Tropical Hut Menu

Tropical Hut Menu Consisting Of The Philippines Delights

You have options to choose different kinds of cuisine served in the restaurant. The tropical hut offers you the feel of regional recipes. The recipes are sourced from regional experts. The restaurant chef cooks the meal traditionally to ensure the food tastes like the local recipes.

If we talk about the breakfast menu, you will be surprised to see the different kinds of recipes offered. The tropical hut delivery menu gives you the perfect meal of the day, bringing joy to your dining table. 

Here Are The Latest And Updated Tropical Hut Menu Prices (Philippine)



Tropical Cheeseburger - Solo₱99.00
Clubhouse Sandwich - Solo₱170.00
Tuna Sandwich - Solo₱88.00
Hawaiian Glee - Solo₱132.00
Super Cheeseburger Classic - Solo₱170.00
Fried Chicken 1pc. with Rice - Solo₱93.00

Valentine Twosome

Valentine Twosome - 2 Chicken Macaroni Salad 160g₱132.00
Valentine Twosome - 2 Pcs Fried Chicken with Rice₱165.00
Valentine Twosome - 2 Ham & Cheese Sandwich₱174.00
Valentine Twosome - 2 Hawaiian Glee₱251.00
Valentine Twosome - 2 Large French Fries₱126.00
Valentine Twosome - 2 Large Softdrink 22oz₱132.00

Anniversary Savers

Anniversary Savers #1 (Spaghetti Special, 3 Pcs Chicken Lumpiang Shanghai, Regular French Fries & Regular Soft Drink)₱185.00
Anniversary Savers #2 (1 Pc Fried Chicken With Rice, 3 Pcs Chicken Lumpiang Shanghai, Chicken Sopas 155G & Regular Soft Drink)₱198.00
Anniversary Savers #3 (Quick Fried Beef With Rice, Regular French Fries, Chicken Sopas 155G & Regular Soft Drink)₱262.00
Anniversary Savers #4 (Tapa With 1 Pc Egg & Rice, 3 Pcs Chicken Lumpiang Shanghai, Chicken Sopas 155G & Regular Soft Drink)₱264.00
Anniversary Savers #5 (Fish Tempura With Rice, Green Salad & Tartar Sauce, Regular French Fries, Chicken Sopas 155G & Regular Soft Drink)₱269.00
Anniversary Savers #6 (Rancho Ranchero, Regular French Fries, Chicken Macaroni Salad & Regular Soft Drink)₱269.00

6+1 Combinations

6+1 Regular Cheeseburger Free (Buy 6 Pcs Of Regular Cheeseburger & Get 1 Regular Cheeseburger For Free)₱426.00
6+1 Spaghetti Special Free (Buy 6 Pcs Of Regular Spaghetti Special & Get 1 Spaghetti Special For Free)₱384.00
6+1 Cheesedog Sandwich Free (Buy 6 Pcs Of Cheesedog Sandwich & Get 1 Cheesedog Sandwich For Free)₱492.00
6+1 Chicken Macaroni Salad (160 Grams Free, Buy 6 Pcs Of Chicken Macaroni Salad 160G, Get 1 Chicken Macaroni Salad 160G For Free)₱426.00
6+1 Fried Chicken With Rice Free (Buy 6 Pcs Of Fried Chicken (1 Pc) With Rice, Get 1 Fried Chicken (1 Pc) With Rice For Free)₱558.00
6+1 Hawaiian Glee Free (Buy 6 Pcs Of Hawaiian Glee & Get 1 Hawaiian Glee For Free)₱792.00

Bundle of 4

Bundle 1 - 4 Pieces Chicken Sandwich₱375.00
Bundle 2 - 4 Pieces Spaghetti with Chicken₱575.00
Bundle 3 - 4 Pieces Sili Burger₱675.00
Bundle 4 - 4 Pcs Fried Chicken (2 Pcs) with Rice₱675.00
Bundle 5 - 4 Pieces Spring Chicken with Rice₱830.00


Regular Burger - Solo₱49.00
Regular Cheeseburger - Solo₱71.00
Tropical Cheeseburger - Solo₱99.00
Rancho Ranchero - Solo₱132.00
Hawaiian Glee - Solo₱132.00
Super Cheeseburger Classic - Solo₱170.00
Sili Burger - Solo₱174.00
Double Burger - Solo₱198.00
2 Pcs. Burger Steak With Rice - Solo₱126.00
Burger Steak 2Pcs. With Rice, Regular Softdrink - Value Meal₱152.00
Regular Burger, Regular French Fries, Regular Softdrink - Value Meal₱132.00
Regular Cheeseburger, Regular French Fries, Regular Softdrink - Value Meal₱148.00
Tropical Cheeseburger, Regular French Fries, Regular Softdrink - Value Meal₱176.00
1 Pc. Burger Steak With Rice And 3Pcs. Chicken Lumpiang Shanghai - Solo (1 Pc Burger Steak, 3 Pcs Chicken Lumpiang Shanghai & Rice)₱137.00
Rancho Ranchero, Regular French Fries, Regular Softdrink - Value Meal₱203.00
Hawaiian Glee, Regular French Fries, Regular Softdrink - Value Meal₱203.00
Super Cheeseburger Classic, Regular French Fries, Regular Softdrink - Value Meal₱242.00
Sili Burger, Regular French Fries, Regular Softdrink - Value Meal₱253.00
Double Burger, Regular French Fries, Regular Softdrink - Value Meal₱275.00


Palabok Espesyal with Chicken - Solo₱187.00
Spaghetti Special with Chicken - Solo₱150.00
Spaghetti with Chicken, Regular Softdrink - Value Meal₱172.00
Palabok with Chicken, Regular Softdrink - Value Meal₱214.00
Fried Chicken 1pc. with Rice - Solo₱93.00
Fried Chicken 1 pc. with Rice, Regular Softdrink - Value Meal₱119.00
Fried Chicken 2pcs. with Rice - Solo₱174.00
Fried Chicken 2 pcs. with Rice, Regular Softdrink - Value Meal₱207.00
Spring Chicken with Rice - Solo₱214.00
Spring Chicken with Rice, Regular Softdrink - Value Meal₱247.00
Fried Chicken 6pcs.₱478.00
Fried Chicken 8pcs.₱599.00


Palabok Espesyal - Solo₱104.00
Palabok, Regular Softdrink - Value Meal₱137.00
Spaghetti Special with Regular Burger - Solo₱104.00
Spaghetti Special with Regular Burger, Regular Softdrink - Value Meal₱137.00
Spaghetti Special - Solo₱64.00
Spaghetti, Regular Softdrink - Value Meal₱97.00
Chicken Sopas₱49.00


French Fries Large₱71.00

Rice Meals

Pork Dinuguan with Rice - Solo₱181.00
Pork Dinuguan, Rice, Regular Softdrink - Value Meal₱218.00
Tapa, Egg with Rice - Solo₱174.00
Tapa,1pc. Egg, Rice, Regular Softdrink - Value Meal₱196.00
Bistek Tagalog with Rice - Solo₱159.00
Bistek Tagalog, Regular Softdrink - Value Meal₱187.00
Quick Fried Beef with Rice - Solo₱159.00
Quick Fried Beef, Regular Softdrink - Value Meal₱187.00
Fish Tempura, Green Salad with Rice - Solo₱176.00
Fish Tempura ,Rice, Regular Softdrink - Value Meal₱203.00
Daing na Bangus, Egg with Rice - Solo₱196.00
Daing na Bangus, 1 pc. Egg,Rice, Regular Softdrink - Value Meal₱218.00


Chicken Sandwich - Solo₱99.00
Clubhouse Sandwich - Solo₱170.00
Clubhouse Sandwich, Reg.French Fries, Regular Softdrink - Value Meal₱242.00
Chicken Sandwich, Reg.French Fries, Regular Softdrink - Value Meal₱170.00
Cheesedog Sandwich - Solo₱82.00
Cheesedog Sandwich, Reg.French Fries, Regular Softdrink - Value Meals₱165.00
Ham and Cheese Sandwich - Solo₱99.00
Ham and Cheese Sandwich, Reg. French Fries, Regular Softdrink - Value Meal₱148.00
Tuna Sandwich - Solo₱88.00
Tuna Sandwich, Reg.French Fries, Regular Softdrink - Value Meal₱152.00

Other Value Meals

Big Shot Meal (Spaghetti, 1 Pc Fried Chicken With Rice, Chicken Lumpiang Shanghai 3 Pcs, Fruit Salad 70Gms & Regular Soft Drink)₱242.00
Chicken Family Meal (8 Pcs Fried Chicken, 3 Rice, 3 Spaghetti, 3 Regular Soft Drink & 3 Fruit Or Chicken Macaroni Salad (70Grms))₱1017.00


Fruit Salad₱71.00
Chicken Macaroni Salad₱71.00

Beverage & Juices

Nestea House Blend Medium 16oz₱64.00
Nestea House Blend Large 22oz₱75.00
Cucumber Lemonade Medium 16oz₱64.00
Cucumber Lemonade Large 22oz₱75.00
Pineapple Juice – Medium 16oz₱64.00
Pineapple Juice – Large 22oz₱75.00
Softdrinks - Large 22oz₱75.00
Softdrinks - Medium 16oz₱64.00
Softdrinks - Regular 12oz₱53.00
Coke Zero In Can₱60.00
Brewed Coffee₱42.00
Purified Drinking Water₱27.00

A Special Menu Of The Tropical Hut

The Tropical hut gives you access to the special menu. The tropical-style food served in the restaurants will engage you in the food.

List of the menu items in the Tropical Hut
  • Nth Special Khabab
  • Nth Schezwan Chicken Fried Rice
  • Mix Veg Grilled
  • Paneer Pappidi
  • Sheek Khabab
  • Thai Prawn Noodles
  • Thengamuri Kilikoodu

Things You Get To See In The Tropical Hut Breakfast Menu

The first meal of the day, breakfast, mainly consists of a heavy meal to satisfy your appetite. People are more serious about their breakfast because it gives them instant energy after long, fasting nights.

Thus, breakfast should be delicious; otherwise, the day will not be more enjoyable if you do not get to eat the breakfast you choose.

Here are some of the best cuisine you enjoy on the breakfast menu
  • Pan-fried cured beef slices
  • Deep-fried marinated boneless baby milkfish
  • Cured sweet slices of pork
  • Fried, salted dried fish
  • Sweet and spicy Filipino-style sausage
  • Fried Spam luncheon meat

Customers have complete freedom to choose their favorite recipes for the early morning breakfast. Each item served for breakfast is unique. You get to enjoy the best service in the restaurant. Also, new recipes are added to the menu to keep the breakfast menu fresh for the people who visit the place regularly.

What Makes Appetizers More Enticing?

Well, appetizers are the best to start your meal to satisfy your hunger. The quickly served items on the dining table keep your hunger alive until the main course items from the menu are served to you.

The appetizers are also known as the conversation starter. As soon as you enter the tropical hut restaurant, the first thing that you can order is the appetizers. Different kinds of appetizers are offered in the dining room, giving you more options.

Popular Appetizers From The Menu
  • Spring rolls
  • Okoy (shrimp fritters)
  • Calamari
  • Chicken Wings
  • Fresh Lumpia
  • Lumpiang Gulay

Customers visiting the place will find the appetizer more enjoyable. You can start ordering the starter items from the appetizer section and begin the ordering process. All the appetizers are made fresh, and they taste delicious.

What Is There On The Tropical Hut Delivery Menu?

Learn here about the delivery service of the Tropical hut.

Generally, all the items you find in the dine-in options can be ordered through the delivery services. Customers can place online orders to get the food delivered to their preferred address. Tropical hut Chet cooks each order item freshly with the ingredient source from different places. 

The Tropical hut delivery service is available throughout the day. Customers can order food online and get their food delivered to their doorstep. Simply place the order online, make the payment, and wait for your food to get delivered to your address. Now you will always catch your favorite food from the restaurant.

Customers are requested to check the operation hours before placing orders. The restaurant is closed on Mondays and during special festive seasons. You may not have online ordering services from the Tropical hut during the official holidays at the restaurant. 

The tropical hut delivery menu is available on the website. Read the items listed on the menu and find the best food you want to order online.

Specialties Of The Tropical Hut Menu Philippines

The tropical hut menu includes a wide range of dishes. Every dish on the menu is offered to you is made to delight you with the unique Philipnies food taste. 

You will be amazed to see how the Tropical hut restaurant manages to get the local food taste without compromising on the quality of the service. Check the tropical hut menu price list on the website. Every item served in the menu list is arranged with special care.

Social Profiles Of The Tropical Hut

The Tropical hut restaurant is highly active on social media sites. Instagram and Facebook are the leading social media sites where you will find several posts of the restaurant published. You will find the social profile of the Tropical huts below.

Users who want to get an update on the latest news, recipes, or discount offers can join social media sites. You can enjoy the early bird discount by following the social media pages of Tropical Hut. 

The social media deals are limited to a few customers. People who get the value first can leverage the benefit of the food at a highly discounted price. The discounts run on an early come, early serve basis. 

On the other hand, social media sites are the best for interacting with customers in real-time. If you have any queries or suggestions for the restaurant, you can leave a message on social media sites.

The message will reach directly to the owner of the company. It is the best way to share your views about the restaurants and make them improve their services.

Contact Details Of The Tropical Hut

Address: 74 Elisco Road Kalawaan Sur, Pasig, Philippines

Share your queries and get the solution on the spot. The majority of the time, customer queries are handled on the phone. Alternatively, you can call them on their official number. Thus, you can expect a satisfactory answer to your requirement.

Hours Of Operation Of The Restaurant

The restaurant operates throughout the year. The staff takes a day off on Monday. Thus, customers are requested to check their schedule before visiting the place. 

Besides that, the restaurant operates from Tuesday to Sunday, opening at 12 pm and serving customers until 8 pm. During this time, different kinds of menus are served in the restaurant. You will enjoy your stay and decide to visit again more often whenever you crave the food.

Order Food Online From Tropical Hut Restaurant With Food Panda

Now you can order your favorite Tropical hut dishes online and deliver them to your destination without leaving your home. The online delivery service offers free delivery to your preferred destination. 

The food is prepared fresh as soon as the customer places the order online. You will have complete control over the food served in the restaurant. You can even give additional information if you want the food to be cooked differently or want to add or remove some ingredients from the dish.

  • Visit the Food Panda website.
  • Search The Tropical Hut Name.
  • Here you will find all the menu items listed with the information on the dish and price.
  • Choose the food you would like to order today.
  • Once you add the required dishes to the card, go to the payment page.
  • Recheck the selected items. Here you can add or subtract the items before proceeding to the payment.
  • Make the final payment online. You are given different payment options on the payment page. Choose to prefer the payment option and make the payment.
  • Once the payment is successful, your order will be sent to the kitchen. The Chef will prepare the food and pack it before handing it to the delivery boy. 
  • The food will be delivered to your preferred address within 30 to 45 minutes.

The online service of Tropical hut is highly used by people working from home or corporate jobs. Enjoy a delicious meal at the Tropical hut in your comfort.

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Tropical Hut FAQs

What is tropical hut restaurant known for in the world?

The Tropical hut is famous for the Philippine food served in the local style. You may feel you are in some of the far-distance villages of the Philippines.
That said, the restaurant’s ambiance also enhances the taste of the food because it provides the feeling of the traditionally built hut. Food taste will give you a feeling of the real Philippines food.

Is the Tropical hut restaurant cheaper for dine-out?

Yes. The cost of a meal in the Tropical hut restaurant is decent. It is not too high or too low. Every meal is priced nicely, giving you access to delicious cuisine. You will enjoy the restaurant’s food and ambiance because it will not hurt your budget.

What type of food is offered in the Tropical hut restaurant?

The restaurant is known for its delicious Philippines cuisine. However, you will find many popular dishes on the menu, including a special breakfast menu, appetizers, salads, la carte served with rice and mango salad, and different types of noodles, fish, pork, and beef items with varieties of vegetables.
Plenty of options are there on the menu, so you will never feel bored with similar food. Try something new every time you visit the place and enjoy the time with your loved ones.

How old is the Tropical hut restaurant?

The Tropical hut restaurant has served the food for over 57 years. It is the oldest fast-food chain restaurant in the town. The new generation carries the restaurant’s legacy, and the restaurants’ branches are open to making Philippine food popular worldwide.

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