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Hometown Buffet Prices

Hometown buffet prices with a great place to eat the food

Hometown buffet offers you great deals on a wide range of menus. It is the perfect restaurant in the town, offering an instant meal experience.

Before you visit the place, ensure you have sufficient information about the type of food they offer you. In this case, the update on the latest menu of the buffet restaurant will help you get the necessary information.

Here Are The Latest And Updated Hometown Buffet Menu Prices



Belgian Waffle with Meat Choice Three slices bacon or three links or two patties and biscuit.$8.50
Belgian Waffle$8.50
Biscuits & Gravy with Meat Choice Two biscuits, six ounce of country gravy with three slices of bacon or three links or two patties.$8.50


Chicken Noodle Soup Approximately 12 ounces.$3.14


Caesar Salad$3.15
Mixed Green Salad$3.14
Seafood Salad Approximately six ounces.$3.15
Potato Salad$3.15
Fresh Fruit$3.15


Dinner Roll Two rolls.$1.19
Cornbread Two squares.$1.19
Garlic Bread Two slices.$1.19
Garlic Roll$1.18


Orange Chicken with Steamed Rice$8.43
Teriyaki Chicken with Steamed Rice Comes with one side.$9.43
Spaghetti & Marinara$8.43
Spaghetti, Marinara & Meat Balls$8.43
Sliced Ham Available after 4 pm.$10.44
Sliced Roast Beef$10.44
Grilled Strip Steak$10.44
Pot Roast Available after 4 pm. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.$10.42
Honey BBQ Riblets Available after 4 pm. Saturday and Sunday.$10.20


Cornbread Dressing$3.12
Mac & Cheese$3.14
Mashed Potatoes & Gravy$3.12
White Rice$2.14
Mexican Rice$2.14
Green Beans$3.14
Steamed Carrots$3.13
Steamed Corn$3.14
Side of Bacon Three slices.$2.99
Sausage Patties Two pieces.$2.99
Sausage Links Three pieces.$2.99
Country Gravy Four ounce.$2.19

Family Meals Four to six persons.

Meatloaf Three pounds of meatloaf, gravy, choice of two sides and choice of bread.$39.99
Fried Chicken 12 pieces of fried chicken, choice of two sides and choice of bread.$39.99
Sliced Ham & Turkey Three pounds of sliced ham and turkey breast, choice of two sides and choice of bread.$44.92
Baked Chicken 12 pieces of baked chicken, choice of two sides and choice of bread.$75.98
Fried Fish 12 pieces of fried fish, choice of two sides and dozen rolls.$39.99


Pumpkin Pie$7.33
Pecan Pie$7.33
Coconut Cream$7.33
Carrot Cake$8.88
Chocolate Cake$8.88
Red Velvet Cake$8.88

About Hometown buffet

Hometown is one of the oldest buffet restaurant chains, started in 1989 by C Dennis Scott. Dennis was one of the founders of the Hometown restaurant and is known for his passion for food.

Dennis Scott also started another brand, Ovation Brand, a buffet restaurant. His personal experience with the buffet restaurant led him toward his passion.

Later in the year 1996, the hometown buffet merged with the old country buffet restaurant. After that, some stores of the latter chain rebranded under the Hometown brand name. It has helped the restaurant build its more comprehensive network.

Hometown was operating with a few restaurants in the early days. Slowly the restaurant spread to the other location. At its peak, the hometown gained 250 hometown buffet restaurants in various places in the US.

But today, the restaurant has limited its spread. Now only 33 hometown buffet restaurants are left in the US. The remaining 25 restaurants are found in the southern California region.

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History of the Hometown buffet

Hometown is popular American buffet restaurants gain popularity in the 90s. The buffet restaurant was trendy these days.

Hometown popularity helped them to spread in the other regions of the country.

The Hometown buffet was the biggest name in the category. Within two years, the company became one of the top buffet restaurants in the United States. However, after the merger, the buffet restaurant was renamed Ovation Brands.

What is the Hometown restaurant famous for?

Hometown restaurant is famous for the classic style of buffet lunch and dinner. The restaurant serves a lot of various kinds of meals. If you are a buffet food lover, the hometown restaurant has everything you look for from traditional restaurant services. Home-cooked style meals are served at all locations of the hometown restaurant. Buffet food is discounted so that everyone can enjoy the meal with family and friends. It is the perfect place to go out and enjoy one good meal.

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Why eat at the Hometown buffet restaurant?

The hometown buffet restaurant is ideal for a good meal served fresh. Once you have food at the restaurant, it will be difficult to ignore such a delicious meal.

The specialty of the hometown restaurant is they make home-cooked style meals. Everyone will enjoy their meal because it gives them a feeling of home. Different offerings With their selection, no one will be left wanting. Since they focus on home-cooked-style meals, everyone will surely enjoy their offerings.

Best Breakfast Buffet of the Hometown

Breakfast is the day’s first meal, allowing you to choose the perfect meal from the wide range of menu items. The buffet catering is excellent for limitless food.

The breakfast meal portion will be significant, depending on your appetite. It is served every morning between 8 am to 11 am. Besides that, you are offered a wide range of hot and cold drinks early in the morning.

You can add fresh fruits to the breakfast menu to start the day. Besides that, enjoy fresh pastries and cereals with the choice of pancakes. Waffles, potatoes, and eggs can be added to your favorite meal.

Try the freshly roasted coffee in the breakfast to activate your spirit. The breakfast menu changes every day, so get ready to boost your energy every day in the morning.

Delicious Lunch Buffet

The lunch buffet gives you excellent options on the menu. Hometown buffet has plenty of options in the buffet restaurant.

Great deals are offered on various favorite meals served in the restaurant. Those who want to enjoy the feast could visit the nearby hometown restaurant for the one good meal of the day.

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Excellent Dinner Buffet

Enjoy the fantastic dinner buffet at the hometown. Food is served with great meals, mashed potatoes, and cheese. Vegetarian people can take veggies and salad for dinner. Plenty of dinner dishes are given to the visitors so they can enjoy the best food during their visit.

Crave Connections Newsletter by Hometown Buffet

The hometown buffet company is tied with the Crave connection for sending the regular newsletter of the deals and announcements for enjoying the hometown buffet.

The food is supplied fresh to all the menu items giving you access to a wide range of facilities. Subscribe to the newsletter to enjoy the food and get the best discount offer.

Enjoy the delicious Military Mondays at Hometown Buffet

Hometown has dedicated the day to the veterans, where the meal and beverages are offered for free to the veterans.

On Monday, November 11, 2019, the hometown celebrated veterans day by providing a free buffet with non-bottled drinks a the restaurant. The offer has a limited supply; thus, it will last until the stock is available.

Use the Hometown Buffet gift cards for a special discount

The hometown buffet gift cards are used to obtain special discounts. A special discount is a way to get the best meal at the home town restaurant at a discounted price. It is mostly released on a festive day.

How to calculate nutritional information from the Hometown Buffet menu?

The hometown restaurant gives you access to all the necessary information about the food items served. You can find the nutrition details on the website.

What are the hometown buffet’s career options?

The hometown buffet is spread across the countries, allowing people to work at various job profiles in the restaurant. The restaurant is the best place to enjoy career growth.

Hometown Buffet Contact Details

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Hometown Buffet FAQ

How much is Hometown Buffet’s Belgian Waffle?

Belgian Waffle – $8.50

How much is Caesar Salad at Hometown Buffet?

Caesar Salad – $3.15

How much are Cornbread Two squares at Hometown Buffet?

Cornbread Two squares – $1.19

How much does a Hometown Buffet Orange Chicken with Steamed Rice?

Orange Chicken with Steamed Rice – $8.43