tong yang takes care of the customer’s needs very well.

Choose the food you like the most and get it on your dining plate. Grilling food recipes are the most loved dishes in the restaurant. Alternatively, Tong Yong makes the meat, seafood, and vegetables taste great. Unlimited food services give you delicious meal options to satisfy your appetite.

Tong yang service and menu

Tong yang restaurant is an entirely customer-oriented restaurant offering access to delicious food. The food is served to the customer in the rich ambiance restaurant.

Customers can find a comfortable seating area where they can enjoy their meals. The cubical shape seatings give the customers a private dining experience.

No one will bother you during the meal, making your private dining experience more memorable. Also, the washroom is quite far, so you will not get annoyed by the people passing by the washroom.

Regarding the waiting time, the customers are few during the weekdays, so there will be no waiting time. However, on holidays and weekends, the number rises; thus, you may have to stand in the queue for a seat.

If you prefer to avoid standing in line to get your meal, you should only go to the Tong yang restaurant on the weekend. You will get a walk-in experience.

About the delivery service of the Tong yang

Tong Yang is committed to offering the best service to its customers. The delivery service has started supporting Tong Yang food lovers who are busy in their daily routines and need help finding the time to reach the restaurant.

Home delivery services give you access to a delicious meal and all new items added to the restaurants. Order online and get the food delivered to your doorsteps.

Choose your favorite food, order online, and wait for a few minutes until your order is preferred fresh and sent to your location.

Delivery service lets you eat the meal comfortably and enjoy your favorite dishes with your family. Why go out in heavy traffic when the food can reach you through speedy routes?

The food is delivered hot, so you will never have quality issues. The delivery boys will bring the food and make the services quick for you. Customers are requested to check the location of the branch so that they will never have issues with the delivery services.

If the restaurant doesn’t fall within the 30-minute radius, do not order food online. Because the preparation and delivery will take time, the food may not taste as good as you find it in the restaurant.

Social Profiles of the Tong yang

Tong Yang is active on some social media sites. On the social page of Tong Yang, you will find information on new recipes, discount offers, videos of the customers, and active discussions between the company and customers.

Tong Yang is trying to engage customers through their social pages and making progress in the restaurant business. Awareness is one of the ways to drive more customers to the restaurant.

Unlike all other restaurant businesses, Tong Yang is also trying to connect with the people who believe they deserve good food.

Find the Facebook page of Tong yang below. Connect the restaurant’s social media page to get the early bird discount.


Find the contact details of the Tong yang restaurant.

Tong yang is a people-oriented restaurant and believes in customer satisfaction. The address of the restaurant is given below. You can visit the restaurant or contact the branch for any query.


Level 1, North Wing Entertainment Mall, SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City, Philippines

Phone: +63 917 654 3888

Email: [email protected]

The customer support team will connect with you through email id. Contact for any feedback or suggestion on improving the restaurant service quality. The organization will appreciate the customers who provide valuable feedback.

What are the hours of operation of the Tong yang?

The operation of the Tong Yang could change during the festive seasons. Especially during Christman and Thanksgiving, the procedure will be different. The restaurant starts the dining facility at 9 am and closes at 10 pm.

Check with the restaurant during the festival to avoid trouble. The restaurant does update its working hours through its social media pages, so its customers know about the plan and schedule visits accordingly.

Tong Yang FAQs

Do you allow to cook your food in the Tong Yang?

Yes. Tong yang restaurant offers you the facility to cook your food. The customers can collect their raw food from the counter. Fill the plate base on your appetite.

It is a unique experience you enjoy in the restaurants where you see your food being cooked by yourself. Once the cooking is done, serve the hot meal on the plate and enjoy the meal with the different kinds of sauces.

Is there a time limit for the Tong Yang restaurant?

The good thing about the Tong Yang restaurant is they have not kept any time limit. Once you get entry into the restaurant, you can sit in the restaurant for a longer period without worrying about the time limit.

Customers get to enjoy their favorite meals the way they want. Enjoy the restaurant ambiance, facilities, and other services without worrying about the time limit. Eat as much as you want in the Tong Yang. No one will bother you in the restaurant.

Can we celebrate our birthday in the Tong Yang restaurant?

Yes. You can celebrate your birthday in the Tong yang restaurant. The restaurant lets you enjoy the birthday celebration with your loved ones.

Bring everyone to a beautiful place to enjoy their birthday and get a delicious meal. It is the perfect place to organize a birthday party.


Tong yang restaurant runs the operation with flexible services. Get the meal you like, cook it before you, and enjoy the delicious treat with your friends and family. Every individual gets adequate time to enjoy the meal with their loved ones. Once you enter the restaurant, the place is yours.

Every meal in the restaurant is fresh and delights your taste birds. Also, the restaurant owners have put more effort into the ambiance. You will have a feeling of the luxurious dining out experience.

Get an incredible food experience at the Tong Yang restaurant. It is the only restaurant in the region that gives you plenty of options on the menu at an affordable price. You will enjoy the food and its ambiance a lot.

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